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Are Ruin & Pop still viable? | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 04.
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  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    Its nice that Otz still does DBD content after uploading that last video, but if Otz plays something else then im down with that

    • Shane Compton
      Shane Compton 10 일 전

      What about thymesia?

    • Xbob42
      Xbob42 11 일 전

      who the fuck is otz this is not otz!

    • Ricardo Lembo
      Ricardo Lembo 13 일 전

      Same and I'm hoping he does something else. TBH it's been a while I'm not enjoying DbD game and streams. Whatever he does he can make it interesting, there is a plethora of games and genres from him to explore.

    • The Rainbow Raccoon
      The Rainbow Raccoon 13 일 전

      @not Otzdarva become a FNAF KRclipr. Or don't. But please do. Or like. Payday 2. Payday 2 is fun. You can make builds in that game, there's all sorts of different strategies and gameplay elements I think would fit your analytical mind very well!

    • Lucas
      Lucas 13 일 전

      @not Otzdarva Dude, play Project Zomboid

  • Kapkan't
    Kapkan't 14 일 전 +496

    Personally I find that Ruin and Surveillance are still a solid enough combo that it justifies still taking Ruin despite the weaker regression. It provides a solid amount of intel and if you are a less skilled player when it comes to remembering to kick gens and the like it could be nice to just not have to think about that, knowing that once you got a Survivor off the gen you didn't need to waste a couple seconds kicking it and can pursue them instantly also potentially compensating for have weak chase skill (meaning you NEED those extra few seconds to catch up)

    • DeputyFish
      DeputyFish 9 일 전

      @Average Looper you are not max mmr you dont even know if you are in the top 50%

    • Avlaen Amnell
      Avlaen Amnell 13 일 전

      thats fine till ruin is cleansed instantly.

    • Ian
      Ian 14 일 전

      @origTacoking I love ruin surveillance on Freddy. Esp with the jump rope addon where you can hear gen repairs even further. People hate on Freddy but I have a lot of success w this build

    • Bannerlord for 2020
      Bannerlord for 2020 14 일 전 +2

      I mean it's a good combo but you're using half of your perk slots for a mediocre at best effect

    • origTacoking
      origTacoking 14 일 전

      @Average Looper They both don't die Surveillance It's still a strong park and it's own way remember you have 2 more slots. you can either focus on protecting ruin or have a backup to make you kick generators faster so surveillance will still work in your favor And like I said when it comes to certain killers they have time to check their totems

  • Nicolas Collini
    Nicolas Collini 14 일 전 +143

    I love DbD, I love Otzdarva. Ultimately Otzdarva got me into DbD and I’ll be down with anything he does so long as he enjoys it and it entertains.

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • lethargicsauce
    lethargicsauce 14 일 전 +77

    3:25 Because of you mentioning Wesker flicks in one of the recent weekly comps, I dug around a bit and found that Wesky can flick up to 90 or so degrees (in the 2nd bound). Ever since I've been having a blast with him, so thank you!

  • VPlayerFiveV
    VPlayerFiveV 12 일 전 +3

    Hey Otz, I noticed this was off stream (and you just brought it up where I am in the video lol.) I'm glad you found a way to still enjoy a game that means so much to you while still providing entertainment and education in a game that I absolutely enjoy watching you play. I wish it was a different situation, but I'll always show up for your livestreams no matter what you play! Big Cheers!

  • DesertYoshiPlays
    DesertYoshiPlays 14 일 전 +44

    I was surprised that you didn't pair Ruin with Fuming Mix Tape. They made it so those two perks can work together, so it would basically be back to 200% regression while Ruin is active.
    Otherwise, thank you for such an informative video!

  • MD
    MD 14 일 전 +128

    I recently got into dbd and your content is just absolutely incredible, thanks for everything you do ❤️

    • JM4verick
      JM4verick 12 일 전

      I recently got BACK to DBD, despise all other comments Id say that you can have a good time, but most of it will be based on a mindset. Playing survivor can be daunting with a bad team, but you need to be aware that bad teammates exists.
      As a killer you need to get into games hoping for good chases and ignore how many kills you get. Have a game plan, try to execute it as best as you can.
      Hopefully you dont get many hacker problems.

    • Keiichii Ozawanikoot
      Keiichii Ozawanikoot 14 일 전

      Another person who hates themselves 😂😂, nah good luck...

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

    • JAγ
      JAγ 14 일 전 +3


    • Joyful Leader
      Joyful Leader 14 일 전 +18

      Important tip: This game is like a toxic relationship, you're gonna leave it but keep coming back anyway despite you hating it. Bless your poor soul

  • ding dawng
    ding dawng 14 일 전 +13

    I get the exact opposite thing with Otz's mention of managing hook states. I'm always like "Wait they're dead?" Because I tend not to go after the same person after they're unhooked unless I give them time and still find them again before anyone else. So when someone's dead when not everyone has 1 hook left it really surprises me.

  • Darren Jermyn
    Darren Jermyn 14 일 전 +3

    I love these more personal videos with Otz, I'd love to see more of them in the future. Thanks for the great vid Otz!

  • slimtimYT
    slimtimYT 14 일 전 +3

    hey otz, longtime viewer since ds3 and ds2 days. personally you’ve helped my mentality with dbd so much over the last few years, hell; without your videos i’d have no knowledge of particular killer perks and little things like how to recognise them from both sides. of course i have issues with the game now but things change all the time. thank you for everything. your view means a lot to me and many others.

  • CMDRLawliet
    CMDRLawliet 13 일 전 +2

    I think doing this more intimate and educational content off stream is a really good path to take, Otz. You can get around all the hacker frustration off stream and still have the chance to appease most of the fans who are here for DBD, and maybe at the same time, take a break from streaming DBD. Much love, man, you’re doing great, keep it up!

  • fredward _
    fredward _ 14 일 전 +2

    1:20 Just to understand why, how would the new pop be better? It degresses the gen by 20% and if the gen has 95%, then it would get rid of 19% plus the 2 or 3% from kicking it, but didn't the old pop always get rid of 25%?

  • Hirias Bloodweaver
    Hirias Bloodweaver 14 일 전 +4

    1:19 facts disagree with you, 20% of 100% (gen completed) is exactly 20% + 2,5% damage from the kick is at MOST 22,5% regression, compared to 25% earlier. So no, even in the best case scenario, new pop is still slightly weaker than old pop. And I didn't even like old pop for the simple fact that you need to find/know a gen with >25% progress that isn't completed in the first place, and ADDITIONALLY use time to walk there and back.
    1:54 "as long as you are getting downs quickly" what kind of reasoning is that? As long as you get quick downs, you can play any perks or none at all and still win just by pressure. The issue is that unless you're a 9.000 hour main or playing vs potato survivors, you're not gonna get multiple downs quickly one after another. This is just not happening for the average player.
    Let's be realistic, the first 3 hooks gave you 36% regression, which is significantly worse than 45% from pain res, the next 3 pops you didn't even get to use! Pop alone is in the average game significantly worse than pain res alone, the value comes from the combination with eruption really. But even then, perks like Overcharge/Call of brine have similar or better synergy with eruption without the requirement to hook and the timer at all. So yeah, pop is still usable (with eruption), but honestly there are just better alternatives.

    • Hirias Bloodweaver
      Hirias Bloodweaver 13 일 전

      @Nikola Chiara yeah let's nerf all regression perks and make killer in high MMR absolutely unplayable without hard tunnel/proxy camp even more than it is right now. good idea.

    • Nikola Chiara
      Nikola Chiara 13 일 전 +1

      Expecting the perks that are better than Pop currently to stay that way is wishful thinking honestly, Pain Res and the like will be the next targets as something is always meta and the meta will always be taken away from killers

    • danielmaster87
      danielmaster87 14 일 전

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • TheLegendXXVII
    TheLegendXXVII 8 일 전 +1

    What they should do to Pop is, as long as its effect is active (so after u hook a survivor for 45 sec), the gen with the most progress is highlighted to you. I dont think that change would make it broken, but definitely more playable

  • Sinister Sliff
    Sinister Sliff 13 일 전

    Otz: "It's super important to manage your hook stages."
    Me: consistently get 8 hooks with 0 kills.

  • Nora Smith
    Nora Smith 14 일 전 +52

    Hey otz! I love your content, and I’d love to watch you play any game regardless. Hope you don’t feel like you have to stick to this game to keep your fans

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • the last gamer
    the last gamer 14 일 전 +47

    I still see pop semi regular but I’ve only gotten ruin like 3-4 times since the change

    • T Anderson
      T Anderson 14 일 전 +2

      It’s almost laughable now , it’s cleansed when someone dies automatically if it’s at 1 gen , plus totem spawns are unreliable

    • CEO of tortellini
      CEO of tortellini 14 일 전 +1

      @ıllıaυraтιcıllı that and ruin has very little synergy with those perks while pop can work along with them

    • ıllıaυraтιcıllı
      ıllıaυraтιcıllı 14 일 전 +11

      Well, it's still a hex totem that can instantly get yeeted and deleted by survivor spawns and it's difficult to protect if you don't have the map presence to get to places quick enough. Compared to eruption + call of brine where you know you will get use out of it consistently, it's really undependable and kind of random at times.

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt 14 일 전 +1

    I did not know about the Pop nerf, which probably makes some of my plays recently rather embarrassing...
    That said, I rate Ruin on Nemesis, as it means your zombies also get you some regression value if they bother someone off a gen.

  • RenzoDT98
    RenzoDT98 14 일 전 +1

    I've never been a huge fan of Hex: Ruin but I've found it surprisingly good on Demogorgon, and I thought of this cute Hex build to make it still viable on him after the nerf.
    Addons: Lifeguard Whistle and Upside Down Resin. Perks: Ruin, Plaything, Pentimento, NOED.
    This is the plan, you set up a portal at the Ruin totem (with the Whistle addon, you'll always be notified if someone is cleansing or removing the portal) and by the time all gens are done (you might as well killed at least one survivor for this condition to apply) the remaining dull totem will light up to Hex: NOED.
    Plaything and Pentimento is always a nice combo if the plan goes horribly wrong (survivors spawning besides Ruin) or just to have a solid gen slowdown in general.
    Personally I think this build is very fun, allowing the killer to go for more hooks and maybe one or two more kills with NOED.. The thing is, if this build works perfectly, survivors will never suspect you have NOED at the end..

  • Satic.mp3
    Satic.mp3 14 일 전 +1

    ruin and pop are still nice perks, specially for some distinct playstyles. I still use ruin in my sadako full condemn build but it's a nice perk for other killers too. Pop is now a bit situational, it doesn't do much regression on gens within low progress but it's still good on gens with a bigger progress

  • Wiggle Master
    Wiggle Master 일 전

    I miss running Ruin and/or Pop. Some of my favorite killer perks

  • Sakura Kirigiri
    Sakura Kirigiri 14 일 전 +1

    I'd argue pop didn't get nerfed too hard I think it was fair and is still a great perk on certain killers. Sometimes it's best to use another perk but imo thats what makes a perk balanced

  • Salazaar Fyrfang
    Salazaar Fyrfang 14 일 전

    Pop I find is still quite useful even after the nerf, especially in conjunction with other gen kicking perks. Ruin is meh imo but combined with something like Surveillance is a decent info

  • Egle V
    Egle V 14 일 전 +1

    So, to me it seems a bit counter-efficient to have Deadlock and Pop together, cause if a gen is deadlocked, you can't pop it, and that's kinda the one you'd want to pop. Does such scenario simply not happen in games or is it something else?

  • TigerKirby215
    TigerKirby215 14 일 전

    I still really like running Pop on most of my Killers, especially those with high mobility. However depending on the Killer either Overcharge or Call of Brine feel better. (CoB is really good on stealth Killers since it has a pseudo-Surveillance effect.)

  • Job Vermuyen
    Job Vermuyen 6 일 전

    26:20 it was probably still yellow from pain resonance, and the survivor left it, thus it became white after the yellow duration of pain res, because it was regressing with jolt. I had this myself a couple of games

  • Stomper
    Stomper 14 일 전 +3

    Try huntress lullaby and unnerving presence it’s a fun build to mess around

  • J Scott
    J Scott 14 일 전 +16

    Videos like this where otz does amazing explanations for everyone and even shows gameplay are my favorite type of videos

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Kenny Wesker
    Kenny Wesker 14 일 전 +1

    Once your mmr goes up, pentimento doesn’t do a darn thing… they actively seek out those totems again and again throughout the trial, especially if it’s a swf.
    Ruin might actually still have some value because a lot of people have been running: built to last, a great toolbox, brand new parts, and some gen repair speed perk. I see it almost every trial now.
    But of course, ruin is still a hex… so… it gets destroyed fairly early on.

  • PSI Miami
    PSI Miami 14 일 전

    Happy to see surveillance being used in one of your builds, as a pig main I use it on almost everyone just because I'm used to it and love being able to hear the gens from far

  • Alison Lauryn
    Alison Lauryn 14 일 전

    Hey Otz! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the off-stream content as well as videos from stream. Your off-stream stuff has a really nice energy to it that's different from when you're talking to chat and you seem to really be enjoying yourself!

  • icky
    icky 14 일 전 +2

    I really appreciate that you put time stamps in your vids otz! I usually watch them all the way through (eventually) but it really stands out to me. Hope you’re well brother ❤

  • Lead Boo
    Lead Boo 14 일 전

    I love watching your content otzdarva, it doesn't have to be just dead by daylight

  • Brandon Roses
    Brandon Roses 14 일 전

    Hey otz! I love your content, and I’d love to watch you play any game regardless. Hope you don’t feel like you have to stick to this game to keep your fans

  • leon lacroix
    leon lacroix 12 일 전

    I love that legion skin. Would love to get a new voice/name like the rest of the legendary skins. Even a new chase music would be cool.

  • FeelingHated
    FeelingHated 14 일 전 +9

    Interesting content as always, keep up the good work.

  • MrPro321 YT
    MrPro321 YT 14 일 전 +3

    I always thought that pop goes the ruin does not work because u cant kick an already regressing gen but you have enlightened me otzdarva

  • Amy Dean
    Amy Dean 14 일 전 +1

    I just got back from a break from dbd after a few months. For the last couple of years it is ingrained in me - the first thing I do is tap a gen to test for ruin.
    Since coming back, I have literally only gone up against ruin once. I am shook. EDIT: AND YES I STILL TAP THE GEN!

  • timmybash
    timmybash 14 일 전 +4

    Hey otz I’m glad your still trying to make Dbd content and your guides have helped me be better at killer and have made me laugh over the past 2 years

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Vitor Pereira
    Vitor Pereira 14 일 전

    That was a nice build, but honestly, I would’ve switched Ruin for a chase perk like STBFL, since I got the feeling that regression-wise, you didn’t get nearly as much value as if you’d used just Jolt or Pain Res, and even as info-wise, Surveillance proved to be more useful by itself than with the aura support from Ruin. Still, I play a bunch of killers each season, so I don’t know what it’s like to be at the very top of the MMR with one given killer, but using three regression perks might be a bit too much, unless you’re going into a match with three toolboxes. I kinda enjoy the thrill of losing gens and feeling pressured to perform better. There’s nothing more off-putting than survivors who give up early and even start chasing you so you can kill them because they made a big mistake that’s gonna be hard to come back from, but they can afford to do that, since they’re not the ones who’ll have to wait five minutes queueing up for the next match.

  • Krungus of the Swamps
    Krungus of the Swamps 14 일 전 +11

    This is necessarily related to the video, but something nice I found out from playing wesker is that he can actually deal with some god pallets extremely easily because of his ability to vault over them. If they loop you back to the pallet it's a problem, but from experience they will get less distance than if you break it, and if they are super close you can actually get a hit. However, this only applies to when you are at a distance because if you are that close it's a better idea to just break it. This is especially useful on The Game where half of the pallets are almost incontestable. Hope this helps any fellow wesker players.

    • Marco Calamia
      Marco Calamia 13 일 전

      I gotta get better with dealing with pallets. If the loop is long enough i manage to recover and maybe get a hit but often i find myself vaulting just to recover in time for them to vault the pallet again/recharging my power to vault it again. Also it heavily depends on the survivor' playstyle: it works great on predroppers/w gamers, not so much on heavy loopers

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Ara .-.
    Ara .-. 14 일 전

    Otz I hope you know that no matter what you play we all love watching you. Great content as always

  • Rik
    Rik 14 일 전

    7:09 i more often have a moment of "wait you're dead?" cause i had to focus on a chase and noticed neither their attempt to die on hook nor it being stopped by the team(other than ofc hearing the unhook noise notification)

  • Ken M.
    Ken M. 14 일 전

    Honestly, Pop feels like a similar situation to DS imo. It definitely did get nerfed, but in a way that mostly just means you have to be smarter about how you use it and can be still be viable. And kinda DH too, but that's more about timing than how to use it haha

  • 2LT Sheridan
    2LT Sheridan 11 일 전

    I like the Pop timers, it's actually making me want to use the perk now! 10 seconds off a gen on average if the gen is ~60%+ is VERY nice.

  • Lunnefisk
    Lunnefisk 14 일 전 +1

    Pop definitely synergises nicely with a good kicking build. My friends and I went against a Wesker a bit ago with Pop, Call of Brine, Overcharge and Eruption and it was so good at holding down a 3-gen we all basically gave up ;_;

    • Marco Calamia
      Marco Calamia 14 일 전

      I use a similar build on Sadako with Dragon's grip instead of Pop, the iri addon that turn back up tvs after a hit and the one that makes them oblivious if they're near a TV (they always spawn near gens). It's basically a huge f u to genrushers and it's fantastic to hold down a 3/4 gen situation

  • Tawney
    Tawney 14 일 전

    My absolute favorite legion add-on combo. The never ending frenzy. Stay off my gens, and go mend...

  • y0rrzu
    y0rrzu 14 일 전 +1

    ruin should’ve either been 100% regression with the totem up until cleansed or 200% with the down or kill requirement to deactivate it not both

  • cyagirl
    cyagirl 14 일 전

    I think pop is still good specifically on Freddy. It's a must have in my Freddy builds, and it does well without other gen kick builds. not so sure about ruin though. best of luck with dbd homie

  • Daniel Nordh
    Daniel Nordh 9 일 전

    The yellow aura from Surveillance stays on for 16 seconds, even if it starts regressing in the meantime. So what you saw was the last second of the 16 seconds of yellow before it showed the white aura. It can be a bit annoying at times, such as when using Dead Man's Switch and Pain Res. If they got on the generator, and turning it yellow, just before you hook someone on a scourge hook, you don't see that it's been locked until the yellow aura fades away. That means it's hard to know if they got knocked off the gen, or if they let go for a second just before you hooked.

  • Piralos
    Piralos 14 일 전 +3

    I've been using Ruin a fair bit on Legion, and the synergy with Surveillance is super nice on bigger maps as well! Even if you can't hit everything with jolt, being able to chain hits together and use your passive slowdown alongside Ruin can make things really punishing. I've mostly been running Lethal Pursuer over Pain Res, though I honestly might change it after this vid. Pain Res forcing people off gens is really nice for surveillance, even if you don't get the extra speedy start that Lethal can bring!!

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Wurewulf
    Wurewulf 14 일 전

    I love using ruin + surveillance on Artist so you know exactly where to send birds and you’re able to easily defend the ruin totem

  • SykOwnZ
    SykOwnZ 14 일 전

    I'm glad that Surveillance get noticed. I always love this perks so underrated. The infos that it gave you is so nice

  • Kay Gon.
    Kay Gon. 14 일 전 +2

    Bruh I know this video was supposed to get me back into ruin or pop but now I just want to run surveillance/pain res. Such a refreshingly new combo.
    I love where the devs are going gamplay wise

  • Matej Murin
    Matej Murin 14 일 전

    Damn, getting better with Wesker otz! The first game looked very rough for the survivors.

  • Kellnack
    Kellnack 14 일 전

    I almost feel that ruin could be no longer a Hex totem since it turns off after a kill. It's not super strong anymore and most people just power through it and hardly go looking for it.

  • Ljtaylor4
    Ljtaylor4 14 일 전 +1

    Ruin is still good on twins only cause it's a perk that Victor benefits from, makes me wonder if it would still be a part of your build on them for a 50 win streak?

  • Hubert Ramos
    Hubert Ramos 14 일 전

    what i expected from this video: actual footage of pop and ruin post nerf paying of (kinda did)
    what i've got: jolt, pr, suvervilliance and eruption became really good options after ruin&pop nerfs

  • Zath
    Zath 14 일 전

    Hey Otz! I have a question. Were you factoring in the base 2.5% regression chunk (2.25 seconds) you get from kicking normally?

  • Sorenthaz
    Sorenthaz 14 일 전

    I played a match as Pig for the first time in a long while (had a daily ritual to do the ambush strikes) with just Ruin and Surveillance, and it was nuts how well that synergy was working to allow me to ambush Survivors.

  • Genji
    Genji 13 일 전

    its cool to see otz making a video just for youtube. Going out of his way for us and doing it off stream.

  • EzukieL
    EzukieL 12 일 전

    otz always with the quality content!

  • cassi hartly
    cassi hartly 14 일 전

    Thank you otz for calling us chat. It made me feel like I was back in stream!

  • Wendy
    Wendy 14 일 전 +2

    We will always be chat in your heart OTZ!!! (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠) Love your videos as always!!!

  • Junius01
    Junius01 14 일 전

    I always find it a bit odd that you're trying to showcase a gen regression perk, while using two other slowdown perks. I think that any gen slowdown perk would be good if you add two other strong gen slowdown perks with it.

  • Foogles
    Foogles 14 일 전

    Hey Otz, love the videos, it always amazes me your tracking and prediction abilities as killer, it honestly helps me motivate to keep trying to improve
    Edit: I feel like in the second match it was more work of surveillance and jolt that helped the build
    I feel like it might've been better a chasing perk or something else for Legion could be better than ruin, but, I must say that the totem spot was a really unfortunate one

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Xander Luke
    Xander Luke 14 일 전 +2

    ah otz sad to hear about your experience with the game recently but i hope it gets better and that these problems get fixed but despite the game you play we really enjoy your content:) have a good one

  • Axel
    Axel 14 일 전

    Pop has also great synergy with perks like call of brime (200% regression on gens when you kick them and reveal survivors position when they hit good skill checks on that gen for 60 seconds)

  • Dragonwing07
    Dragonwing07 14 일 전

    I tried out your new legion "meta" build and it worked nicely. I got a couple of 4ks using it.

  • Noah!
    Noah! 13 일 전

    Otz KRclip dbd content is what drives my love for the game! I'll always tune in no matter what for that Otz flavor on anything though

  • Onyx Felix
    Onyx Felix 13 일 전

    I play this legion build since you released your best build for every killer video and I won every single game.

  • Flippirino
    Flippirino 14 일 전

    I'm really enjoying Wesker reveal/terror builds

  • IAmMightyMike
    IAmMightyMike 14 일 전

    I must get Ruin once a week now. It used to be top of the meta it feels.

  • Gwynplaine Hugo
    Gwynplaine Hugo 14 일 전 +1

    Don't be afraid to upload videos for other games! Especially with what's going on in DBD. I would absolutely continue to watch your videos even if it's not about DBD 🥰

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Oireal
    Oireal 14 일 전

    I had an idea for a Pop rework. Basically, make it a token perk that get a token when you hook a Survivor. You can then spend those tokens when kicking a gen for 10% of its current progress per token. Numbers could easily be tweaked but just an early concept idea I had

  • Kobalt_
    Kobalt_ 11 일 전

    I have a question:
    If I combine Eruption with Jolt, can I skip kicking a gen altogether and still get the benefit of Eruption?

  • Naive
    Naive 14 일 전 +18

    Interestingly enough, on Legion it works even better bcs u can use Iri addon to make gens regress while you in Frenzy (that happens a lot) and even if Ruin dead - u have ur own in form of add on. Also add on will provide info about how much close gens to finish!

    • Naive
      Naive 13 일 전

      @Tyler Rassi as i remember it should

    • Tyler Rassi
      Tyler Rassi 13 일 전

      @Kayla Dulert that's crazy if that's true! Especially pre nerf Ruin. That'd have been 300%.

    • Kayla Dulert
      Kayla Dulert 14 일 전 +1

      @Tyler Rassi yes it does, 200% regression while Frenzy is on

    • Tyler Rassi
      Tyler Rassi 14 일 전

      It stacks with the add on?

    • Prigiyan Short
      Prigiyan Short 14 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Butternut
    Butternut 12 일 전

    Was Pop decreased to 20% because it also does the 5% instant regression, or does it nullify that and just do 20% of the gen?

  • Ridiculously Average

    Brilliant combo, Regression with pop followed up by regression with Eruption, Such a nasty combo GGs

  • vaevictusdeus
    vaevictusdeus 14 일 전 +1

    There are so many different "super pop" combos now, I honestly can't believe it's even being mentioned. Pop-Overcharge is my new favorite, though you can't wrong go with Pop of Brine either. Or just be a SUPER dbag and run "Pop Over and Oppress me sometime" with Trail of torment for giggles, and start taking ALL of your lifes frustrations on the nearest generator and its three closest friends.
    Trail works surprisingly well with Overcharge too as it will HIGHLIGHT the gen and incentivize survivors to click it and trigger the Overcharge proc. Could set some nasty traps with Dragons Breath too, and Pop would fit right along in that build as well. It's Make your choice 2.0.

  • Dredj
    Dredj 12 일 전

    Otz is so good he played Wesker and caught three survivors in Bear Traps.

  • Nøah
    Nøah 14 일 전

    On the survivor perk side, I'm really really curious about Iron Will.
    Is it worth running at all anymore?
    I don't understand how it could be nerfed without making it completely worthless.

  • Divinity of Death
    Divinity of Death 14 일 전 +1

    Pop, call of brine, eruption and discordance is so strong against gen rushers in my opinion

  • Average Looper
    Average Looper 14 일 전 +1

    Guys also don’t forget this combo literally dies the MOMENT ruin gets cleansed since the synergy is gone with surveillance. Oh and that’s all for only 100% regression as it stands now. It’s just not worth using at high level.

  • The Long Story
    The Long Story 14 일 전 +4

    I think it's at the point in the meta where unexpecting stuff will throw you off again. I saw NOED again for the first time last night since the nerf and oh boy, that was not a pleasant end-game. Couldn't find it to cleanse it and eventually just had to 3-man escape.
    People don't check for Ruin anymore, so it'll definitely get some value if it doesn't get found and cleansed at the beginning.

    • Sushi X
      Sushi X 14 일 전

      @Crimson Heart Nah, she usually runs gen perks and I use looping perks, since we swap between US and Asia so her ping makes it impossible to keep chase. Not counting the times I almost instantly run into the totem when the gems are done, of course.

    • Crimson Heart
      Crimson Heart 14 일 전

      @Sushi X noed shows you it's aura now, might just be that or maybe he's running some perk for totems

    • Sushi X
      Sushi X 14 일 전 +1

      Huh, I think I live in a worse alternate universe, because I semi-commonly run into NOED. Although I'm thankful my friend has a sixth sense for when NOED will be in a trial, and it always except for one occasion spawns somewhere convenient, like next to someone hooked or right at the dull totem someone is running past.

  • Damek Braxton
    Damek Braxton 10 일 전

    Ruin on legion has some other benefits:
    The Fuming Mixtape addon applies an additional 100% regression as long as you're in frenzy.
    Ruin dies with the first survivor sacrificed, and Legion works better if/when you can chain 4 hits, so you'll have double the incentive to not tunnel anyone.

  • Shahad
    Shahad 14 일 전

    12:00 there is a glitch with mastermind sometimes when he use power survivor get stuck , it happened to me

  • Ghoul Haven
    Ghoul Haven 13 일 전

    You know what I thought a cool rework to ruin would be, if you look at the perk art, it shows the entity wrapped around it. So if we go off that, what if we instead we design the perk to regress entity blocked gens.
    Something like
    Hex Ruin: whenever a generator becomes blocked by the entity, it will regress by 1% for every 1 second it it's blocked.
    If you want to add a way for it to block gens itself you could

  • Futuristicbus 61
    Futuristicbus 61 14 일 전

    I’m surprised but happy to see that Otz is still uploading dbd

  • Lil Ekeys
    Lil Ekeys 14 일 전 +1

    Nothing says peaceful sleep like being up to date on Otz uploads

  • Marius Lestat
    Marius Lestat 14 일 전

    Never used either… My Wesker build has me killing all 4 before 2nd Gen completed 16/20 games.

  • Marcellofp
    Marcellofp 14 일 전 +1

    I think ruin is now only viable with surveillance

  • A. Cooper
    A. Cooper 14 일 전

    Glad to see you're still making DBD content, but if you start streaming something else I'll still watch. I know you love souls games so I'd recommend Steel Rising or Wo Long when it releases. I'd love to see you go back to your roots of playing games that are punishing on purpose, instead of being punishing due to hackers and bad dev decisions.

  • Antonio Provolone
    Antonio Provolone 14 일 전

    I tried a full gen kicking build on wraith with shadow dance, pop, call of brine, eruption and overcharge. The build was actually more solid than I expected, I made many survivors ragequit after they realized what was going on with the gens LOL

  • Doug Rosengard
    Doug Rosengard 14 일 전

    Just wanted to say I like this format of prerecorded matches without all the distracting Twitch chats and stuff. 🙂

  • Moe
    Moe 8 일 전

    Not sure whether I think the last match actually showed the strengths of ruin well. Sure, you had a lot of slowdown, but was it because of ruin or the other two perks? Felt a bit hard to tell.
    I would have showed the other strength of ruin more, that if you had a lot of pressure, it is almost impossible to do a gen. Or was at least, not sure how much the 100% nerf hurts this aspect of it

  • Alan Spindler
    Alan Spindler 13 일 전

    Even with the gen is at 99%, it's impossible to have more value than before. At 100% it would decrease the progress to 22.5% still a bit lower than before.

  • Sjors Nederpel
    Sjors Nederpel 14 일 전

    hey Otz, maybe the devs would listen if their biggest streamers started playing other games. If they wont fix their game, they should feel the repercussions

  • Basil Gavriliak
    Basil Gavriliak 14 일 전 +1

    Wow, i did not realized we played agains Otz! I was a Yui from the first game, my game froze at this moment 12:00. We were in 4-man SWF and we are looking pretty boosted ngl :) Still it is an honored to be be destroyed by Otzdarva, gg!

  • A random Hashbrown
    A random Hashbrown 14 일 전 +3

    14:15 Otz is so good at Trapper that he is able to complete Daily challenges without him