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50 Win Streak on Clown | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 04.
  • 게임게임

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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  년 전 +3012

    *Oops!* 😅 Due to an editing error, some example footage is missing in the intro. That aside, please do NOT miss the last game of this compilation.

    • Sir John
      Sir John 22 일 전

      Hurt huh 🤔 hhhhhhib

    • Kylen Stevens
      Kylen Stevens 3 개월 전

      @Buufus The great i know its 1 year ago but i don't see people responded its him turning with Q and E like how billy players drift

    • Dr.K
      Dr.K 4 개월 전


    • Dr.K
      Dr.K 4 개월 전


  • Jason Stamatiadis
    Jason Stamatiadis 년 전 +1571

    Do you ever just sit back and appreciate this man's existence?

    • Nerk
      Nerk 2 개월 전

      @Dank Dan agreeddddddd

    • Nerk
      Nerk 2 개월 전

      Pretty much every day

    • Plain Simple.
      Plain Simple. 년 전

      As of recently, a lot.

    • F1nn
      F1nn 년 전

      too much

    • Patrick
      Patrick 년 전

      All the time I love this Spanish man

  • MostlyMento
    MostlyMento 년 전 +1209

    "Lets take it easy on the rest, they had a DC right?"
    *does a gen in Otz's face*
    "I'm going to be your worst nightmare"

    • Vivarid
      Vivarid 3 개월 전

      *Your Best Nightmare Starts Playing*

    • JupiterWingz
      JupiterWingz 3 개월 전

      @Ana Not the hero we wanted.....The hero we NEEDED!!!! GOOD SHOW!!!!

    • JupiterWingz
      JupiterWingz 3 개월 전


    • That one guy
      That one guy 3 개월 전 +1

      @Kelly M he might've done it as a joke for the song, hard maybe though. The reason why it might be related to the song is because the song is called your best nightmare.

    • Cloaker
      Cloaker 4 개월 전

      @Ana absolute gigachad 👍

  • Schwi
    Schwi 년 전 +523

    Every time otz lose a streak, he gains a stack. For every streak lost, he gains a stack-able 60 / 80 / 100 % buff to punching the camera, smelling more like the clown, and charging you against the wall on the main building on blood lodge for the remainder of the challenge.

    • 2LT Sheridan
      2LT Sheridan 3 개월 전

      Each Quentin also applies one full stack of STBFL just in case.

    • Anakin Skinwalker
      Anakin Skinwalker 5 개월 전 +9

      @Novastar755 The Entity blocks any pallets, vault locations and generators in a 128 meter radius.
      All Quentin's in the current game gain the Exposed status effect for 100 seconds, and suffer a 69% hindered status effect.

    • Novastar755
      Novastar755 5 개월 전 +11

      Buff: Otz now insta chainsaws into any Quentin hiding in a corner. Each Quentin down causes Otz to gain a 10% speed boost to breaking pallets and breakable walls.

    • Echs Dee
      Echs Dee 9 개월 전 +33

      That’s a very killer sided perk.

  • Um usuário
    Um usuário 년 전 +112

    Otz, would you do a “winning as many games as possible” using only the best add-ons on every killer, without perks? I think it would be very cool and challenging!
    Also, congrats! You’re my hero!

    • ZetaDragonGaming
      ZetaDragonGaming 개월 전

      @Godlywalrus yes but if it's a newer killer or one he doesn't grind up, if any, it'd take him time to get those 50 add-ons

    • Godlywalrus
      Godlywalrus 개월 전 +1

      @ZetaDragonGaming doesn't otz have like hundreds of some addons

    • ZetaDragonGaming
      ZetaDragonGaming 5 개월 전 +4

      if it was like 50 wins he'd have to do a tons of bp farming to get at most, 50 of each addon to do this, which isnt impossible but requires a lot of down time for each video

  • Cumquat
    Cumquat 년 전 +279

    I don’t feel like I watched a 2 hour long dead by daylight video. I feel like I watched a Success Story documentary.

    • Happypuppett
      Happypuppett 9 개월 전 +19

      Even my grandma kept asking me if "the young man did it yet" and when he did she made cake.

  • A Person
    A Person 년 전 +97

    The survivors at the end of that Haddonfield game are the definition of irony. They brought Haddonfield to bully the killer, but when the killer bullies them they get upset.

  • Questionable Life Choices

    “They said it could not be done”
    -Jaeger, to somebody who might be Otzdarva.

    • The Slanderous Gent
      The Slanderous Gent 8 개월 전 +1

      Just getting into DBD as another game to play alongside Siege. So I was not expecting this comment to just slide in there

    • Hellhoundette
      Hellhoundette 년 전 +3

      ads proceeds to shoots down the clown bottles

    • I'm bad at names
      I'm bad at names 년 전 +3

      "They said my autism wasn't strong enough. *They were wrong*

    • Beregond Ibram
      Beregond Ibram 년 전 +5

      "They said he was designed to lose"

    • Slimepoop
      Slimepoop 년 전 +13

      “You can stop worrying about grenades now”

  • Dr. Evil Bad Rex
    Dr. Evil Bad Rex 년 전 +23

    Christ the amount of stress you go through when doing these, yet you always pull through, nicely done Otz.

  • Maxx
    Maxx 년 전 +24

    That mini montage on Haddonfield was actually sick.

  • MyssleDissle
    MyssleDissle 년 전 +2047

    I like the one guy who recognized you through you using the Yellow Bottles at all, while you were in default basic clown outfit
    using clown's power made him recognize you because literally no one uses the pee bottles

    • Ana
      Ana 8 개월 전

      @BobTheBox He was doing that tho. At least two times.

    • Double A Gaming
      Double A Gaming 년 전

      @cloudface von ruckus I mean I guess there alright, don’t use them that often lol

    • cloudface von ruckus
      cloudface von ruckus 년 전

      @Double A Gaming what about in the game tho? 😆

    • BobTheBox
      BobTheBox 년 전

      @xtingwisher Something Otz also rarely does: he knows the survivor has DS, but can't afford to waste time slugging them, so he just picks them up. Why does he not throw a purple bottle? If the survivor really does have DS, they'll make way less distance

    • Mietin
      Mietin 년 전 +1

      @xtingwisher I'm glad i have been watching a lot Otz videos before actually getting back to DbD again. The Clown yellow bottle tips were soo good.
      A lot of it is pretty obvious now in hindsight, but imagine still being blind to Clowns greatness after seeing the yellow bottle video. Geez some people are thick.
      What a fun Killer. :D

  • Xanninja
    Xanninja 년 전 +70

    1:19:38 - 1:19:48 still funniest Otz/Dbd clip I've ever seen, somehow he doesn't rage quit and won 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Paora Campbell
    Paora Campbell 년 전 +39

    Survivor: *DC's*
    Not Otz: _"This is where the fun begins"_

  • Adani Mitsu
    Adani Mitsu 년 전 +379

    I was the Zarina (Boohoo) in the Haddonfield game. Felt so unlucky that match, because I was just playing casually with randoms that evening.
    At first I didn't understand why you played the way you did because I never even noticed they offered that stupid map. I hate it on either side to be honest. And I looked so bad in that match, considering I took a styptic agent with me. Honestly I was just using up some items before I wanted to prestige that character. But the timing of it all could not have been worse. After I rewatched the stream I understood where you were coming from. I never try to be toxic but it sure as hell looked that way. Glad you got your 50 win streak with clown. Congrats and even though I doubt that game was fun for anyone, gg well played.

    • Jamisan Matalonis
      Jamisan Matalonis 6 개월 전 +1

      @Deep Floppa my teammates must’ve been so mad and I don’t blame them

    • Deep Floppa
      Deep Floppa 6 개월 전 +1

      @Jamisan Matalonis omg… i did this before too…. bc i grew up the same way 🤣

    • Jamisan Matalonis
      Jamisan Matalonis 7 개월 전 +13

      Hey it’s ok
      Lemme tell you: I grew up in the era of Minecraft let’s plays so to me t-bagging meant friendly.
      So I t-bagged a ghost face on one of my first games and probably ruined the game for my whole team just out of ignorance.
      So don’t worry we can all look like turds sometimes.

    • Mr. Frye
      Mr. Frye 년 전 +22

      @Haise i guess he was going to ask why otz was playing like that

    • Haise
      Haise 년 전 +40

      Do you remember what you were going to say when you typed "Can I ask you something?"

  • MrNosec
    MrNosec 년 전 +21

    I watched the last few games last night the pressure was real, it's insane how well you perform under the stress of having thousand of people watching and cheering you on while a game is slowly escaping your grasp and your experience tells you there's not much you can physically do to turn it around but still manage somehow, you've proven time and time again ever since your accomplishments in DS2 that your dedication is unmatched no matter the game you play or the challenge you present yourself with, and it's really inspiring to see, gg wp otz.

  • Flashpoint Batman
    Flashpoint Batman 년 전 +1537

    “They called me a madman” -otzdarva probably

  • SimonCleric
    SimonCleric 년 전 +18

    This may have been the most stressful DBD video I've ever seen. Loved it.

  • Unstable Alpaca
    Unstable Alpaca 년 전 +50

    Seeing survivors with every advantage they could possibly have with maps, gyms, gens and perks and yet you still manage find wins on clown is really something. Makes you really consider how there is always something you can do better. Just play consistently and hope that they make a mistake, then be smart enough to spot it and know the best way to exploit that.

    • ildathet
      ildathet 9 개월 전 +1

      @Sean’s world You have seen the video : how many times otz couldn't recharge his bottles ; how many times his bottles have been useless ; and how many times survivors gained time by simply running away ?
      Clown isn't the worst anymore, but god does he has nothing going for him ...

    • TheMysteriouswatcher
      TheMysteriouswatcher 10 개월 전 +8

      @Sean’s world yeah I know
      "literally clown is the only antiloop"
      This is what I reacted to because it's just straight up wrong. Not only are there many much better antiloopers than clown, they can also do a lot of things other than that. All Clown has is antiloop (interruptions too if you can direct hit with his bottles) and a slight speed boost.
      Why do you think he's always on the very bottom of every tierlist? He's really fun and easy to play but he just doesn't bring anything to the table. He has no map pressure, no real mobility and no innate way to get information. He also has no lethality, meaning you have to conver for all those weaknesses with perks and addons.

    • Sean’s world
      Sean’s world 10 개월 전

      @TheMysteriouswatcher good clowns are very antiloop

    • TheMysteriouswatcher
      TheMysteriouswatcher 10 개월 전 +5

      @Sean’s world "only killer who is antiloop" bruh what even????

    • MidgeChamp
      MidgeChamp 11 개월 전 +8

      @Sean’s world It's because most people don't spend enough time on him, they never take the time to maximise the Clown's utility and slap him at the bottom of the list

  • Daniel Gomez-llusa
    Daniel Gomez-llusa 년 전 +15

    Otz, you're the only person in the platform that'll make me watch a 2hr video at THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!! Can't wait for the next 50, you got this 😉

  • Dyl-Why-Not 2.0
    Dyl-Why-Not 2.0 년 전 +38

    I'm only 16 and otz almost just sent me into cardiac arrest

  • Just Z
    Just Z 년 전 +3037

    Now we can all breathe a massive sigh of relief

    • danielcrase
      danielcrase 6 개월 전

      Except for clown, homie stay unable to breathe.

    • Upgraded Tv
      Upgraded Tv 7 개월 전 +2

      I know i didnt just laugh out loud at this

    • Tbone
      Tbone 9 개월 전

      Just take in that sweet tonic... Wait, is that chloro- *collapses*

    • Mrkappa123
      Mrkappa123 년 전

      Breathes *clown noises intensify*

  • Zekiel Ash
    Zekiel Ash 년 전 +7

    You finally made it, I saw your suffering in the streams, every match was a challenge. Congratz on reaching the 50 wins on him, you are amazing my dude

  • Eobard Thawne
    Eobard Thawne 년 전 +36

    “Y’know, I used to be a clown main, Til I took decisive’s to the knee.” - Not a clown main but the whole circus main

    • William Brehm
      William Brehm 10 개월 전

      @cloudface von ruckus And?

    • cloudface von ruckus
      cloudface von ruckus 년 전

      @HindusGamePro 😐 but it's in quotation marks so it's an obvious reference to the exact line in Skyrim 😐

    • HindusGamePro
      HindusGamePro 년 전

      @cloudface von ruckus but he took decisive strike to the knee, not an arrow

    • cloudface von ruckus
      cloudface von ruckus 년 전

      😕 yoy got married?
      ...you got that "take an arrow to the knee' was a slang term for 'got married' right?

  • Maname
    Maname 년 전 +5

    You can tell this challenge was hard for otz cuz I’ve never seen him do toxic nods and head shakes before this.

  • Taborlin the Great
    Taborlin the Great 년 전 +38

    1:04:26 "I did not hit her, I did not... Oh hi Mark!"

  • Pakorn Wateekij
    Pakorn Wateekij 년 전 +510

    Otz: Gets 50 win streak on Clown.
    Me: Practiced being clown in real life for years and acheived nothing.

    • Totallynotkyubey
      Totallynotkyubey 년 전 +8

      Did you kill people and collect their fingers? in not, there's the issue.

    • Avian
      Avian 년 전 +3

      Did you happen to throw pee bottles at people?

    • Helion
      Helion 년 전 +1

      Watch it guys, this man will become the joker 2.0

    • Adrian Berg
      Adrian Berg 년 전 +5

      Well you probably didnt hook anyone, soooo

    • Filip Malinowski
      Filip Malinowski 년 전 +10

      Lmao get this to top comment

  • Друманин Дрин
    Друманин Дрин 5 개월 전 +3

    47:40 - Wow, Otz defend some random russian dude from nazism. Thats a respect!

  • Jace Gxming
    Jace Gxming 년 전 +17

    Otzdarva watching your videos gives me a massive insight into how to play certain killers and your videos help so much. Your voice sounds great man your english is amazing. Thank you for your videos keep this up ❤

  • Speedwagon
    Speedwagon 년 전 +8

    Otz it would be cool to have the "titles" for each match above the map's name at the start of the match

  • Memus Khan
    Memus Khan 년 전 +7

    That last match was the most butt clenching game I've ever seen, amazing.

  • NoEngrish
    NoEngrish 년 전 +3002

    50 on clown what a madlad

    • Tavemanic
      Tavemanic 8 개월 전

      @Craggs Dragnis Same, I think my cousin is a furry, let's just say his custom status ain't pretty

    • Craggs Dragnis
      Craggs Dragnis 8 개월 전 +1

      @Tavemanic well, as far as i know, it's a norm for those guys who play genshin to have hentai on their pc. at least my friend does, and he even shares it on discord when no one asks

    • Tavemanic
      Tavemanic 11 개월 전 +1

      @Vermilion oh I've hear dog genshin, got a mate who likes it... Among other things on his folder if ya know what I mean

    • Vermilion
      Vermilion 11 개월 전

      @Tavemanic Genshin youtuber, makes edits and stuff

    • Tavemanic
      Tavemanic 11 개월 전

      @Vermilion who the fuck is the commenter?

  • Pawn Cube
    Pawn Cube 7 개월 전 +1

    When you can easily get hit by 2 decisive strikes while playing normally, you just have to remember that DS is an anti-tunneling perk. Just stop tunneling all 4 survivors Otz.

  • Ecclectic Sayonce
    Ecclectic Sayonce 년 전 +5

    God guys I’m so glad we have Otz, he’s such an absolute joy

  • JackyTris
    JackyTris 년 전 +3

    1:31:50 are we not gonna talk about the straight BARS!

  • MixMaster817
    MixMaster817 년 전 +12

    Mad respect this must have taken an enormous amount of skill on your part. If I were you I would have rage quit tbh.

  • Maxi605
    Maxi605 년 전 +8

    The whole video is with him suffering, finally some relatable dbd gameplay

  • xsnapjacket
    xsnapjacket 년 전 +1

    19:43 yea that happens to me as killer ALL THE TIME, feel your pain

  • The Wyverns Hunter
    The Wyverns Hunter 년 전 +1

    Seeing him lose is heartbreaking, when I lose because I'm bad I'm more or less fine with it but when he has to deal with some big boy bullshit it actually crushes me

  • laur
    laur 년 전 +1

    i watched you lose your streak at 43 and it was awful, so glad you pulled through dude! earned it!

  • Just Geralt
    Just Geralt 년 전 +808

    Next: 150 wins in a row with the pig without perks and addons

    • JebalitaBB
      JebalitaBB 년 전

      @Lareni they aren’t wrong though, what he can do with pig can be done just as easily on like 10 other killers. When you have to have thousands of hours to make a killer good, that’s probably a sign

    • yun-jin lee
      yun-jin lee 년 전

      @Lareni best pig player doesn’t say much though does it 💀💀

    • Thicc ThanosBoi
      Thicc ThanosBoi 년 전

      No i dont think so ok just winning 150 games will be hard

    • Lareni
      Lareni 년 전 +1

      @SZXCV You don't know Scorpionz? Only the best Pig player out there.

  • SuperNinja
    SuperNinja 년 전 +1

    47:34 game chat had me dying "they've got u for a team mate" lmao

  • Haruhiro Grimgar
    Haruhiro Grimgar 년 전 +1

    Clown is really add-on dependant, I forgot this was addon-less. Slap some extra bottles onto him or stronger slow/speed up and he is comsistently a monster.
    Clown lacks lethality but he is pretty good at pipping and hooking. So thankful for the build though. Been looking to improve mine and this came out at a good time.

  • Zoroark_02
    Zoroark_02 5 개월 전

    Otz's energy makes this so enjoyable to watch, like i havent watcted a match yet but just hearing his enthusiasm and thrill makes me wanna watch

  • Ben Jimmy
    Ben Jimmy 년 전

    I love how each game had its tone defined and time stamped in all these videos. It’s such a brilliant feature of the 50 win streak series.

  • Anna Woodling
    Anna Woodling 년 전 +431

    Most people get a 50 loss streak on clown without even trying

    • Clone 501
      Clone 501 년 전

      @Pumpkin Pie what? She cant do that, you wouldnt hear the hissing

    • Se Da
      Se Da 년 전 +1

      I’m also a clown main

    • Kidwhat
      Kidwhat 년 전 +3

      @Pumpkin Pie That is one of the reasons why Spirit is on the list of being able to end chases quickly, as well as why she can be argued to be the strongest killer in the game.

    • Pumpkin Pie
      Pumpkin Pie 년 전 +3

      @Kidwhat The thing about spirit though is her utility. She can just stand still without even using her power and you'll force survivors to abandon loops and run right into a free hit.

    • Kidwhat
      Kidwhat 년 전 +7

      @SuperSayianHawke The devs talked about Clown's "Hidden Potential" as a killer and that's why they won't buff him further, and I think this is what they meant. After all, Only Nurse and Spirit can really end chases as effectivly as Clown does, and Spirit has a harder time because of her start up time.

  • Daniel Vykysalý

    You are a legend Otz. Also I am a Clown main and watching you play him after the rework helped me so much, thank you


    Usually, I like my youtubers to just get to the point of their videos, but I really enjoy Otz’s intros where he explains everything in detail. He tells who,what,when,where, and why he uses a certain strategy!

  • Pawn Cube
    Pawn Cube 7 개월 전 +2

    I had a small moment when Otz said 59 second DS where I thought he meant a 59 second stun from the DS and I was wondering how that one happened.

    • mumbles
      mumbles 6 개월 전 +1

      It’s the new survivor tech

  • Boi of memes
    Boi of memes 년 전 +1

    I don't know why people say clown is bad, I always win with him :)

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown 년 전 +140

    "Otzdarva got a 50 win streak on clown, see? That means he's fine." - Devs
    Jokes aside propz to Otz

  • The Dark
    The Dark 년 전

    Crazy you finally did it mad respect from me keep the 50 streaks up!

  • Dionie
    Dionie 년 전

    Watching every ad on this video in full because of the sheer amount of effort that went into the creation of this, the hours and hours of clown gameplay, the editing, the timestamping. You and Niinu are the bestest

  • ciggy
    ciggy 개월 전 +1

    this video just makes me appreciate the dead hard/ds nerf we got this year even more

  • not_anymore
    not_anymore 년 전 +1

    Otz: I am gonna be... Your Worst Nightmare
    *_Your Worst Nightmare starts playing_*

  • Kal
    Kal 년 전 +1078

    Here's the table of contents from 16:15 if you wanted to easily reference it later!
    1. Coal Tower 0:20:25 Ruin & Undying gone in 30 seconds
    2. Gas Heaven 0:31:38 3 gens gone before first hook
    3. Blood Lodge 0:47:37 All of our perks fail at once
    4. Haddonfield 0:58:35 Haddonfield offering, *no mercy.*
    5. Torment Creek 1:02:39 Two Decisives eaten, oh no...
    6. Disturbed Ward 1:13:37 I was just ROBBED in this one
    7. Suffocation Pit 1:24:24 Double Haunted clutch?!
    8. Rotten Fields 1:30:42 Rotten Tragedy Part 1
    9. Rotten Fields 1:41:25 Rotten Tragedy Part 2
    10. Grim Pantry 1:52:46 Delicious altruism backfires fast
    11. Temple of Purgation 2:00:16 _The Eternal Temple of Pain_

  • Christian Phelps

    Absolutely love how organized Otz is, it really is what makes him better then everyone else.

  • Diana Hatter
    Diana Hatter 년 전 +1

    He's literally Canon Ace

  • mayuwu
    mayuwu 년 전

    This was an insane set of matches, some of the closest I've ever seen. Awesome work!!!
    (Demogorgon 50 wins next would be very pog :3)

  • WildTacoCat
    WildTacoCat 년 전

    I was there for the heartbreaking loss at 43, and I was there for the 50 nice work Otz!

  • Pootis Vonpoot
    Pootis Vonpoot 년 전 +389

    “This is Otz, at least that’s what the entity whispers to me.”
    Congrats on streak!

  • steeltec
    steeltec 11 개월 전

    God damn, these were legit some of the craziest games I've ever seen, the 4th match on Haddonfield was so funny, and the first rotten fields match was so insanely intense, this is an impressive streak.

  • Justin Vissia
    Justin Vissia 년 전

    I was genuinely on the edge of my seat dude this was fantastic

  • ImmortalNolan
    ImmortalNolan 년 전

    Watching this gave me hope that maybe I could play clown just using some of the tricks he uses

  • Juanfehj
    Juanfehj 년 전

    i think i was equally stressed just by watching as otz playing, man my heart was racing and i wasn't even playing

  • Torxx
    Torxx 년 전 +43

    Holy shit didnt expect to see this video today already.
    Otz you're a freaking machine dude!
    You should take some time off my friend, we don't want you to burn out.

  • Jacob Stolen
    Jacob Stolen 년 전 +2

    I watched the last match live and it was the best match I’ve ever see

  • Serafim Gasnaș
    Serafim Gasnaș 년 전

    19:10 I was expecting a dragon flying across the map.

  • Spegy N Merbles
    Spegy N Merbles 년 전 +6

    “I’m on my first down 3 gens in!” That’s the clown lifestyle

  • llIH
    llIH 10 개월 전

    That first match was incredible. They played almost perfectly.

    VESSEL 년 전 +206

    "Hello friends, this is Otz. Atleast, not after this win streak"
    *Otz proceeds to sign into a psychiatric ward, as the trauma was too much*

    • VESSEL
      VESSEL 년 전 +2

      @Nefrotyr Be happy knowing the actual 50th match was against a bunch of bots LOL

    • Nefrotyr
      Nefrotyr 년 전 +3

      Dude I literally thought the last match was just Otz *shattering like glass*

  • Lencho
    Lencho 년 전

    I started playing this game with my friend just bc of this guy!! Love the content I'll be tuning into streams for sure

  • YumaYuri
    YumaYuri 년 전 +1

    This is the first time I saw Otz having a lot of stress or getting a little angry uwu gg otz

  • Xulnad
    Xulnad 9 개월 전

    1:19:39 Hands down the best Otzdarva moment on his channel

  • KountKristyl
    KountKristyl 년 전 +1

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    Btw, that instant karma when the Nea t-bags, goes into chase, as haunted ground pops... fricken hilarious

    • E nigma
      E nigma 8 개월 전 +2

      @Cpt Teacosy "Omg, you're using that perk? What a baby killer!" *the mantra of the small pp build survivor running dead hard, Borrowed time, decisive strike, and boon circle of healing*
      *In response to the killer running any meta perk or noed, even if it's with a meme build*
      Seriously, I had a survivor I killed call me a baby killer and posted the -rep "Baby Killer" on my profile for running No Way Out, Remember Me, Noed, and Blood Warden. Killer was Freddy with Black Box and nothing else. Apparently I was sweaty.

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      Literally the only reason I had to leave was to be a good sport. And with a map offering for fucking haddonfield, a key, and hatch spawn offering, they were clearly not being good sports. So on what insane world should I have been?

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