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Is camping still viable with Reassurance? | Dead by Daylight

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 09. 09.
  • In this video I discuss how strong camping used to be and how that has changed with the introduction of the perk Reassurance. My conclusion is that Reassurance has almost entirely killed the effectiveness of full-commitment camping. If Survivors bring at least 2 Reassurances and do their best not to go down too early (or in basement), this strategy should no longer give consistent good results. However, there are other issues left unresolved...
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  • SnazzyPotatoes
    SnazzyPotatoes 24 일 전 +2122

    No joke since this perk dropped I have never been camped/died on 2nd hook more in my 811 hours of playing

    • bubba milk tea 🧋
      bubba milk tea 🧋 20 일 전

      @Cali can you please don't drag the drama? It's long over already touch a grass

    • Largo harmony
      Largo harmony 22 일 전

      Opposite for me. SINCE this video dropped I've been camped every game. Not fun at all rn as a solo that's returning to the game

    • random person
      random person 22 일 전

      @TheRealWaldo does bhvr beat goku tho?

    • Weskin’ Time
      Weskin’ Time 22 일 전

      @Crowd Control I play with entire teams built to survive and the only times we have ever started to antagonize them is after two of us were face camped to stage two before two gens were popped. Most toxic killers 100% deserve to get blinded every 2/3 of a second.

    • stubborn Viking
      stubborn Viking 23 일 전

      @TheRealWaldo Rare is WAYYYY better than BHVR

  • DBD's Finest
    DBD's Finest 24 일 전 +2467

    Reassurance is actually good for both sides, the survivors get more time to do their objective and the Killer gets to camp more.

    • Iknorn
      Iknorn 23 일 전 +2

      i think they should make the hook stage timer gradually slow down and eventually stop when the killer is within 8 meters of the hook

    • Ruv Destroyer of Churches
      Ruv Destroyer of Churches 23 일 전

      Ain't no way The cannibal gonna return to the entity

    • Sierra J
      Sierra J 23 일 전

      Everybody wins

    • Armageddon613
      Armageddon613 24 일 전 +1

      Funniest joke I’ve heard this week

  • RatherUncreativeName
    RatherUncreativeName 24 일 전 +485

    I remember playing Bubba for a daily, and the survivors thanked me for playing normally instead of camping. You know people are abusing it a lot when you get thanked for just playing the game.

    • Juan Molina
      Juan Molina 20 일 전

      Same lol I don’t like playing bubba he was the last killer I bought to AVOID him but yea people thank me for NOT camping

    • lethargicsauce
      lethargicsauce 20 일 전

      @DanDan TSM Bubsy's a strange case for me because I absokutely hate going against Myers, another instadown killer. Sure, the feeding and insta moris are part of it, but his instadown is just so much easier to use and less interesting to outplay (IMO)

    • pale_rose
      pale_rose 20 일 전

      @DanDan TSM And that's when I definitely keep my chat box closed XD I'm disappointed by myself...lol

    • DanDan TSM
      DanDan TSM 20 일 전 +1

      @pale_rose It's such a "feels bad" moment when you and teammates try to save someone and it becomes more kills than saves :') it sucks because you know you or your team messed up and everyone died because of it :')

    • DanDan TSM
      DanDan TSM 20 일 전

      @Phillip Evans yeah i'd say It's desperation rather than saltyness :')
      The killer's like "oh god please at least one kill" and they try as hard as they can to secure that.
      It doesn't feel good to be the person who's the secure kill, especially if you've done a lot and deserved to escape after so much work, but yeah... It is what it is i guess.
      I think a killer is only clearly salty when they get looped for 4 gens and then camp the survivor that looped them :') It's so stupid, like, bro, It's your fault for chasing the person you can't catch, you are your worst enemy! Just go for someone else!

  • Pixel Demon
    Pixel Demon 24 일 전 +311

    Fun fact: I found out on Midwich that you can use Reassurance from a floor below or above the hooked survivor

    • Michael Logan
      Michael Logan 20 일 전

      @DerkDurski true I think if they added it to where if the killer is in basement for so many seconds you can activate reassurance partway down the stairs (like halfway) for those hooked in there it would be a good addition to the perk.

    • Michael Logan
      Michael Logan 20 일 전

      @ZSG Brisingr I can agree that's why I think basement should be a bit longer and wider instead of a small box and have hooks on each wall rather than the middle with the exception of basement entry wall , after all a smart survivor would avoid basement area during chase.

    • ZSG Brisingr
      ZSG Brisingr 22 일 전

      @Natanael To be fair, basement should be more powerful for killer

    • Cj Williams
      Cj Williams 23 일 전 +11

      @Adam Parks found the camper lol

    • Adam Parks
      Adam Parks 24 일 전 +6

      Which should 100% not be a thing. You should have to be on the same floor as the survivor to use it.

  • failbender
    failbender 24 일 전 +391

    The painful thing about Reassurance in solo q is that I will use it when I deem it too unsafe to unhook and start running the killer away, only for the other 2 survivors to immediately run behind me and fight for the unhook, forcing the killer to turn right back around. The outline basically means nothing to them and I’m not sure if it would be better to indicate it better on the portraits/hook indicator.
    I also kind of wish I got Altruism points for doing it… too often I’ve Reassuranced a survivor so I can open the gates safely only for another to get the unhook. It’s fine but I now get no credit for the save despite making it more possible and it just kind of grinds my gears, you know?!

    • SomeKilljoy
      SomeKilljoy 21 일 전

      @JSmallZee I doubt it. I run kindred whenever i solo q and survivors still make the most braindead decisions even when they can all see eachother

    • YikesFxrever
      YikesFxrever 24 일 전

      I hate when I use it in solo queue just for the survivor to kill themselves on hook anyways or dc lol

    • Pinkooru
      Pinkooru 24 일 전


    • Libby
      Libby 24 일 전 +1

      I’m so glad i’m not the only one struggling with this, killer will be right by hook so i’ll run in and reassure only for another survivor to run up 3 seconds later and unhook in their face and get a hook trade 😭😭

  • Planet Fiction
    Planet Fiction 24 일 전 +177

    The bloodpoint bonus to BBQ was actually something that made me actively WANT to hook individual survivors more. Maybe something like that in the base system would be good?

    • Mohamed Attia
      Mohamed Attia 23 일 전

      It didn't make much difference before, hard camping has been there for years.

    • John Trains
      John Trains 23 일 전

      It was one of the best designed perks cause of that. RIP

    • Slamles
      Slamles 23 일 전

      Definitly not double but I agree that a bonus bloodpoint for hooking 4 survivors could be an option

    • Jon P
      Jon P 24 일 전

      @Glaasse They didn't forget, it just didn't really incentivize that because if someone wanted to win against camping they had to hook trade. Either the killer got 2+ kills, or he got a hook for each survivor and double BP.

    • Weaponized Autism
      Weaponized Autism 24 일 전 +12

      ​@Céleste-ial Monarch "actual gameplay advatage"
      You mean like how it shows up the aura of survivors that are far from the hooked survivor?

  • EIDude
    EIDude 24 일 전 +81

    Reassurance is a great tool against camping. That being said, I wish BHVR had gone the BT route and made it basekit to a degree. For instance, slowing/pausing the struggle timer if the killer is within x meters of hook for x amount of time and not actively chasing a survivor

    • DODANG_ 914
      DODANG_ 914 12 일 전

      @Predated O The killer objective is to kill survivors. Defending hook is normal killer gameplay. Its like punishing the survivor for holding m1 on generators. The update was suppose to make unhooking easier against instant down killers and highly defensive killers like trickster and huntress. I think update missed it mark. Like otz stated, he won 100% of his games by camping until reassurance came out which properly addresses camping by not making it rewarding which he stated is around 50%. His changes propose removing hook grabbing while I suggest rework borrow time by making hook grabbing nearly impossible and help the survivor unhook their teammate who is being camped by the killer.
      Window blocking not added to punish the survivor. It was added to prevent god windows becoming infinities. Same thing for breakable walls. Co-op was a bad attempt to balance gen speed. the dev were reluctant to increase gen time until the recent update. Co-op action speed is outdated mechanic. Afk crows is to prevent the survivor from passively leaving the game. It is not tracking tool. None of these are punishments. Most of them are trying to solve particular balance issues aside from the crows.

    • Predated O
      Predated O 12 일 전 +1

      @DODANG_ 914 I mean, to be fair, the only killer that needs to be punished for using their power for camping is Bubba and maybe Huntress(altho, rework Oakhaft or Flower Babushka and you fix that issue too).
      As for killers using their power near a survivor, the whole issue with that is that there are many, many, many, many hooks where its simply too powerful to do so. You can literally negate Off The Record by hitting a survivor the moment they are off the hook and chase them as if they dont have any endurance effect at all.
      Otherwise you're punishing survivors for trying to play the game normally, which is not a good solution to the problem. A killer using their power to camp and tunnel isnt really the "normal" flow of the game. Survivors are meant to be unhookable, killers are meant to go after another survivor.
      If a killer can camp a survivor for free by using their power, then survivors should be able to teleport away from the hook after unhook.
      I mean, the other anti-camping method is simply moving survivors away from the camping killer like the cages work for Pyramid Head. But that is still "punishing" the killer for using their power.
      As for punishing survivors for playing the game, these effects were added to the game:
      Window blockers(entity ones)
      Window blockades(any window that has wooden planks or wooden boards used to be a normal window)
      2 or more survivors working on 1 generator slows down generator speeds to a point where 2 survivors can fix it in 48 seconds, and 3 survivors in 43 seconds. You're literally only saving 5 seconds by adding a 3rd survivor.
      Standing still and hiding gives you away with crows.
      So why not remove that. If the killer wants window blockades, they should equip crowd control
      If they want gens to slow down, they should equip slowdown perks or Discordance.
      If they want to find survivors who are standing still and hiding, they should equip Whispers.
      So yeah, punish killers for using their killer ability in a borderline exploity way.

    • DODANG_ 914
      DODANG_ 914 20 일 전

      @DanDan TSM are you asking for every survivor to have 2 health-states(off the record for free) and an instant killer grasp escape without equipping the perks?
      This is like asking why survivors are allowed to use god pallets like shack and jungle gyms for free? Are you going to give the killer enduring spirit fury for free?

    • DanDan TSM
      DanDan TSM 20 일 전 +4

      @DODANG_ 914 so a survivor should be forced to equip anti-tunnel perks to counter something a perkless killer can do for free?? :v

    • Kael4king
      Kael4king 23 일 전 +2

      @DODANG_ 914 BT used to affect the unhooker don't forget.

  • Libby
    Libby 24 일 전 +109

    Something to note with reassurance though is that even though it claims it can be activated once per hook state, if you don’t unhook the survivor between them reaching 1st and 2nd stage you can still only use it once. It’s not really per hook state, but rather per instance hooked.

    • Sebastian Olsson
      Sebastian Olsson 22 일 전

      Thank you for this valuable piece of information

    • Libby
      Libby 23 일 전 +10

      @Paul Anthony If a survivor is hooked for the first time and you use reassurance on them, and then they hit second stage because they are not unhooked in time, you are not able to use it for their second state because it’s per “instance”, not “stage” like some people say.

    • Dorian Burger
      Dorian Burger 23 일 전 +6

      No it claims to be able to activate once per hook instance

    • Paul Anthony
      Paul Anthony 23 일 전 +3

      That is per hook state though. You just missed the first state….

    • Princess Pid
      Princess Pid 24 일 전 +7

      Yeah, it says so in the Perk's description

  • Bear Merchant
    Bear Merchant 24 일 전 +102

    it's scummy as hell that their bandaid solution to camping is a perk that requires you to spend real life money to make up for inherently bad game design. I think an aura reveal that bypasses undetectable should be part of their anti-camping measures so that players can make more informed decisions, camping benefits a lot from a fundamental lack of basic information in solo q

    • not a Troll
      not a Troll 15 일 전

      There are so many perks that should in some way be implemented into base kit
      Kindred is one
      Bt finally added somewhat was great
      I think shadowborn needs to be base as someone who has a lot of eye issues the weird fov really messes with me and I've seen a lot of players say the same , also not to mention the fov in this game is just awful and awkward as hell especially with abilities like huntress nurse bubba and billy

    • T Reezy
      T Reezy 17 일 전

      @weave i agree whole heartedly. Kindred should be basekit

    • Xx prototype xX
      Xx prototype xX 22 일 전

      @the1necromancer neither bro, you were talking about how shattered hope was a bad example because it wasn't meta and was a solution to boons despite it not being permanent.

  • sailortaylor
    sailortaylor 24 일 전 +5

    I think Doc's shock needs to be added to this list of killers. he can't just shock-lock you and literally trap you and not allow an unhook w his power.

  • V C
    V C 24 일 전 +41

    I think a very simple fix to this will be having hooks like pyramid heads cages but with a twist. Say once you go through one hook phase it sends you to a further hook if the killer is camping that way your teammates can save you and the killer still gets to hook fairly

    • TSG Spartan
      TSG Spartan 22 일 전

      You would have to prevent the killer from seeing the hooked survivors aura or getting a notification for this to work.

    • Roberto Neto
      Roberto Neto 23 일 전 +9

      @Violet Mortem then it could simply disable in endgame, much like OTR or DS

    • Violet Mortem
      Violet Mortem 24 일 전 +8

      This would be a great idea, but would just suck if it comes to end game and you’re trying to get your one kill.

    • Dorian Gray
      Dorian Gray 24 일 전 +4

      This is a much smarter fix than Otz's idea that has been beaten with a stick for years

  • Flipp17
    Flipp17 24 일 전 +7

    Id love to see the hook timer pause if the killer is within a certain distance of the hooked survivor, or slow the speed of which they die on hook.
    killers could still return to hook to stop unhooking but it stops killers from waiting at the hook to catch someone unhooking.
    TLDR *base game killer kinship*

  • Xanderino
    Xanderino 24 일 전 +35

    The thing about camping is that it's heavily dependant on survors' willingness to go out of their way and risk it all to unhook someone, or gen rush. In paper, gen rushing will oblitarate the killer, but at the end of the day, people don't wanna just do gens, so I get it why many killers get 4k out of empathy from the other survivors. Also, I do not appreciate having perks be the solution to a general problem such as camping. I would appreciate something base to the game fundamentals themselves, but at the same time, camping sometimes is just the best solution/bet in a really tough game, or just in the case of all 3 other survivors stalking the hook like hyenas to unhook the moment you leave, which I think in thta particular case I would understand if the killer just doesn't leave, he shouldn't get penalized for it. So I mostly want behaviour to address camping, but probably having it be a middle ground to "camping = win 100%" and "camping = absolutely no chance of win" kind of deal.

    • bones547
      bones547 23 일 전

      @Markster This is also the reason that meta builds become meta. When you don't know what the other side is bringing you end up picking a build that gives you the best chance of working across the most situations if you wanna win. Otherwise you could end up bringing a niche perk that gets rendered useless by the other side's perks.

    • Xanderino
      Xanderino 24 일 전

      @Slim Shady My main point is that if you go for the unhook the very moment the killer just hooked the survivor, he does not deserve getting punished for it. That just teaches the survivors to be careless because the worst outcome would be trading because killer just doesn't have his M2 or his lethality option. That said, if the killer start being there for a while for no reason (20 seconds or so), then yeah, when near the hook they should get his M2 or his lethality addon or whatever restricted, but not right away. If someone got hooked, give the killer incentive to leave and also some room to check the nearby space so he can check there is no one before leaving. If you want to rescue someone right away without giving incentive to the killer for leaving, then yeah, in those cases you should have to face the chance of being downed too before even the rescue. But again, if they camp, sure, penalize the killer.

    • Slim Shady
      Slim Shady 24 일 전

      @Xanderino It really isn't in their favour if they tank hits for no reason, unless im misunderstanding the scenario. The most optimal thing for survivors to do is keep 2 separate people on gens, 1 goes for a safe unhook and possibly heal.
      In most cases you can still trade with M1, which is a good thing for killer if they are instantly at the hook, or if in the I suppose worse case scenario that you suggested a SWF come to the hook tanks multiple hits to rescue someone infront of you and they leave with no downs but multiple health states, thats still not bad, you have pressure and the information that they are not on gens.

    • Xanderino
      Xanderino 24 일 전

      @Slim Shady It is in the survivors favour if they tank M1 hits. You should give the killer an incentive to leave. After some time, if he doesn't, I would penalize the M2 if you will. But snatching his power away because Survivors are nearing the hook the instant he hooked a survivors SHOULD by all means punish the survivors, not the reverse. It can happen that they body block for each other and unless you have STBFL, they just leave with 3 injured tops.

    • Slim Shady
      Slim Shady 24 일 전 +1

      If survivors are all hanging around a hook, that means they are not doing gens and giving you free hits & trades. You don't need an M2 Chainsaw to punish them for that.
      I really don't see the argument for allowing chainsaws to be used near hook. Either a) you're facecamping/proxy camping b) The survivors are in fact around the hook, which is not in survivor's favour anyway, and using M1 is still a viable way to punish survivors playing around a hook, M2 isn't necessary.

  • Iliad
    Iliad 18 일 전 +2

    The change I would make is simple and works great. Make it so you can unhook yourself 100% of the time while in first hook state, but it puts you into the final hook state unless you have deliverance. The built in BT can help you get away etc or you can bring off the record etc.

  • Luke Lovell
    Luke Lovell 24 일 전 +27

    A change that I think would help against camping. Would be while a killer is in a certain radius of a hooked survivor, the timer for the hooked stage is granted a extra % of time. For example a killer is next to a hooked player, they have -5% drain rate to the hooked stage until the killer moves out of the radius!

    • Luke Lovell
      Luke Lovell 24 일 전

      @Potate yes basically, but in a small radius and much less significant %.

    • Luke Lovell
      Luke Lovell 24 일 전

      @Smocky Tubers the radius would have to be small to mainly counter face camping, and not a large radius for teammates keep the killer in. This idea I had is mainly from my experience with the game, and suffering being face camped after looping killers a lot.

    • Luke Lovell
      Luke Lovell 24 일 전

      @Bungo Dunko it’s just an idea I had, but the radius around the hooked survivor would have to be quite small and just enough to help counter face camping.

    • Smocky Tubers
      Smocky Tubers 24 일 전

      I feel like just like Otz' proposition for draining Bubba's charges, this would change a hooked survivor from a zone other survivors run away from (so that others can get the save) into a zone they run toward. Why loop near anywhere else if looping near the survivor on hook just gives your team one extra bonus?
      The numbers for radius and reduced drain rate might be tweakable in a way that what I'm afraid of just won't be significant though. If nothing else, it would be worth them testing. Game's been out for 6 years and they just can't come up with a way to stop people from facecamping.

    • Memito
      Memito 24 일 전 +1

      @Bungo Dunko that would be solved easily, if the killer is chase near that radius then the drain rate is gone, that way the killer isn’t very punished if someone is near but very punishing if they are just camping

  • Evil Dragon
    Evil Dragon 24 일 전 +21

    To be 100% and fair bbq still being one of the best perks sort of was that bonus to hooking multiple survivors instead of tunneling/camping! Each new survivor hooked you’d get that 25% increase to BP and was very beneficial as it gave you information plus BP per different survivor hooked. I think removing that bp stack was a bad choice personally. Really the only reward for hooking multiple survivors now is the perk No Way Out and not every killer can utilize it to its max potential.

  • Clu
    Clu 24 일 전 +2

    Otz, I know you probably hear this enough, but thank you for all your videos, tips, and more. Had to deal with a “bully squad” with Sadako, flashlights and all, and if it wasn’t for your guide on how to deal with it I would have thrown a mouse across the room. Thank you for helping newer players like me enjoy the game.

  • Chance Place
    Chance Place 24 일 전 +9

    I feel like some of these changes will also have the untentended effect of rewarding bad play. Imagine as hillbilly you hook a surviver, some moron tries to unhook immediately so you chainsaw them, and now your chainsaw is disabled punishing you because the survivers are bad.

    • Itwaslagiswear
      Itwaslagiswear 24 일 전

      Exactly, im willing to bet 50-60% of killers accused of camping are just punishing bad decisions. I got unhooked right in the face of a Wesker just the other day right as he hooked me. He wasnt camping. But why let that shit go for free. Why arent killers allowed to play strategically or try and give themselves an advantage.

  • TheCouchCoward
    TheCouchCoward 17 일 전 +1

    Though for cannibal: with BT base kit, striking an unhooked survivor with the chainsaw causes a tantrum. This could allow for traids but not guarantee 2 downs

  • w
    w 24 일 전 +68

    In VHS if you hit different surv you get a special empowered attack that gives you the ability to one shot someone but I think something like this can't work in DBD because there is this killer that has the power to teleport and is usually dress in white so if they want to encourage killers to hook different surv they need to be careful with the buffs that killers would get.

    • Weaponized Autism
      Weaponized Autism 24 일 전

      ​@Yellow Have you ever see anybody say that sadako is broken? 😀

    • Yellow
      Yellow 24 일 전 +1

      I saw "Killer that has the power to teleport and is usually dressed in white" and thought of Sadako. It took me halfway through the replies to remember that Nurse is in the game.

    • Chile Anyways
      Chile Anyways 24 일 전

      The issue with Nurse and that enrage mechanic you suggested is that her blink accounts count as a basic attack, so e.g. Instadown hits apply to her blinks. They just need to adjust that so blink attacks are special attacks like Blight's rush attack and she'd be a bit better to go against, but still disgustingly broken - she ruins dbd in so many ways balance wise that interesting mechanics that could be in the game, can't, because she doesn't play dbd, she plays the "nurse gets to win" game and no one else has a say. Of course I'm grossly exaggerating but yeah

    • Lego lil pump
      Lego lil pump 24 일 전 +1

      I’m assuming ur talking about the twins and I agree NERF THE TWINS

    • CityRat323
      CityRat323 24 일 전 +1

      I know EXACTLY what killer you mean and I agree the PIG needs to get Nerfed!

  • Latrodecta Hespara
    Latrodecta Hespara 24 일 전

    I do like these changes more than just disabling the power, since that always rubs against the idea that you might be looped around a hook or something. Having the powers simply get less effective the _longer_ you're around the hook is a much more workable fix.

  • Beau Hamilton-Smith
    Beau Hamilton-Smith 24 일 전

    What would everyone think about the hook timer taking longer depending on how close the killer is to the hook?

  • TriHard Cx
    TriHard Cx 24 일 전 +485

    The 8 meter anti-chainsaw range is just going to make bubbas move 9 meters away. I dont think it would work because of that.

    • anettelma123
      anettelma123 22 일 전

      @SF Not everyone uses DH. And Bubba with addons can go with his chainsaw for 9 ms

    • Nicane -
      Nicane - 24 일 전

      BUT AT LEAST u can go for a trade wich is the point. if u can go for trades individually THEN u can create a lot of time to do the 5 gens... SOMEOINE WILL DIE? yes someone will die, but only one if they play their cards correctly. so if buba face camps u can do that.

    • Daddy Sempai Chan
      Daddy Sempai Chan 24 일 전

      Then just make it a 9 meter anti-chainsaw range. Problem solved.

    • The Doom Slayer
      The Doom Slayer 24 일 전 +1

      Problem arises if survivors abuse it. Bubba hooks you by killer shack, flashy clicky nea loops bubba by shack knowing he won't have his power in the chase because it's too close to hook
      Bubba would have to leave the shack and let the nea get a free no consequence save in his face.
      The idea could work but it would have to be VERY carefully tuned both in the meters is activates within and the time the bubba has to camp before it punishes him.
      For killer incentives just give them old BBQ base kit. Trust me they will go and leave the hook for some nice BP stacks. I myself as a killer main plenty of times left a survivor I could have easily tunneled out alone because I saw the one guy I didn't hook yet for my 4th BBQ stack.
      Survivors could then get the same treatment with altruism. Taking hits, unhooks, pallet saves, flashlight saves, healing others all give survivor one stack up to 4 to double their BP
      This would encourage more fun gameplay on both sides. Without punishing them
      As for helping killers with big maps we should make it so survivors ALWAYS spawn all 4 together. Like if a survivor used that offering shroud of binding to spawn all together when the game begins.
      This would allow killer time to find his first chase much easier and not worry about survivors each spawning in a corner of the map separated all nearby a gen instantly doing them the second the match starts.
      Make it so it spawns them all together on the furthest possible point from the nearest gen (and killer obviously)
      This wouldn't completely solve the big problem issue but it would absolutely help with the early game on those big maps. The survivors on say, mother's dwelling would actually have to travel that massive distance to do a solo gen giving killer a chance.

  • K
    K 24 일 전 +1

    You definitely hit the nail on the camping situation. I do hope they can take from this video.

  • Phencyclid1ne
    Phencyclid1ne 24 일 전

    i have an additional change idea to go along with this: if the killer is within 8 meters of a hook for 10 seconds, they no longer have the base two stacks of stbfl. their successful attack cooldown is slightly slower

  • BabyStevie
    BabyStevie 24 일 전

    There should be a slowdown penalty to entity progression when within a certain range of hook with no other survivors around. That combined with the no grab Otz mentioned would be a pretty big blow to camping

  • Lux Aeterna
    Lux Aeterna 24 일 전 +3

    Hi Otz, I saw your video about Hag the other day and I think it would hurt her especially if you couldn't get a grab on healthy survivors, but otherwise interesting proposal

  • w
    w 24 일 전 +268

    If they add this they need to be careful with the anti-camping area of the hook to be a circle not a sphere so you don't get affected in some specific situations, if you are chasing a survivor downstairs in a area and you go back and forth the hook survivors upstairs shouldn't be able to trigger the anti-camping affected , amazing video as usual.

    • BwanaLasPelotas
      BwanaLasPelotas 24 일 전

      This changes Otz is bringing would be nice if the game weren't already survivor sided...Specially when survivors always abused busted mechanics and perks that heavily favoured them and devs didn't fix in less than a week like they do with any killer advantage that is newly released.

    • Orion Wolfie
      Orion Wolfie 24 일 전 +1

      @Andres Fontana i get what ur sayin but just cause its iconic doesnt mean its healthy for the game

    • Simpan Limpan
      Simpan Limpan 24 일 전 +2

      @Salok Then it doesnt really have much of a point? Bubba could just trigger chase while still facecamping

    • Salok
      Salok 24 일 전 +1

      They could make it so the anti-camping doesn't trigger while in a chase

    • Andres Fontana
      Andres Fontana 24 일 전 +9

      I see your point. I hadn't thought about that! But if it's a circle then Bubba could just camp the stairs of the basement for free. It's better than what we have now, of course but still not ideal. Maybe the 8m radius is not a great fix :(
      Then again, isn't basement Bubba a staple of DBD? xD I'd say it's probably even more iconic than the trapper himself.

  • Imp Salazarth
    Imp Salazarth 24 일 전 +1

    I think the major issues with the changes to the chainsaw killers is that on the RPD, the game, and other maps with upper and lower floors is the game might consider you camping if you pass though a room or a hall that is too near to the hook.

    HAHAH 19 일 전 +1

    5:00 strongly disagree with this- the survivors have time to heal if you’re camping 99% of the time

  • Kuroro
    Kuroro 24 일 전 +1

    I love the objectivity of all your videos. Your digging up numbers, making experiments, proposes solutions. I'm really grateful for all your hard work, Otz: I learned so much thanks to you.

  • mark lehman
    mark lehman 24 일 전 +1

    It's darva I agree with everything you said in this video except for one thing that I wish you would have mentioned I wish reassurance worked a little differently where if a killer is within 32 m of a hook for an extended period of time then reassurance can be used otherwise if a killer leaves a hook for several seconds and comes back because the survivors greeted Jens instead of unhooking when it was safe they can now force the stage 2 as a punishment. Sorry if voice to text isn't working right now I'm currently driving

  • eA3y
    eA3y 24 일 전 +295

    Bubba doesn't camp bubba just protects his basement

    • TriggerHappy
      TriggerHappy 24 일 전 +1

      I mean canonically it’s accurate since in the movies he’s just protecting his property from teens trespassing on it. In boobas mind he’s just taking out the trash and defending his home from the stinky survivors.

    • Critical Idiot
      Critical Idiot 24 일 전 +7

      Bubba just loves the survivors so much he doesnt want someone to take them from him

    • Ayoub P
      Ayoub P 24 일 전

      Where is the agent leader or the runaway snitch?

    • cyber
      cyber 24 일 전

      Link to the clip Thank me later

  • Revan
    Revan 24 일 전 +3

    Make grim embrace basekit and make it so it can activate twice but you have to hook 4 different survivors in a row

  • Hairy Bawls
    Hairy Bawls 24 일 전

    Removing healthy unhook grabs is something that needs to happen and I can't believe it hasn't been changed yet. The change that needs to go along with it is that Survivors affected by BT should not be able to body block or take protection hits.

  • SA
    SA 22 일 전 +2

    Good suggestions about camping. But the problem is BHVR cares about killers more than survivors. The infinite reassurance (PTB) was a really good punishment for camping killers but they nerfed it. They said that survivors must not abuse reassurance per survivor per hook but if killer abuses a hook, it's fine.

  • DewtaUwU
    DewtaUwU 24 일 전 +1

    Do you think it would be good idea if, staying in range of 12m/16m from the hooked survivor would prevent hook timer from progressing? Would it change anything?

  • Jack Stickman
    Jack Stickman 24 일 전 +147

    I think they could try to reduce the timer going down, depending on how near the killer is to the hook.

    • Nicane -
      Nicane - 24 일 전

      @WutTheDeuce is not a bad idea, u rework KINSHIP and make it base. but that doesnt prevent people from camping, is another bandaid fix taht doesnt really fix anything, IT WILL MAJOR help to SWF who now have way more time BUT STILL... doesnt fix anything.

    • Gavyn
      Gavyn 24 일 전

      @Daniel Erland it guarantees the killer a kill, not a win. Unless its an inexperienced team. It's very easy to loop a killer for the remaining 1-2 gens once a survivor is camped to death given every pallet is still on the map along with possible pallet doors. If the killer has Rancor just have the obsession hide until its safe to leave

    • Gavyn
      Gavyn 24 일 전

      @Sienpan The end of what?

    • Daniel Erland
      Daniel Erland 24 일 전 +2

      @Gavyn Sorry to say Gavyn,
      I’m not sure if that’s actually true,
      Hear me out I play both sides pretty equally 40/60 A bit more survivor,
      But most of the times and of course this is map dependent, there are certain killers that are actually more often than not are rewarded for not doing anything.
      Even gen progress doesn’t really affect them, if the killer before even entering the game bring perks such as corrupt intervention deadman switch and or deadlock, then they are pretty much assured a kill and probably three or four, because of the imbalance in the game as soon as one survivor is out of the game when there is any time left on gens and A survivor is died then the game heavily swings in the killers favor. Which means the two minutes the killer has to wait for survival to die and the three minutes that a survivor how to finish the generators basically guarantees a killer win.

    • Jack Stickman
      Jack Stickman 24 일 전

      @Sienpan at least the killer gets just one kill, instead of 2

  • Seon Jung
    Seon Jung 24 일 전 +2

    On one hand, I think the chainsaw changes would help against constant facecamping bubbas.
    On the other hand, I think that SWF could heavily abuse this, and then just bumrush the hook/basement after 10 seconds pass, knowing that the killer can't do anything.

    • ForTheRNG
      ForTheRNG 24 일 전 +1

      but like that's already the case with all basic m1 killers, exceptions being hag & trapper who kinda need it (hag not so much, trapper definitely)

  • Caleb Breaux
    Caleb Breaux 23 일 전

    Well thought out experiment and data collection. I'd be curious about other camping data you could get. If you played ten matches as a camping killer with:
    1) No add-ons/perks affecting camping (you basically did this here) against survivors with Reassurance
    2) Add-ons/Perks that specifically reduce hook times against survivors with Reassurance
    I think that would round out your experiment here. Still, good stuff, very interesting.

  • Raquel Angulo
    Raquel Angulo 23 일 전

    The other day I was playing with 2 friends and we went against a trapper who was unlucky enough to get the game as a map. He camped every hook, but because the 3 of us playing together were running reassurance, we were able to buy enough time to do gens before having to trade and we ended up getting a 4 man out, which wouldn't have happened without it.

  • Nuke_Hazard18_2
    Nuke_Hazard18_2 24 일 전

    4:58 I been saying this for years, im so glad you agree on that. I cant believe it hasnt been changed sooner honestly.

    ARTROCIOUS 24 일 전 +1

    Grabs should still work though on gens. Surprise grabs make sense when on generators.

  • Vernafveik
    Vernafveik 23 일 전

    As much as this perk is a great step in the right direction, it suffers from the issue that it's an important perk, made to deal with an important problem, locked behind a paywall.

  • 0hMikeGod
    0hMikeGod 23 일 전 +1

    The game is survivor sided already so these proposed changes are just adding to that. Watch the number of people playing killer drop even more if this was a reality. Camping is sometimes necessary but wouldn't be viable without the ability to grab etc.

  • Toomuchsugar
    Toomuchsugar 24 일 전

    Haven't played DBD in months, why is Otz so entertaining to watch?

  • jsilva95
    jsilva95 24 일 전

    This game is fun even with all of its issues. That being said. It's definitely time to make a new one!

  • Raiden
    Raiden 24 일 전

    We’re gonna live forever and reassurance are basically my go to perks for every single build I use.

  • Rengle
    Rengle 24 일 전

    This may sound silly, but what if instead of removing unhook grabs entirely, they just resulted in the hooked survivor becoming unhooked and the hook itself becoming self-sabotaged as a result of too much weight and force pulling it? Adds a bit more strategy and mind games on both sides.

  • TheRealLordFarquaad
    TheRealLordFarquaad 24 일 전 +1

    I still think it's unfair that bubba has a unconditional insta down. Billy has overheat and is not as easy to hit. Oni needs to get blood orbs and injured survivors to get a power. Plague needs to get her power from somewhere at the map. Myers an Ghostie need to stalk and so on. Leatherface should need to get fuel for his chainsaw that gives him a time of recharging his charges and when the fuel runs out after a little time the chainsaw should turn off until he gets new fuel.

  • PoggersFish _
    PoggersFish _ 24 일 전

    I love this video and all, but when you compared the win rates of the old patch and current patch (with reassurance) and the win rate was halved, but this could’ve been a change in MMR - despite it not usually working but you get my point. Another factor we weren’t made aware or was if reassurance was even in play any of those matches or not - not because it wasn’t identifiable in-game, but it wasn’t in the video, only Otz knows if it was used at all or not, so I think that maybe this needs revising, simply because it may not be consistent

  • Aussie DesoDawg
    Aussie DesoDawg 24 일 전 +5

    Just completely disable the chainsaw within range, because they could probably start a chainsaw out of range and close into the hook within range. With your example if it's 8 meters, just rev 9 meters away. That solution might help in some hooks, but many deadzone hooks will be a minor inconvenience to camping I feel.
    As for the complaint/argument of survivors playing around hook, it's really not the end of the world to just use M1 and if survivors are messing around the hook they are not doing gens and are throwing in your favour as a killer.

  • MistplayzOP
    MistplayzOP 23 일 전

    I love almost all the suggested changes, I think they are some good ones. However I do respectfully disagree with the healthy grab mechanic. While it sometimes can come down to latency, I find a lot of times its just due to one of the sides making a mistake. Playing the hook grab game I find is fun and is a type of mindgame but sides have to know and learn. I have 4.8k hours and play both sides and only rarely have ever got grabbed due to latency as survivor. As killer, I love the mindgame personally. If they bait me really well I make the mistake and they win, if they don't, I win.
    It encourages 2 man saves more I think which I think is important if the killer is right there. That's just my take on it. I can see why you would like it to be changed but as I said we just disagree on that point! Everything else though Otz, spot on man 🤗

  • Алексей Иванов

    I wanna talk about last part of the video. "Killers have no reason to hook multiple survivors."
    Imagine base kit, applied to each survivor. After being unhooked receive something, that buffs you in chase, like movement speed bonus and/or vault speed, let's say +4% movement speed. This buff lasts for a long period of time - 90 seconds, 120 seconds or even infinite amount of time. After second unhook you get more bonuses, like +6% movement speed instead. That forces killer to chase different survivors.
    In addition to chase buff for survivor, they receive debuff for doing stuff for same period of time. Something like -10% for repairing, healing, cleansing etc, etc. And after second unhook they get something like -15%. That benefits killer for hooking multiple survivors.
    So, we end up with 2 ideas that work well together and gives both team good experience. Killer still can tunnel if they want, but it's less efficient.
    P.S. I think infinite +4/6% movement speed can be too painful for late game chases, so may be combine something like 90 seconds of additional movement speed, and infinite debuff, I don't know.

    • Алексей Иванов
      Алексей Иванов 23 일 전

      Also I thought about even bigger change, that fixes both tunneling and camping problem. Imagine that game isn't end for dead survivors, so you play whole duration instead of leaving immediately after death. I imagine something like turning survivor into a ghost, that can help a bit other survivors by buffing them, debuffing killer or giving info. I think you need to reduce their vision, so they won't become maphack in SWF. They can't see characters and objects, but have ability to turn normal vision for short period of time or something like that.

  • christiano10ronaldo
    christiano10ronaldo 24 일 전 +1

    Something similar to Pyramidhead cage teleport mechanic and basekit modified kindred should also be considered

  • melody
    melody 23 일 전 +1

    Reassurances being one of the only things you can do against camping is extremely disappointing considering its behind a pay wall :/

  • Luca Wendel
    Luca Wendel 24 일 전

    Imagine a perk that would speed up hook progress by _% for each survivor hooked. They could even make it super strong and basekit if they nerf the normal hook progress speed a little.

  • はんぞう - Hanzō
    はんぞう - Hanzō 24 일 전 +1

    BBQ and Chilli's bonus bloodpoints was my reason for hooking everyone, now that it's gone I see no reason not to either tunnel or hook the same two survivors. :/

  • Master Alucard
    Master Alucard 24 일 전 +394

    Playing against a Bubba that camps is just miserable. He literally takes one player out of the game, ruining the fun for everyone but himself (and maybe even for himself). Hopefully Behavior adresses this in the near future.

    • TheLifeLaVita
      TheLifeLaVita 22 일 전

      why don't you address your crying using some handkerchieves?

    • ReavenM1911A1
      ReavenM1911A1 22 일 전 +1

      @asdasd Really? You're going to say every killer that isn't nurse or blight can't win? So Huntress, Oni, Plague, Wesker, Artist, Hag, P Head all have no hope of winning? Even in max MMR half of the time survivors aren't even a SWF. If you're telling me every survivor team you go against is an impossible match for you. You're probably just not that good and should spend more time at lower MMRs instead of sweating constantly to get a high rank.

    • David Perez Vazquez
      David Perez Vazquez 22 일 전 +1

      @asdasd maybe you should get better at reading because I literally never said that. I only said I don’t like camping and listed a clear reason why. If you wanna tunnel, at least they can even play the game. Sure it’s harder depending on what killer you’re playing but camping at 5 gens is by far the lamest way to play the game. Nowhere did I say anything about playing a low tier killer but whatever. As someone who plays both, yes if I don’t have someone dead by 2-3 gens, I might tunnel one out but that’s the only time I do it. I main legion and ghostface and consistently get 3-4ks so don’t even start about low tiers. If you’re that mad about getting 4 outed, get better at the game instead of crying about it.

    • asdasd
      asdasd 22 일 전

      @David Perez Vazquez since when was playing a lower tier killer "being outplayed"?
      Let's be honest, most chases are gonna last 30-60 seconds against okayish survivors so unless you tunnel (soft or hardcore), you're gonna have 4 people alive by the endgame.

    • asdasd
      asdasd 22 일 전

      @ReavenM1911A1 the problem is that if you're not playing nurse, blight or spirit and the survivors are at least slightly competent, they're gonna do all the gens in about 4-5 minutes and you're gonna have less than 6 hooks by the endgame (Assuming 1 chase lasts 30-60 seconds).

  • ciuuin
    ciuuin 24 일 전

    Good, well thought out suggestions! I'm considering running a rebecca skin without reassurance just to scare killers off of camping first hook, it's really a boring, low effort playstyle currently

    • moon
      moon 24 일 전

      Hey you have something to claim
      🔝👆🔝..... ,*,

  • Ali J
    Ali J 24 일 전

    I feel like the chainsaw depleting idea will be counter-abused by survivors with Reassurance kiting near the hooked person

  • Herboku
    Herboku 24 일 전

    The stand off for camping reminds me of hatch stand offs back in the day

  • Rawortega
    Rawortega 24 일 전

    I think a safe change they can make is to make it so that when a killer hooks all 4 survivors it will allow them to insta down the obsession one time per survivor

  • Друманин Дрин

    Basically video is: "Lets make stronger sides of some killers useless"
    So terrible. Instead of giving killers buffs and interests to play game in "fair" way, people prefer to kill them into ground more and more.

  • AVoltech
    AVoltech 24 일 전

    I agree the unhook grabs, the rest of the changes, I don't know. Would have to see how it would work in game.

  • Slackalicious
    Slackalicious 24 일 전 +1

    This in a sense is giving survivors even more tools.
    They get multiple hits from 2nd chance perks, they'd get safe areas around unhooks. They can still annihilate gens by the time your first chase is done.
    Camping isnt healthy for the game, but its been a tool used by killers who have too few options overall; against the survivors who have so many options.
    Which in turn will push killer mains away from the killers they want to play, and more towards meta killers they feel they have to play. Which pushes survivors towards playing the loadouts they feel they'd have to play.
    Now I get that you did the testing and such and these were your findings, but youre top 1% in DBD
    Us 99% normies are already getting trashed and feel like we need to just learn nurse or blight

  • Anastrophe This
    Anastrophe This 23 일 전

    I know it's a larger change and would entail a lot of perk/interaction changes, but honestly I think hooks should all work like Pyramid Head's cages. Once hooked, if the killer camps the hook there could be an animation of the entity dragging them away and they go to another hook far from the killer.
    The downside is you basically can't camp even when it makes sense and you don't get any info from survivors unhooking without perks like floods of rage. The upside is if you hook someone near an exit gate at endgame, they'll get teleported super far away, and the game can start getting balanced around camping not existing.
    Maybe in some setups the exit gates will spawn frustratingly, but what else is new?
    Obviously this change couldn't be made in isolation (and won't be made at all): It's a pretty severe nerf to killer since you no longer have info on survivor whereabouts when someone is unhooked, and you can't 'guard' your hooks... But that's the point: Guarding and camping are just different extremes of the same thing. As long as 'guarding' a hook is a viable strategy, camping will be too (IMO as a professional idiot).
    I can't think of any killer buff that would directly replace the info you normally get from unhooks and the power of hook guarding, but I will suggest something totally off the wall (IE, I don't necessarily think it's a good change, but since I'm spitting cruelty at killers, let's do the same for survivors): What if you DIDN'T see the aura of your hooked teammate outside of a small range? When the killer hooks someone they have less info, but they get more game delay because now one single survivor can't say 'I'm going for the unhook' - everyone has to search. The place they get sent to could be random or pseudo-random (IE, random but never spawns close to a survivor/killer when able).
    Final note: This won't ever be implemented, but in the hypothetical world where it is, can't you just imagine BHVR telling any unhappy killer players "Just bring floods of rage"?

  • MariahCareyUnited
    MariahCareyUnited 24 일 전 +1

    this perk is one of my favorites by far. if they nerf it ill be so mad

    • Nassie
      Nassie 24 일 전

      It already was nerfed when it released to the game :(

  • Emmy Morales
    Emmy Morales 24 일 전

    I’ve only had one killer who tried this since it came out. I kept running pass and using the perk, all three on gens. Rescued the surv who now ofc getting tunneled and did the same thing for the second hook. It comes in clutch but not as much as ppl think

  • Anttdogg
    Anttdogg 24 일 전

    I went against an insidious facecamping bubba and one of my teammates had reassurance. The bubba only got one kill but it DEFINITELY did help severely.

  • 북극곰
    북극곰 22 일 전

    The unhook situation of faking it to bait a hit feels as goofy as Hatch stand-off's did in the past. I agree with this point though it might be unfortunate for those killers that play fair and have to camp their last kill in the end-game.

  • Bishamu
    Bishamu 24 일 전

    I haven't been camped but I've noticed increase in tunneling. I was tunneled 3 games in a row just because I took a hit for a survivor being tunneled.

  • CasuallyAYouTuber
    CasuallyAYouTuber 24 일 전

    What if a killer camps a survivor for at least 15 (or 30 seconds), there hook timer will be slowed by 1.5℅. I think this saves at least 15 seconds for the hooked survivors. This could be helpful because the survivor has more time on the generators plus the hooked survivor has more time. Another idea was every killer power wouldn't work if they been around the survivor for 15 or 20 seconds.

  • Jonathan Enriquez
    Jonathan Enriquez 24 일 전

    Hey Otz, I have a quick idea that I want to run by you. What it there was some sort of status effect for survivors that they can give themselves via perk or base kit somehow that allows for some sort of negation on grabs or exposed status effect for a small duration? I haven’t worked out the kinks yet but I want to know what you’d think if something of the likes were in the game.

  • thiccnoodles
    thiccnoodles 24 일 전

    Unhook grabs are like old hatch standoff, whoever acts first "loses"

  • Cat
    Cat 24 일 전

    Easy way to break camping and incentivize hooking multiple survivors, make a system that works like Devour Hope base kit. Have the killer get stronger the more they hook people. Like give them a 2% speed boost at four unique survivors hooked, then another at eight.

  • KingMarsden
    KingMarsden 24 일 전 +3

    To address the tunneling and or to incentivize the killer hooking different survivors perhaps they could add a base kit mechanic where if the killer manages to hook each survivor 2 times, the endgame timer is halved or somehow plays out differently. Idk maybe that would be too much but it would be nice to see something in the game, other than a perk (RIP BBQ) that encourages killers to hook every survivor and not just want to get a survivor out of the game. I know how detrimental it can be to survivors to get a kill early in the game, but I find I have more fun in games when I chase everyone and get as many hooks as I can.

  • Vector Vector
    Vector Vector 24 일 전 +19

    I think that 8m anti Camp is gonna hurt the killer during end game specially if the survivor is hooked near the exit gates . They would be able to get out easily because the chainsaw don't work unless you move away 8m from the hook . that mechanic should be disabled during the end game since you don't have any other objective when gens got completed .

    • David Perez Vazquez
      David Perez Vazquez 23 일 전

      @Attention yeah so let’s disincentivize it to make it less effective. That’s the solution. Yes people will always play like that but substantially reducing the number would increase game enjoyment

    • David Perez Vazquez
      David Perez Vazquez 23 일 전

      @NPCKanyon the act of camping prevents someone from interacting buddy. It’s pretty simple but I can’t help you much if you don’t understand it. Sorry

    • David Perez Vazquez
      David Perez Vazquez 23 일 전

      @flibety low MMR check

    • flibety
      flibety 24 일 전

      @David Perez Vazquez "What so you can just noed someone and camp them" yes

  • OG BigC
    OG BigC 24 일 전

    I like it, but the 8m radius may be a problem on indoor maps with different floors.

  • Punky Doo
    Punky Doo 24 일 전 +423

    BHVR: We don't want players to rely on a perk for bloodpoints *removes BP incentive to WGLF & BBQ*
    Also BHVR: We want to resolve camping and tunneling, here's a perk to rely on for just that :)

    • Punky Doo
      Punky Doo 24 일 전

      @Avy I'm not saying BHVR released this perk and just said yup, that fixes it 100%. Again, its the concept that a perk is released to fix something at all instead of addressing the actual gameplay mechanics. For the record, now that the blood website are cheaper, yeah its fine to not have those perks, but before that specific change it was still complete ass. Reassurance is the same idea as shattered hope being put in the game. They're bandaid ideas. I fully accept that you'll never understand my point, so this is the last thing I'm saying about it. Who thought a funny observant joke would trigger some people lmao

    • Avy
      Avy 24 일 전

      @Punky Doo but the point of the perk isnt to have a huge effect on camping that is what you dont understand

    • Punky Doo
      Punky Doo 24 일 전

      @Avy The complete bs is you assuming my thoughts completely. Over 400 people understood what I meant compared to the 3 people commenting opinions like yours. The concept is simply relying on a perk to achieve X, no matter what that thing is. Its not deeper than that. My 4k hours does not need to be told about the prestige system changes. Reassurance is a cool perk, but for it to have any real affect on camping, it would have to become meta, people would need to rely on it every game. Thats my point. Thats it.

    • Avy
      Avy 24 일 전

      @Punky Doo this perk isnt necessary also theres a second reason why bp boosts where removed from them, they changed completly how prestiges works and amount of bp spend to get the perks, now everyone would be running wglf and bbq because everything is so cheap, i dont really think so the comparision u made is good, fixing camping is a tbh pretty complicated tbh, this perk is just help for survivors. You thinking that bhvr added it and thought that camping is fixed is complete bs

    • Nicane -
      Nicane - 24 일 전

      @Zulay092 by that point, they gave that perk away like 15 times...

  • HiddenMissive
    HiddenMissive 24 일 전

    I think simply pausing hook progression while the killer is within, say, 12-15 meters of the hook takes care of camping for the most part.

  • Butternut
    Butternut 24 일 전 +1

    So basically, as long as you're willing to pay actual money for a licensed character, camping isn't that strong
    That's still unacceptable and needs to be changed

  • Taygon45
    Taygon45 22 일 전

    Could a system be implemented were the Entity becomes angry at the killer for camping and lets the survivor off the hook if the killer stays near the hook for too long?

  • Glaasse
    Glaasse 24 일 전

    Yes it's still viable because no one runs that perk (saw it twice out of my last 50 games, so that's 148 survivors without it). More people used it when it first came out but not anymore.
    Even if you run it, the fact that you need to stop what you're doing to go proc it and that your team doesn't know means it's mostly useless.
    This is a good perk for teams, serves no use if you solo.
    Something that needed to happen was an increase of hook timer proportional to the increase of gen time. If gens can actually pop while the killer is camping then they get punished for camping. Right now you don't have time to do all gens while they camp.

  • TheStoneMason
    TheStoneMason 24 일 전

    2:54 Ahhh I see what you did there mr Strimmer. Reassurance is really reassuring 😂

  • Maximum Spooks
    Maximum Spooks 24 일 전

    Otz: makes a detailed video on how to nerf camping to make the game more fun.
    DBD Community: Otz thinks clown needs to be nerfed

  • gloherself
    gloherself 23 일 전 +1

    THE REMOVE UNHOOK GRABS YES PLEASE!! it’s SO ANNOYING and has always been so damn unfair to me esp if i’m full health..

  • King's Nerd Cave
    King's Nerd Cave 24 일 전

    I'd make the range more like 12 meters of a hooked survivor but I agree that killer insta-down powers/add-ons shouldn't work in that range. It's really sad that hooking 1 survivor and camping is usually easier and better than going for multiple chases.

  • SLAVIK #
    SLAVIK # 24 일 전 +63

    The issue with changes such as this is that it can’t be implemented without being abused for unintended features. For example what if u go near the hook and use reassurance and the killer just continues to chase near the hook but he loses chainsaw charges because the game thinks the killer is camping? This would force an M1 so the survivor can escape chase or get a longer chase for free by abusing mechanics

    • Nat-ural Disasterpieces
      Nat-ural Disasterpieces 24 일 전

      @Daniel Cope Wouldn't be a hard loop. But every second counts and Survivors deserve to be punished for poor plays they incur themselves. And there are hooks INSIDE tiles too. Where the looping does happen in close proximity so. No. Not every hook is that hook in the middle of nowhere.

    • Justin Pryce-Reay
      Justin Pryce-Reay 24 일 전

      @Weaponized Autism >Has the balance of a party game
      >Competitive game
      I mean, you do you, and there are others who do tourneys, but there's a reason tourneys have HEAVILY altered rules from pub games. I have alot of fun with the game, but I know fully how hard balance swings back and forth.

    • Weaponized Autism
      Weaponized Autism 24 일 전

      ​@Justin Pryce-Reay "competetive game"
      "have fun"

    • C
      C 24 일 전 +1

      @CozyEnby 1 patch that is truly killer sided and survivor mains are back to crying, it's so funny to see honestly. Not only that, you're coping by saying "Killer is easy". What, is pressing space every now and then while mirroring 1 person harder than managing 4 people and mechanically mastering a power 😂😂 the dbd community never fails to sound dumb.

    • Daniel Cope
      Daniel Cope 24 일 전 +1

      @Nat-ural Disasterpieces the proposed change was set to 8 meters. You were arguing that survivors would abuse it and loop the killer near the hook. but if you're getting hard looped within 8 meters of the hook thats a skill issue

  • TheArcadio
    TheArcadio 24 일 전

    I would like to see the range on Reassurance extended enough to reach the basement. I think that Myers/Ghostface 99’ing and waiting by the hook can be problematic too but that is only for basement hooks or hooks that in an a wide open area.

    • Telegram me 👉Justinjohnson
      Telegram me 👉Justinjohnson 24 일 전

      ⬆️I appreciate the love and thanks for watching add up to claim ongoing Ps5 giveaway, telegram only to claim your prize...... ^^^^^^

  • Icefist1
    Icefist1 24 일 전

    Personally I would just have the hooks teleport similar to cages. Camping should not be the main way killers play the game. Part of the fun of the game is chases and predictions etc. Killers should be rewarded a lot more for having multiple hook stages as opposed to kills. You can have a visual and audio queue letting the killer and survivors know that the hook will teleport. Have an entity displeased warning or something like that. Having a survivor wait a long queue and get tunneled out of a game or camped out of a game. It's not healthy for the game. It makes survivors bring the most OP stuff and killers to do the same. Or worse people stop playing the game all together.

  • Secret Agent 007
    Secret Agent 007 24 일 전

    Yeah I agree so much with the fact that it's so unfair that the killer can just grab us while unhooking when you are healthy although I can't really suggest the alternative here but ⬆️ this is definitely not the way 😞.

  • Windward Birds
    Windward Birds 23 일 전

    here's my solution that would 100% end camping: make the pyramid head cages mechanic basekit.
    Like, hooking a survivor takes them to a random hook on the map, after that if the killer stays too long in the same area as a hooked survivor, they're yeeted to some other location, so on and so forth. to balance out the killer having way less pressure i'd say: basekit bbq + noise notification after someone gets rescued.

  • Fizz is GG
    Fizz is GG 24 일 전 +66

    If survivors mess it up, proxy camping still works despite 2 or 3 reassurances in my matches.

    • Nicane -
      Nicane - 24 일 전

      unless swf this tactic is stupidly usefull.

    • Weaponized Autism
      Weaponized Autism 24 일 전 +1

      ​​@ThomasMueller999 Has it ever occured to you that maybe he plays with his friends?
      But seeing how you talk it didn't since you probably have no friends 🙂


      Good survivors on comms won't mess it up you're just bullying poor little solo queuers 😂🤷‍♂️

    • cyber
      cyber 24 일 전

      Link to the clip Thank me later

    • ThomasMueller999
      ThomasMueller999 24 일 전 +1

      Yeah, bro. You certainly have 2-3 reassurances in your matches hahahahaha God, this game is in desperate need of transparent MMR. Silver elo talks.

  • MoonSun
    MoonSun 24 일 전 +2

    "it's really reassuring" good one otz

  • It’s AFK
    It’s AFK 24 일 전 +1

    i will always say this “kindred base kit” if your new i highly recommend it, tells you where your teammates are and see if the killer is camping.

    • SleepyKing
      SleepyKing 24 일 전

      Bbq chili, thanataphobia basekit

    • SleepyKing
      SleepyKing 24 일 전

      Bbq chili, thanataphobia basekit

  • Krystal Pepsi
    Krystal Pepsi 22 일 전 +1

    How about a new perk, or reworking Kinship into: "While you are on a hook, the first survivor that would be put into the dying state by a hit within 6/8/10m of you, is instead put into the Deep Wound status.". This perk doesn't use Endurance, similar to the application of Mettle of Man.
    A perk of this nature would completely counter killers with instant down abilities that are camping. Killers would not be able to predict if a survivor has this perk so by the time they find out, its already too late; killers would have to generally change the way they play to take into account the potential presence of this perk, like how the existence of DS and Off The Record prevents killers from wanting to tunnel regardless if the survivors were running these perks or not.
    This perk would even be useful outside of camping situations making this perk a decent perk to have all around. Say the killer is laying down the pressure, someone is on hook, everyone is injured and can't heal, maybe even a couple others are in the dying state, things seem pretty hopeless for the survivors. A clutch hook rescue with this perk would give survivors a fighting chance in even some of the worst situations.

    • Raiden 99
      Raiden 99 22 일 전

      While this sounds like a good idea, here's the thing regarding Bubba's chainsaw. You can still get multiple hits on the same Survivor with one charge. It's why some Bubba players occasionally meme with the Speed Limiter and Iridescent Flesh combo. So if people were using this reworked Kinship to try and secure an unhook against Bubba, he can unfortunately still delete the Endurance and secure a down anyways. Otherwise, this makes sense

  • Ear Servant
    Ear Servant 24 일 전 +8

    Otz, it's certainly all good what you're doing, but the developers will listen to ideas that will protect the survivors. And they will not fix all sorts of toolboxes and first-aid kits with incredible speed

  • Kit
    Kit 14 일 전

    I swear Otz should just be a dev. Feels like one of the few people that looks at everything from both sides.

  • F. E.
    F. E. 23 일 전

    I'm missing a solution for trickster, which imo is the seconds best face camper after bubba. He can down rescuuer and unhooker extremely fast with an open hook, even faster with main event.