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DBD is becoming really unfun to stream

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  • 게시일 2022. 09. 18.
  • Just my quick explanation of how it's becoming increasingly unfun to stream DBD. Summary at 4:49
    I decided not to use any video/screenshot & I deleted my recent VODs to avoid any witch-hunting of anyone mentioned in this video.
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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  15 일 전 +2076

    Just to make things clear, I'm not "burnt out" from DBD or quitting it. The issue is not the game itself. Going forward, I'm simply going to focus my content (especially on stream) towards things like guides, showcases and other things that are less susceptible to interference from cheaters and the like.

    • Jung Ervin
      Jung Ervin 4 일 전

      "The issue is not the game itself." Lier. They could fix the cheater issue, they just dont care.

    • Danny Tran
      Danny Tran 5 일 전

      haven’t watched you for a really long time, still surprised you’re still streaming this game.

    • Clank4Prez
      Clank4Prez 6 일 전

      So you are quitting it.

    • Andrew Groves
      Andrew Groves 8 일 전

      I understand man, it’s just jarring that not even you are immune to stuff like this. I thought this only happened to toxic streams

    • Mister TIBS
      Mister TIBS 9 일 전

      Otz, maybe you already do, I dunno, (at least for Steam players) but take it or leave it one thing I always found helpful for keeping track of players to dodge was to simply block them on Steam. Ofc it does nothing in terms of getting them in your lobby BUT when you check their profile in future then if you see the 'Add friend' box greyed out then that means you blocked them which in term means they're someone you 'marked' as one to dodge. Won't stop you getting hackers, but would at least mean you don't have to remember everyone you've faced before etc.

  • Wow Such Gaming
    Wow Such Gaming 15 일 전 +4812

    Behavior: We hear you loud and clear Otz, so we are giving away 100k blood points to all players that log in today only.

    • dankdaze420 6 9
      dankdaze420 6 9 5 시간 전

      How about the damn servers that never work in lag randomly when you're in close proximity to kill her and only when it's that but God forbid it happen when they're not right next to you hunting you down trying to split your skull like an egg

    • dankdaze420 6 9
      dankdaze420 6 9 5 시간 전

      Didn't know you liked dead by daylight and when is another video coming I need your science breakdowns

    • Watts
      Watts 7 일 전

      We hear you loud and clear everyone. Nerfs Flashlight and make it so you instantly mori the last survivor for those killers who want to give hatch.

    • Yannae DC
      Yannae DC 7 일 전


    • hucklesnook
      hucklesnook 8 일 전

      LMAO so true

  • shaNk
    shaNk 15 일 전 +778

    PSA: Just a reminder to everyone that the developer companies usually don't care too much about vocal feedback. Not to single out anyone, and it depends on the company, but there is usually someone OUTSIDE the development of the game (project managers or executives for example) who are in control of what happens with the game.
    Therefore, you strongest tools are your wallet and your playtime. If you are not satisfied with the current state of the game, stop using money on it.
    And even better, stop playing it for a while if you don't want to. For online multiplayer games in general, player numbers are extremely important. Without player numbers, new players (new income) don't come in, current players don't pay, and game development comes to a halt.
    EDIT: and to add, you should definitely not spend time on a video game you don't enjoy spending time in. Video games are entertainment for most, so don't give them your precious time if you're not entertained.

    • ajallen212
      ajallen212 3 일 전

      Ehh, sorta, but that same mindset is how generally fun games suddenly lose all publisher support and get shut down. Too many people "Vote with their wallet" and instead of fixing the game and improving it, it just gets dumped by whatever publisher is funding it and they move on, leaving the devs without a job and getting blamed for the games downfall, when they often times don't have a say in the matter.

    • J
      J 5 일 전

      @Austin Clifton how does wow do it
      For 20+ years then?

    • J
      J 5 일 전

      You have to boycott and not spend money. That’s the only way you smack behavior in the face and wake them up

    • Citizen Snips
      Citizen Snips 5 일 전

      I think it's important to be vocal too so those people know WHY players are quitting

    • Neevko
      Neevko 10 일 전

      Also do thr opposite, positive feedback is better than negative, if the company takes great steps towards getting better, spend money if you can spare it, encourage the company to continue doing the things that give them more money, speak with your wallet in both ways

  • Banditø
    Banditø 15 일 전 +275

    Dbd has been on a downward spiral for awhile now and Otz has always been a constant in this community, his dedication is so admirable. It's just sad to see how this issue has been ongoing for so long and yet it's still not a priority to BHVR. I hope this video will get the community talking in a way that the Devs will hear. Love all around people

    • Andy D
      Andy D 2 일 전

      lol he only does it because he gets money. Hes no saint.

    • ThePsychosis
      ThePsychosis 13 일 전 +6

      @shwembo1367 cuz ppl still like it..

    • shwembo1367
      shwembo1367 13 일 전 +3

      How is this game not dead

  • vidlover69
    vidlover69 15 일 전 +239

    what really angers me about this whole thing is the fact that if streamers like Otz were to be pushed out of the game by the people he mentions, or if eventually the game shuts down: These cheaters, stream snipers, they won't care about the people whose gaming lives they ruined, they'll just move onto their next target

    • Raiyu
      Raiyu 12 일 전 +7

      Yep. But there will always be people like that. It's out of the players' control, it's up to Behavior to fix it or else DBD will slowly be killed by them. And if a game is made by devs who don't listen to their community or care about fixing major problems with the game then stop playing it.

    • hmm
      hmm 13 일 전 +11

      Nonsense -- this is entirely the useless developers' fault. I quit their garbage game last year when I realised how severe the cheating problem was (only watching streamers of this game for old times sake) -- and now, over a year and a half later, it turns out the devs did absolutely nothing to fix those same core game-breaking exploits that have actively driven tens of thousands of people off their dumpster fire of a game. But I'll bet $100 without even logging into the game since early last year that the devs have churned out several dozen worthless cosmetics and sold them for plenty of money in the store to rake in millions in revenue. Until streamers tell BHVR to pound sand and finally fix their game, the abuse is going to continue and the devs will do absolutely nothing.

  • Viva La Dirt League
    Viva La Dirt League 15 일 전 +7567

    "It's like showing up to a party and you're so scared of everything that you're wearing a hazmat suit" is the perfect metaphor for this. Sorry to hear this Otz. I really hope there is some light on the horizon 😕

    • Dovah Chicken
      Dovah Chicken 3 일 전

      Why am I not surprised your here

    • knoble1985
      knoble1985 5 일 전 +1

      No it will be dead by daylight🤓

    • iFAQ
      iFAQ 8 일 전

      He needs a white shirt.

    • Tief Blau
      Tief Blau 8 일 전

      I want to ask, how long will you sit and play with depression, paranoid whatever... Until you finally realize that there are much better games that will give you joy while playing multiplayer.
      Are you going to tell me in a straight face that you came home to Find you beloved Depression? LoLOLOLoL
      What a sad life isnt it....

    • Alec Cole
      Alec Cole 9 일 전

      @Lt. Ghost Why? Who do you think they watch for their current sketch ideas? Lol

  • Keithixix 197
    Keithixix 197 15 일 전 +85

    Otz is one of the most passionate and humble streamers I've ever seen. The fact people can do stuff like this to him and proceed to sleep at night is baffling, killing someones passion for something they love for your own amusement is just cruel and sadistic. I really hope an update and fix on the cheating problem is implemented, because this is goddamn ridiculous... The anxiety and stress that must come from this is insane, and the fact he's continued to stream through all of it just shows his passion for the game, lord knows I would have quit a long time ago. I'd say he can play another game and we'll follow, but I know that not everyone will. It's super hard to translate a whole community over from one game to the next, especially when the community is built on a specific game. Though even despite that, I know that I'll follow you through whatever game you play. I wish you the absolute best Otz, and here's to hoping for good news regarding the cheating situation.

    • michelangelo 11
      michelangelo 11 9 일 전

      Leave the game save you the heartache and the enjoyment of watching it collapse

    • Bran Dumb
      Bran Dumb 9 일 전 +2

      People that mess with people in a video game can sleep at night? Unacceptable!
      Seriously though, none of this matters.

    • SR
      SR 9 일 전 +3

      It’s not that deep

    • Deathvice
      Deathvice 10 일 전 +2

      Bro, I would suggest leaving this game and going and enjoying outside.

    • Iron Lungs
      Iron Lungs 13 일 전 +1

      I feel that Pain but there is always Light at end of this Sadistic Nightmare

  • Liam Andrew
    Liam Andrew 15 일 전 +23

    Me knowing that I’ve fallen out of love with the game and waiting for Otz to stream something else so I can enjoy his personality again

  • Walker
    Walker 14 일 전 +38

    The thing is Otz has gotten to the point where he knows the game so well it's almost impossible for him to not analyze every little detail in a matter of seconds. Frankly I am surprised you have not lost your mind Otz because with all that knowledge you just cannot not analyze and I am afraid that eventually you might just stop believing at all thinking everything and everyone is wrong. It's such a terribly wonderful case of a great man doing everything he can until he loses his mind over it and loses all his hope. I hope the game will get better not just for you but everyone else as it has been a huge part on my life just like you and your early content. I wish to see everything get well for you and the community that cherishes you and the game itself with all of our hearts. Good luck Otz and everyone else

  • Sup Im Zazz
    Sup Im Zazz 12 일 전 +14

    Never stop voicing yourself Otz, regardless if things don't come out the best way possible you've done a lot of good things for this community.

  • Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius
    Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius 15 일 전 +3147

    It's crappy that you have to go through such lengths to stream Dead by Daylight. Your Dead By Daylight content is always great, but in truth I'm just here for you Otz.
    Regardless of what you play, DBD or not, I'll always be happy to give it a watch. Do what you think is best for you and your channel.

    • Koleth
      Koleth 8 일 전 +1

      @Tief Blau I agree with you here. I know of others like this as well. But I feel like part of the reason (not the full thing of course) is "for the views". But one should really put their foot down and say "enough is enough" at some point. Hopefully he does "see the light" and continues forth with other things. He already kinda has! And those are some cooler streams and all! Nobody will falter him for doing that, and to the ones who will, well they were never "true" viewers then in the first place.

    • Tief Blau
      Tief Blau 8 일 전 +1

      I want to ask, how long will you sit and play with depression, paranoid whatever... Until you finally realize that there are much better games that will give you joy while playing multiplayer.
      Are you going to tell me in a straight face that you came home to Find you beloved Depression? LoLOLOLoL
      What a sad life isnt it....

    • Koleth
      Koleth 12 일 전 +1

      Wisdom words right there yes!

    • J C
      J C 15 일 전 +2

      Just ask him to play Tummy Sticks instead of his love note Jesus

    • Nicodapeek2
      Nicodapeek2 15 일 전 +8

      @Wrath 🅥 Please. Just go *away.*

  • Quentin et aurel Frebert et devillers

    Otz, you've been the absolute figure of positivity in any situation for me. It hasn't been any time where you were not that friendly guy who loves the game and the community. It really saddens me that such things happen to you, i really hope things will get better for you. Keep it up man

  • Chilli Dog Dave
    Chilli Dog Dave 15 일 전 +2

    completely understandable, i get this exact same sort of feeling with many games that have a public match making system based on MMR and it gets to the point you wonder "why try?" because your no longer get to just play the game you have to be cautiously paranoid, react fast and be ready to take in a ton of information... before you even play the damn game.
    cheat culture is becoming to normalized and that's the scary part, with how easy it is to make new accounts how easy it is to exploit lower wealth regions to buy games super cheat and how little to no background checking owning an account requires, it rewards animosity and punishes commitment.

  • Turtle Dragon
    Turtle Dragon 일 전

    It’s really upsetting to see this mismanaged game chew up and spit up great streamers like you. Just know Otz that if you ever do get burnt out you can play anything and people will watch. You are really an excellent streamer and youtuber

  • Colby Drane
    Colby Drane 15 일 전 +5

    Hey, Otz! I recently just found you as I’ve gotten back into Dead by Daylight and I wanted you to know how much of a help you’ve been for me. My mental health is better now and I’ve been able to improve my gameplay as killer because of you and your videos. You are such a blessing to this community and I only wish you the very best. I hope these problems you’re facing are fixed and you can enjoy streaming the game again. You’re amazing! Good luck, brother! And thank you again!

    • Lesbian Mustard Bottle
      Lesbian Mustard Bottle 14 일 전 +1

      Keep that mental health on point! Nice positive message to share on this channel. Keep up the good work.🥳

  • Singul
    Singul 15 일 전 +1604

    Otz, I think we love anything you put out. Darkest dungeon, papers please, mortal shell, whatever, YOU make it entertaining.

    • lol i like dragons
      lol i like dragons 3 일 전

      @Singul whether im fun at parties or not doesnt matter when the fact of the matter is that diverging his audience from DBD cold turkey will kill not OTZ's channel. Bruh even so much as stating you want to branch out can kill you in the algorithm. Facts don't care bout your's or OTZ's emotions. Otz should be ABLE to diverge his channel content but with the way he built this side channel he might be unable to or he has to subtly push his audience away from DbD to be able to diverge which means more work. If he doesn't, channel dies a slow death and or stagnates whether you or him or any of us like it or not. Get over yourself and look at the site around you for what it is not what you feel.

    • Singul
      Singul 4 일 전

      @lol i like dragons ur fun at parties

    • lol i like dragons
      lol i like dragons 4 일 전 +1

      KRclip algorythem doesn't care. And since alot of people are dictated by the algorythem they also don't care. You are one person and your anecdotal exsperience does not dictate whether or not otz channel lives or dies just by whhat you will do for him.

    • Vortigon23
      Vortigon23 15 일 전

      Papers Please was so fun to watch him play. Same with Resident Evil Village

    • Beard0zer
      Beard0zer 15 일 전

      This comment does not get nearly enough likes.

  • Darbs R Us
    Darbs R Us 15 일 전 +6

    Sorry to hear that you've been having a rough go of things Otz. I'm really happy to see you shining light on the topic though, because cheating in this game (and games in general) is far more prevalent than a lot of people like to believe.

  • Hanna S
    Hanna S 13 일 전 +3

    Damn this sucks! I'm sorry you're going through this Otz! Your videos been so fun to watch and the guide videos extremely helpful, there are very few other content creators that I find as informative and useful.
    I hope game gets it together! And I hope you stick around!

  • Virjil
    Virjil 13 일 전 +5

    You know the shit is real when Otz doesn’t make a joke about being the real Otz.

  • Library of the Grove

    The sheer amount of passion and dedication you have for this game is incredibly inspiring, you're a super wholesome dude and from an outside perspective, it's disheartening to see things like this ignored by BHVR for as long as it's been with hardly any update or announcements.
    Am sure that you hear this but we come to the channel for you Otz, not the game. DBD is a fun game, sure, in the right circumstances; but no matter what you feel like streaming, we're here to watch, have a good time, and support our favorite creators. Cheers, and hope things improve for you soon 💚

  • Hayden Adams
    Hayden Adams 12 일 전

    Hey Otz you're the only reason I started playing DBD, most of my interactions and assumptions with the game were negative but thanks to you I've gotten into it on and off with a healthy competitive but low-pressure mindset. Try but never worry about a loss or mistake, just try again.
    I hope that you can keep playing the games you enjoy and I hope DBD is one that the devs can make more healthy for streamers and non-cheaters.
    I always wonder why an anti-cheat dev squad with the ability to shadow ban accounts into cheating/bots only lobbies aren't a thing in DBD like they are for other games. Lowers the likelihood that they match with normal players or make new accounts. Even hiring one of the cheating groups into helping demolish the cheaters with automated botted games to trick other cheatings groups into thinking they are playing real players. Sad that you have to do that, but such is the state of online play.

  • pretty pinkpansy
    pretty pinkpansy 15 일 전 +9

    we all love you so much otz. I really hope this wakes BHVR up and makes them realize they're going to lose their most beloved content creator if they don't change something. the subtle cheaters problem is such an issue that I've noticed it even at my ranks (which are not very high, mind). the kind of paranoia you get from seeing something like that is so frustrating.

  • Foxtrot020
    Foxtrot020 15 일 전 +3

    You are the only reason I got into this game, it was so complex and confusing for a beginner, and your guides really helped me when I was ready to quit, I hope things get better for you and this game soon

  • Chickadee
    Chickadee 12 일 전

    I've been a massive fan of yours for a long time Daddy Otz. I really love the work you do and the guides you put out. I'm really sorry to hear that things have gotten soo out of hand. I wish the Devs would take this issue more seriously. It seems like they just don't care anymore.
    Ally favorite Streamers are being repeatedly targeted and ransomed by Hackers and its becoming a nightmare.
    I myself have been the victim of a hacker and it really sucks. I've never soo demoralized by someone's actions before. I hope there is a light at the end of all this (even if there is none in the Entities Realm) and this gets Fixed. Noah matter what I will loyally watch and wait for the next set of videos !

  • That Creepy Reading
    That Creepy Reading 15 일 전 +1653

    I respect the grind, I respect the stream, and I respect this man. DBD has no idea what an asset you are and if you ever leave I'm sure everyone would feel it on some level. The losers hacking a game are horrible, and its sad the devs don't make it a priority to deal with it.

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 8 일 전

      @BGFizz Because coding is 10 times harder and you are paying 10 times less than just recording yourself in front of a webcam playing a video game all day.
      Perhaps you should learn how to read a message correctly and perhaps you should stop thinking that everything is about yourself ? ;)

    • BGFizz
      BGFizz 8 일 전

      @Cédric kazama im not sure if ur talking about coding but if so and its really 10 times easier than whatever ur doing then why dont u start coding instead ?

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 13 일 전 +1

      @Muppet Says all the people who gain 10 times less money for a work 10 times harder and 100 times more essential to the society.

    • Muppet
      Muppet 14 일 전 +2

      @bolt " this is his job it's not suppose to be fun" - says who?

  • FireDoctor
    FireDoctor 15 일 전 +2

    Damn, was not expecting something like this. It really sucks that this is happening. I want to say hopefully something will be done and get fixed, but it's likely nothing will. Wish you the best with whatever you end up doing

  • Jack
    Jack 11 일 전 +2

    Provided that it doesn't stop/affect your DBD content that I'm okay with missing out on streams, Otz. You've been a huge impact on my playstyle and mentality when approaching DBD for the better part of a year and your professional attitude makes it so easy to come back time and time again to not only enjoy your content, but to analyse playstyles, especially since i'm killer orientated.
    Saying that it's a huge downer how it feels like a fringe minority of the DBD playerbase are actively streamsniping/hacking for no other reason than boredom or to hold streamers hostage, while BHVR sit on the sideline shrugging their shoulders throwing bloodpoints at the problem until it solves itself.

  • Fropps
    Fropps 15 일 전

    Hey Otz, I've been watching your content on and off for a long time, and I have such a great respect for the passion and love you've brought to every game you've been in the community for. I really hope that whatever you decide to do, you take care of yourself.

  • Brendan OSullivan
    Brendan OSullivan 10 일 전 +1

    This is heartbreaking to hear. I hope this issue gets fixed sooner than later, but more importantly, whether you pivot to being focused on guides or start playing/streaming something else, I hope you continue to only focus on things that bring you joy

  • The_monkey_mane
    The_monkey_mane 15 일 전 +1309

    How could someone do this to otz he’s literally the most humble/nicest person ever. This actually made me sad

    • Lapis Infernalis
      Lapis Infernalis 14 일 전

      @E sexta feira yeee the first "crossplay" cheaters I saw was when windows store was added and it was just steam and ws crossplay. The cheaters disguised as crossplay players so you could not check their profile etc.....

    • E sexta feira yeee
      E sexta feira yeee 15 일 전

      @Lapis Infernalis Wrong. Without crossplay every game i played i enjoyed alot after crossplsy ive lost passion in those previous games and the ones coming out too i just find it hard to enjoy it. The closest things to cheaters would be particularly saudi arabians players they have the sketchiest wifi in the whole world its like they give everyone else latency D-SYNC.

  • Bruh Momentos
    Bruh Momentos 17 시간 전

    I've been watching your clips, trying to learn, getting better, even being able to hold a team together to get us out, I still lose games not the greatest but the toxicity and cheaters make it hard to want to continue playing and learning. I haven't played in two weeks and might stay like that until the game is in a better place. It's a bloody shame cos dbd is fun.

  • League of Archangel
    League of Archangel 15 일 전 +1

    Hey Otz. You were the reason I started streaming DBD and I love watching all your videos and guides and all that good stuff. However, I quit DBD a little bit ago because of the stuff you mentioned and also because I didn’t like the way the devs were handling criticism.
    If you ever decide to stop DBD and start streaming and uploading something else consistently, I’m sure we’ll all be there supporting you still. Love you Otz 💙

  • XxZestixX
    XxZestixX  15 일 전 +1

    17 hours later and I'm watching this again... Still hurts hearing Otz talk like he could be done with DBD stream; but again, Like everyone else here. We are here for you and your content, it doesn't what game or idea you want to entertain us with. We came for the game, but we stuck for the personality. Well, I know that is true for me. Watching Otz to learn how to play Myers is how I started.

    ASTRALCVLTZ 15 일 전

    You’re genuine enthusiasm for this game brings me back to it even when I’m fed up with it I’ve used your tips to improve so it’s sad to see this is how you feel which is totally justified all the best mate

  • The Other Michael
    The Other Michael 15 일 전 +829

    Very sorry to hear you’re going through this Otz. You were my introduction to DBD. You do you, I’m loving your other stuff. Currently watching your Papers Please play through. 😘

    • Wrath 🅥
      Wrath 🅥 15 일 전 +1

      Link to the vid it's finally here *krclip.com/video/CVQ_qhyodP4/비디오.html*

  • Sora the Sapphire Star
    Sora the Sapphire Star 15 일 전 +1

    Sorry to hear about this. I loved you since the Dark Souls 3 “Battle of the Bad Cosplays” video, so I will gladly watch anything you post, no matter the content. You are a great person and easily one of the most important people to me on KRclip/Twitch. Hope all goes well, cheers Otz.

  • Jay Vee Ehme
    Jay Vee Ehme 8 일 전

    Thank you for taking the time to make this.
    You are voicing the sentiment of many, this is universal and expands across all online gaming. A video like this, out in the open and so eloquently put can be a great way to call out attention "publicly" to something said in private so often that most have become numb to it.

  • Mohamedalielmomo
    Mohamedalielmomo 15 일 전 +1

    Love and support to you and all streamers suffering from this.
    I really hope they'll come up with a solution soon.
    Take care !

  • 魍魎Y.
    魍魎Y. 14 일 전

    We love you, Otz. Your happiness is the most important thing to me, whatever you do on stream, I will be in the chat cheering you on. As will so many others in the Otzdarva community. I hope that cheating is taken more seriously by the developers, it has really gotten out of hand, especially in EU servers. Keep your head up, thank you for everything, friend. :otzlove:

  • Looming Moon
    Looming Moon 15 일 전 +1012

    Videos like this are extremely important to make, because THIS is how you get the developers to listen; straight forward title, make your point, make them worried about losing you, you're a credit to the community Otz, if stuff like this doesn't get them to pull their finger out then nothing will

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 15 일 전 +1

      @rainy tee. Okay, i respect your answer, you are the first one not ending up calling me a troll or a kid so i appreciate it x)

    • rainy tee.
      rainy tee. 15 일 전 +1

      @Cédric kazama we won’t be changing each other’s minds but i do appreciate your long and thought out replies. at the end of the day we both want what we think is best for the game. it’s not like i disagree with your points, i just see it in a different light :) have a good day my man

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 15 일 전 +3

      @rainy tee. All things considered, the game is the worst spot he ever was.
      Cheaters everywhere, bugs everywhere, otzdarva and all the important streamers refuse to play this game anymore, the game is even more grindy, everyone tryhard his life and make it unfun for the opposite team, matchmaking don't work, anonymous mode make you able to insult and trolls others without assuming any consequence about it anymore, and you know what the devs said about all of this ? "If you are unhappy, go play civ V"
      It's totally fair to condemn lazy greedy incompetent jerks who hate their own community, censor everything they don't like on their forums and don't care about anything except money. I have more respect for the cheat developers than these devs, because at least cheat creators don't act like assholes towards others.
      The game don't need several tweaks, he need to be reworked from the ground, replacing the hook stage with a life system, having a better anti-cheat, making a solo mode with bots for making the game more attractive, oh yeah and removing the grindy system. In my entire life of gamers, after playing like thousands of games, i never seen a more grindy game than this one. I have like 1000+ hours, and i didn't even unlocked half of the killers and only like 5 - 6 survivors, and i optimized EVERY shards for buying killers and every game to win as much BP as humanly possible.
      With 1000 hours, you can 100% every giant open world game like 3 times, but you can't unlock all the characters in DBD without buying them with real money. Just this resume the toxic gamedesign of the game. These guys aren't gamedesigner, they are virtual drugs seller, trying to make people addicted with manipulative mechanics. Do you respect drug dealer ? Because in my case i don't.

    • KumaKing
      KumaKing 15 일 전 +1

      Behavior doesn’t care, you are nothing but dollar signs to them. They are gonna make a new game soon and throw DBD away, they did it to the last game they made

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 15 일 전 +1

      @00 Spinz And one year later they will see the extra hook bug and they will said "we are aware of the situation about the extra hook stage issue, we give you 50 000 bloodpoints in compensation and we will fix the issue in another years after our new cosmetic release."

  • Shuur Monsters
    Shuur Monsters 7 일 전

    Otz, I've been a relatively quiet member of your community for years. I started watching your content with Dark Souls 3, and it really sucks to see you brought low. I didn't mind your move to DBD, because you were happy and you brought so much joy to a community that, at the time, really needed it. And while that community grew around you, you did nothing but help the game grow and become a titan of its genre. You released giant, incredibly informative videos detailing in great specificity all the various mechanics and perks and skills and items. You really brought a level of knowledge and observation to the community that was genuinely valuable.
    It's a genuine tragedy to see you feeling down about a game you've invested so much of yourself in, and I'm sorry to see it, but I have faith that you'll pick yourself up and keep on going, because you're a Jojo fan. And Jojo fans are fucking unbreakable dude.

  • Lexi J.
    Lexi J.  14 일 전

    I was sad a couple times when I logged onto twitch and found you were streaming something other than DBD. I love DBD and I don't play many other games, so I would normally click away if you were playing something else. But from now on I will be watching as many streams as I can regardless of the game, because I want to support you as a streamer Otz. You are totally justified in not wanting to stream DBD anymore.

  • NotebookTheCat
    NotebookTheCat 15 일 전

    No one can blame you for taking a break, no matter the reason. Love your content Otz

  • Ghastman
    Ghastman 15 일 전 +3

    It's really sad to see that someone so passionate about the game - that so many people shit about aswell - has to take so many actions in order to even play it normally like others and not even that is enough. I really hope BHVR does something about it, with all what YOU have done for DBD its the least that they can somehow let you (and other content creators aswell of course!) play the game normally without all this stuff you have to do now. Thank you for evrything you have done, Otz!

  • user
    user 15 일 전 +1106

    it's sad when a game, something you are supposed to enjoy, becomes unfun. either way, i will still watch your videos no matter what content you will wanna branch into, i'm sure others feel the same!

    • Maplecakes
      Maplecakes 15 일 전 +2

      This game is so terrible. This is coming from someone who has 400 hours in this pathetic piece of trash.

    • user
      user 15 일 전 +2

      @The Oracle 2: Oracle Harder edit: i have seen the other replies to you explaining it, so you just get a smooch from me instead lol

    • Diet Retard
      Diet Retard 15 일 전 +3

      @The Oracle 2: Oracle Harder epic games released the game for free on there store. Which like every fucking game they have ever done that for absolutely ruins the game because as you might know if the game is free and you can make new accounts for free hackers start to increase. So when they put it on there site it increased hackers by a huge percent.

    • minge muncher
      minge muncher 15 일 전 +5

      @The Oracle 2: Oracle Harder dbd was free on epic games for idk how long, which means people could have as many accounts as they wanted for free. The most effective way to report someone is on the website, which requires you to submit their steam id, but obviously epic games users also don’t have a steam id. Which means people had free accounts to hack on, which also can’t get easily reported through the website and can only be reported through the absolutely awful ingame report system

  • misterRa
    misterRa 14 일 전

    I'm sorry to hear this. After quitting the game a few months back, you were one of my stones of knowledge. Hope all this get fixed for you sir and the solo queue gamers

  • Eric
    Eric 15 일 전

    That's a really heartbreaking title to read, but I completely understand. Its a real shame because you are pretty much solely responsible for getting me to play DBD and the reason I keep coming back.
    Regardless of what you decide to do, we'll keep supporting you no matter what content you create and what you stream.
    Good luck Otz.

  • Reincarnated Goddess

    While I originally started watching your videos and streams bc of DBD, the more I watched, the more it became that I was watching your videos for you, your personality, your perspective, the jokes, the fun and memes, and willingness to keep an open mind and learn. I'm sure many others feel the same way, so although it's sad to see DBD becoming unfun, I hope you know we will still be here for you to have fun with you on other games too. Hopefully this becomes a priority and changes so you won't have to feel this way towards DBD if you want to keep streaming it, but we're with you regardless of what you choose. Thank you for everything you do, Otz. It's so awesome to have someone like you in the community and I'm sorry to hear that it's come to this because of hackers and the like.

  • Nyte Crow
    Nyte Crow 15 일 전

    Otz, we love you and I hope you find more enjoyment in what you do. I wish we had the power to make things safe and fun for everyone so this problem never occurred but until then know you will always have our support.
    Big love to our favorite Otter Boyo

  • BeastGamingHD
    BeastGamingHD 15 일 전 +682

    You're making the right choice. The game has taken a downward spiral and has only gotten worse... especially with the IP leak vuln still existing after over a year+ of them knowing about it and they still haven't fixed it. They literally don't care about the community because if they did, all of these issues would have been fixed by now including keeping the community safe from huge security vulnerabilities. It's really sad to see this happening. This IP leak vuln has even lead to BHVR being solely responsible for people being ddosed, doxed and swatted (take Elix for example) and STILL even after that, they didn't fix the issue. This is undeniable proof that they don't care. It's not defamation or hearsay. It's literal facts.
    I've played the game since the beginning and have more than 10,000 hours in it and legacy on all of my characters and my biggest regret to this day was working at the company because of how I was mistreated in addition to them even banning me out of misinformation and spite. Imagine working on a game you love and then the company giving you the middle finger with a ban after no longer working there and you lose 10,000+ hours and 6 years of time, energy and work put into a game that you had nothing but love and passion for. It's insane
    In any case, I hope things work out for you Otz. You have a strong community that loves you and will continue to watch whatever game you play.

    • Iceechibi
      Iceechibi 6 일 전

      @Typervader's Domain They can actually get in a lot of trouble if they continue to not fix it especially in the EU and US/CA.

    • Ostine
      Ostine 10 일 전 +1

      @Typervader's Domain No it's not... If IP's are leaked on any game that easily, then that is first priority for the company to fix before the game gets delisted..

    • Typervader's Domain
      Typervader's Domain 15 일 전

      @re ar Thats extreme

    • Typervader's Domain
      Typervader's Domain 15 일 전

      @BeastGamingHD Sure if you say so

    • BeastGamingHD
      BeastGamingHD 15 일 전 +7

      @Typervader's Domain Considering the simplicity of it, yes it does.

  • Leonidas Nickell
    Leonidas Nickell 14 일 전

    Hey Otz! Thanks for being a beacon in the community! Your videos have helped me a lot as a baby survivor main! Hopefully the anti cheat gets a well deserved overhaul... the lower ranks are kinda swarmed with DL hackers. And it's VERY obvious they're doing it 🙄

  • JoeDisc
    JoeDisc 15 일 전

    Wow, this is so sad. I am so sorry to hear this Otz, I hope that either you feel you can take time off and come back with confidence or play some other games. Your community will support you, regardless of the game you play.

  • Julio Gouvea
    Julio Gouvea 15 일 전

    Would love to see otz doing more speedrun stuff, online/ranked games really made me sick and learning to play solo again(thru speedruning) made me feel a lot better

  • One armed fox
    One armed fox 15 일 전

    Without a doubt everyone of your fan base is here for you otz, im so sorry that a low life Ddossed you. I hope that you can play other games, no matter that you play we will always watch because it's you who we want to watch despite what you play

  • Ryan Jeffreys
    Ryan Jeffreys 15 일 전 +554

    Otz is arguable the most dedicated dbd creater there is. This man makes hours upon hours of content so to see him not enjoying his time really echoes the issues the game is facing

    • Oceiros, The Consumed King
      Oceiros, The Consumed King 11 일 전

      @DoritosMaster69 And you honestly believe that Otz would rather lie to his fanbase than lose the "privilege" to just hear rumours about upcoming updates and have a Fog Whisperer charm and a Twitch shirt in the game? At this point, there's not much to lose considering how BHVR doesn't give a shit about what their Fog Whisperers think.

    • Travis C
      Travis C 15 일 전

      @Kazuath I recently decided to only play huntress and not let anyone escape to get my MMR higher. I get cheaters constantly now. Not just subtle cheaters but people that hook themselves in doorways so I can't chase their teammates/fly around but also people who just escape randomly. I had a guy escape right through the floor mid chase after I closed the hatch and a guy who just escaped randomly when there were still 3 generators left because his team was losing so bad.

    • DoritosMaster69
      DoritosMaster69 15 일 전

      @Oceiros, The Consumed King Yeah no, look at what happened to truetalent. Be as civil as you want if it offends someone at Behaviour you're out.

    • Hex: Mommy milkers
      Hex: Mommy milkers 15 일 전

      @Guillaume F false

    • Guillaume F
      Guillaume F 15 일 전

      @Kazuath I don't quite agree, subtle cheaters are rampant in-game, especially at high MMR.

  • Despresso1243
    Despresso1243 15 일 전

    I hope this gets better... Stay strong otz. We love you!

  • Cliche
    Cliche 15 일 전

    I love your content otz, I wish the best for your channel in regards to DBD

  • Alyx G
    Alyx G 15 일 전

    I first watched otz when he was doing his Dark Souls 2 no hit runs and I was hooked since then. His dbd guides have been a great help and have loved them but it’s understandable on his standpoint. It’s a shame the devs won’t do more to stop the losers that hack and cheat. Will remain no matter what man. Hopefully it’s resolved. Subscribed for the man and personality not the games he plays

  • Alec's Arcade
    Alec's Arcade 14 일 전

    Behavior really needs to get onto this. I love Otz's steams as my primary DBD content - the fact he feels this way and there is so much cheating in general is unacceptable. Behavior needs to change this.

  • Benjo - DBD Shorts
    Benjo - DBD Shorts 15 일 전 +522

    I pray that we see a positive response video soon. Stay strong Otz and all.

    • Rdc
      Rdc 15 일 전 +6

      Not even a hacker can beat the benjo build

    • Arthur
      Arthur 15 일 전 +12

      If it were up to Benjo, all the hackers be put in blood warden jail!

  • Hyrar
    Hyrar 2 일 전

    After watching this video, a friend & I played a match after being away for a few months. First game, one of the survivors was hacking & managed to lock the killer in place most of the game and kept teleporting people on & off hooks. Second game, the killer didn't even try and just watched us win, turns out he assumed one of us would be hacking and just couldn't be bothered anymore. DBD might not be my favourite game, but it is really sad to see it just get destroyed like this.

  • Valerie Koetz
    Valerie Koetz 15 일 전 +3

    I dont understand why you're the target of this stuff. You're literally the nicest streamer I've EVER come across. No matter the game you know your amazing community will follow and support you 💜

    • Desiree Eagle
      Desiree Eagle 9 일 전 +1

      They use cheats cause they can't make it without them. It fills that empty place where actual effort would go.

    • Makasu Kutaragi
      Makasu Kutaragi 10 일 전

      It's likely not personal. These people simply view top streamers as a platform to showcase what they can offer to other moralless leeches.

  • Ghengis Kant
    Ghengis Kant 15 일 전

    I'm sorry to hear that you can no longer properly enjoy something you've invested so much time and dedication into but I hope this means we'll get to see you stream other games more often.
    I personally lost interest in DbD well over a year or two ago but I've stuck around because of how compelling you and your content is and I'll be glad to see you playing something new, even though it's sadly under such dire circumstances

  • EnjoiThis
    EnjoiThis 15 일 전

    Otz! Loved you back when you streamed DS and love ya now. Taking a break from a game can be a really good thing. I think now that you have a viewerbase you can easily be a variety streamer. Do what you want, man. *plz not fortnite or fall guys or something tho 😅
    You probably get requests all the time but I'll do it anyways... I'd love to see you stream some fighting games like Tekken or something. The games/tech/skills are so much deeper than people realize and I think you'd really enjoy digging into it all.
    Anyways, that is just my sincere opinion, but man... we will support you even if you play other games mostly. I'm sure you would enjoy DBD a lot more also after putting it down for a bit and coming back. Maybe there will be less trolls/cheaters ready to go if your "returns" are spread out and "unplanned".
    Idk so I digress; I ❤ you!

  • MariahCareyUnited
    MariahCareyUnited 15 일 전 +5942

    This can’t be good

  • Jayson Tyler
    Jayson Tyler 15 일 전

    I was genuinely wondering when you were going to talk about this Otz. I had to take a 9 month break from this game because of a lot of the poor choices BHVR made, with the rampant cheating, blatant ignoring of the community, unecessary/unfair buff and nerf balances. When I did come back recently with the meta shift and the 2nd RE chapter release, it was very frustrating to see a lot of old problem, cheating the main one, with a bunch of new problems and glitches.
    And the community, as in us the players, became super toxic the entire time I was taking a break. I've tried to "de-pip" to relearn the game, and face players more equivalent to my current playstyle, and I can't because of the MMR system. So I'm stuck being very unhappy with the players and the issues and I am done playing this game indefinitely. And it's painful because I genuinely loved the idea and original execution of the game. I am still a huge horror fan and seeing killers from my favorite franchise's coming in was a dream. But I cannot justify angering myself, spending money irresponsibly, and sinking time in a business that genuinely doesn't care about me, or even apparently it's fog whisperers and you. I support you and will continue to watch whatever you decide, but I cannot support DBD.

  • Ninja
    Ninja 15 일 전

    I'm really sorry otz you didn't deserve this your a very good and kind person

  • WhatThePinoy
    WhatThePinoy 15 일 전

    I empathize with you man. You invest so much time and energy into a game, mastering your skills, learning the game, teaching and making videos, giving back to the community and you are an amazing dude. Fuck BHVR. If you decide to move on to another game, I would not blame you and root for you.

  • FrauSchwalbe
    FrauSchwalbe 15 일 전 +1

    I'm so sorry to hear all that man :( You are one of my favorite streamers and I enjoy you content so much! I hope it will get better for all of us or DBD will have a very very dark future. The whole situation is so bad with all the cheaters and even if you find a match where nobody is cheating, you'll get tunneled or camped or both and it's just so annoying that I can't play DBD for more than 2 hours straight. If this isn't changing soon, I might leave DBD for a good while and look for something else to play.

    • SassyKat
      SassyKat 14 일 전 +1

      This. I might have a win every 1 (2 if swf) out of 5-8 matches no matter the rank, that's IF you find a decent team in solo that isn't getting downed/screwing up every 10 seconds. When playing killer I usually end up letting one or more survivors go because what's the point and just do challenges.
      I've been wondering why there's even a ranking system in place for a while now, doesn't seem to matter much when most matches are the same. Apparently it's also easy to hack, so yeah, I definitely understand his frustration and wanting a break.

  • Tithi
    Tithi 15 일 전 +626

    I always respected your hard grind with creating content about DBD, it's sad to see that stuff like that is happening to you.
    Hope it's gonna get better very soon, wishing you all the best anyways doesn't matter what you decide to do content about :)

    • The Duty Warlord
      The Duty Warlord 15 일 전 +6

      @Brot you dont even know if hes millionnaire. Stop saying false things

    • Brot
      Brot 15 일 전

      You know hes a millionaire right?
      He could just play the game without streaming it and he would have fun without all the downsides.

    • ItThiccomode
      ItThiccomode 15 일 전

      Hopefully it causes a surge in game health effort.

  • Mo kvinsamv
    Mo kvinsamv 15 일 전

    I really do hope they fix this. It always made me happy to see you play this game with joy, I'll be hoping for the best Otz, take it easy buddy

  • TKTXLegend
    TKTXLegend 14 일 전 +2

    I've been DDOSed before, it happened when I was playing ranked on Rainbow 6 Seige a few years ago. I had a really bad game and one of my teammates from said game started messaging me. He was extremely mad that we had lost that game and he blamed me for it. Whether or not it was my fault we lost or not is irrelevant because I'm not gonna try to deny it because it very well could have been true, but regardless he started telling me I suck, I should uninstall, he got around Xbox's Anti-bullying protections by swearing at me with creative ways to spell things... he was just generally being an extremely toxic individual because he was upset about losing and blamed the loss on me. This didn't really bother me because I stopped taking ranked in R6 seriously after like year 3 or so, but eventually after he wasn't getting the reaction he wanted out of me he sent me a message saying, "You're getting booted offline now bye" and literally, about 10-20 seconds later the internet at my house shut off. we eventually rebooted it but I got disconnected from my ranked match, losing even more elo, one of my brothers got disconnected from a ranked match on Apex and another of my brothers got disconnected from a ranked match on Overwatch.
    I honestly wish people who DDOS other people's internet could actually be punished, but it's basically impossible to prove that you got DDOSed and even if you could prove you got DDOSed you can't prove that a specific person did it so the devs can't do anything about it for risk of it being a hear-say tool trolls use to target people and get them banned.

  • Ron Bon
    Ron Bon 15 일 전

    This is really unfortunate. I literally just came across your content a few days ago and have been binging ever since whenever I eat. Hopefully this gets situated soon, keep up the great work

  • Russell Watson
    Russell Watson 15 일 전

    We love you for you otz. If you wanna start streaming some other games we will support you

  • Ana
    Ana 15 일 전 +630

    This is so sad tbh, I've almost shed a tear at the end. Seeing someone as passionate about this game as you Otz being tired of its current state is just plain sad. I hope we can see some changes really soon. Until then, I'll be happy to support any kind of content you make, because you're an amazing content creator, DbD or not.

    • Big Boyo
      Big Boyo 15 일 전

      @Ana Not in this gaming community lmao swear some people just say shit for the sake of sayin it

    • Elio Oliver
      Elio Oliver 15 일 전

      No changes, i quit from this game 2 months ago, the devs are 👼🏻

    • RAЯ
      RAЯ 15 일 전

      what a cruel world, how could they do this to him? i cry myself to sleep every night thinking about how unfair the world is to him when he's streaming ;'((((

    • Kosmic Wolf
      Kosmic Wolf 15 일 전 +1

      NoOb3 really liked the game and was the best Dbd streamer/KRclipr and it was really sad when he said he wasn't motivated of doing Dbd content and it's very sad

  • Matthew Shields
    Matthew Shields 14 일 전

    I'm somewhat new to dbd and I find ur are so helpful and a great person in dbd n alot of the streamers are fantastic and it's sad that we have to deal with this we are a gamers we should respect each other equally no matter what lvl a person is and I feel sorry for new players having to deal with all of this cause I'm loving it and keep up ur streams u are one of many who truly enjoy playing

  • UdoSchaefer
    UdoSchaefer 7 일 전

    Hey Otz, I have actually not been playing DbD at all for some time now, but every now and then I check out your chanel and enjoy your content. So it's upsetting to hear how the game took a bad turn and made you loose comfort and fun. I hope things change for you in a better way, heads up. Thank you

  • Acoen
    Acoen 14 일 전

    I love your content. I appreciate the information and the way you make your guides. They are incredibly informative and very easy to understand. You have helped me learn how to play and enjoy myself while doing it.
    Do what makes you happy and we will love you for it.

  • Cool Cat Smooth
    Cool Cat Smooth 14 일 전

    Damn Otz. Your a smart man and do whatever you need to keep up your content. Thank you for the heads up, we fully understand 😀

  • Arnaldo Andres Perez Morales

    We love you Otz, honestly, DbD doesn’t deserve you. You’re an excellent person, content creator, streamer, whose been nothing but amazing this past years. Even if you don’t play DbD, will be here for you, play some Elden Ring, DS, DL2, etc. We got your back, we are here FOR YOU 🫶🏽

    • Raxtherobber44
      Raxtherobber44 15 일 전 +9

      @Hasuno Sora the meta in question: game starts and 3 gens are done

    • Hasuno Sora
      Hasuno Sora 15 일 전 +1

      Considering his BS complaints ruin the meta 9 times out of 10 I agree, we don't deserve him.

  • Chinatsu 9932
    Chinatsu 9932 14 일 전

    I'm very sorry to hear what's happening to you in DBD Otz, I really understand your struggle. Cheaters and streamsnipers are disgusting. Don't be scared of switching your content for some time, me and a lot of ppl are here for you, not for DBD :3
    And to everyone who love DBD - I'd advise boycotting the game. Devs negligence is a first step to game's death.

  • Content
    Content 15 일 전

    My boy otz has dealt with so much shit for so long. Dedicating himself to this game putting a smile on. You deserve a break and a better game.

  • John Cena
    John Cena 15 일 전

    I'm so sorry, Otz. I watch your videos and I usually have your stream tabbed. I LOVE your content, and it's so sad that someone like you gets so much hate, despite being such a nice, loveable guy.
    Do whatever you need to do, be it stopping streaming DBD, streaming with a delay, or whatever. You're too much of a treasure to stop producing content.

  • Guardian F. Winter
    Guardian F. Winter 14 일 전

    Well, as a beginner, I encountered my first cheater pretty quickly, in about my 8th game, a Huntress who could tp anywhere she want and hit you with M1 or hatchet, I was like "OMG, already a cheater, I just started the game, come on". That is really annoying and it's sad how horrible the game has became. And I could see it by watching your streams Otz.

  • Ladam101
    Ladam101 15 일 전 +383

    I’m sure I speak for a lot of us when I say you’ve built a fanbase on your personality and not just the game- echoing what others have said I’d be happy watching you okay more different games and enjoying yourself!!

    • Repeater Siroop
      Repeater Siroop 15 일 전

      @Ambassasaur He did it once with Dark Souls and PUBG being his main games but alas im still around. Otz would be fine.

    • Gore feind
      Gore feind 15 일 전

      People are gonna go regardless of being a "loyal" fan if they don't get want what otz is giving then they don't have to take it simple as that. Now I've been here since his dark souls days and even now I don't play ds or dbd anymore but I still watch because this dudes entertained me for years

    • stubborn Viking
      stubborn Viking 15 일 전 +2

      @Ambassasaur he already did it when he transitioned from Dark Souls to DBD, I’m not worried about him.

    • Ambassasaur
      Ambassasaur 15 일 전 +1

      @michaelman90 I realize that, but when it comes down to it if he doesn't have a successful stream he will have to procure funds elsewhere. The successful stream is important, even if it isn't the primary objective.

    • michaelman90
      michaelman90 15 일 전 +3

      I think the main issue he has with this is that he legitimately loves the game and wants to play it on stream with his community but can't. It's not just about having a successful stream.

  • Michael Weinberger
    Michael Weinberger 8 일 전

    It is so shame, we learned sooo much from this Man. Really loved when he tip charity cause of some things in game.

  • Angra Mainyu
    Angra Mainyu 15 일 전

    Well, for what is worth i would love to watch you playing other games in this channel Otz! You papers please playthrough was a blast!

  • Miguel Angel Gonzalez Nieves

    I stuff that you'ved done for the community has been amazing. DVD devs need to step their game up if not the constant decline of players is going to rise.

  • Jaclyn Barreiro
    Jaclyn Barreiro 15 일 전

    :( I’m so sorry to hear this Otz! People in this world are cruel and don’t fucking care about anything and honestly I wish they wouldn’t be like that. Whatever you do Otz… we are here for you and we love u! I wish we can find cheaters and get rid of their internet or make them go to non cheating school.

  • Torri Garnet
    Torri Garnet 15 일 전

    Thank you Otz. I felt like I was the only one feeling this way. Anytime I would bring it up to the community they just answered with "get wrecked noob" or "play better". I tried to express my concerns with BHVR personally, but most of the people who responded only did so with half assed apologies and semi patronizing comments. I won't waste anymore time on this game if the Devs and what not don't feel a sense of urgency to make the game more fun and more safe. Love you Otz

    • TELEGRAM NAME 👉 Vinwiki1
      TELEGRAM NAME 👉 Vinwiki1 14 일 전

      Congratulations you have been selected among our shortlisted winners 🎁💐
      Telegram the above username so we can sort this out.

  • Artsy Austin
    Artsy Austin 15 일 전 +1

    Evil Dead could be a fun alternative for DBD but whatever you do, just do something you enjoy because you're such a cool person that makes everything fun and positive! Cut off toxicity and hope you can have actual genuine fun once again.

  • Nathan Belleau
    Nathan Belleau 13 일 전

    Your guides are amazing it would be cool if you made guides for whatever games you feel like making guides for.

  • Dont Pre order
    Dont Pre order 15 일 전

    I think I speak for most fans of your content when I say this is almost as frustrating for us as it is for you, and if you made the decision to pull back from making dbd content, not only for your own comfort but for your safety cause ddosing is no joke, all of us would support you.
    You’re what we’re here for at the end of the day

  • Nick The Animeniac
    Nick The Animeniac 15 일 전 +381

    I feel really bad about all this, you're such a great person and bring a lot of positive energy to this game and no doubt probably made many people keep playing DBD in the first place (and on a side-note, I personally discovered you channel during your first Spirit PTB Stream and have been a fan and also improving at the game ever since thanks to you) so it's sad to see that due to all of this you don't even want to play it anymore but I think that the community you built at this point will stick with you no matter what you decide to do so I'd say don't stress yourself out TOO too much and let's all just hope that BHVR addresses this issue soon because it's getting obnoxious for everyone and definitely hurting the game that we all love a lot.

    • Nick The Animeniac
      Nick The Animeniac 15 일 전

      @Brain Dead I dunno if that's really how many cheaters there are, feel like that's a bit of an exaggeration and also you never really know nowadays what they'll do because the last couple of updates were all really good and it seems like BHVR is trying to listen to people again. I'm just guessing that it's a really hard problem to solve since it probably has to do with a vulnerability in the game's code or something like that.

    • Adrian Srsa
      Adrian Srsa 15 일 전 +2

      certified yu moment

    • Brain Dead
      Brain Dead 15 일 전 +1

      Ofc they won't. BHVR never cared since 6 years and they never will. If they would ban/autoban all proven cheaters in DBD the playerbase would decrease by at least 50% for sure.

  • mike henry
    mike henry 6 일 전

    You are the best DbD streamer. I quit playing the game a while ago, but still watch your content. Thank you for your time.

  • Son Of Sanguinius
    Son Of Sanguinius 15 일 전 +1

    Remember that you were a legend back in dark souls, that is when i found out about your crazy no hit runs in NG, then you played DBD so i thought hmmm this game might be good too since OTZ is playing it, remember you have huge influence Otz because of your funny and kind personality, we are with you what ever choice you make

    • TELEGRAM NAME 👉 Vinwiki1
      TELEGRAM NAME 👉 Vinwiki1 14 일 전

      Congratulations you have been selected among our shortlisted winners 🎁💐
      Telegram the above username so we can sort this out!!

  • gaije Baker
    gaije Baker 14 일 전

    I love this game, and i've been playing for technically 5 years, because i played on PS4 and now PC, but about 2 months ago, i stopped playing almost all together, i used to love being competitive and running killer the whole game, and getting 4ks or 3ks and letting last have hatch, but this game recently has just gone downhill, I agree that BHVR has done nothing to help it's community they have given us no feedback what so ever, they haven't fixed many problems dbd has, and the game is just unfun now, and like you said that you have to do, VPN check profiles be cautious about showing things at certain times, it's not cool to have to do all of those things just to enjoy a video game. But i don't blame BHVR, i blame the people that do stream snipe and cheat, they are the problem with this game, and BHVR needs to set up a hardware banning system and they need to use something other than EAC, because every game that i play that uses EAC, it doesn't work, i run into cheaters almost every game, so either they need to change the Anti-cheat system, or EAC needs to update their software to be a bit better than some of these people that can get past it with ease.

  • Flaming Burrito
    Flaming Burrito 15 일 전

    In words of M. Cote himself, "Play something else"
    We the viewers will still watch your stream and enjoy them. I especially love when you play games like darkest dungeon

  • Aci
    Aci 15 일 전 +372

    Sticking to a single game for years on end multiple days a week is exhausting, please take care of yourself!
    We'll be here for any of your content!

    • Navas
      Navas 12 일 전

      @Deez Nutes Literally the same, when i saw the game announced that you could break walls with a hammer i already bought it, after 1500h i just can't play it anymore, i always get bored or frustrated. And to make things worse, ubisoft just keeps adding trashy and unnecessary things to the game.

    • malvark777
      malvark777 15 일 전 +2

      @NeZCheese The game is the issue, same as the streaming as a whole is the issue.
      Why does he has the need for a video like this, its just a change of game, right? Nope, since a lot of people are here for the dbd videos and his knowledge about that game in particular.
      Doing the same thing over and over again for days will (and should) make you see the cracks of said thing you are repeating. The cracks here are the cheaters

    • greenbrickbox
      greenbrickbox 15 일 전

      @NeZCheese tbh the cheaters and lobby injections are a huge issue which BHVR needs to fix and has failed to do so. I wouldn't want to be a big streamer in this position playing dbd either.

    • NeZCheese
      NeZCheese 15 일 전

      You don't get it. The game is NOT the issue. The issue are people like you who don't listen to him.

    • Deez Nutes
      Deez Nutes 15 일 전 +2

      That was me with rainbow siege, I got a thousand hours and now I can’t touch that game anymore

  • M C
    M C 11 일 전 +1

    the wounds are self- inflicted. the devs know what they are doing when they basekit mutliple perks on one side. they know they are making the game unfair enough. maybe it just takes enough people to not play killer and have 30 minute queues for them to understand they messed up big time and need to stop being one sided whenever they have an announcement to make. tru3 points it out how they word descriptions and making it seem like every killer is camping and tunneling. but instead of devise perks and abilities in a way that favor going after other survivors instead of punishing killer for every possible outcome where they could get an advantage. pre 6.0 was bearable but even with wesker now and his abilities as soon as they make unbreakable basekit on live servers you will see the killer queue drop dramatically. mark my words.