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Uncleansable Devour Build for Demo | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 20.
  • Devour Hope is a really powerful perk that powers up as you hook Survivors and can threaten to instadown & mori them. This build makes it almost impossible for teams to cleanse it by giving you tons of info with Lifeguard Whistle + Lichen add-ons. With Undying you can focus on defending only one totem and it will always be the one they have to cleanse. If they somehow survive this ordeal, Hex: Pentimento (big slowdown if they cleanse totem) and No Way Out (huge slowdown near endgame) will probably finish the job.
    Watch live: www.twitch.tv/Otzdarva
    Join our community: discord.gg/Otzdarva
    Thumbnail 3D render by the lovely Ev3ntic:
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  • CadeCraze
    CadeCraze 개월 전 +1591

    Every time I watch Otz make a new build I have to go try it out for myself to see if it's actually good or if Otz is just good

    • Yusuf Karaardic
      Yusuf Karaardic 개월 전

      This was first found by spooky loopz

    • Mettle_of_legion
      Mettle_of_legion 개월 전

      Different build Just work vs low or mid tier Survs, against Good players or a solid swf they destroy you.

    • Daryl Fletcher
      Daryl Fletcher 개월 전

      @Knock Knock Let The Devil In!!!

    • Knock Knock Let The Devil In!!!
      Knock Knock Let The Devil In!!! 개월 전

      I’ve made this build before him

    • Roc_Official
      Roc_Official 개월 전

      It’s def that Otz is good…. not just good, ONE OF THE BEST. Bro plays this game every day, all day. He don’t go out 😂

  • Vampirtulpe
    Vampirtulpe 개월 전 +422

    I use a similar build actually, the hardest counter is when Devour spawns on a hill slope, because you can't place a portal there and its very obvioous

    • Vampirtulpe
      Vampirtulpe 개월 전

      @Noah Moore Really? That's interesting, I shimmied around for a while and it didn't work for me, I gotta try this out ^^

    • Vampirtulpe
      Vampirtulpe 개월 전

      @Emre Hancı I didn't have undying at the time, I've only played for a few months and got Blight semi recently!

    • Vampirtulpe
      Vampirtulpe 개월 전

      @Toxic Blade I tried that before, but the survivors can sneak around or over it if they see it in time unfortunately. It's a good idea though! ^^

    • Noah Moore
      Noah Moore 개월 전

      I’ve place a petal there before it’s hair took me like 20 seconds to find a spot

    • Regon Klimov
      Regon Klimov 개월 전

      Well i played as wraith with Devour Hope and totem did spawn there... Nobody cleansed it

  • ALonelyChurro
    ALonelyChurro 개월 전 +191

    7 minutes was all Otz had to play with them.

  • Noah Moore
    Noah Moore 개월 전 +245

    My demo build is, devour, stbfl, and 2 others of my choice that I change frequently. I use the deer lungs and the life guard whistle for add ons

    • Welsh Crusade
      Welsh Crusade 개월 전

      @Jack Bright I know, it's awesome how quickly demo gets down late game with save.

    • Jack Bright
      Jack Bright 개월 전 +2

      Save is disgusting on demo, at max stacks if you hit someone in an open area you can recover and shred before they can get out of range.

    • Fat Nootz
      Fat Nootz 개월 전 +2

      stbfl is so fucking good on demo and devour takes advantage of his ability to do something almost no other killer can do efficiently which is defend your hexes i love them both.
      I also like bbq (for the clean info after hook, portal, down again, info after hook gameplay loop) and floods of rage (real nice info that procs off of the same thing that gives devour tokens)
      Whistles a must have personally but i like to use barbs glasses aswell

    • Welsh Crusade
      Welsh Crusade 개월 전

      @thedarknight 7 from the ptb, yes. Overcharge was going to increase regression to 400, but was nerfed to 200

    • thedarknight 7
      thedarknight 7 개월 전

      @Welsh Crusade I thought they nerfed call of brine and over charge combo ?

  • vladspellbinder
    vladspellbinder 개월 전 +29

    The Lifeguard Whistle is something of an underrated add-on for most people. Sure if you are playing Demo you should be tapping M2 every now and then anyways because it doesn't slow you down but not having to worry about that is great. Really only works with a Hex build though because otherwise you don't really care about the portals.
    Thanks for the video Otz.

    • Plush Lord Of The Seas
      Plush Lord Of The Seas 개월 전 +2

      Nah the whistle plus sticky lining turns your portals into amazing radar dishes and with good placement you can monitor most of the map's important places and pathways.
      Hide a portal on the other side of the wall from a gen etc and it still scans anyone on the opposite side and they won't notice it most of the time.
      It's an amazing combo for info, but unfortunately the whistle is an expensive addon.

  • Toxic Blade
    Toxic Blade 개월 전 +271

    Who needs an uncleansable devour build, when devour let's you mori survivors even after it gets broken at 5 stacks.

    • Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
      Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal 개월 전

      Thats insane

    • Toxic Blade
      Toxic Blade 개월 전

      @Gabe Blanchard I'm not 100% sure, most of the time I've seen it, they get 5 stacks, get a mori, it gets cleansed and they can still mori. Idk if that's strictly how it works or if you can just get it to 5 have it break and still do it. But devour has to be up to get tokens so you will have to reach the 5 stacks before it gets broken

    • Toxic Blade
      Toxic Blade 개월 전

      @max mustermann yup killer had no mori. Had my homie that's a streamer do it. No mori

    • Reuben Verdouw
      Reuben Verdouw 개월 전 +1

      Wait. I did this in a match last week and was so confused why I could kill. Couldn't figure it out haha

    • Gabe Blanchard
      Gabe Blanchard 개월 전 +1

      Does the totem have to be up for the 5 stacks or can it be broken right away and as long as you get stacks after can you still mori?

  • Yassin O.
    Yassin O. 개월 전 +61

    Yeah I would argue devourgorgon is top 5 most evil builds u can do in dbd as killer!
    I go for devour undying spirit fury enduring though.

  • SomeDude
    SomeDude 개월 전 +104

    It’s simple, I see Demo, I click.

  • Greg Wilhite
    Greg Wilhite 개월 전 +18

    y'know, I've been watching you're videos for years, but as I sat here, as an American, with my breakfast butter stick in my hand, I found myself more offended and PERSONALLY ATTACKED than I ever have in my life.

  • itzKidDope55
    itzKidDope55 개월 전 +7

    Tried this when pentimento first got released on console and I literally got it first try as Demo on Ormond 🤣 Was so satisfying having 5 devour stacks and they couldn’t cleanse a single totem

  • Alex Flórek
    Alex Flórek 개월 전 +2

    Wesker: 7 minutes is all I can spare to play with you
    Demo: Maybe you and I are not so different

  • Gordon Freemason
    Gordon Freemason 개월 전 +6

    Otz: "7 minutes, 7 minutes is all I can spare to play with you."

  • Jimbobob5536
    Jimbobob5536 개월 전 +6

    The most important part of having multiple rekindled totems: They can't immediately get rid of your gen slowdown with one cleanse.

  • HluccaSkyWalker
    HluccaSkyWalker 개월 전 +4

    Love to see more demo gameplay. I recently discovered your channel through DBD Overdose and I've been loving the content and the builds since.

  • Patrick Quanz
    Patrick Quanz 개월 전 +7

    i would swap "No way out" for "Thrill of the Hunt" :D
    just to make cleansing and booning a lot more frustrating ^^

    • Strvmpet
      Strvmpet  개월 전

      No way out is more worth as the thrill slowdown wont help if youre always gonna tp asap

    • Денис Денискин
      Денис Денискин 개월 전 +2

      Bad idea - you dont know where Devour Hope, so you can miss and defend Thrill.

  • Revellations
    Revellations 개월 전 +1

    I run Devour, STBFL, Undying, thrill of the hunt on Demo with his barbs glasses and black heart addons. Absolute monster with this build. Devastating for survivors and I often get at least one Devour Mori (I would consider myself average MMR most likely)

  • RUGER5264
    RUGER5264 개월 전 +1

    As a demo main, I’m gonna try this build!

  • NARV151
    NARV151 개월 전

    I would love to see a tier list of killers based solely on their best builds. It would be cool to see if normally low tier killers surpass any high tiers when everyone is at 100%

  • Levi Workman
    Levi Workman 개월 전

    Whenever I use totem perks on demo, I take the add-on that causes portals to blind survivors that come near them. Especially powerful synergy with plaything.

  • xHartZilla
    xHartZilla 개월 전 +34

    I literally just did a build for this yesterday lol it's SOOO good and survivors have to keep trying to destroy the totem or they will lose for sure

    • Djek Dozovitch
      Djek Dozovitch 개월 전

      @stardust 932 i literally addressed your issue cause Pinhead has the same issue... You re a pepega if you dont get it. Like, no offense but you have to be a pepega to not understand how to outplay such build. Killer having info on survivor does not mean killer can do smth about that survivor that very moment. I ve already wrote enough.

    • stardust 932
      stardust 932 개월 전

      @Djek Dozovitch bruh.... The add on gives the demo killer instinct, , when you're near the active portal and trying to cleanse it, the demo is gonna know, and he will teleport regardless of mid chase. It takes 14 seconds or something to cleanse a totem, the demo teleport is less than 14 seconds

    • Djek Dozovitch
      Djek Dozovitch 개월 전

      @stardust 932 its not impossible to break a totems, the addon does not do that. Literally addon only gives killer info when someone is on portal. Its possible to outplay this. Start cleansing as soon as killer does smth that does not allow him to teleport to totem quickly, this strat literally works with pinhead 100% of time.

    • stardust 932
      stardust 932 개월 전

      @Djek Dozovitch except that the add on makes it literally impossible to break the totem (unless it's in a shit spot or you spawn right next to it)... If it was a hag or twins trying the same strat, you can disarm the hag trap with a flashlight or crouch towards the totem, kick Victor.. what you gonna do against an active demo portal that gives the demo killer instinct, destroy the portal or destroy the totem? Oh wait he's just gonna know you're there and teleport to protect it.. yes survivors do DC for anything that inconveniences them, but this is not the same thing as thana or whatever.

    • Djek Dozovitch
      Djek Dozovitch 개월 전

      @stardust 932 bruh survivors DC against trash killers with perks like Thana that just mildly inconvinience them. Then survivors try their hardest with meta perks and win almost every game cause second chances are simply stacked. Then its Nurse and survivor rage cause they cant easily win. And thing is, you say build is borderline uncounterable but it literally is very much counterable. Survivors get a secondary objective that they so much want so that game is not easy. And if this secondary objective is heavily protected then primary objective - gens - is not protected. So idk what your issue is here. You arent supposed to escape every match, its Dead by Daylight and key word is Dead for a reason.

  • Siobhan is On
    Siobhan is On 개월 전 +3

    This is why Demo is my main: the whistle and lichen are unbelievably OP add-ons! And you can teleport, I mean...he is the best boyo. 🐶 This is peak build, but another one I've been trying lately is Merciless Storm, Pop, Jolt, and Oppression/Brine with soda and resin add-ons - its been a blast!
    One last thing: on OTZ's build I would personally sub NWO for STBFL, Corrupt, or Thana/slowdown perk because let's be real, the goal of this build is to get outta here waaaaay before they have the chance to touch the gates lol. Plus it's helpful to have a backup perk in case a SWF takes the totems out immediately.

  • TTV JayKIllerMain
    TTV JayKIllerMain 개월 전

    I once used a build similar, but it was devour, thrill of the hunt, undying, and thanaphobia with the lifeguard whistle

  • Ja' Crispy
    Ja' Crispy  개월 전 +6

    Demo is adorable in dbd. Whenever a demo opens his mouth at me and hisses/screams it’s honestly hilarious

  • kerrowe
    kerrowe 개월 전

    I'd have loved to seen a game with the build at full potential and use. Has me curious.

  • Meghan Cleary
    Meghan Cleary 개월 전

    Hi Otz, if possible I would love a video breaking down all the totem perks for killers and survivors and explain when to cleanse and just best practices for dealing with totems.

  • Sheriff Flynn
    Sheriff Flynn 개월 전 +2

    The one thing I would change is the Iri add on to Rotten Pumpkin so you always have a portal in your pocket.

  • Quarter Penny
    Quarter Penny 개월 전 +2

    Always love watching your videos Otz!

  • Zandyneer
    Zandyneer 개월 전

    Would crowd control be good on this build? Theoretically you could keep it up by using your portals and it would be up for a good portion of the game

  • oko
    oko 개월 전

    I played against this a week ago, its so strong lol
    it's like adding a 6th gen

  • LoafyLoveBit
    LoafyLoveBit 개월 전

    This biuld looks great! Fingers cross we live in the timeline where demo returns to be purchasable so i can try this out

  • Taii Jackson Mcgregor
    Taii Jackson Mcgregor 개월 전 +1

    Looks like a solid build

  • C C
    C C 개월 전

    I would use the purple portal cleanse time addon instead of the iri. Gives you much more time to react

  • chewbaccaforeyou
    chewbaccaforeyou 개월 전

    My build is: STBFL, devour, (OLD THRILL OF THE HUNT) and haunted grounds. amazing build, i still run thrill when i play him.

  • Maxx
    Maxx 개월 전

    I tried this build yesterday, but with STBFL instead of No Way Out, and the results were similar.

  • pat cile
    pat cile 개월 전

    Neat build I'm gonna try it myself

  • Thermosity
    Thermosity 개월 전

    Thank you for uploading such great content. Your videos make my day so much better.

  • Matt Mike
    Matt Mike 개월 전

    Love the video, would love to see it twice. Two matches so it’s not such a short video.

  • booperdee2
    booperdee2 개월 전

    i used this concept of the build a few months ago and knew it was ridiculously strong, even though i only had Ruin unlocked, survivors would commit so hard repeatedly to cleanse it that it almost didnt matter what totem it was

  • Qrowen
    Qrowen 개월 전 +1

    The best part about this build, it's that you don't even need Pentimento and Undying, you can replace them and make that build way worse for the survivors 😂

    • Just Monika
      Just Monika 개월 전

      Yeah really the addons are what makes the Devour Hope really scary. The rest of the totem perks just also kinda stack with it and make it more punishing for the survivors, but you don't need them at all.

  • Trader 100%
    Trader 100% 개월 전 +1

    Yes because we need more killers doing this BS.

  • bugsy2301
    bugsy2301 개월 전

    i cannot wait to see the boost in this build's use from your viewers 😢

  • Gavin Grant
    Gavin Grant 개월 전

    as a demo main this is almost my build, i just use stbfl instead of no way out because i don’t have the perk

  • Ljtaylor4
    Ljtaylor4 개월 전 +1

    You know who else defends totems really well? The twins as you can just sit Victor or Charolette right next to them. Which might be the strat for a 50 win streak 😁

    • Gakot
      Gakot 개월 전

      That's boring and won't work on good people

  • Xyex
    Xyex 개월 전

    I faced a Devour Demo a few weeks ago, pre-mid chapter. Different build other than the whistle and Devour. I recognized what it was as soon as I saw the portal by the totem and got his immediate attention there. So I bum rushed the unhooks before he could leave with my BT. He did eventually manage a 3 stack which he downed and final hooked me with, but it cost him his Devour and everyone else got out.

  • Diavolo’s teddy
    Diavolo’s teddy 개월 전

    i played against a similar build once the game lasted like 4 years it was a nightmare

  • Shadow Spector
    Shadow Spector 개월 전

    Now whenever I go against a Demo, I’m gonna assume they’re using Devour Hope and I’ll search for it all over.

  • A Mediocre Name.
    A Mediocre Name. 개월 전

    Demo is a killer I always find myself coming back to.

  • kamatari edgar
    kamatari edgar 개월 전

    Hex builds are always interesting

  • Adrian
    Adrian 개월 전 +1

    So this is why I got demolished by a demo with the build 🥲 we were doing so well but we couldn't find the devour my team was a second too late when the demo killed the person with no hooks
    Last guy escaped through hatch but it was a surprising comeback from the demo

  • Lilith Kitsune
    Lilith Kitsune 개월 전

    It's the fact that demo can basically never lose their totem if they play well that makes me feel like if you play specifically with DH with the purpose of protecting it while you play it ups demos ranking. Only specifically with this strat though

  • Chessed Gamon
    Chessed Gamon 개월 전 +3

    Can't wait for all the demos who saw this to run the build for the next week ;-;

  • Hi B0N
    Hi B0N 개월 전 +1

    I ran this build and all my totems were cleansed😔

  • Rc1995
    Rc1995 개월 전 +1

    Thanks otz needed this today ❤️

  • TwimetalAlchemist
    TwimetalAlchemist 개월 전

    I think the evilest demo build is make your choice with territorial imperative in basement

  • Jeff Mathews
    Jeff Mathews 개월 전

    That Excavator that you slid off the chest from actually has no collision for hillbilly and demo entirely (at least the long sides with the tracks), you can chainsaw right into the side of it and slide around the corner

  • Axy
    Axy 개월 전 +2

    I've played against this nightmare of a build 3 days ago. Had a 3 man escape but bearly it SUCKED

    • Landon V
      Landon V 개월 전 +1

      SAME! But I think we only got two out. I've only played against Demo a few times before that match as well so now I've got a bit of resentment towards them lol. Super frustrating game

  • Pong Lenis
    Pong Lenis 개월 전

    Another good combo for this build is the brown addon that destroys portals you enter from. This way you never run out of portals

  • TEA Captain DK
    TEA Captain DK 개월 전 +1

    Otz would never play something so evil. Good thing it's not Otz!

  • ə
    ə 개월 전

    Im so sad every time I see a Demo build cause I started playing EXACTLY when it was a month later since he was not avaliable anymore.

  • Tzvi Jakob
    Tzvi Jakob 개월 전

    5:35 of course I know him, he's me.
    lifeguard whistle, upside down resin, devour (yes its the same trick), monstrous shrine (portal away to get the effect. how did BHVR not see that coming? plus pressure for unhooks synergizes with devour), corrupt to set up a couple portals, pain res for passive slowdown. Notice me otz i make so many builds pls :')
    oh and a midwich offering if you wanna be extra dirty. placing portals next to gens from behind walls is just plain broken, plus extra undetectable value, plus corrupt synergy, plus potentially insane devour hex spawn, and a potentially op montrsous shrine basement portal (with lifeguard whistle at that tiny little entrance by the staircase). also scourge hooks are usually very convenient on midwich since theres alotta drops and its a relatively small map

  • CoolLightning88
    CoolLightning88 개월 전

    Wouldn't adding thrill of the hunt instead of no way out fit the build more? Or is it just overkill?

  • Karimson Safehold
    Karimson Safehold 개월 전

    When i have 4x survivors in this position i let them get the save to prolong the game. Sometimes they make me sweat to get the first kill and other times they realize the skill gap and give up or panic.

  • Morning Flow
    Morning Flow 개월 전 +4

    I was literally watching your other Devour Demo build and this notification came up😂

  • Mr_Loks
    Mr_Loks 개월 전

    I enjoy while watching your play❤️🖤

    MEGHEAD 개월 전

    the "hello friends this is otz" never gets old ✯

  • H
    H 개월 전

    I love demo I wish I could've grabbed it on switch before they took it away 😪 I hadn't played for a while and came back recently so I didn't know they were taking them away or I would've got them (I have the dlc on pc but I also have the game on switch)

    • E_2the_mma
      E_2the_mma 개월 전

      I mean depending how much you trust leaks he might be coming back so you might have the chance again

  • Gamerzilla666
    Gamerzilla666 개월 전 +2

    someone used this same build against me and my swf, they sent us to Lerys and the totems spawned in the showers. spent all game trying to cleanse them and eventually dying.

    • Gamerzilla666
      Gamerzilla666 개월 전 +1

      @stardust 932 it was rough and we eventually got the cleanses but it took body blocking and perfect timing, we all had fun with it though.

    • stardust 932
      stardust 932 개월 전

      Fun game right?

  • Mulster _
    Mulster _ 개월 전

    What happens to the hex if the undying replaced itself after said hex got destroyed and then you rekindle it?

  • Umbreyond
    Umbreyond 개월 전

    I really think they should release an original killer that is functionally the same as demogorgon, just so people can still experience these insane builds

  • A Nohbody
    A Nohbody 개월 전

    Oh boy I can't wait to go against this super fun & enjoyable playstyle

  • zxgamercore
    zxgamercore 개월 전 +11

    Otz is the type of guy to destroy a team and have no remorse and let them suffer lol

    • RokuroCarisu
      RokuroCarisu 개월 전 +1

      No, he is actually the type of guy who usually gives the last survivor hatch, after he dominated the match.

  • Pokedude1110
    Pokedude1110 개월 전

    If anyone wants to make this build, I suggest switching the Leprose Lichen add-on for Upside Down Resin. Then if you feel like it, switch NWO with Thrill of the Hunt, making it way harder to cleanse totems, and near impossible with pentimento.

  • j.
    j. 개월 전

    Finally, my demoboi is getting some love ☺️

  • Max
    Max 개월 전

    feels weird to watch a otz vid that isn't 1+ hour long

  • Ben Dwiar
    Ben Dwiar 23 일 전

    could probably do the same thing with hag and range add ons

  • Peghop
    Peghop 27 일 전

    Aww that's very nasty I faced it yesterday on midwich great build otz

  • timely skydive
    timely skydive 개월 전

    Tbh ik that "No way out" is for the end game but I just feel as a true totem defender build should replace "Now way out" with thrill of the hunt to make it take even longer to cleanse.

  • Tylernol OD
    Tylernol OD 개월 전

    I do the same but with all gen protection perks. They end up wasting so much time either trying to do the gen or cleaning the portal by the gen

  • NotGabriel
    NotGabriel 개월 전

    You’ve heard of hug techs on blight now get ready for hug techs on Demo! 3:32

  • Thunderstar7
    Thunderstar7 개월 전

    Went up against somebody running this, it was literal cancer because the totem was in a corner of the map next to shack and one of the randoms quit after getting downed once

  • Not Mooxchicken4 No Vlogs and No Gaming

    Still as disgusting as the first video on the build, super entertaining match to watch, thanks otz!

  • NinjaPumpkin 01
    NinjaPumpkin 01 개월 전

    I run Ruin, Jolt, STBFL, and Surveillance. If you get Ruin in a decent 3 gen and hook someone there early, it is brutal to deal with.

  • Gabriel Lassa
    Gabriel Lassa 개월 전

    me : *watching the first 30 sec of the match
    Nea : *waste the killer shack pallet with 5 gens still remaining without looping it.
    me : well , this match must be so interesting!!!

  • Darth Silver Sith
    Darth Silver Sith 개월 전

    Imagine letting your team just die because you didn’t want to give the killer stacks lol

  • RokuroCarisu
    RokuroCarisu 개월 전

    Is this the "Hex: Devour Face" build or an improvement upon it?

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 개월 전 +1

    Yay, new demo content

  • Gloomy Gloomstalker
    Gloomy Gloomstalker 개월 전

    surprised he used the red moss and not resin but i also get it, if you teleport before they have a lot of time on the sealing then you get the stealth factor

  • Shadow then Hedhog
    Shadow then Hedhog 개월 전

    It'd be cool if they made a totem based killer, they already made a locker based one, so why not?

  • AD480p
    AD480p 개월 전

    Oh, nice, it's the match that was partially shown in your tier list video. Thought this match looked interesting, so thanks for uploading the whole thing!

  • valentine
    valentine 개월 전 +1

    man i wish you could still get demo, he looks so fun to play

    • Mr.805
      Mr.805 개월 전

      @valentine yes My dude. Though for the most part the game is dead hasn’t had an update in three months. It is still stuck on the pinhead chapter they are currently working on re-making the game in about three months the game will be completely different I heard they’re bringing back old movement. It’s not worth downloading now since the game has a lag and performance issues but it does exist my dude. Go ahead and look at my channel I have some footage if you’re interested (I don’t care if you do or not just offering)

    • valentine
      valentine 개월 전

      @Mr.805 DBD HAS MOBILE ????

    • Mr.805
      Mr.805 개월 전 +1

      I play the mobile version and the ps4 Version I bought demo on the mobile version and missed out on the PS4 version he is the most balanced character and he’s so fun to play I wish I could play him on a controller. Soon as he comes out I’m immediately buying him on ps4 he is definitely worth the money

  • KrazySamurai
    KrazySamurai 개월 전

    i guess you’d need a stack or two of counterforce to cleanse it before demo could get there?

  • Trisdevision
    Trisdevision 개월 전

    I went against a hag yesterday that had the exact same build with rusty shackles

  • NØVA _vez
    NØVA _vez 개월 전

    I actually changed trickster's perk, replacing it with STBFL of myers

  • Nicholite
    Nicholite 개월 전 +1

    GigaChad fans will know that this is the gameplay used otz used in his tier list for demo.


    This was so painful yet so good to watch

  • BlueJayz 474
    BlueJayz 474 개월 전 +1

    Save the Best for Last works wonders on demo

  • Doctor Toon
    Doctor Toon 개월 전

    You try devour on pinhead? Combined with hex:plaything hoarder and lethal the game changes completely to finding the box and defending devour, combined with range add-ons it becomes a bloody nightmare

  • johnnyxxxv
    johnnyxxxv 개월 전

    That was so nasty, I'll hold you responsible for the inevitable oncoming drought

  • Cameron Layne
    Cameron Layne 개월 전

    Do y'all think it might be fine to put in Thrill in place of No Way Out? Makes it harder to cleanse totems whether it is Undying, Devour Hope, or Pentimento, so it'd still technically slow them down unless they decide to ignore totems, or is that the problem? If that replacement was made, ignoring totems would only lead to Devour Hope value and nothing else.

  • QuisbyDeity
    QuisbyDeity 개월 전

    So otz has done a build like this in the past but with this new meta i guess this is better 😂