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All Offerings Explained & Tierlisted | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 04.
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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  18 일 전 +198

    Don't forget that you can find pictures for ALL of these tierlists in our Discord! 🥰 discord.gg/Otzdarva (DBD infographic section!)

    • Memeavengerinnit
      Memeavengerinnit 18 일 전

      Wait this otz fr fr on gawd? No way

    • Aaron Rubino
      Aaron Rubino 18 일 전

      I do think blood party has impact between camping and tunnling,or gen rushing.

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

    • FalconZ
      FalconZ 18 일 전 +1

      Hi otz, would you be able to post a version of the tier list with different colours, I have colour blindness and the blue and purple I can’t see the difference between them

    • Jeremy Raymond
      Jeremy Raymond 18 일 전

      I think you're embellishing a little on how powerful luck offerings are. Remember, they are only powerful if you have the perks, teamwork, and luck, just so you can have a good chance to unhook yourself 1x per match. I wouldn't call something powerful if it requires the stars to align under special circumstances in order for it to work.
      I would argue that this video presumes every survivor is in a SWF where all the offerings are rated based upon their stacked effects, making them sound much more powerful in theory than they are in actual games because not everyone is in a SWF.
      I did learn a few things though. Great video.

  • Average internet enjoyer
    Average internet enjoyer 18 일 전 +1710

    Hey not otz, we have discovered a lack of 10 hours videos, like, come on, surely you can sit, analyse and talk for hours upon hours with no problems, yes?

    • Riadoka
      Riadoka 15 일 전

      @VoidlessEnd sarcasm²

    • XrayNinja
      XrayNinja 17 일 전 +5

      This whole comment reply chain proves we in a simulation

    • oh wow
      oh wow 18 일 전 +4

      @VoidlessEnd bro missed the joke

    • Dynamo-_Legend
      Dynamo-_Legend 18 일 전 +1

      @ryuno2097 so was nrgrth

    • ryuno2097
      ryuno2097 18 일 전

      @nrgrth so was Tim Bruscino

  • Khamura Tal
    Khamura Tal 18 일 전 +908

    I once realized that I had 50 RPD and the Game offerings on my Dredge, and decided to consume them all in one session of build testing. By the tenth West Wing RPD I felt like I was ritualistically flaying myself alive, really got me into the character of playing a formless mass of darkness, pain, and suffering.

    • Eren Jäger
      Eren Jäger 18 일 전

      @Khamura Tal If west wing is the library one, i haven't seen a single game without 2 gens in main

    • Khamura Tal
      Khamura Tal 18 일 전 +1

      @Eren Jäger Some configuration could, potentially, result in that but the gen spawns are surprisingly varied. If in those iterations you were lucky enough to get two in main while having the gens spawn adjacenet in the left and right rooms I think you would get what you're describing. Granted even pallet loops that were once pretty unsafe downstairs in RPD have been touched up to be more difficult for the Killer to deal with so controlling them would still take a fair amount of skill, at least as a Dredge, or a lot of brute forcing the pallets until they simply run out of resources.
      Also if a gen spawns outside as a Dredge just consider it lost, there's no way to reliably defend that thing without sinking in way more time then you can afford.

    • Eren Jäger
      Eren Jäger 18 일 전

      Isn't west wing the one with 4 gens next to each other, 2 of which are in main?

    • Simpan Limpan
      Simpan Limpan 18 일 전

      Could you give those to me please, peekaboo myers on RPD is by far the most fun I have playing this game

    • ♥ Urban Beauty ♥
      ♥ Urban Beauty ♥ 18 일 전 +1

      @Roasty Fair point

  • Kimberly Terasaki
    Kimberly Terasaki 18 일 전 +356

    Note about the BP offerings: the 25% bonus to every category is actually the next best offering after the bloody party streamers and escape cakes and other 100%+ offerings. That’s because they cost the same as the other yellow / green offerings but can give you as many as 10k additional BP if you max out (which is not very easy given the new BP cap but still).
    Also for killers, the only way to get max BP thanks to the higher cap is to hook them in the endgame to get the late hook bonus or to mori people on death hook (which I think gives you 300 more points than hooking them).

    • Riley Sullivan
      Riley Sullivan 17 일 전 +2

      @Kimberly Terasaki it also depends on the category. Because some categories are really easy to max out or get high value in, while the Survival category is virtually impossible. You make a valid point as well. The Sealed Envelope/Hollow Shell are definitely easier to do well with, but I think if you actively pay attention to which category you got extra 100% in, then the value will usually be better.

    • Kimberly Terasaki
      Kimberly Terasaki 17 일 전

      @Riley Sullivan Personally, I think the Sealed Envelope/Hollow Shell is better than the 100% BP per category because it costs less but that's a personal preference. You get about the same benefit either way.

    • Riley Sullivan
      Riley Sullivan 17 일 전 +1

      Anniversary Cakes > Party Streamers > Escape Cake/Survivor Pudding > Bound Envelope > 100% BP Per Category > Hollow Shell/Sealed Envelope > 75% BP Per Category > 50% BP Per Category

    • Oskar Berg
      Oskar Berg 17 일 전 +3

      the 25% extra en evry category was 15% in evry category back in the days i beleave, fun fact

    • Mythic
      Mythic 18 일 전 +15

      I think the math works out and it's right but, in practice you'll always get about the same from either on average. I personally think +100% are better on survivor and +25% are better on killer.
      For example: I'm on survivor, I get 5k points in each category.
      With the +100% category, I get an additional 5k.
      With the +25% to all categories, I also get an additional 5k.
      Example 2: I get 2k in Altruism, 4k in objectives, 6k in survival, 8k in boldness.
      +100% to one: Anywhere from additional 2k to additional 8k (Average being 5k)
      +25% in all: Additional 5k (the average of all the categories)
      So, with that being said, I think the category +100% bonuses are SLIGHTLY better since they have a higher chance of getting more despite it still generally being average. But, if you know you're good at looping, you can specifically bring in boldness and gain probably more than you would on average with that +25%, especially if you end up spending most of the game in chase.
      The math works out the exact same for killer but killer can generally fill multiple categories at the same time so the +25% becomes slightly better for killer since you're more likely to gain a high average among categories rather than 1 much higher category.

  • JacobOkay
    JacobOkay 18 일 전 +797

    I remember the old lighting offerings that could make the Trial darker or brighter. Man, they were cursed. 😂

    • Undertaker
      Undertaker 18 일 전 +1

      @Fer Ojeda I'm getting tired of them..

    • Dano
      Dano 18 일 전

      @virusgnom3 shack with 2 Windows is something from the beta, in the official release it was like we have it today.

    • ineligible226
      ineligible226 18 일 전 +2

      @Yee Yee original animations used to drag the Survivor to the ground, I imagine that's what's being referred to

    • Linc
      Linc 18 일 전 +6

      A Blendette’s dream those offerings were.

    • JacobOkay
      JacobOkay 18 일 전

      @Davakl omg! MacMillan with New Moon 💀

  • MRS
    MRS 18 일 전 +268

    The majority of these offerings are a product of their time. It would be really interesting if they were changed to have more of an impact in the modern game.

    • CEO of tortellini
      CEO of tortellini 16 일 전

      it’d also be interesting to see brand new offerings that arent just map offerings

    • Undertaker
      Undertaker 18 일 전

      And it would force not otz to do a new video haha

    • DODANG_ 914
      DODANG_ 914 18 일 전 +5

      @ShaadeGaming Salty lips with 2 up the ante+Slippery meat on 4 players is most powerful offering In the entire game. with just two luck offering, its 100% chance to escape the hook. With coldwind farming offering and 2 of these luck offerings with dedicate build, you can almost play the game on ultra-easy mode for survivor with swf. the offering system is designed for swf to abuse it and its pretty useless for soloq. for soloq, white ward and bloodpoint farming are S-tier because you can save powerful purple med-kits with infinity healing and bloodpoints allow you to spam instant heal med-kits. Its same for killer. black wards allow you to spam game-changing add-on's like double recharge nurse or mother daughter ring spirit while bp offering also allow you to get more bp for each killers best respective add-on's. so I would say all BP offerings, black/white ward and luck offering/map offering are S-tier while the rest offering are worthless fillers.

    • ShaadeGaming
      ShaadeGaming 18 일 전

      Yeah. The offerings are fine its just alot of them seem to be so bad. Like 1% luck i rather just use BP offering. It would be nice with a rework that strategically make them worth playing. maybe add synergy to other offerings somehow.
      Ik its kinda like that today but even more. Not stronger cuz would be strong to have offering competing with a perk, but something that makes me wanna bring a cool offering thats not a map.

    • Ebin menes
      Ebin menes 18 일 전 +9

      there is a bug in the game that lets you fast vault windows and pallets without making noise even without quicknquiet. they should make this a feature that is bound to luck like %4 chance of not making noise

  • ノア・スタッキー
    ノア・スタッキー 18 일 전 +71

    Otz sounded shocked when he realized he was done explaining and it took less than 6 hours

  • Oran Bluethorn
    Oran Bluethorn 18 일 전 +157

    Ya know, with the mist offerings, i always thought it was the other way around for Stealth Killers. Characters like Michael, Ghostface, Pig, Wraith. Being able to put a nice, large chunk of doubt into a survivors mind as to if they saw you or not because of the mist across the map, leading to great sneak attacks for killers...but damn, watching that side by side comparison you put up of killer sight vs survivor sight...yea that is just horrible for the killer. Thank you for alerting people like me to how detrimental even to said stealth killers this can be

    • SuspecM
      SuspecM 18 일 전 +8

      Unfortunately when the fog is closer to the floor, survivors' vision being higher up than the tallest killer is a deal breaker.

    • Draco9158
      Draco9158 18 일 전 +9

      It's not a common occurrence, but sometimes the fog will hide traps as Trapper/Hag. I've had it happen a few times both playing as and against them. Overall though they do very little for killer

    • Small Kidney Joe
      Small Kidney Joe 18 일 전 +4

      once i played against a pig on eyrie with a purple reagent and it was very very hard to see her sneaking up on us

  • Sophia Miller
    Sophia Miller 18 일 전 +232

    Has anyone experimented with the mist offerings and the hag? They could help her to sneak up on survivors (short queen) and hide her traps, but as Otz pointed out would the Hag be able to see?...Anything?

    • Bunker Engel
      Bunker Engel 18 일 전

      Everytime i had mist + eerie of crows against a hag or a trapper it was pure chaos ond terrifying 😅🙈 and ghostface - pure stress when you cant really see anyting further away 😅 don't know how it is from a killer perspective but it is really scary to ran into traps.

    • Small Kidney Joe
      Small Kidney Joe 18 일 전

      the fog goes away when you're closer to it so it wouldn't affect the trap's visibility from a closer range

    • thesuicidefox
      thesuicidefox 18 일 전

      @Eatthe Rich Yea and having thicker fog is only going to hurt your ability to track. I've never found a reason to use thicker fog as killer because all it does is make it harder to see survivors. It doesn't make your power less hidden, the floor is still very visible in thick fog.

    • Eatthe Rich
      Eatthe Rich 18 일 전

      @thesuicidefox the only issue is maps like eerie of crows. on that map, there's almost nothing you can do to hide your traps

    • thesuicidefox
      thesuicidefox 18 일 전 +4

      You are better without mist at all. She is short and being able to see survivors is going to be infinitely more valuable than hiding traps. Just put traps in grass or dark spots and they won't be seen.

  • Nick Polatas
    Nick Polatas 18 일 전 +161

    What do you think of map offerings working in reverse instead, so instead of greatly increasing the chance to go to a map, you greatly decrease the chance to go to these maps? I feel like it would decrease the annoyance of being sent to specific maps from either side that are stronger

    • Astaron De Noirmonde
      Astaron De Noirmonde 18 일 전

      Maybe it would be better to add this type of map offerings in addition to the actual ones. So these new map offerings would just ban a precise map and have the upper hand on ancient map offerings. This way it could be also more impactful.

    • Astaron De Noirmonde
      Astaron De Noirmonde 18 일 전 +1

      I think it is a great idea.
      Like ''ouch'' was saying it would make map offerings not very useful but i think that is a good thing also. I think it is good that offerings have a low impact on game and i also think they are usually design for it.
      It would bring a system of ''bans'' which would be cool for people who hate a precise map. I achieved 1000 hours with a friend quite recently, this friend always had 1-2 maps that he absolutely hates ( this hate moving to another map by periods of time). This idea make me think of him.

    • Paku Zero
      Paku Zero 18 일 전

      That would be great, map bans need to become a thing

    • Nick Polatas
      Nick Polatas 18 일 전 +2

      @ouch That’s a totally valid point. My thoughts are trying to keep in mind BHVR not having to come up with new assets for the bloodweb. In an ideal world I would prefer maps be balanced better, but currently on both sides, dealing with being sent to a specific map that helps the other side feels like an uphill battle. No one likes Nurses or Blights sending you to maps with large and open sight lines like MacMillan, or survivors sending killers to Eyrie of Crows. At least with RNG it feels like both sides need to adapt to what they’re playing with rather than an advantage to one side from the start. Though I would totally love to hear any other ideas!

  • PsyroThePsycho
    PsyroThePsycho 18 일 전 +137

    I stopped playing DBD like 4 months ago but I still watch Otz because he's so enjoyable and amazing at explaining things

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

    • jinsoul fish
      jinsoul fish 18 일 전 +5

      bro you should just move on to a different game altogether

    • Pat
      Pat 18 일 전 +9

      Otz really should be paid for this by Behaviour. I stopped playing for years but I stayed up to date with Otz, so I just hopped back in as if I never left

  • Kapkan't
    Kapkan't 18 일 전 +100

    Otz didn't address the fact that the Bloody Party Streamers up the chances of the Killer tunneling you all out in 2 mins or the Sacrificial Ward guaranteeing that none of the Survivors brought a map offering

    • Sephyrrhos
      Sephyrrhos 18 일 전 +8

      Yeah true actually, most BPS killers I have had in the past few weeks always did that. I always thought they act like it's a "compensation".

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 18 일 전 +172

    I keep forgetting mist offerings are a thing until not Otz reminds me and then I eventually forget again.

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

    • JJ Olatunji 🅥
      JJ Olatunji 🅥 18 일 전

      Here is the full video that explains

  • Subject Delta
    Subject Delta 18 일 전 +38

    i disagree about the party streamers having no impact. bringing one or two with a friend might increase the odds of someone who would normally dc to stay if they also have a bp offering

    • christiano10ronaldo
      christiano10ronaldo 17 일 전 +3

      If they dont forget about the offering as soon as they load in, like I do most of time.

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni 18 일 전 +12

    What do you mean the White Ward has no effect on the match? It's known to greatly increase the chances that the killer is running Franklin's Demise

  • ItzAstro_03
    ItzAstro_03 18 일 전 +70

    Another thing with the green and ebony moris, if you have a team that bodyblocks hooks and such, killing the survivor on the ground can be nice and can get rid of the risk of them wiggling out due to bodyblocks!

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    2:34 "if you played DBD for more than 1 day, im sure you are aware"
    me who watches Otz play DBD : "yes Otz, I agree with everything you say"

  • Origin
    Origin 18 일 전 +32

    otz, your commitment to this game and its community to make it more digestible is formidable to say the least. i can say you really got me past that initial dbd learning curve a few years ago and its become my favorite game since :) thanks again otzy

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

  • Charles Gonzales
    Charles Gonzales 18 일 전 +21

    I know they have draw backs, but I'll never understand how the hatch offerings have (atleast for the 4.5-5 years I've played) remained common. In the modern game, depending on the gate split, they can heavily decide whether the last survivor lives or dies. And then back before the hatch/key rework they where almost guaranteed to allow multiple escapes. It's just weird that that amount of sway is considered to be on the same tier as the lower end fog offerings.

    • christiano10ronaldo
      christiano10ronaldo 17 일 전

      Yes they should increase the rarity of many offerings now that everything is so much cheaper. Hatch offering before the hatch rework was just ridiculous, one key and you have a 3 man out at 1 gen left guaranteed. Don't know what they were thinking back then. Now it's not that much of an issue since hatch escape doesn't count towards the mmr and spawns only with 1 survivor left.

    • Charles Gonzales
      Charles Gonzales 18 일 전

      @Ebin menes I do agree with that, but when I was writing that I had an epiphany and don't think I got it across clearly. It does not matter when you're getting the 1k or 4k, but it appears for the last survivor which can keep you from getting the 2k or 3k. So in those cases (mainly preventing the 3k) I think it is relevant to the atleast MRM side. But yeah, on the grand scale it is irrelevant. I'm just lost at how aren't at uncommon rarity and you can get them on pretty much every bloodweb level.

    • Charles Gonzales
      Charles Gonzales 18 일 전

      @Chance Place You're right. The covid year kind of throws off my sense of time. But it's more so the idea that they are common and can dictate the flow of the ge that you tend to get on every bloodweb.

    • Chance Place
      Chance Place 18 일 전 +1

      The hatch offering have not even existed for that long lol, I belive they were introduced 2-3 years ago

    • Ebin menes
      Ebin menes 18 일 전 +3

      last survivor is irrelevant though

  • Leo Longaretti
    Leo Longaretti 18 일 전 +15

    I disagree completely with the "No Impact" on the "save add-ons" and "save item" offerings. their uses cause psychological warfare.
    When you see the "save add-ons" as survivor you know it's some infinite myers, some busted nurse/blight or some iri-huntress or iri-doctor.
    When you see the "save item" as killer you know it's some busted tool-box / medkit

    • Nat-ural Disasterpieces
      Nat-ural Disasterpieces 16 일 전

      @Gregg Parrott That does not make much sense. If it's a Tier 2 Myers why would we jump into a locker? We only do so upon a Tier 3 Proc and we all know when that happens if it happens.

    • Gregg Parrott
      Gregg Parrott 16 일 전

      Black ward myers, hits tier 2 so its not scratched mirror - all the survivors will dive into lockers to avoid a tombstone that you dont need to actually bring.

    • Chance Place
      Chance Place 18 일 전

      @Nat-ural Disasterpieces Us in the beamer gang use white wards to maximize our purple flashlights and ad-ons so we can reliably use them every single match. Atleast for me I have my fun by going around and flashlight saving so I want to use them as much as possible. We also are aware that we're not playing efficiently doing this and as you said are likely to die for our sins.

    • Leo Longaretti
      Leo Longaretti 18 일 전

      @Nat-ural Disasterpieces The only use i've given to white wards tbh is to do some challenge like with Alex's Toolbox + addons sabo 12 hooks or bring an iri map with range to locate totems more quickly.

    • Nat-ural Disasterpieces
      Nat-ural Disasterpieces 18 일 전 +1

      The problem is "psychological warfare" isn't very concrete. I go into every match already fearing every Medkit and Toolbox. And if that Myers took longer to T3 as usual? My friends and I are already taking locker grabs over being Tombstoned.
      Ironically I never see White Wards used for anything genuinely scary. I only see them used on Purple Beamers cause Flashie users play half expecting to get tunneled out for their acts against the Killer lmao.

  • cplpuddingpop
    cplpuddingpop 18 일 전 +9

    A fairly small thing: if I remember correctly, the killer map offering is weighted double that of a survivor's. So if both a killer and survivor bring an offering, it's 2/3 to the killer, 1/3 to the survivor. If 2 survivors bring one, 1/4 to the first, 1/4 to the second, and 2/4 to the killer, and so on.

  • John Cena
    John Cena 18 일 전 +8

    Otz! One very minor thing you left out of this video that I haven't seen in the comments: Pinhead loves Shroud of Separation! Combined with Lethal Pursuer, you can use it to find your box quickly!

    • John Cena
      John Cena 17 일 전

      @christiano10ronaldo Based on where they spawn you can calculate where the box is. The box will not spawn near any of them, so if they're spread out it reduces the area where the box can appear.

    • christiano10ronaldo
      christiano10ronaldo 17 일 전

      Quickly? Then everybody is all over the place, how will you know where it is faster?

  • Mohamedalielmomo
    Mohamedalielmomo 18 일 전 +4

    "If they have Flip-flop, or there is no hook available... errr... or your back hurts..." Ok that one got me really good 😄

  • christiano10ronaldo
    christiano10ronaldo 17 일 전 +2

    What we need now is Otz showing us a match against his friends who bring eyrie map, 75% mist, biggest hook separation offering and basement in shack offerings and play as Trapper without corrupt. Will be a fun match.

  • Janine Cat
    Janine Cat 18 일 전 +6

    Not a secret, but the mist makes cloaked wraith harder to spot on open maps.

  • Tengen Toppa Bob Ross
    Tengen Toppa Bob Ross 18 일 전 +2

    I once accidentally countered a four stack by using the shroud of separation on a whim playing as doctor because they were planning on playing a wacky sort of meme build to run circles around me and then because they didn't know where they were on the map because they've never been there before, two of the survivors were wandering around aimlessly trying to find a single generator. I completely cleaned their clocks, ended that level with a short cat and mouse game with the last survivor who was jumping from locker to locker. Trying to stay out of sight so they could finish the last generator. I don't know the name of the map but it was built like a maze with a lot of narrow corridors and weird rooms with lots of staircases and cat walks and drops. And I didn't really know where I was going but I followed the crows and used my power to kind of track people down as much as I could with my equally memey and stupid impossible skill check build. They were very nice after the round was over. They gave me some kudos for managing to win even though none of us had any idea what we were doing on that map and for playing a dumb kind of goofy character like the doctor. The only fun, decent game of dead by daylight I think I've ever played my life.

  • UwUHealingYou
    UwUHealingYou 18 일 전 +24

    Just got covid and otz comes through as usual

    • Mm Fresh Meat
      Mm Fresh Meat 18 일 전

      I like when my eyelids feel heavy when im ill, but thats because it helps me sleep. Thats where the eye pain comes in and ruins it, which is exactly what symptom i had when i had Covid.

    • JJ Olatunji 🅥
      JJ Olatunji 🅥 18 일 전

      Here is the full video that explains

    • not Otzdarva
      not Otzdarva  18 일 전 +19

      Get well my friend!

  • BobTheBox
    BobTheBox 18 일 전 +3

    The Cypress Mori is my favorite offering to bring, because it feels like a little reward for playing a good match, when you get to use it.

  • Nate Hertel
    Nate Hertel 18 일 전 +4

    The brown remove mist offering is useful for console players who are tired of lagging. Mist offerings can single handedly be the difference between your game freezing for half a second in chase and having stable gameplay.

    • White Border MTG
      White Border MTG 17 일 전

      So what you're saying is if I see a group of survivors with the icon that means they're not on steam I should bring +75% mist?

  • 1337Cabbage
    1337Cabbage 18 일 전 +2

    One thing of note about Main Building offerings; some of them actually have set spawn locations for the Hatch around said Main Building. I haven’t tested all maps but for Haddonfield it will always spawn somewhere in the back yard type area of the Myers’ house, and for Sanctum of Wrath it will spawn just slightly off from the small staircase, usually at the edge of the statue perimeter

  • Alt Account
    Alt Account 18 일 전 +10

    5:25 I also think the shack one is stronger because there's no variable. The hatch always spawns outside, on the side with a boarded up window. There's some main building tiles with weird hatch spawns where the hatch can spawn outside or in a similarly weird place.

    • Dust
      Dust 18 일 전

      Hatch can spawn inside on Eyrie of Crows and Garden of Joy.

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

    • Alt Account
      Alt Account 18 일 전 +2

      @lina :D here I thought I had a fully comprehensive "Why eyrie sucks" list. I guess there's always more with that map.

    • lina :D
      lina :D 18 일 전 +2

      The hatch on eyrie of crows spawns inside shack.

  • NotTheRealShault
    NotTheRealShault 18 일 전 +10

    Best intro yet, Otz truly is an inter-generational man of the people.

  • Cathair 929
    Cathair 929 18 일 전 +3

    Amazing vid as always, one tier list I thought might be interesting to see would be a killer tier list but looking at how strong the killers were at their launch

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

  • Chrys
    Chrys 18 일 전 +1

    You forgot to bring up the fact that basement offerings can heavily manipulate rng since hooks spawn further from basements which messes with what fillers spawn. This is very noticeable on maps like suffocation pit where you will notice that the top side of the map will seem "dead" with a higher chance of hill hooks etc.

  • RazorWolf18
    RazorWolf18 18 일 전 +2

    Whenever we get a new friend trying out killer in KYFs, I’ll bring the shroud of binding and a firecracker. When we load in I instantly toss the firecracker and cause mayhem

  • Nicky
    Nicky 18 일 전 +7

    The best part of this video is Sheva in the background. She's such an underrated character I love her 😭

  • Mohamed Attia
    Mohamed Attia 17 일 전 +1

    Great upload

  • PhilipMcCrotch
    PhilipMcCrotch 18 일 전 +11

    I challenge Otz to complete the All Killer’s Adept Challenge. Getting a merciless with every killer using their own perks in a row without losing seems like something only he could do

    • DwCyrus M.
      DwCyrus M. 18 일 전 +4

      Ooo that would be cool to see! Maybe one day if he has time. Seems like a fun idea. He could be nice and allow himself addons this time as well

  • TheAverageGamer
    TheAverageGamer 18 일 전 +2

    Appreciate the content Otz - but I have to say this looks very different if you are a beginner in solo que vs a SWF that has being playing for a while. I would always reccomend add ons that increase your bloodpoints over anything else, you really need them when your starting out. Also add ons that benefit others like streamers are great, but remember that they may incentivise sweating from the other players, including the Killer.
    When your playing solo, the luck ones are next to useless and the dark mist ones are easily mitigated by killer perks. Everytime I have seen a survivor bring one its backfired.

  • Quelqu'un Parlà
    Quelqu'un Parlà 18 일 전 +2

    Warning: the information contained this tier list may vary slightly depending on your skill level. For me, +75% mist in eyrie of crows turns every killer into a stealth killer :D

    • christiano10ronaldo
      christiano10ronaldo 17 일 전 +2

      Unless you're playing Nemesis, that guy is higher than the Main Building, you can't not see that bald head from 10 kilometers away

  • SomeIdiot
    SomeIdiot 17 일 전

    Hooooly crap, I never knew that hook offerings added more hooks! I thought the number of hooks was static per map. Due to my misunderstanding, I assumed those offerings was a double-edged sword. My thinking was that the hooks would be closer together, which means more towards the center of the map, which meant edges and corners became more dangerous. I have opted out of using them for years due to wanting a more consistent hook spread.

  • AdmitLosing
    AdmitLosing 18 일 전 +4

    Ghost face does well w mist offering especially on open maps like Ormond or foresakenoneyard where you can't really creep in too many instances, can also conceal traps from hag and trapper

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

  • vladspellbinder
    vladspellbinder 18 일 전

    17:49 I wish all offering were "Secret" instead of just Mori's and Shrouds. And speaking of, the Shroud of Union and Shroud of Separation should be flipped on which side has which. Or better yet just remove them and set spawns instead of having random spawns.
    18:27 My back hurts from carrying all these gens!
    22:51 Exactly!
    Thanks for the video Otz!

  • Ghastman
    Ghastman 16 일 전 +1

    Considering the Coin Offering: You forgot the psychological advantage you get as a killer when you deny the survivors the chests for their archives. Other then that great video as always otz

  • Ferintosh Farms Photography

    I was hoping you'd let us know which ones were the secret ones. Is it just Mori's that are secret?

  • Lumineonlover
    Lumineonlover 18 일 전 +5

    I think Map-Offerings should remove items and addons when using them, it means you have a choice of a great medkit/toolbox or a great map which makes them less brainless. Maybe a less punishment for killer, maybe only having the choice of 1 add-on with a map offering

    • board glass
      board glass 18 일 전

      how about we give survivors another gen to complete huh?

    • Megashock13
      Megashock13 18 일 전


    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

  • Caleb Tester
    Caleb Tester 18 일 전 +1

    I’ve been watching for a long time Otz (on God) and usually am always on your side but I must disagree. Bloodpoint offerings make me sweat so hard to get as many blood points as inhumanly possible, so it effects the match. Keeping your add-ons makes me play experimentally with the BEST add ons since I can reuse them. And I don’t have to worry about losing my item, so I also play more carelessly. Great video 10/10

  • Supertaco Elite
    Supertaco Elite 18 일 전 +2

    Hatch offering on survivors doing adept is by far the best way to get survivor adepts solo que. If you find your team is losing in your adept game, you can just camp it out, hide in lockers and go to the hatch immediately and get your adept achievement since survivor adepts don't require you to escape through the exit gates (which they should imo)

  • PH Pff
    PH Pff 15 일 전

    I sometimes like to add Mist while im playing Trapper to hide the traps, alongside that addon to make them darker

  • deanomac
    deanomac 18 일 전 +1

    I think the black and white wards are really good bc it encourages them to bring their best stuff

  • The One
    The One 18 일 전 +1

    I like using coins with plunderer and streetwise. I usually bring a toolbox in the game when I play like this, so after i deplete the toolbox first, I search for a chest and get another item, if it's another toolbox, I use it and repeat, if it's a medkit I keep it in case I need it and if it's a key or map I'll either just do gens or go for another chest if I have one close.

  • saedimic
    saedimic 18 일 전

    8:50 I have a question regard this working with scourge hooks. You still only get 4 scourge hooks, even if there's more hooks. Couldnt this technically screw you over, by potentially spawning a scourge hook in a bad spot, or just all in the same place?

  • Hydrodictyon
    Hydrodictyon 18 일 전 +1

    One thing that made me go nuts is where you have placed Swamp and Crotus Prenn offerings.
    Because BOTH offerings send you to either a survivor-sided or heavily survivor-sided maps.
    Swamp especially hurts certain killers (Plague, Artist as most infamous examples) as well as almost any build that includes hexes. And don’t forget that swamp on any map has a strong main + pier, which is more than any other map could have dreamt of.
    Crotus, on the other hand, features two of the largest maps in the game as well as two of the most busted main buildings you could ever find, especially Disturbed Ward, and is a nightmare offering to see as almost any killer.

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear 18 일 전 +1

    I find that if I use vigos shroud then I actually get found faster, since you get spawned directly across the map from the killer (about majority of the time.. or at least for me) they usually head straight towards me unless they’re interrupted by another survivor.
    Meaning, I usually bring it if I want to get chased (since 90% of the time I am anyways) and I can waste the killers time as much as possible :D

  • WhyDamAge
    WhyDamAge 17 일 전

    Hey Otz, I would love to see another "all perks explained and tierlisted" kinda like video. lot of things had changed since the last video and I would rlly love that. Thanks for all the info videos lately !

  • Eclipscycle
    Eclipscycle 18 일 전

    My favorite part about map offerings is how they made them secret at the start of the game. Or at least it seems that way after I got thrown onto eyrie of crows 4 times in a row as killer with not a single map offering in play yesterday.

  • Reyna42
    Reyna42 18 일 전

    Has anyone experimented with the mist offerings and the hag? They could help her to sneak up on survivors (short queen) and hide her traps, but as Otz pointed out would the Hag be able to see?...Anything?

  • Gavist
    Gavist 18 일 전 +1

    Yknow, for the first time i have to truly disagree with you, bloodpoint offerings CAN completely change the game. Say the difference between a no blood point offering game versus a game where everyone brings cake or flan. People may be hyper aware of their blood points and/or play completely different to ensure max moneys. Being a friendly killer or very specifically leaving survivors if it means making more money.

  • j rich
    j rich 17 일 전 +1

    Countless times I’ve waited at the exit gate with a hatch offering and got out because the killer went to whatever building and closed it
    Have to grab the tape if there’s an Onryo with a tv by gate. I’ve had a Spirit get to me on time across map once with speed add ons, but for the most part I’ve opened the gate baiting them with hatch

  • Wiseley T
    Wiseley T 18 일 전

    I'm my experience with the shrouds in particular, sometimes I've used Vigo's shroud and still another person spawns with me or even worse, all the survivors spawn with me (and I'm talking about when I know I was the only person to bring a shroud)
    So in essence, another person got free value from my offering or the game turned it into shroud of binding.
    And I swear I've brought Vigo's shroud and was still the first person found by the killer lol. They feel inconsistent to me

  • Davakl
    Davakl 18 일 전 +2

    I liked the time where map offerings only gave you a 25/50/75 chance. I was very confused when I realised that you can only get 100% ones now

  • Doug Rosengard
    Doug Rosengard 18 일 전 +1

    Quick note that the Yellow Mori is becoming part of the base kit later this year according to the dev roadmap. So eventually that offering will be obsolete.

  • Melanie Beard
    Melanie Beard 18 일 전

    My takeaway from this is to always use BP offerings. Thanks Otz!

  • JACK
    JACK 10 일 전 +1

    Purple Shroud is strong. I use it with Hyperfocus, BNP, and Prove Thyself. We all spawn on 1 generator and finish it in like 30 seconds lol.

  • Ferintosh Farms Photography

    They removed luck having any benefit to drops, it's only hook escapes chance and it works out to around 52% chance per attempt if you stack all 4 offerings and 4 ace perks.

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

  • JmanIQ
    JmanIQ 18 일 전

    3:35 wow otz it seems like this may have happened to you, you expalined it so well!

  • Faith Jezek
    Faith Jezek 16 일 전

    Thank you for making this!! I've been waiting to hear your opinion on this. This helps!

  • SkarletTenko
    SkarletTenko 18 일 전 +3

    Anybody else remember the offerings that allowed you to play killers you didn’t have 😂

  • Grabbypaws Dralek
    Grabbypaws Dralek 15 일 전

    With the reduction of bloodpoint costs for the bloodweb, the BP addons got far more value out of them now. Definitely far more worth, especially since the return on them was dismal before.

  • TEA Captain DK
    TEA Captain DK 18 일 전

    Just 3 days after your best killer builds video?! Man, you are firing from all cylinders! Props to you, Otz! 😎

  • Ya Boi Skittlez
    Ya Boi Skittlez 18 일 전

    Hello Otz, this is friends, at least according to my subscription. It seems you missed in your map offering description to say that usually if the survivor who brought the map offering goes down first, they DC from the game, which makes them very strong for killer even if the survivors bring the offering. It's a 1 in 4 guess, but you can usually tell if there's a Nea or Feng with a flashlight and bright cosmetics that it was them.

  • DanDan TSM
    DanDan TSM 18 일 전 +1

    Hey Otz, so about the hook offerings... Idk from my experience there's some things i don't really agree with.
    As a solo survivor player i'd say the purple hook offering for survivors is just useless, like honestly, it doesn't feel like it does ANYTHING, i have used it before and it still literally feels like there's hooks everywhere all the time and the killer doesn't struggle at all to get hooks, i still will get to 90% and get hooked 100% of the time or not even get to 90% most of the time.
    I really don't believe in this situation where the killer has no hooks, at least i don't think it happens as much as killers think, cause 95% of the tine it feels like there's hooks everywhere very close to each other, so much that it doesn't matter when a survivor sabotages a single hook, which makes solo sabo almost useless, not to mention killers have many work arounds thr fact that they don't have hooks. If hooks were such a problem for killers i don't think i would have seen so many situations where the killer slugs an entire team of solo survivors that don't have unbreakable and be able to hook ALL OF THEM in hooks close to each other without a single one of them wiggling out, even when you try to get as far away as possible from hooks, there ALWAYS is a hook.
    How come it is so difficult to find hooks if almost every time the killer gets the hook? The only situations where the survivor escapes in my experience is when the killers messes up or when the entire survivor team does an effort to save.
    In my opinion it seems like it is a perspective problem, killers don't realise there are hooks close to them when they pick a survivor up, many times i have seen a killer not spot hooks right next to them and then walk to one that's more far away, so yeah maybe killers just feel like they never have hooks but they just don't see them, because they're basically everywhere in the map, It's so hard to be in a situation where i'm far away enough from a hook to wiggle off, and the survivors hook offerings don't really change that, at least when i used it, and even when i used it with a friend.

    • DanDan TSM
      DanDan TSM 18 일 전

      Btw when i tried bringind it with a friend another random survivor also brought it. Guess what? The killer still managed to down me and a friend next to a gate and there were TWO HOOKS RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHEERR! even with 3 purple offerings!!!
      It was at the artist's map btw.

  • Ultimatum Demon
    Ultimatum Demon 18 일 전 +2

    The Black Ward & White Ward tells you that the killer or survivor is bringing the big guns. So I wouldn't say they belong in No Impact.

  • Cole Games
    Cole Games 18 일 전 +1

    Hey otz ty for pumping out such great content. just getting back into the game after a long break and your videos are invaluable. What perks for killer are good in the new meta?

  • The Anonymous
    The Anonymous 8 일 전

    Hi Otz, thank you for the explainations. What perk did you use to see survivors at the start of the game (about the shrouds)?

  • Nieco Martinez
    Nieco Martinez 18 일 전 +1

    Last night on one of the corn maps I kept seeing big clouds or mist in the corn and thought it was crouching survivors.

  • Luna
    Luna 18 일 전 +2

    Otz always gives us high effort videos we didn't know we needed! 🥰

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

  • Dinker27
    Dinker27 18 일 전

    I wish that the union shrouds were reversed too; as a survivor, I can understand to some extent needing to use the Togetherness shroud for dailies, but it's probably more advantageous for the killer to have all of the survivors together at the beginning of the game in most instances. At best, I only use it when I'm desperate to do some co-op action. Otherwise, I completely avoid it.
    And I never run them as a Killer because separated survivors are a bit more dangerous to me since they can run multiple gens at once.
    Especially when they have certain perks (like Lethal Pursuer, I think?) That give you survivor information.
    💀 I figured it was just me who felt that way.
    Edit: If a Killer plays purple Horder with split coin, does Horder win out?

  • Hay on Head
    Hay on Head 18 일 전 +6

    I loved the spite in the chat whenever every survivor brought Cakes for 105%+ BP and the killer casually took Mori. During the event itself.

  • ViVerna
    ViVerna 18 일 전

    It's weird, I think the addon/items are pretty decent match wise for predicting what your killer is going for or what a survivor is carrying.

  • FeelingHated
    FeelingHated 18 일 전 +1

    Thank you for another well informed tierlist, Otz. Hope you have had a nice day.

    • Jon van To
      Jon van To 18 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/hEdJFnr7AkQ/비디오.html

  • Chanel F.
    Chanel F. 18 일 전

    Thank you for speaking on the Luck Offerings. My friends think I'm trolling when I bring them. LOL I've gotten quite lucky using them.

  • Lt Col Rayquaza
    Lt Col Rayquaza 14 일 전

    Shroud of Binding is stuff i use on my "kill my teammates build" bond to find teammates, pebble to lure the killer to teammates, red herring to lure killer to teammate's gens, left behind to find the hatch after the team has died.

  • Angelika
    Angelika 18 일 전

    Recently I've seen more and more people running murky reagent and it's crazy how much harder it makes certain maps and survivors like 10 feet infront of you being almost invisible

  • Magi Smith
    Magi Smith 17 일 전

    The mist has actually cause me issues as a survivor before. I was playing a game with my buddy on Eyrie and a purple mist was sent. We went up against a ghostface and found it incredibly hard to break his stealth. Even when healing in the exit gate, he just sat in the doorway and we could not reveal him. That game was the thickest mist ive ever seen

  • Spinning Red Chair
    Spinning Red Chair 18 일 전

    When I bring BPS , I find that sometimes survivors tend to play more fair

  • Simply Salty
    Simply Salty 18 일 전

    I feel like the all together shrouds and the separated shroud should be swapped in terms of who can bring it. The killer being able to force them all to spawn together or the survivors forcing separated spawns is more useful than vice versa.

  • Ryan Dick
    Ryan Dick 18 일 전 +1

    I think more offerings need to be secret offerings and not just the shrouds (and Moris) . It would shake up the game a little trying to guess what the other survivors or killer brings.

  • Sean Ramsey
    Sean Ramsey 18 일 전

    i agree with the basement spawning but at the moment I always spawn the basement in the main building so i can practice looping on the shack a bit more

  • Blazer 007
    Blazer 007 18 일 전

    Hey otz, technically the white ward could have an effect on the match Because it deletes the item from the trial instead of it being on the floor under the hook of where you died
    so for an example let's say it's a medkit then a teammate could pick it up and use it.

  • BassBaseAce
    BassBaseAce 18 일 전

    I'm kinda curious how the fog thickening offerings work on trapper, especially considering that a lot of the newer maps have very few to zero places to effectively hide traps outside of being out of line of sight

  • Tommy MacLean
    Tommy MacLean 4 일 전

    Hey dude, if possible when you're using colours in the future to colour code stuff, R/G colourblindness has a hard time with any colours involving red, not just red or green. Since purple is red + blue, it makes it hard when you have blue and red being the other two categories.
    It's not a huge distinction but just my 2 cents since like Yellow/Blue/Red is fine for example and just as distinct.

  • VLRgospel09
    VLRgospel09 18 일 전

    Thank you! This will be incredible to figure out what I need to go for.

  • seedmon _n
    seedmon _n 18 일 전

    Hey Otz!
    Update the perks tier-lists please, the last one tier-list was at 5.4.0

  • snek.
    snek. 18 일 전

    The only part of this list that confuses me is that, among the map offerings, Ichorous Loam is considered 'potentially strong, but risky against certain killers'. I'm really, really trying to think of what killer in the roster wouldn't immediately groan in annoyance over loading into a Garden of Joy match.

  • Neopulse00
    Neopulse00 14 일 전

    11:15 - I feel like mist offerings need a rework. It isn't as significant of an offering even as a survivor and it's barely noticeable in a few of the maps since many got reworks where they got considerably brighter like Rotten Field maps.

  • Spencer Voth
    Spencer Voth 18 일 전 +1

    Although the black ward and white ward technically have no impact, I will say that whenever a killer or survivor plays one I usually assume they're bringing strong addons and/or items. For example, if I see a Myers bringing a black ward I immediately suspect infinite tier 3, tombstone, or even both. This is a bit more difficult to do against survivors who play a white ward since you don't necessarily know who played it, but you can at the very least assume that at least one of them are bringing something super strong.
    So while they don't do anything in the game itself they can often be an indicator of strong items and thus could give the other team an advantage in figuring out exactly what the person who played the ward might have. They still belong in the "no impact" tier imo, but I just thought this was worth mentioning.

  • Sentence to DESU!
    Sentence to DESU! 18 일 전 +1

    Wait, I didnt know that hook's distance offerings are spawning extra hooks. I though its stricted to have only 8 and for this reason making them closer to each other means that you will not have a hook near the edges of the map

    • Sentence to DESU!
      Sentence to DESU! 18 일 전 +1

      @not Otzdarva thats a good information to know. Thank you, Mr. TotallyNotOtz

    • not Otzdarva
      not Otzdarva  18 일 전 +4

      Eyrie went from 9 to 13 hooks (plus basement) with the purple oak!

  • Lil_Onion
    Lil_Onion 18 일 전

    Dude, love the videos, as soon as i finished the video, i went to play killer and got the ormond + shack + 2 anti hooks and i got clapped hard 😂😂 (all i feel is pain).

  • Cade Reeves
    Cade Reeves 18 일 전 +2

    Within 4 seconds I can tell this tierlist is already false because the black ward is clearly the strongest offering in the game, making at least one survivor dc at the start of the match giving you an easy win even if you brought the black ward for your speed limiter bubba.