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Otz's Killer Tier List 5.3.0 | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 04.
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  • *Insert name here*
    *Insert name here* 11 개월 전 +3349

    This man’s dedication to this game and its community is insane

    • Mr8east
      Mr8east 8 개월 전


    • Lunasa Gaming
      Lunasa Gaming 9 개월 전

      @laundry basket gamers or even one of Otzdarva's videos

    • N3V3R_
      N3V3R_ 9 개월 전

      @Snail He literally says that none of the killers are bad but some are stronger than others, rendering F tier useless

    • iWant myPrivacy
      iWant myPrivacy 10 개월 전

      @Jebu911 Yeah if this dude isn't streaming he's editing videos, if he's not editing videos he's doing research. Dude pretty much does this all day and shares it with everyone. Easily my most favorite KRclipr I'm a massive fan even though I don't play as much as I used to. Doesn't help that my headset bought the farm today while I was checked out at the hospital. Gotta get a new one before I can play againn

  • Thomas 100
    Thomas 100 11 개월 전 +739

    Imo, Oni is a example of an almost perfectly balanced killer, strong enough to win games consistently, but not straight up broken and there is a constant change of pace throughout the match with how his power works, definitely my favourite killer to play as and against. A tier is definitely the right spot for him

    • Pena
      Pena 6 개월 전

      @No U other idea would be that he would get his power aytomatically at least once even without hitting anybody. but with dash you could quard gens at least but hitting with it should not be possible thought or then have long cooldown.

    • No U
      No U 6 개월 전

      @Pena would make him S tier instead of A, not sure if it would solve his early game problem at all other than being hit and run. If the survivors play safe they still can counter him into being an m1 killer for a while.

    • Pena
      Pena 6 개월 전

      @No U I think Oni should be able to dash always. As his start is slow and his power takes too much time to get.

    • Zero Talent
      Zero Talent 8 개월 전

      not true at all, ridiculous ly op - he can just randomly 1 hit down survivor 5 min into game and then insta kill them from game without even hooking - the ability of killers to repeatedly down people 1 hit ruins the game .. they are faster and invincible the two hit for down is crucial

    • jspade24
      jspade24 9 개월 전

      Oni is the most well designed killer overall imo

  • Julio Gouvea
    Julio Gouvea 11 개월 전 +400

    I just love how he doesnt clickbait and puts the list straight on the thumbnail, just love u otz

    • Chungus
      Chungus 개월 전

      @Ben Haney You must be pretty fun to be around

    • Ben Haney
      Ben Haney 6 개월 전

      A million views? That’s like 1,000-2,000 US dollars with a standard mid roll and no sponsor. So not crazy money but pretty good. Especially for a “side hustle” and playing video games. He probably has an editor I imagine.
      Also, “awe inspiring...” Really? Come on... I like Otz. I like watching his videos occasionally. But he plays video games for a living. He’s not in Africa building homes for the poor in the middle of a war zone. He isn’t a world class mathematician. Or a brain surgeon. Let’s chill on the hyperbolics don’t you think? I’m sure Otz himself would agree. I suppose we’ve always worshipped celebrity to a silly extent but the new generations putting these video game streamers on a pedestal... It’s even more ridiculous and cringe and probably unhealthy. Like these Minecraft streamer “Stans.” I mean we got these pasty teenagers in their moms basement up until they got their Twitch money and we have girls acting like they are Leo DiCaprio. I mean, again, worshipping A list actors is also silly but this just seems even more so to me...

    • Truly Samuel
      Truly Samuel 8 개월 전

      @rich T yeah if otz would make these videos with ads and we’re not talking about the guys that abuse the 10 minute videos but just like a few midroll ads he would probably be making crazy money off of these videos

    • rich T
      rich T 8 개월 전 +7

      @OMGaming203 I genuinely think he does it for just the fan base. I’m sure he makes something off KRclip but nobody sane will go to the lengths otz does ad free. There are KRcliprs who solely depend on their YT revenue and even they don’t put in nearly as much effort. It’s commendable and sometimes awe inspiring

    • OMGaming203
      OMGaming203 9 개월 전 +3

      @rich T tbf he makes most of his revenue on Twitch. KRclip is like a side hustle

  • TheLameWitch
    TheLameWitch 8 개월 전 +120

    “not ranking by how pretty their cosmetics are…” well now we need that list Otz

  • InGlownIgnited
    InGlownIgnited 11 개월 전 +187

    Never thought I’d see Freddy being rated D tier again after his rework

    • Ecevit MART
      Ecevit MART 2 개월 전

      What did you expect? His anti-loop is non existent, he has worst addons in the game and his tp cooldown is so damn long. He is basically m1 killer that can tp at every 45 seconds.

    • BTime
      BTime 4 개월 전

      @DODANG_ 914 he used to be an S tier rip freddy

    • Kidscast
      Kidscast 10 개월 전

      Tbh he is at least C his teleport power alone gives him mobility which other d tiers just do not have and even the other c tiers. His snares are still decent in chase as well, double snaring a loop is still something you can do.

    • Ryan Robbins
      Ryan Robbins 11 개월 전 +1

      @DODANG_ 914 Exactly on point, and as Otz said this list is about how they manage in high-level play with competent teams. Freddy simply doesn't handle teams with good teamwork and cohesion very well, especially in higher MMR situations.

    • JebalitaBB
      JebalitaBB 11 개월 전

      @DODANG_ 914 spirit is still third best, your opinion is wrong

  • Fracno
    Fracno 11 개월 전 +1079

    Otz is a god damn treasure. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed, appreciated, and respected a creator for a game as much as I do Otz. Thank you for the insane amount of work you do for this game.

    • Curia Regis
      Curia Regis 11 개월 전 +3

      @Mateus Henrique Lima He kinda has a nose like Snape. And he's rather humorless.

    • Mateus Henrique Lima
      Mateus Henrique Lima 11 개월 전 +1

      @Curia Regis Tru3Tal3nt would be Snape

    • Rillan
      Rillan 11 개월 전 +7

      @not Otzdarva this is true. If not your work, this game would be dead already.
      I started playing thx to u and your guidelines.

    • Gadfly
      Gadfly 11 개월 전 +20

      @not Otzdarva no, you spoil us, thats we luv you 😁

    • not Otzdarva
      not Otzdarva  11 개월 전 +230

      You guys keep spoiling me.

  • SoupSandwich
    SoupSandwich 11 개월 전 +271

    You guys remember when otz did the impossible and beat dark souls 2 all bosses no hit. Truly incredible. It’s a shame this not otz guy is riding on his fame as a dbd streamer smh what won’t this guy do

    • Darth Maul
      Darth Maul 10 개월 전 +4

      Well at least he is admitting that he isn't Otzdarva.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 11 개월 전 +74

    Demo was actually my first ever killer I mained. He really helped me understand the basics and fundamentals of playing killer. And that was good because back then, when I first started playing and I didn’t know how anything worked, the first killer I tried was Nurse… 👀 as you can imagine I didn’t try killer again for a while after that. But Demo really steered me on the right path, and I’ve loved him ever since ❤️

    • RandomT _
      RandomT _ 8 개월 전 +2

      I started playing just when demo left. Real shame because he seems like a lot of fun :(

  • Tom G.
    Tom G. 11 개월 전 +253

    Imagine telling someone years ago that billy would become a C tier killer and Bubba would be above him at a B tier

    • Bad Cat Games
      Bad Cat Games 7 개월 전 +5

      Imagine telling someone years ago, when Freddy was released that he would move out of F tier straight to B or A tier and then get pulled back into the lowest tier.

    • Kerker Trandov
      Kerker Trandov 7 개월 전 +1

      @SaveMeXenu Yeah getting billy on indoor map or map with lots of objects sucks. Its like a coin toss to have fun with the game or be miserable

    • SaveMeXenu
      SaveMeXenu 8 개월 전 +7

      @Dennis Reynolds Did you not listen to what he said at the start of the video? He very clearly explained that his tier list is assuming good add-ons and assuming high player skill. You also must have skipped the part where he explained WHY he put Billy in B tier. He said Billy is amazing if you are good with him, but the amount of hours you would put into him to get that good would be more rewarding and possibly more fun on any killer above him on the list.

    • jspade24
      jspade24 9 개월 전 +13

      @Billy Lee yeah, I don't see the point in taking the busted add-ons into consideration as they really just overcomplicate the rankings. Like, Wraith with add-ons slaps, but he's just meh without them, so how do you rank that? Best to focus on base kit imo.

    • Billy Lee
      Billy Lee 9 개월 전 +12

      @Dennis Reynolds Well if you compare the best killers add on with the best survivors add on, then its pretty much arguing semantics and nuances at that point. Too much variables.

  • Dimir_Eye
    Dimir_Eye 11 개월 전 +536

    S Tier
    The Nurse- 5:18
    The Blight- 8:04
    The Spirit- 11:50
    The Hag- 17:26
    A Tier
    The Oni- 23:34
    The Huntress- 27:32
    The Plague- 30:18
    The Executioner- 36:08
    B Tier
    The Twins- 40:47
    The Cannibal- 48:34
    The Nemesis- 53:21
    The Cenobite (

    • Heacharlottebby 704
      Heacharlottebby 704 8 개월 전 +1

      I hope both of sides of your pillow is cold😌

    • Sour Clout
      Sour Clout 9 개월 전 +1

      Appreciate this

    • Pizza
      Pizza 9 개월 전 +1

      How can it possibly be that the first 6 killers are actually my favorite? That is too insane.

    • Dimir_Eye
      Dimir_Eye 11 개월 전 +2

      @8Nine at the end of the D Tier list

    • Dimir_Eye
      Dimir_Eye 11 개월 전

      @Joolo DSA just doin' the entity's work

  • Reggae Blessed
    Reggae Blessed 11 개월 전 +5268

    Oh yeah, the thing to watch in my 15 min break from studies

  • ParkerPro72
    ParkerPro72 11 개월 전 +76

    I love the Oni, his power is very fun and he’s heading A tier for not to say that I’m proud for him :)

  • Abigail Orona
    Abigail Orona 6 개월 전 +2

    I’m extremely new and instantly fell to playing legion, ghostface and trickster. I love their characters.

  • Vanish
    Vanish 9 개월 전 +28

    The huntress is entirely accurate, first few games with Her I got no hooks or downs till the end when I hooked 3 and went to relode my hatchets after chasing away the 4th, ended up costing me every survivor

  • Craah
    Craah 11 개월 전 +137

    Just seeing Hillbilly in C tier makes me sad, how the mighty have fallen. I don't even disagree, he's fallen down a lot, but I'm still sad about it.

    • BanterHyena
      BanterHyena 10 개월 전 +4

      @Dennis Reynolds as somebody who considers himself a decent hillbilly, I have ti strong disagree here. My boi Billy can’t maintain his pressure with the cool down system. It basically makes him redundant with Blight existing and his insta down is no longer close to being the most useful

    • Dennis Reynolds
      Dennis Reynolds 11 개월 전 +3

      If you've mastered Billy, he's A tier easily. He's only C tier because 95% of people suck with him due to him having the highest skill floor in the game. If you've mastered Billy with double engravings, he's actually busted. 1 shot downs, and arguably the best map traversal in the game, even better than nurse (besides a few maps), and it's going to get better with his addon buff. He's just aggressively difficult to master, but when you do, he's legit busted.. Especially if you're not pretentious and you m1 with him when it's necessary, but most masterful billy players refuse to m1

    • Steixius
      Steixius 11 개월 전 +4

      How the mighty have fallen literally describes Freddy, went from A tier to D tier in a short span of time, makes me sad cuz I actually mained him when he was reworked :(

      V-MCMLII-III 11 개월 전 +33

      I guess the way Otz sees it: You want insta-down? Pick Bubba (The Cannibal). Do you favor slug-potential? Pick Oni. Mobility? Blight all the way. Hillbilly is the ugly love child whose power was separated between 3 Killers.

    • Troll Toll
      Troll Toll 11 개월 전 +11

      Who isn’t?
      Everyone and there mom misses billy.

  • Matxe9212
    Matxe9212 11 개월 전 +1358

    The strength of killers can be boiled down to three metrics.
    1. Time it takes to end chases
    2. Time it takes to find and initiate new chases
    3. The least significant, adding extra objectives for the survivors to do, like pigs traps, doctor insanity, etc.
    What all S-tier killers share is, that they can END chases quickly, and their mobility allows them to quickly FIND and start new chases.
    We can talk 2½ hours or even 10, but this is the essence of killer strength and a guideline for assessing their strength.

    • The Red Poonda
      The Red Poonda 9 개월 전

      @Jai Den Pig main here. Despite the fact she’s basically an M1 killer, I enjoy changes most of the time. Really the only time it’s frustrating is when the survivors are super toxic and t-bag and such. But I just face camp t-baggers so we good.

    • Kyokuji FGC
      Kyokuji FGC 9 개월 전

      @Mr.Quagglechek The game is in fact fundamentally broken at higher levels. Scott and other people have said this. At the highest levels, the survivors always win unless the killer is strong enough to end chases almost immediately and have good map presence. On the flip side, if a killer like Nurse can end chases almost instantly with little to no counterplay, then the killer can also win almost every time in solo queue, which requires a premade to be competitive.
      So basically, in SWF, the game is heavily heavily survivor-favored at the highest level. IN solo queue, it is killer-favored if you're playing the S tier killers on the right maps.
      Most of the maps being way too big is another contributing factor.

    • blightymcblight
      blightymcblight 11 개월 전

      @Mr.Quagglechek so if this game caters to casual players the most why should killers have it easier than survivours or their should be a casual level and competitive level to the game, cause survivours are extremely weak at a casual level. The only time killers are at a disadvantage is at a proffesional level and i also think that they need to nerf survivours at that level or make it so that they can only use certain meta perks. The thing with this game is that it is fundamentally flawed since casual survivours dont have the time nor dedication to learn matchups🙄🙄. Also i will not listen to just get better at the game cause the same can be said for the killer as well if they are bad at killer. The developers need to make different levels of play so that at a lower level survivours still have a chance against any killer but arent totally overpowered either and as one goes up levels the survivours should get less leniency and the killers should be able to have certain things that give them more of a chance in that level.

    • Arthur
      Arthur 11 개월 전

      And then there is doctor

    • Midnight Vibes
      Midnight Vibes 11 개월 전 +1

      @Mr.Quagglechek Run survivor meta perks, loop loop and loop again. Use deadhard and sprint bursts or whatever makes you quicker. Killer wastes one minute chasing and 3 gens are popped.
      Im a killer, Im fine with survivors being skilled and talented. I want long lasting games, survivors dont bug me. Gens do.

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special 9 개월 전 +8

    Thanks for including gameplay in this tier list! I'm a new player so it's cool to see all of the killers I don't own in action while you rate them.

  • TheDinoSavior
    TheDinoSavior 11 개월 전 +5

    I really hope deathslinger gets a buff (anywhere) or rework for his addons. Cause while a lot of other killers play to their strengths, Deathslinger is one of the few who fixes his weaknesses

  • Azaltear Phrenesis
    Azaltear Phrenesis 11 개월 전 +6

    That hatch during the Huntress part, when all the other guys disconnected

  • Dylan LeBlanc
    Dylan LeBlanc 11 개월 전 +28

    Ah, another tier list from Otz, wonder where my main sits on this?
    'Doc sits at C tier'
    I mean, yeah, honestly if we added in ping inconsistencies the range would be more C-F tier, shock a survivor and they still vault the pallet twice, God damn.
    Love the video, keep up the good stuff Otz 😀

  • Breeze
    Breeze 11 개월 전 +2393

    Damn Myers heavily needs buffs after the Halloween kills release
    It feels bad seeing him at the bottom of tier list as a Myers main

    • Gur Eidens
      Gur Eidens 8 개월 전

      A fun killer to play with, but need a buff, maybe an good increase in the amounth of evil gained at T1 and a little increase at T2 would be ebought.

    • T Anderson
      T Anderson 8 개월 전

      They should remove the fully stalked mechanic , sometimes in end game this really hurts him

    • Monstrosity
      Monstrosity 8 개월 전

      @worm or you know, removing tier 1 Micheal

    • in_eye viewer
      in_eye viewer 10 개월 전

      @Gabriel I hope your being sarcastic because that would make him way to powerful

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 10 개월 전

      he needs a huge buff, for starters he should able to instant down survivors by default no perks no add ons, and 2nd no matter how fast could survivors run Michael Myres Walks faster so they need to buff his speed even greater than blight when he's rushing. That's the nature of Michael Myres.

  • Rex
    Rex 11 개월 전 +119

    50 IQ: Following Otz's tierlist to a T
    500 IQ: Judging killers based on whether or not Otz 4k'd in the example video

  • Voice-with-a-cause
    Voice-with-a-cause 11 개월 전 +7

    Thanks for this!
    I just started playing this week, and doing fantastic in it. (Legion main it seems, and already Irid 4 xD)
    Your videos have been a HUGE help. My first thirty hours have been way easier to understand and learn the game with your guidance, and I'm definitely gunna keep following you for this advice.
    Keep up the fantastic work~

  • Stefan Johnson
    Stefan Johnson 11 개월 전 +3

    devs are very lucky to have ya otz, even though they take every single content creators passion and care for granted when it comes to this game. it’s most impressive you continue to produce videos for their game

  • Maximiliano Aldecoa
    Maximiliano Aldecoa 10 개월 전 +5

    "Next we have our newcomer, Pinhead"
    I see what you did there

  • Floof
    Floof 11 개월 전 +967

    I just appreciate Demo with his dog collar since everyone knows he's a precious boy

    • JarRarWinks
      JarRarWinks 11 개월 전

      The goodest of bestest boys.

    • Rxdemption_ Sparx
      Rxdemption_ Sparx 11 개월 전

      @Gaara’s son yes

    • V0RT3X
      V0RT3X 11 개월 전

      Cummygorgon best boy

    • Floof
      Floof 11 개월 전 +4

      @Aaron Stamm We can't purchase thr DLC but people who did keep him and his perks became global like Spy's From the Shadows, NOED, Hope, etc.

    • Outstanding Dog Marron
      Outstanding Dog Marron 11 개월 전 +3

      His perks aren't gone, they're unlocked for everyone

  • Fernando Vidal
    Fernando Vidal 11 개월 전 +40

    It's amazing how the whole game balance comes down to killers and almost no changes to items and gen speed, the whole reason I'm a survivor main is because how hard it is to stop gens in a lot of maps.
    I think a good way to balance genspeed would be to make the gens only be repaired until 99%, and then one survivor had to ignite the gen from an specific side of it (maybe the cables side) with some special skill checks or something, I think that would be a nice side objective

    • savlol
      savlol 9 개월 전 +2

      There’s definitely alot of perks for killer to slow down the gens/block the gens and if you’re an average/good killer snowballing and clutching is common even if almost all the gens are done you could always switch around the game and win

    • atendente do Market
      atendente do Market 9 개월 전 +1

      I disagree

  • Nottan Ajin
    Nottan Ajin 11 개월 전 +7

    Bubba's fluffy hair and winning smile in his tier list portrait is so great. Look at that precious boi. Uh, but don't mind the human face he's wearing.

  • Gluty Max
    Gluty Max 9 개월 전 +9

    The Twins are uniquely powerful in their pallet break animation. The camera doesn’t dip low, and doesn’t shake as much as other killers, so it’s much easier to gather info while breaking.

    • Gluty Max
      Gluty Max 9 개월 전 +1

      @Lucas Vaz sure. Not saying it puts her above any other killer, but it might be the best non-accelerated pallet break in the game.

    • Lucas Vaz
      Lucas Vaz 9 개월 전

      Thats a very minor detail imo, the nurse is still #1 even being basically 1/3 of the game in fatigue with limited fov

  • Hyun XP
    Hyun XP 11 개월 전 +1

    I haven't played this, but Otz kept me interested to keep watching any gameplays he posts.
    Such dedication needs more love and attention!

  • Yahya Haroon
    Yahya Haroon 11 개월 전 +427

    "You can drag you tentacle for even more disgusting angles." - Not Otzdarva 2021

  • Wicked
    Wicked 11 개월 전 +1

    Otz is the only creator to make videos this long and useful, truly thankful he’s in the community

  • ___CohanR14___
    ___CohanR14___ 11 개월 전 +2

    Otz cheers me up so much when I’m sad and I’m bored and he’s my favourite dbd KRclipr by far. Keep it up otz

  • SaryM
    SaryM 11 개월 전 +52

    I think I do agree with everything said about the Plague...
    So, basically: I'm not good at playing killer to begin with, but you made that website some time ago where we'd get to know a killer fit to us, and while her idea seemed really cool, my performance on her was so bad it was pretty frustrating, I just can't seem to find survivors at all with her, and now I think it might be because of her loudness + height things that you mentioned, they just see me while I don't see that
    Bear in mind I'm nowhere near being a decent killer, but I could do ok on some other base game killers, like Wraith (which is pretty easy, but still).
    But still, I believe the most frustrating thing about playing her are her whispers, my god, not only they're upsettingly loud, to the point of causing me actual discomfort for playing her like 2 or 3 games in a row (and you kinda have to keep your volume quite up to be able to track as a killer), if you're not used at playing killer and can't recognize specific sounds amongst the whispers, you might as well mute your game once you get the red puke, because you really won't be hearing anything else at all
    Also, keep in mind I'm not saying the website was bad or gave me a "false direction" or anything, as I also can't pressure the map all that well to make it work, but some aspects of her just make her seem so beginner *un*friendly for no reason at all

    • IamEggy
      IamEggy 11 개월 전 +1

      @Banon you can do !whichkiller in otz twitch chat

    • Banon
      Banon 11 개월 전 +1

      What was the website called

    • IamEggy
      IamEggy 11 개월 전 +2

      i'm autistic and i get sensory overloads a lot and i ran whispers on plague and never again

    • SaryM
      SaryM 11 개월 전

      @not Otzdarva Ty. I haven't been playing lately, but I'll check her out if I try playing killer again

    • not Otzdarva
      not Otzdarva  11 개월 전 +30

      Maybe you should try someone like the Pig instead! Her whispers really are super annoying.

  • Hitman2220
    Hitman2220 11 개월 전 +1

    I really appreciate how much effort you put into these videos. It stands out so far from the day-to-day streamers who just post their vods. Thank you for being so professional and entertaining, whether it be livestream or yt videos. Much love

  • Eliza Weigand-Whittier
    Eliza Weigand-Whittier 11 개월 전 +1

    I watched this while waiting for my queues in DbD, finally finished it! I agree, mostly, but would move wraith up a few slots because even with his nerf I think he's really good at a hit-and-run playstyle and he's still really fast while cloaked, giving him decent pressure.

  • The Good Vibe Guide
    The Good Vibe Guide 11 개월 전 +4

    @Otz - I may of missed the cuts but it’s so impressive you do your videos all in 1 take, your so well collected and great at speaking sir. Thanks for all the great content, I have been watching you religiously for the last month.

  • Darksay83
    Darksay83 7 개월 전 +1

    As a prestige 3 demogorgon I have obtained the respect of otz 😁

  • ライトニング
    ライトニング 11 개월 전

    Otz, you're the best! I like the quality of the video, and that you care for your community by putting the tier list in the beginning of the video. I don't even write something in the comment section, but because you care for everyone it's the least thing I can do for you. Thank you so much!

  • Kai Morris
    Kai Morris 10 개월 전

    I recently became a pyramid head main and i find him so powerful due to him being able to end chases so quick

  • HoneyBadger
    HoneyBadger 11 개월 전 +1

    My mouth dropped when this appeared in my homepage. Been so excited for this, thanks so much for all the work and dedication you put into these!!

  • MikeyUwO
    MikeyUwO 9 개월 전 +3

    I'm a Myers main (having him P3-50 with all teachables), and I've always loved playing him, winning or losing. Sure, I need to run Corrupt most games, but theres so many ways to play him; tombstone Myers, tuft of hair Myers, mirror Myers- And with all the different perks? You can have so many damn styles with him. He's still one of my favorite killers besides Nemmy and Doctor, and I'll always have him in A Tier, though I won't argue with what you brought up.

    • SLATER
      SLATER 8 개월 전

      @Matheus glad to hear that, i play myers and oni

    • Matheus
      Matheus 8 개월 전

      @SLATER i'm actually back in DBD, started playing stronger killers and I'm enjoying it way more. I'm currently a Hillbilly main!

    • SLATER
      SLATER 8 개월 전

      @Matheus would you sell your account?

    • Matheus
      Matheus 9 개월 전

      Man, I admire you for that. I used to be a Myers main, got pretty far with him, winning fairly consistently in red ranks, but fuck, after some time, it really started damaging my mental health and I gave up on DBD.

  • BloodRain
    BloodRain 11 개월 전

    really appreciate how you update your tier list at a good rate

  • GSR Deluxe
    GSR Deluxe 10 개월 전 +1

    Thanks for going over ghostface in detail, it really helped me, I’m new to ghostface and you helped me with how to use him

  • DivineKnight92
    DivineKnight92 11 개월 전 +9

    Looking forward to Scott Jund's rebuttal to this robot placing Myers dead last.
    Jokes aside, Ive always liked Plague, and Im very excited to use her with the new buffs. And Im happy my main Pyramid Head remains solid despite his kit getting clunkier and his add-ons desperately needing some love. Always appreciate the effort Otz!

  • SeaKane
    SeaKane 11 개월 전 +2

    1:35:39 ah yes, the Cannibal. Known for teleporting and pulling people into dreams

  • SOCOMongooseVHS
    SOCOMongooseVHS 9 개월 전

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  • Yeldarb
    Yeldarb 11 개월 전

    Demo still one of the most balanced killers in the game, love it! Literally the very middle of the list.

  • rXdane
    rXdane 11 개월 전

    Videos of his like this make me really admire otz for recording stuff like this for hours on end + streaming, really love that man

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 11 개월 전

    The amount of dedication this takes. Thank you, your the reason im still into this game.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 11 개월 전

    I would say while I was surprised by the change in rankings so drastically from last time, but I would agree with most of the placements. The only case I would argue against is doctor dropping from B to C. He certainly can lack Gen pressure at times and can have lengthy chases, but he can play around some of the meanest loops in the game, completely render some shorter loops unsafe for survivors, has fairly good add-ons, and built in tracking. Against less experienced survivors his skill checks can be brutal. Like you mentioned latency is infuriating, but I think his versatile kit and unpredictable add-ons make him a force to be reckoned with

  • Dexyn
    Dexyn 11 개월 전 +318

    Here's to hoping the Trapper remake puts him at the top of D tier at least. He's one of my favorite killers.

    • R6_Jacob
      R6_Jacob 9 개월 전

      I want the legion at lest at the bottom of b

    • R6_Jacob
      R6_Jacob 9 개월 전

      I only play Trapper if I wanna camp the basement lol

    • Dexyn
      Dexyn 11 개월 전 +1

      @Arkham Asylum No there's no skillcheck as far as I remember, it's the same as getting caught in it except it only takes one try to disarm it.

    • Arkham Asylum
      Arkham Asylum 11 개월 전

      @Dexyn I mean by if you want to disarm them.

    • Dexyn
      Dexyn 11 개월 전 +1

      @Arkham Asylum No it acts like being on a hook, you hold the button down to "try to escape" but there's no penalty for failing. Sometimes they escape in one try sometimes they can get caught in a trap on the opposite end of the map yet you still get there before they escape.

  • 1k1 Nights
    1k1 Nights 11 개월 전 +1

    Wonderful video as always. You do a great job conveying good information in a game so variable and imbalanced.

  • MNPWxXxGreenBeretDal
    MNPWxXxGreenBeretDal 11 개월 전

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    Jacob 11 개월 전

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    CDComplex 11 개월 전 +1

    Watched this whole video in one sitting. Great Tier List Otz!

  • Shitpost Crusader
    Shitpost Crusader 11 개월 전

    1:42:00 It's also worth noting that Doctor PREVENTS the prop to vault, so if the survivor presses "Space" and gets shocked when they pressed space, they will vault because it only stops the prop appearing

  • Dusk
    Dusk 10 개월 전

    Honestly, When I first got the game I saw the legion and wanted him. He looks cool, he has a great power, and I’m sad that he ranks so low. He could easily be a B-A killer if played correctly, with good perks(Even on Console I win about 7-10 games. He's really fun for me. Would recommend as a purchase.)

  • MinuteSeven
    MinuteSeven 11 개월 전 +1

    Blight may be very strong, but he is counterable. I love that about blight, def my favorite killer to play as and against.

  • Jinx exe
    Jinx exe 10 개월 전 +1

    Absolutely appreciate your: thoroughness, detailed, opinionated, intelligent, informative, and most importantly passionate, through your videos. When I leave and comeback to my love for Dead By Daylight your videos are something I always watch to check on the game, and you give me so much reassurance knowing you're here cultivating more players for our beloved niche game, Dead by Daylight. I am sure it's said, and expressed to your life decisions, but thank you for taking the time: recording, writing, producing, and given life to your videos. Thank you!

    • Jinx exe
      Jinx exe 10 개월 전

      Huntress and Trapper controller main.

  • Your Average Mop
    Your Average Mop 11 개월 전 +89

    Pinhead in a seperate F tier as he doesn't come anymore.

    • Hontier
      Hontier 8 개월 전


    • Monstrosity
      Monstrosity 8 개월 전

      Just like my dad

    • Napalm
      Napalm 8 개월 전 +5

      Now he is S+ tier, he come again

    • Hail Pickens 24
      Hail Pickens 24 10 개월 전 +9

      @Cemetery DAMN YOU DEVS

    • Cemetery
      Cemetery 10 개월 전 +9

      @Hail Pickens 24 he has become sterile

  • David Hochman
    David Hochman 11 개월 전

    Man, you are the most dedicated DBD content creator BY FAR! This is amazing!

  • Witch Coven
    Witch Coven 10 개월 전

    I will say as a Trickster one-trick that despite being C-tier, he is INCREDIBLY versatile and I feel he can circumvent most of the major annoyances as killer.

  • Thrill_DBD
    Thrill_DBD 11 개월 전

    The only change I could make would be swapping Freddy and Ghostie, I just personally find Freddy to have better utility and map pressure but they're super close. This isn't saying much since they're already next to one another on the list x) incredible vid and got me though a rough night where I was super ill and couldn't sleep, thank you Otz 💙

  • Derpy Polliwag
    Derpy Polliwag 11 개월 전

    I've just watched so many demo vids of yours because I'm going to main him, thanks for the tips

  • SadToffee
    SadToffee 8 개월 전 +1

    The main issue with wraith is just how lethargic he is without purple perks, it's painful.

  • Dandelyon
    Dandelyon 11 개월 전 +2

    Idea for Pig Buff:
    When putting a RBT on a survivor, their Jigsaw box's aura turns pink for the Pig, so she can protect it if needed.
    Would this work? Or would this be too oppressive?

    • Blutgram
      Blutgram 9 개월 전

      I love the Idea but i think that would be too strong if abuse a playstyle focusing on not let the survs get the trap away. Maybe when they put a minimum of 2 or even 3 boxes you have to visit

  • Retro Plus
    Retro Plus 10 개월 전

    I main Nemisis and he really fits my playstyle well, i always destroy the pallets and it makes it very hard for survivors to escape. His whip is really good

  • Nick Lone
    Nick Lone 11 개월 전 +116

    The deathslinger is gutted, once the update is out for sometime Im sure people will realize this. He just has nothing going for him now, and not nearly enough to justify the slow speed. Next tier list you make will have deathslinger in D guaranteed

    • Monstrosity
      Monstrosity 8 개월 전

      @Azerty Just give him an AWP already

    • Monstrosity
      Monstrosity 8 개월 전

      People joke about giving Leigon a shotgun, but honestly they should just give it Deathslinger already. Dude’s already been through enough.

    • Willrg
      Willrg 11 개월 전 +3

      @The Wandering Shadow I'm not playing him anymore. With the nerfs his balance is all over the place and he is way less dynamic than before. He feels more like huntress now and I hate huntress and I won't play him because "gun" if the gameplay is terrible

    • Azerty
      Azerty 11 개월 전 +3

      I think post-nerf Slinger will be all about the buffed Exposed iri add-on. Meaning that he basically is going to be played like a sniper now.

    • Welderman
      Welderman 11 개월 전 +1

      @The Wandering Shadow Oh I must have misunderstood then. Deathslinger is cool, I'm just mad about the nerfs.

  • Archmage MC
    Archmage MC 11 개월 전 +5

    I would've ranked Deathslinger in low C or D tier. His nerf hurt him really, really badly. Other than that the tiers seem about right. Also nice artwork.

    • Barcode B.o.b
      Barcode B.o.b 11 개월 전

      i agree the 1v1 potential isnt that good anymore

  • Donovan Jones
    Donovan Jones 11 개월 전

    Love the video layout. Looks really really good and fits perfectly on screen in a nice way.

  • HorsePuncher420
    HorsePuncher420 11 개월 전

    I like this list alot. Although I would put nem a bit higher. Nem, not even when tier three, has probably the most oppressive chase power in the game. Aside from nurse or spirit

  • Mors
    Mors 11 개월 전

    Little note: 12:50
    The standing still mind game still works
    Just maybe not on higher skill survivors

  • Kelletorr
    Kelletorr 11 개월 전 +134

    I got so much crap when I put Billy in C on my tier list, glad to see somebody with the same opinion

    • Cherry King
      Cherry King 11 개월 전

      @ASB Skill issue

    • Qwencky
      Qwencky 11 개월 전

      As a billy main I'd put him in high B tier I don't think he's anywhere near as bad as people say however I understand that he is much harder to play than other killer who you can put less effort in and get better results

    • JebalitaBB
      JebalitaBB 11 개월 전 +2

      @SooSirius why are you assuming he made it on KRclip? I put one on snap/insta lol there’s more social media than just this one

    • Kelletorr
      Kelletorr 11 개월 전 +28

      @Supsupsup seems like you cared enough to stop and leave a reply

  • Andrew Oliver
    Andrew Oliver 11 개월 전

    I just wanna say, love the art for the tier list, very very beautiful

  • Duck.
    Duck. 11 개월 전

    Hey Otz, would you ever consider making one of these tier list for killers on console? A few of the S tier PC killers would be A or B tier on console

  • gkoogz
    gkoogz 9 개월 전 +1

    That wraith match where two separate survivors were moments away from crawling out the door. Satisfying.

  • SolidusSeby
    SolidusSeby 11 개월 전 +1

    Myers might be on the weak side, but I still find him to be one of the most enjoyable killers to play

  • Chilli Dan
    Chilli Dan 11 개월 전

    Recently, I picked up the Hellraiser DLC, Pinhead has always been my favourite horror movie character. I gotta admit I was never much of a killer player until now which I'm enjoying a lot, and this video gives me an idea on how to git gud... thank you, Otz!

  • Kl Pr
    Kl Pr 11 개월 전 +1

    Really well made. I appreciate your effort 👍

  • Hatty Z
    Hatty Z 11 개월 전

    Classic DBD moment at 30:45 ~ can't get enough of it

  • Negan
    Negan 11 개월 전 +1

    Hurts seeing Ghostface in C as he is my favorite but I completely understand the placement.

  • Vienna Savage
    Vienna Savage 11 개월 전

    Otz, will you ever consider doing accurate killer builds?
    Ex: Surge on doctor
    Bloodhound on demogorgon

  • Jacob Schaus II
    Jacob Schaus II 11 개월 전

    Could you do this exact same video for the survivor side? I like to hear about the updates and what they specifically change about the game for you. The way you ell everything is so nice and easy to digest.

  • Dust
    Dust 11 개월 전 +8

    “We will be assuming that you’re very good at each Killer, you play them to a reasonably high degree, very, very well…and that as such, you have reached a high MMR.”
    Otz, you flatter me.

  • Anthony Konon
    Anthony Konon 11 개월 전

    Thank you for this content it was very entertaining. Your information is excellent!

  • baksuyeong
    baksuyeong 10 개월 전 +1

    I am relatively new to the game, redeemed a bunch of points from codes when I first started and leveled up ghostface a lot cause he is my favorite killer, I loved the movies as a kid.
    I've been having so much fun with him and won actually a fair amount of games that I am surprised he is that low in the tier list, I am just now getting to know things about the game and learning and this is also one of my first videos I've watched about the game. I loved how you explained every killer, definitely much appreciate this!

  • JuicePlunger
    JuicePlunger 9 개월 전 +2

    This is crazy, it’s been a year and I see hillbilly in C tier, it’s insane, but he did need a nerf

  • Teethgrinder
    Teethgrinder 11 개월 전

    I'm always so surprised that blight has gotten to such a high tier because I remember when he came out and while people saw potential in him I'm pretty sure most didn't see him becoming a S-tier killer. I think his stupidly small height when he was released had a lot to do with how he was seen to start with
    Edit-i should play him more haha

  • WolfWarrior1231
    WolfWarrior1231 11 개월 전

    Yo honestly, thanks for getting me back into DBD! I fell off, then found you on KRclip! Super amazing videos, great job dude! Love your attitude

  • TrueChampion
    TrueChampion 11 개월 전 +159

    Seeing Daddy Myers in the last spot hurts to see 🥺

    • You poor thing.
      You poor thing. 11 개월 전

      NOT MYERS- 💀

    • Azerty
      Azerty 11 개월 전 +1

      He's not actually even close to be this bad, I feel like Otz is just trying to bait the devs for some buff.

    • JebalitaBB
      JebalitaBB 11 개월 전 +1

      @V-MCMLII-III “add ons” is generous, the only real S tier add on he has is tombstone piece lol

      V-MCMLII-III 11 개월 전 +9

      His Add-Ons are nasty, though. Even if he got the short-end of the stick, dude still got some crazy Add-Ons.

    • Kelly M
      Kelly M 11 개월 전 +24

      He is S tier in our hearts 🥺 ❤️

  • TheoTheory
    TheoTheory 11 개월 전

    I think the new trickster buff should be looked at again. It makes him really good

  • Rodrigo Oliveira
    Rodrigo Oliveira 11 개월 전

    Congrats, the way you made this video is one of the best guide videos ive ever seen

  • firedrake110
    firedrake110 11 개월 전

    Otz has finally moved on from these lists being useful to the every-man. Legion is ranked above reworked Freddy, the man has ascended beyond what we'd consider sane thought

  • Jamie Merrett
    Jamie Merrett 11 개월 전 +2

    Damn, they really hurt Deathslinger. I thought all that they were gonna do was change his add ons and maybe give him a lullaby/increase his terror radius but BHVR decided "he has no counterplay, lets nerf him" so its sad to see him where he is now as a DS main. Hope they might change some stuff tho, hoping for the best really

  • Daniel
    Daniel 11 개월 전

    Thank you for your awesome content, as always!

  • SketchyBenji
    SketchyBenji 10 개월 전

    Personally I think all killers should be A tier, that would definitely make the game feel more like how BHVR intended

  • J. Rubach
    J. Rubach 11 개월 전 +1

    I feel like Pinhead is one of the few killers with a 4v1 potential

  • Idylla
    Idylla 11 개월 전 +1


  • Bludbug
    Bludbug 11 개월 전 +215

    As a twins main it's sad seeing so much true information about what makes them so punishing, and circle of healing will be a killer with how much they rely on keeping injures. I don't think they'll ever be buffed because the devs are afraid of how survivors dislike playing against them

    • James Rutley
      James Rutley 11 개월 전 +1

      @Sebastian I get where you're coming from. I'd be on board for a Twins rework only if BHVR managed to capture a similar feel to their current kit. I know I'm in the minority here, but I find them incredibly fun to use. That being said, now that I've spent more time playing them. I concede the point that they encourage camping. I just don't see how they could be changed to have a different play style, and still be one the most fun and rewarding killers in the game.

    • ow o
      ow o 11 개월 전 +1

      @Tyrone I think they're fine as is, they just need a bunch of Quality of Life changes to make camping and slugging less viable, currently people use those because playing the way the devs intended takes Way. toooo.. long... down with vic then pick up with charlotte is so slow

    • Tyrone
      Tyrone 11 개월 전

      @Bludbug In my opinion they don’t need a buff, they need a mini rework. As currently they encourage people to slug and camp (as you can still activate victor from a pretty close distance.) They need their kit altered so it’s better in chase and for gathering info, but not as good in camping and slugging scenarios

    • Qu3st
      Qu3st 11 개월 전 +1

      @Pixel Bush Kicking Victor after he misses is a great assumption you have there. The Twins I'm up against are mostly very good with them and barely miss. The only counter I can think of requires everyone to be healed at all time. Therefore you need medkits or at least self care (which takes too much time). Since you do not know who you up against, you don't bring this load out every match. Same with unbreakable. So I kinda think Twins are the slug killer Nr. 1 next to infectious Fright Nurse.

    • James Rutley
      James Rutley 11 개월 전 +1

      @Sebastian You make some good points, but I would argue that the twins don’t need a full rework, just some balance changes. I don’t think they’re “Pure Cancer”, but I do agree they can sometimes be frustrating to fight.