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Immersed Ghost Face Build! | Dead by Daylight

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2019. 07. 18.
  • With this build, you can pretend to be an actual serial killer and methodically take out your victims one by one. It's a bit hard to make it work, but hopefully this video will teach you how!
    Watch live: www.twitch.tv/Otzdarva
    Join our community: discord.gg/Otzdarva
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  • NerveHBK
    NerveHBK 2 년 전 +1822

    Otz is so wholesome, dude talks about a carefully thought out plan to immerse himself into the role of a serial killer and gives the kindest looking Bob Ross-esque smile and transition into murdering. Top tier KRclipr.

  • misled flyer
    misled flyer 3 년 전 +2078

    Whispers: Gives the Survivors their version of a terror radius.

    • DeezGhoGh
      DeezGhoGh 10 개월 전 +2

      @Justin Ooi Chee Yoong thanks bro

    • Justin Ooi Chee Yoong
      Justin Ooi Chee Yoong 년 전 +17

      @DeezGhoGh u can detect survivors with whispers like how survivors detect you with terror radius

    • DeezGhoGh
      DeezGhoGh 년 전 +1

      I don't get what ur trying to say

    • DuBistSUS
      DuBistSUS 년 전 +13

      Oh yea... Imagine playing surv without killers having a terror radius umm...

    • Nyssia Eiko
      Nyssia Eiko 2 년 전 +21

      I've never thought of it like that!

  • Jannis M
    Jannis M 3 년 전 +6053

    Immersed Legion: play while listening to Linkin Park on max volume

    • [DELETED]
      [DELETED] 6 개월 전

      Or Black Sabbath, Paranoid maybe could match good with Legion

    • Evelina Rønneseth
      Evelina Rønneseth 8 개월 전

      I was thinking more along the lines of Slayer

    • Toad Sandwich
      Toad Sandwich 9 개월 전

      @Inconsistent Cod oi bro don't say that stuff bro.

    • Anshu Singh
      Anshu Singh 9 개월 전

      @Kuriyu94 the, wounds would make you numb

  • Broccoli_Jaeger
    Broccoli_Jaeger 3 년 전 +6915

    "Hello friends, this is Otz"
    *Looks at Channel name*
    I don't believe you

    • Virelle
      Virelle 년 전

      @Mr30inchboi Yt r/woooosh

    • Лука Громов
      Лука Громов 년 전

      he's otz, but not otzdarva

    • Drippee Boye
      Drippee Boye 년 전 +1

      "Hello friends, this is Otz"
      *Looks at Channel name*
      Big Chungus.
      EDIT: thanks for the reddit gold kind stranger

    • Joba
      Joba 년 전

      @Jake E. Do you guys need to ruin it?

    • Joba
      Joba 년 전

      *finger wag and head shake* 'uh uh impostor'

  • N_Meister
    N_Meister 3 년 전 +2748

    Otz: “Oh? Instead of Dead Harding away, you’re approaching me?”
    David: “I can’t loop your ass without getting closer...”
    Otz: “HO HO! Then Sprint Burst as close as you like!”

  • ツLyraDashツ
    ツLyraDashツ 3 년 전 +3063

    Otz: Oh. You're approaching me?
    David: I can't kick your ass unless i come closer.
    *to be continued*

    • Starstruck
      Starstruck 년 전

      @AR - 10ZZ 704501 Heart Lake SS I totally agree he was puposefully nerfed by the entity and it makes sense why would the entity give strenght to the people it needs sacrifies from? He's unfortunately forced to run away ; ;

    • Drifter_
      Drifter_ 2 년 전

      @dawreckor Remember that Ghostface has power like fast run and strength

    • Ironboy32
      Ironboy32 2 년 전

      @AR - 08CS - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473) yeah. He got batted around like a baseball and managed to hit a button before dying. Go replay the sacrifice, the generator is literally next to the bridge

    • Water
      Water 2 년 전

      I was looking for a comment like this

    • Ironboy32
      Ironboy32 2 년 전

      @NyanDiamond er no. He got batted around by them. Here you go. Also he only restarted the generator before getting mauled by said tanks

  • Ogryska
    Ogryska 3 년 전 +869

    I was afraid Otz will have ghostface mask
    That jigsaw mask gameplay still gives me shivers about Otz's sanity

    • Aero
      Aero 3 년 전 +1

      i have one, does he have a PO box i can ship to?

    • Darkknight
      Darkknight 3 년 전 +2

      NorNox I was Ghostface on Halloween :)

    • Darkspawn_Of_Astora
      Darkspawn_Of_Astora 3 년 전 +5

      that was amazing, i was hoping that he would have one.

  • Cpt.Omnom
    Cpt.Omnom 3 년 전 +1717

    kills all survivors within 2 minutes
    *entity displeased*
    killer: am i joke to you?

    • Nigel.P Clark
      Nigel.P Clark 년 전

      @Jason Chong this. The Entity is most pleased when you slug cocky BM survivors and have them crawl to the gate or hatch, with just less than enough hp to make it

    • Pineapple
      Pineapple 년 전

      @Ran Irish to be honest if it rewarded good play and focused on what good play is: being time management (not gen-rushing or tunneling but getting lots of objectives done) then that would be fun.

    • TheHolyLordOfDrPepper
      TheHolyLordOfDrPepper 년 전

      @Lone W did I? I don't even remember what I said

    • Lone W
      Lone W 년 전

      @TheHolyLordOfDrPepper Lmao you deleted your first comment?

    • Reaper_ExD
      Reaper_ExD 년 전

      @Jason Chong, the entity sounds like Cartman.

  • Erase
    Erase 3 년 전 +1048

    David: "I can't loop the #### out of you without getting closer."
    Oz: "Oh, then come as close as you like!"
    David: "Pall,et ét et et et et et et!"

    • Logonon Trily
      Logonon Trily 3 년 전

      @MegaToro Or you could have gone the Josuke way.

    • MegaToro
      MegaToro 3 년 전 +3

      @Aleehomedition remember Narancia's vola vola and Bucciarati's ari ari. It should be came came camera

    • Aleehomedition
      Aleehomedition 3 년 전 +53


  • Dimitris Psomiadis
    Dimitris Psomiadis 3 년 전 +181

    That was actually brilliant. It's nice to see you finding new perspectives to enjoy gaming, Otz.

    • Roman Chavez
      Roman Chavez 3 년 전 +2

      @RN22 not true.....look if you aren't an adept player than just stick to what you know.

    • RN22
      RN22 3 년 전 +2

      Unfortunately a lot of them are played at lower ranks so they aren't necessarily viable builds for high ranks, just builds for fun

    • Simperial
      Simperial 3 년 전 +5

      Dimitris Psomiadis it’s actually insane. This guy comes up with the most insane unorthodox builds I’ve ever seen

  • Desmond Shoals
    Desmond Shoals 3 년 전 +204

    Otz, If it so pleases you, I present to you, Gen Guardian Legion:
    Pop Goes The Weasel
    Huntress Lullaby
    Overcharge/Ruin/Thrilling Tremors(all swappable)
    Addons: Fuming Mix Tape and either Bonus Duration or Bonus Recovery Speed.
    The idea is to use your Fuming Tape to constantly pressure generators by noting their progress with the Tape. Chase and down the survivors like normal, but constantly pressure the gens with your power. I’d suggest Overcharge just because some people really don’t expect it even with practice and the ultimate goal is to drag the game on with constant gen pressure. Let me know what you think about the build. Have a great day and thanks for another entertaining video.

  • AEquals440
    AEquals440 년 전 +9

    I love how bushes are just so OP that not even Otz himself, who was sent to us by the entity itself, was able to see that Nea with pink hair hiding in there.
    Otz bless us all

  • DillPickle21
    DillPickle21 2 년 전 +20

    "these perks create chaos, and in that chaos, we will thrive." - Otzdarva 2019

  • Runs_With_Platypus !
    Runs_With_Platypus ! 3 년 전 +66

    I did something similar with the trapper but role playing as Jason.
    I used enduring because Jason isn’t one to take or react to damage much, brutal strength cuz he is always busting through walls and kickin it doors and floors ect, iron grasp because when he grabs onto people they rarely escape his grasp. And finally unrelenting just because the name of that perk perfectly sums Jason up.
    When I played this i would bring a green Mori ( I only use Mori’s when someone is 3rd hook, unless the match is terribly not in my favor) or a must add on since Jason is associated with mist.
    Tried to zone out a 3 gen area and just break all pallets in that zone and keep it trapped up.
    Would love to see you play it!

  • boss bubsy
    boss bubsy 2 년 전 +11

    I love how Otz can make a great build that includes perks that normally would never be used.

  • Josh S
    Josh S 3 년 전 +42

    On the subject of immersion, it would be nice to see Huntress in the same light

  • xofie
    xofie 3 년 전 +14

    I'd love to see an immersed Plague build! Her look and theme are so great, it's a shame that her gameplay sometimes comes across as underwhelming. It'd be fun to see your creative ideas for unlocking her full creepy potential.

  • Schaos Bane
    Schaos Bane 3 년 전 +98

    It's crazy how you absolutely destroyed the guys in the first game :o
    I'm also surprised that you didn't notice the guy hiding in the grass at 10:57, but u still got all of them in the end so i guess it doesn't really matter. Can't wait for the next vid, i'm sure it's gonna be interesting and enjoyable :D

    • Limp Frog
      Limp Frog 2 년 전

      I mean I didn’t see the nea either until u guys pointed it out

    • Roman Chavez
      Roman Chavez 3 년 전

      maybe he ignored them..sometimes I do to give false comforts. mind games man.

    • Schaos Bane
      Schaos Bane 3 년 전

      @Immersiv Oh yeah, i didn't see her there, damn O_O

    • Immersiv
      Immersiv 3 년 전

      She was at 10:42 as well

    • Schaos Bane
      Schaos Bane 3 년 전

      @Mangan Yeah but i think he did that when the nea was in the screen, so he could have seen her just before looking away, but maybe i'm wrong.

  • Thepack777
    Thepack777 2 년 전 +5

    It was this moment otz was so immersed he became the ghost face irl

  • Macht Stik
    Macht Stik 3 년 전 +178

    Otz :Ho ho. Are you approaching me? Instead of running away, you’re coming towards me, Ghostface!
    David:I can’t slam a pallet on you without getting closer.

    • Tofferooni49
      Tofferooni49 2 년 전


    • Dwight Tanielu
      Dwight Tanielu 2 년 전 +4

      Well come as close as you like then

  • Not_Jake_ Park
    Not_Jake_ Park 3 년 전 +7

    Hey Otz! Just subscribed recently and I really love the content so far. I would really like an immersed build for wraith plz.

  • João Gabriel Guimarães Galvão

    I challenge you to make a doctor build with overcharge, terrifying presence, huntress lulaby and distressing and make the match last for one hour or make everyone dc

    • PhantomPh1re
      PhantomPh1re 3 년 전 +5

      Hostage doc already exists m8. I'm building him to use against tryhard swf teams that I've already gone against.

    • Claytor Yurnero
      Claytor Yurnero 3 년 전 +10

      My favorite go-to build for anti-fun, if totem doesn't break early the survivors usually DC or walk at me around 30 minutes in.
      Interview Tape + Tier 3 electrode HIGHLY recommended to keep totems and gens safe at a distance.

  • Magic_0ne
    Magic_0ne 2 년 전 +453

    "Can't believe they're nerfing ruin, the games gonna die lmao"
    "Killer is gonna be unplayable"
    "Get ready for 2 minutes games"
    Otzdarva: *Kills all survivors in 2 minutes without ruin*
    Community: "Wait a minute..."

    • Moui The Cat
      Moui The Cat 11 개월 전

      Lol they actually ended up buffing it

    • Bayesian Conspiracist
      Bayesian Conspiracist 년 전

      Community: NERF KILLER!!1!11

    • ? ¿
      ? ¿ 2 년 전 +2

      Magic_0ne using a green and pink addon, playing a good killer

    • ? ¿
      ? ¿ 2 년 전 +2

      Firelord Kushroll old ruin made some people search for it and sometimes people made mistakes on the skillchecks and that allowed like 10-20 seconds more on a gen. New ruin requires you to constantly snowball and pressure the whole map, which is why it only works on killers like spirit,nurse,billy

    • K WB
      K WB 2 년 전

      @? ¿ not funny. it is true. another word for it is fact.

  • V Q
    V Q 2 년 전 +7

    Good lord, this was satisfying to watch! This was some method gameplay, really. As someone who's probably going to main Ghostface, this was really appealing as an example of what you could do with his kit.
    Edit:Thanks for the Heart, Notzdarva!

  • Stephen Rachuba
    Stephen Rachuba 3 년 전 +14

    Just wanted to say thank you Otz. Your the only guy that I consistently love watching. Thanks for being a cool dude.

  • Mal1cə
    Mal1cə 3 년 전 +5

    I'd love to see an immersed Myers build where you try to be the evil incarnate

  • Megatron Man
    Megatron Man 11 개월 전 +1

    I've always loved the idea of immersed killer build. One of my favorites to use is on Nemesis with Hysteria, Surge, Spirit Fury, and Lightborn. I like the idea of his attacks creating shockwaves that affect survivors and generators, and the feeling of being unstoppable by being immune to survivor's only weapons

  • Opelem
    Opelem 3 년 전 +1812

    **See tittle** :Oh Ghostface hiding in corner of map?

  • Wumps
    Wumps 3 년 전 +4

    I’d love to see an “Immersed” Myers! Also, keep up the great content!

  • The Abnormal Penguin
    The Abnormal Penguin 2 년 전 +19

    My favourite way to get immersed: As i start my game i wear a similar outfit, go to the kitchen or garage, grab something sharp walk outside... Oh wait.

    • beaney guy
      beaney guy 8 개월 전

      They say the best way to get better at something is the experience it first hand 👍

  • Zander Ford
    Zander Ford 3 년 전 +3

    I'd love to see an immersed Doc or Clown. Great video as always!

  • R D
    R D 3 년 전 +3

    Ghost Face is such an entertaining character to watch, good stuff.

  • DesertYoshiPlays
    DesertYoshiPlays 8 개월 전 +1

    I'd love to see a new Immersed Ghostface build with the newer perks we have.
    I think perks like Fearmonger, Lethal Pursuer, Hysteria, and Hex: Plaything would be pretty fitting for him.

  • Nhamyr
    Nhamyr 3 년 전 +2

    Damn this build looks really fun to use, I'll give it a try as soon as I get myself to lvl nurse :D

  • JakeWizard
    JakeWizard 3 년 전 +3

    Please do a part 2 of this, I frigin love it!

  • Maelstrom
    Maelstrom 3 년 전 +1

    Oh my god that first match

  • Luka
    Luka 2 년 전

    10:57 Damn, that's a sneaky survivor lmao
    As much as I love Otz commentary, it makes him miss things like this

  • Sulivaum
    Sulivaum 년 전

    I would love to see a second episode, It was so well made

  • Erase
    Erase 3 년 전 +161

    "Roleplaying your way to victory"
    *Of course I know him, he's me!*

  • Lichy Popo
    Lichy Popo 3 년 전 +51

    This build is literally scarier than anything in the entire 'Scream' franchise.

    • Sam S
      Sam S  10 개월 전

      @Anna333 Correction: 'Thankskilling' franchise.

  • Shry
    Shry 2 년 전

    I've been looking into a build for the demagorgon on small maps like midwich based around screwing skill checks. I've been using overcharge, huntress's lullaby, overwhelming presence, and distressing and I would really appreciate your input on it

  • Rydoustar
    Rydoustar 3 년 전 +126

    Come on Otz you didn’t see that Nea at 10:57

    • C15 0001229684
      C15 0001229684 년 전 +2

      You can see her at 10:42 as well

    • The Nights coming
      The Nights coming 3 년 전 +3

      I saw the Nea at least two times the one time you point it out hence who hiding spot then another time she tried to hide again and Otz didn’t find her. I forgot when though kinda dumb for me to forget though

    • Hughie Scott
      Hughie Scott 3 년 전 +31

      Neither did I, but after you pointed it out, I wonder who the real killer is

    • WolfRex
      WolfRex 3 년 전 +3

      @Saximus Prime in the right corner by the bush

    • Saximus Prime
      Saximus Prime 3 년 전 +2

      Where ?

  • Ranger FC
    Ranger FC 3 년 전

    Amazing build ! One thing I wanted to say about Knockout, I think if you have Aftercare active on the person who has been downed then you can still see their aura - it's either this or with Third Seal because I experienced this in a match where a Legion was using the Nasty Blade exploit to slug everyone but I can't remember whether he had Knockout or Third Seal.

  • Aquireddat Boi
    Aquireddat Boi 3 년 전

    I would definitely love to see some more immersed builds keep up the great work

  • SeaKane
    SeaKane 3 년 전

    Love this please do more. I'd love to see the entire roster

  • Greetron
    Greetron 2 년 전

    This was a great video mate, very entertaining! I really like the idea of this build and it was very fun to watch!

  • Fobo
    Fobo 3 년 전 +10

    That "hello friends" at the beginning was the nicest thing I've heard all day, also those big brain otz plays were amazing

  • Riven
    Riven 3 년 전

    I really enjoyed this - keep up the great work! Great build idea!

  • idkmanp
    idkmanp 2 년 전 +1

    I've never played dbd and u do a great job explaining it.

  • VAO *
    VAO * 3 년 전

    when I first got Ghostface, I bought him for the perks, but now after playing him for so long I'm in love. I heard a lot of people say that his add ons are garbage, but as you said in the video, one's basically barbecue without using the perk slot. Ghostface is a heavily underrated killer in my opinion.

  • Hard Way
    Hard Way 년 전

    I REALLY appreciate the intro on the build. I wish all of your novelty build videos had something like this.

  • Lazy
    Lazy 년 전

    Thanks for the build, it really helped me with Ghostface and my round was fun because I was often able to catch survivors from behind when they didn’t notice it like a jumpscare

  • Sir Markytous
    Sir Markytous 3 년 전 +1

    I honestly wish there was a way to make a Stealth Immersed Legion build that uses the FF detection and Insidious. I'll have to test it out myself but it may work for a fun build.

  • iJustSharted Clean Me

    I’m not the greatest at dead by daylight, so I haven’t memorized all of the perks. It’s for this reason I really appreciate that you fully explained the build. That’s something most players don’t do. They just say the name and move on.

  • Luciano Castrogiovanni

    PLEASE do more of these. PLEASE. It's way too much fun seeing you trying to follow the immersion of the killer.

  • SeanMowsTheLawn
    SeanMowsTheLawn 3 년 전 +2

    I love how he talks on a low voice the whole time, truly immersed

  • Direrum Dirennis
    Direrum Dirennis 3 년 전

    This episode was amazing, try doing that for all killers !

  • Tino1Tony2 2
    Tino1Tony2 2 3 년 전

    This build is so insanely creative, as a ghostface main, i approve

  • Lugen
    Lugen 3 년 전 +1

    Very interesting and enjoyable gameplay!

  • Yerv
    Yerv 3 년 전 +1

    WOW surveillance camera with the slug build is actually seems to work well together for rolling pressure

  • Daniel Styrmisson
    Daniel Styrmisson 3 년 전

    Personally these types are videos were very entertaining to watch. More of these are definitely something I think a lot of people would enjoy watching.

  • Jochen
    Jochen 3 년 전 +6

    Dude I fucking love your videos. They're amazing, well explained and very interesting

  • Procyon
    Procyon 년 전 +1

    Ghostface is definitely the most immersed killer. Anytime someone breaks me out of stealth i too want to see what their insides look like.

  • ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ

    Ghostface is by far the most entertaining to watch, please do more of him

  • Vladimir IV
    Vladimir IV 3 년 전

    Love the video and I am very interested in you making more immersed killer builds. Specifically I would enjoy one for The Pig because that's who I main.

  • OrionX36
    OrionX36 3 년 전

    I really liked the idea of this video! You should try doing an immersed doctor build.

  • Runs_With_Platypus !

    I would also enjoy seeing a build centered around Tinkerer. I’ve been wanting to use that perk but I’m unsure how to maximize its effective

  • One Trick
    One Trick 2 년 전

    Started playing DBD last week. Hearing you explain your game plan and method of attack and positioning for this build gives me cool insight that helps me understand a bit what's important in certain playstyles in this game! Thanks!

  • Tipzycake
    Tipzycake 2 년 전

    Currently bench watching your Ghostface videos and i love every single one of them. You're so humble & Good, such a enjoyable creator that is informative but also entertaining as heck. Really love it. Hope to catch your stream when you're live and i'll be sure to request Ghostface gameplay >.

  • Chey H
    Chey H 3 년 전

    I really like your style of how u explain everything u do. Really helpful and insightful

  • Stickylungs
    Stickylungs 2 년 전 +1

    I already love this guy just because the way he plays and how he is on camera but the fact he’s a jojo fan makes me love him even more😂😂😂

  • cheezyllama
    cheezyllama 2 년 전

    This was sweet, I know this was made a while back but immersed killer build videos would be dope

  • Yan Yan
    Yan Yan 년 전

    I still love the pure smile in the beggining he is happy to do this.
    No matter how many times i see this vid i still love the intro.

  • August Page
    August Page 년 전

    Great vid. I just started playing dbd a few days ago and your channel has really helped me progress faster than I thought possible

  • Jack Gardner
    Jack Gardner 3 년 전 +7

    This might sound crazy but one of the players at 7:35 is on my friends list. I met him on the dbd discord. Small world

  • Ghorn Is bae
    Ghorn Is bae 3 년 전 +1

    Gotta love how you derank if you kill too fast as a killer. It makes sense that they can’t reward that too much as things like camping and noed would save too many games and rank up bad killers.

  • Project Goof
    Project Goof 년 전

    I don't play this game, but i always get enjoyment out of these videos, awesome stuff Otz

  • Kalin V
    Kalin V 2 년 전 +1

    This was a really good video.
    I like that you said "I'm all ears" at the end, as a nod to Ghostface. Nice.

  • Rathenn
    Rathenn 3 년 전

    Really great video with a cool concept. Would love to see one for pig or plague.

  • Just Some Baby
    Just Some Baby 3 년 전

    Seeing this type of thing for Legion or for Nurse would be cool. It'd be interesting to see what you'd do for those killers.

  • LawrenceMynes
    LawrenceMynes 3 년 전

    Do you think you can do a immersive Pig or Cannibal build? I'd love to see your take on what would be the most "accurate" build for Leatherface and Amanda

  • Damarius Eldridge
    Damarius Eldridge 3 년 전

    Dude the way you explained everything is so uplifting Thanks for doing that defiantly made me hate Ghostface more 😙

  • Norm
    Norm 3 년 전

    I Love Watching Ghost Face Videos Can You Do More :D

  • Frbrbr Grblgrr
    Frbrbr Grblgrr 2 년 전

    What I like about you is that you are good at the game and put that level of effort in but you also do fun things. These videos have been binge worthy.

  • Pedro Vitor
    Pedro Vitor 년 전 +1

    *A wild Ghostface appears!*
    -> Fight?
    *-> Run!*

  • Guard
    Guard 2 년 전

    Otz would be such a scary real life killer, guys keep this man on the game and sub to him

  • TheHakuryu •
    TheHakuryu • 2 년 전

    Hey Otz, not new to your channel, but my first time commenting. I love your videos man, you’re such a wholesome and fun to watch killer main. Have a great day man. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Alberto
    Alberto 3 년 전 +1

    gonna try this build, it look so fun :P thx otz, my fav killer player nwn

  • TheProInDaGames
    TheProInDaGames 3 년 전 +6

    This man wins before the game even starts...

  • Jost
    Jost 3 년 전 +1

    David: “i can’t pallet loop the shit out of you without getting closer”

  • P4cX
    P4cX 3 년 전

    hey Otz, I found your channel recently and your videos are very entertaining and helpful. I guess I found my new favorite DBD KRclipr :)

  • Stewie
    Stewie 3 년 전

    awesome gameplay, really enjoyed it

  • spencer craig craig

    i love how creative these builds are as opposed to other dbd players i watch. they are either super bad as a joke, or meta stuff. good shit

  • Krasser Hund
    Krasser Hund 3 년 전

    Yes i want to see more immersive killers.
    or at least as close to immersive to the killer as possible.
    love your stuf. keep being awesome.

  • Turbo Rower
    Turbo Rower 년 전

    "That's a shame my third seal was broken so early" You spawned next to it, near the gen. It's always in clear sight when you play killer, but invisible when you play survivor.

  • Ronan Smith
    Ronan Smith 3 년 전

    love the vids, always sad if we don't see post game chat tho. love to see their reaction, positive or negative.

  • Dmitry K
    Dmitry K 3 년 전

    Otz: Oh. You`re approaching me?
    David: I can`t stun your ass with a pallet without coming closer
    Otz: Ho, ho, then come as close as you like.

  • Carnifex 413
    Carnifex 413 2 년 전

    Hey Otz... Awesome build... It is my main build on Ghostface now it is so much fun!!!

  • Finn 3410
    Finn 3410 3 년 전

    Otz: Oho, you’re approaching me? Instead of running into the corn you’re coming right to me?
    David: I can’t break your stalk without getting any closer.
    Otz: Well then(at 99% stalk), come as close as you’d like.

  • Ghost_Ship_Supreme
    Ghost_Ship_Supreme 3 년 전

    Gameplay starts at 4:40