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Tips to Start as Survivor in 1 minute | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2021. 03. 04.
  • A super short 1 minute condensed guide on what to do at the start of your matches as Survivor. Start doing these things if you weren't already!
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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  년 전 +6478

    Couldn't even cram a "hi" in the video, so hi! 😘

  • Westcoast915
    Westcoast915 년 전 +1122

    You forgot "If Hex:Devour Hope is revealed at some point in the match, panic for around 2 minutes. Then find the hex."

    • Beau Braun
      Beau Braun 2 개월 전

      You also forgot to mention that if devour hope is revealed, you should make sure to heal before finding the totem. It’s very important for some reason

    • Jonathan Whalen
      Jonathan Whalen 6 개월 전

      *uses counterforce*
      *It's very effective*

    • Cerdeiro88
      Cerdeiro88 년 전 +1

      @CBplayZ A classic one: You can't get moried if you dc ;)

    • CBplayZ
      CBplayZ 년 전 +1

      @Cerdeiro88 You can't get moried if you die on hook. So easy to counter what a trash perk

    • Unknown *
      Unknown * 년 전 +1

      @Just Watch the most optimal play is clearly if the killer has 1 hook and is camping with noed, everyone rush because you clearly have a chance of getting everyone to escape.

  • Bejhamen
    Bejhamen 년 전 +1910

    Number 1: Do gens
    Number 2: Do gens
    Number 3: refer to steps 1 and 2
    Number 4: Do gens

    • Ibrahim E
      Ibrahim E 6 개월 전 +1

      Dude, so many players not working on gens, pisses me off. WORK ON GENS PEOPLE.

    • Joe (:
      Joe (: 8 개월 전

      @Strawberry Poptart too complicated

    • Jacob
      Jacob 년 전 +16

      “why weren’t you on gens?”
      “I was on gens every chance I got”
      “honestly we just gave up”
      “Who’s we?”
      *inhales deeply and punches camera

    • Theapex100
      Theapex100 년 전 +2

      @Hyuu cleansing the haunted grounds totem

  • HarrisonW
    HarrisonW 년 전 +7345

    Instructions unclear I self cared in a corner with sloppy butcher

    • Evan Luckey
      Evan Luckey 7 일 전

      As someone in the future, I pray for you 😑

    • MurderwolfGaming YT
      MurderwolfGaming YT 개월 전

      Instructions unclear I hacked survivor and put sloppy butcher on now I'm banned

    • OllieSutton
      OllieSutton 2 개월 전

      I sometimes run Legion / sloppy and people mend then heal 😂

    • Sciediu
      Sciediu 2 개월 전

      Me being the self care user slowly hiding from teammates internally raging at me 😂

    • Syre
      Syre 2 개월 전

      @Gaming Is Life why shouldn’t I use self care when the killer has sloppy butcher?

  • GabbyTheHunter
    GabbyTheHunter 년 전 +2902

    How to play survivor: Don't get downed. If you get downed DC and say "GG EZ" in the endgame chat.

    • Dr. Dingus
      Dr. Dingus 7 개월 전 +1

      Remember, video games aren’t supposed to be fun, they’re a way to channel your repressed anger at the universe by making all of the strangers you’re lobbied up with miserable

    • NoOneLikesPokimane
      NoOneLikesPokimane 년 전 +1

      Especially if the survivors lose

    • Twisted_Bambi
      Twisted_Bambi 년 전 +4

      Honestly I play both survivor and killer and am sick of 90% of players on both sides 🤣 I play killer I get tea bagged and abused with FL then accused of being shit or camping because I walked in the general area of the hook because someone walked in FRONT OF ME to unhook 😱 I play survivor and first my team will START a gen above me while I go into second hook and the killer is gone or I see them all running to a hook before killer leaves while I'm the only one on a gen so they all get slugged/hooked/mori'd then I get hooked once trying to save everyone's ass and die on first hook. OR I get face/vicinity camped because I threw one pallet and stunned or looped for 2 minutes so I must die and be hit on hook while I'm there. If someone does actually try pay me back for saving them (or farm me lol) I get tunneled anyway

    • Leonardo Mengucci
      Leonardo Mengucci 년 전 +2

      @Random guy with a baseball batte use franklins demise, hit all survivors D/C and say gg ez

  • Iroquois Pleaskin
    Iroquois Pleaskin 년 전 +2432

    "And that's it"
    *Ends the video getting mori'ed*

    • Nat. A.
      Nat. A. 년 전 +1

      Activate the traps and you get the slaps

    • Maurycy Kisiała
      Maurycy Kisiała 년 전


    • Destiny 15
      Destiny 15 년 전 +12

      @koro Yes it is but the irony is too good and he just pointed it out.

    • koro
      koro 년 전 +2

      Yes that is what happened

    • 0mg_Evan
      0mg_Evan 년 전 +2


  • PnutGamer
    PnutGamer 년 전 +2606

    Tip: Don’t be like that one Nancy.

    • Jessica Draper
      Jessica Draper 5 개월 전

      Nancy main here I have come to the conclusion not to break totems cuz it wastes time. If I'm playing with a Mikaela and I spot a totem earlier in the game and she happens to be looking at the ground running in to rocks and walls (waisting time) I was frolic over to her and gesture her to said totem. (We need not be enemies anymore.) Also cleansing only gives you 1000 points.. you can get that by wiggle for two seconds. And noed easy to counter and can be fun. But if the killer has 0 death hooks and downs me ill purposely make em hook me in basement cuz it's balances and points!

    • MadHunter
      MadHunter 9 개월 전 +1

      @katze yes

    • Daxy Royal
      Daxy Royal 10 개월 전 +1

      It's always Nancy 🤣🤣🤣

    • Nikki W • 69 years ago
      Nikki W • 69 years ago 10 개월 전 +1

      @Nani Marcator I think urban invasion is helpful sometimes, but the Nancy w inner healing 💀

    • TSD2003
      TSD2003 년 전 +3

      Then I should be fine

  • MSA_Matei
    MSA_Matei 년 전 +1466

    Because of this video I got into comp dbd thanks Mr.NotOtz

    • Xtra May0
      Xtra May0 년 전

      How do you get in comp wym

    • Xtra May0
      Xtra May0 년 전

      I’m the thousandth like lmao

    • CheeseDBD
      CheeseDBD 년 전

      @Leaf_Is_Bad woosh

    • John Hill
      John Hill 년 전

      @Leaf_Is_Bad the original commenter was joking lol dude you must be trolling right

    • Leaf_Is_Bad
      Leaf_Is_Bad 년 전

      @John Hill Who made a joke?

  • Legion Face
    Legion Face 년 전 +169

    Otz: has hour long videos explaining killers
    Also Otz: Survivors only get a 1 minute video

    • John Doe
      John Doe 년 전 +6

      The video length correlates to the understanding required to play the side.

    • Juicy Fatlog
      Juicy Fatlog 년 전 +2


    • Joshpiderman
      Joshpiderman 년 전 +1

      Check survivor addons and items and survivor perks

  • MysticMusician
    MysticMusician 년 전 +6

    Also against a hag, please crouch when necessary. The amount of people I've seen that just trigger the trap and unhook you so then you get downed again is... too many.

  • NagikunX
    NagikunX 년 전 +115

    "Have at least one survivor harass her traps if it is safe to do so..."

  • Serof
    Serof 년 전 +685

    Step one: Start the game
    Step two: ???
    Step three: Profit

    • AlfaOmega84
      AlfaOmega84 년 전

      Parker Plays Reference.

    • Jack Red
      Jack Red 년 전 +1

      Never gets old

    • deneracts死ぬ
      deneracts死ぬ 년 전 +1

      @Telmo Junior nice joke

    • JavJuegos _
      JavJuegos _ 년 전 +6

      Step two: evade into generator

    • K Mel
      K Mel 년 전 +2

      Im surprised otz didn't explain how to look behind you as survivor

  • Bananaman559
    Bananaman559 년 전 +359

    Rank 20 speedrun education edition

  • euthas
    euthas 년 전 +96

    Instructions unclear: I got reversed chainsawed as Quentin whilst I was hiding in a corner.

    • euthas
      euthas 년 전 +3

      @rvddle KRclip doesn't like sending links but here's the name and timestamp - Killers: *exist* Survivors: at 1:10 in.

    • rvddle
      rvddle 년 전


    • I'm behind you
      I'm behind you 년 전 +1

      @Zekrua chill...

    • Zekrua
      Zekrua 년 전 +11

      @O M you are the youtube comment equivalent of the quentin who was hiding in the corner

    • O M
      O M 년 전 +4

      @Zekrua it's in reference to one of his videos

  • Fede Bramba
    Fede Bramba 년 전 +49

    Survivor: dying in pain
    Otz: “Good luck”

  • Sailing 2018
    Sailing 2018 년 전 +4

    amazing! the amount of characters and perks can make dbd feel unapproachable. i know i would have really struggled to get past the learning curve without my friends' guidance, so cool you're providing info that could take hours of trial and error in game squeezed into 1 minute.

  • Scott Jund
    Scott Jund 년 전 +7394

    how am i supposed to watch this video when i don't know who is commentating

    • Toddyn Fake
      Toddyn Fake 10 개월 전

      Its not Otz

    • timely skydive
      timely skydive 년 전

      you silly silly

    • EpicPokeNerd
      EpicPokeNerd 년 전

      Nah it's Otzdarva...according to Disney Public Domain laws.

    • Jacob
      Jacob 년 전

      damn it’s some green guy, kinda like your twitch icon. can’t be that Otzdarva guy though, he does dark souls 2 and clown content

    • Matheus Nicaretta
      Matheus Nicaretta 년 전

      Aren't you the guy who made the ds3 dream patch gor mages?

  • fakeplasticgamers
    fakeplasticgamers 년 전 +213

    I was 100% expecting this to be a shitpost. But it was actually really useful information. Not that I expected anything less from Otz, but a 1 minute was bound to be a shitpost, right?

    • D S
      D S 년 전

      This is Not Otzdarva. Otzdarva would 100% not do this

    • viridi xx
      viridi xx 년 전

      it’s not otz

    • ayumii
      ayumii 년 전 +3

      The ending is basically a shit post.

  • Phantom Thief
    Phantom Thief 년 전

    Otz you are such a genuine dude, endlessly sharing wisdom while still being incredibly humble and kind. You deserve everything good that comes your way and you have guided me and countless others along our paths and there would be a giant hole if you were gone.

  • Sam Hall
    Sam Hall 년 전 +1

    Tip: Constantly look behind you in chase so you know where the killer is, it means you can judge whether or not you can make a vault/pallet and tells you if they’re trying to cut you off

  • Yachan Plays
    Yachan Plays 년 전

    Thank you so much man! Got this game as a gift and I've been told I play very well for a newbie (even thought my computer only has half of the minimum requirements so it does lag quite a lot and usually in the worst moments)
    Your videos, tips and gameplay really makes a difference and are extremely enjoyable! All of my knowledge and stragedies in this game are thanks to you.
    So thank you, you are awesome.

  • MWAG
    MWAG 년 전

    As someone who's been playing this game for just over a year and has a friend who's gonna get this game soon, I'm very grateful to have a video like this that she can watch to give her some quick tips before we even hop on together for the first time. Good job Otz.

  • StandBySky
    StandBySky 년 전

    Best tutorial speed run. I just learned nearly everything about playing survivor in just one minute. Thanks Otz!

  • Anna Woodling
    Anna Woodling 년 전 +106

    "hello friends, this is Otz, as recommended by 9/10 dentists"

  • andytheobliviator

    this video has more extremely useful tips in one minute than a lot of 30 minute long DBD videos

  • Jaiden Ester
    Jaiden Ester 년 전 +1

    Thanks for putting that mori at the end, now I know to get mori’d after doing my job of hiding in lockers for 50% of the match!

  • Voodoo Honeyjar
    Voodoo Honeyjar 년 전

    I love this format of quick 1 minute videos! Maybe for the next one you could do the different loops and pallet camping?

  • Irrelevant
    Irrelevant 년 전

    Wow, an actually useful guide on how to counter Killer perks. Thanks!

  • Alfeh
    Alfeh 년 전

    This actually helped me for me playing like a rank 20 in survivor matches, thx

  • Ryan Phillips
    Ryan Phillips 8 개월 전

    Man, u have made my dbd experience amazing, ur content is informative and entertaining and thank u so much for your amazing videos!

  • Ruby Ake
    Ruby Ake 년 전

    This is why I love Otz, he supports both sides of the game with tips and tricks to help them grow to be better survivors and killers.

  • Cheese Burgah
    Cheese Burgah 년 전 +56

    Tip number 7: Don't die

  • Tommy Davis
    Tommy Davis 년 전

    thank you VERY much, started playing last month. after watching you alot ive gotten down to rank 11 already. that was without knowing these tips. cant wait to use them!!!

  • MK Parade
    MK Parade 년 전

    only been playing dbd for 3 weeks and already LOVE your content and i’m already a rank 4 survivor

  • LemonGraham
    LemonGraham 년 전

    My favorite video so far. Full of information with absolutely no padding, it's the best

  • Lenz von Saleff
    Lenz von Saleff 년 전

    Quick and concise, the definition of efficiency. Nice video, man.

  • Game On
    Game On 년 전

    This man deserves more credit than what he receives. One of the most informative KRcliprs with only 300k+ Subs. He should at least be at 1 million by now. You guys need to make sure you've subbed to him.


    I've gotten to rank 2 and I still suck but I appreciate you helping the dbd community😁

  • l3lue l3xus
    l3lue l3xus 년 전

    Thank you! Some guidance for the new players to help us older players to enjoy the game better

  • Sparkly Muffinz
    Sparkly Muffinz 년 전

    This was actually insanely helpful because no where have I ever seen anyone indicate what 70% of the repair bar looks like. All those games make sense now lol. Thanks for the vid.

  • Billy-Ray Sanguine

    its a cool idea to do these shorts that make the information point on and memorable so they are a nice extension to your main videos, love it ^•^

  • ThePoisonousLife

    I already knew these tips myself but its good to see someone informing those who don't, I have spent so much times teaching friends others about these things because no one else does, even if they have friends who do know this stuff, no one likes to help new players and its just sad

  • Novanity
    Novanity 년 전 +1

    Otz is the type of guy who’d be a good plug for homework answers

  • Ade1tym
    Ade1tym 년 전

    Great advice for lower ranks and new players otz, spot on

  • DML-_21
    DML-_21 년 전

    Wow I didn't know about the Undying and dull totem thing. That is indeed very useful. Thank you Otz!

  • Pentagrin
    Pentagrin 년 전

    tip: after unhooking, save yourself the trouble of healing and abandon your injured teammate to go hide in a corner of the map for two minutes

  • Pyromantic Zora
    Pyromantic Zora 년 전

    Im glad ozt has come this far i remember when he started

  • STaTic_WavEzzz
    STaTic_WavEzzz 년 전

    I remember when I first found ur channel it was me looking for the all perk explanations and best perks and I saw those vids where many hours long so i was like eh do I rlly wanna watch this guy, and I decided yes cuz I rlly wanna learn and get better at this game and so I watched ur vids and slowly but surely I started watching more and more of ur vids and now I love watching them. I used to kinda dislike u cuz ur vids where so long otz but now I love ur vids and u and I’m so glad that I have someone with as much experience in this game teaching me. Love u man keep up the work!!! P.S. I’m not a new player I’ve just never rlly put any time into this game but now I’m playing a lot and I’m rank 13 survivor and rank 17 killer

  • pls don't ban me again you libtards

    thanks otz I tried these tips and I still got facecamped off my first hook but at least now each game I know I can theoretically play like a pro survivor!

  • Shell Shock
    Shell Shock 10 개월 전

    As a trapper main I love just throwing a random trap near a gen and waiting for someone to take the bait. 4 out of every ten matches consistently survivors fall for the bait.

  • TG Cid Orlandu
    TG Cid Orlandu 년 전 +2

    How to play survivor as a pro: "when you get downed you have to press escape immediately but control your impulse to DC". I don't know why but I've seen so many pro survivors doing it that it must be a pro move although I don't know why.

  • Another Normal Canadian

    Thanks otz I'm 5 mins in and already won my first tournament 👍

  • 7131lexie
    7131lexie 4 개월 전

    I wish people would watch more videos like this as well as when to go for an unhook vs staying on a gen or if you are being basement camped by a Bubba to just hang there and give your team the best chance of escaping.

  • Grushvak
    Grushvak 년 전

    I hit rank 1 survivor halfway through this video and got scouted by a competitive team right as it ended. Thanks.

  • Timbits
    Timbits 년 전 +1

    Finally a video by Otz I can have playing in the background for a long time while relaxing.

  • Night Feeder
    Night Feeder 4 개월 전 +1

    I never realized that OTZ makes shorts OTZ THANK YOU!

  • Tactical Spice
    Tactical Spice 년 전

    I’ve been playing survivor for a fair while now but I didn’t even know about the smoke trick with PGTW!
    Still learning new things :)

  • Dundi
    Dundi 년 전

    Yes, abuse the shorts to the oblivion, you're amazing and deserve all of those 3.5 billion daily views

  • rwoful
    rwoful 년 전

    Still provided more info than most videos i have seen soo well done xD

  • Rabbit Man
    Rabbit Man 년 전

    Step 1: Bring Key into match.
    Step 2: Make offering to spawn hatch in a known location
    Step 3: Run Urban Evasion, Spine Chill, Light Weight and Quick and Quiet.
    Step 4: Slink around the edges of the map until you get near where you know the hatch will spawn and then hide in the nearest locker. (You may opt to just hide in the corner somewhere if you are facing a Huntress or Trickster).
    Step 5: Wait for your team to either die off or complete enough gens to make the hatch spawn.
    Step 6: Once hatch spawns, proceed to the hatch and wait on the killer to see you before t-bagging and jumping through it.
    It's just that easy.

  • ActivelyVacant
    ActivelyVacant 년 전

    You forgot to mention Thrilling Tremors or Gearhead(lol).
    I do like the idea of having a checklist of things you can do as a survivor to identify exactly what perks a killer has equipped.

  • Cody
    Cody 년 전

    This is the type of dbd content I like. Not some random 20 minuet meme build. Thank you otz

  • Logan Logan
    Logan Logan 년 전 +1

    Cant wait to see this video improve my solo queue experience!

  • DragonBoy 32
    DragonBoy 32 년 전

    The undying bit was a tiny bit helpful to remember and the gen rushing strats are trap suggestions were helpful.

  • Chaos
    Chaos 년 전

    Hey Otz, can you do a video on how to get better as Pyramid Head? It is very hard for me to get a 4k game, when I can easily do it with any other killer. I feel like he is very predictable, because survivors always know what to do against me.

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk 년 전

    This all seems like common sense to me, like things you naturally learn on your way to red ranks. But nope, seems like 90% of red rank survivors still dont even realise the killer can use perks.
    Good vid as always nOtz

  • AFestiveDude
    AFestiveDude 년 전 +1

    When someone goes to join my gen, they always ask “Why are you leaving?!” when I go to start a different one. I understand the need to double or triple up on resource bare gens, but I always have to explain to them that it’s more efficient to spread out. Thanks otz for spreading this info.

    • AFestiveDude
      AFestiveDude 년 전 +1

      @1z In addition to the efficiency penalty to cooping on gens, the killer will have a harder time harassing two people on different gens compared to two people on the same gen. Spreading out to spread pressure saves a lot of time way more often than cooping on a gen.

    • 1z
      1z 년 전

      @Epik Faith probably outdated, a streamer said it was 44 seconds like 2 days ago when I was watching them but he could be wrong or the wiki could be wrong

    • Epik Faith
      Epik Faith 년 전 +1

      @1z Google "generators dbd" and click the first link to the wiki. It does take 47 seconds for 2 survivors to finish a gen. Not 44. Unless the wiki is outdated

    • 1z
      1z 년 전

      @Epik Faith Dunno about 47 seconds

    • Epik Faith
      Epik Faith 년 전 +1

      @1z 1 survivor on 1 gen takes 80 seconds. 2 survivors on 1 gen takes 47. 3 survivors on 1 gen takes 38. 4 survivors on 1 gen takes 36. It's not just 4 seconds of wasted time. 2 survivors on 1 gen are 7 seconds less efficient than if they split up. Every second counts in this game.

  • Senku Ishigami
    Senku Ishigami 년 전

    1 min of being aware of meta perks guide, awesome!

  • konstanZX2
    konstanZX2 년 전

    With all this knowledge I can finally be my own boss and start a multimillonaire business

  • The Gork
    The Gork 년 전

    Ah a good video to last the whole day. You're add-on videos were just to short. I'm glad you're doing both extremes

  • Nassim Terzout
    Nassim Terzout 년 전

    The assumption of having to cleanse two totems when killer has undying is why I love Otz

  • Harry Underwood
    Harry Underwood 년 전

    Wow, you weren't kidding on the 1 min part. A good idea for new players that either don't have the time to watch an in-depth guide of don't care to - now they've no excuse!

  • Elitek5
    Elitek5 년 전

    I have been playing on mobile (soon switching) and these tips are still helpful thanks

  • PonderingPanda
    PonderingPanda 년 전 +371

    Hello friends this is otz, according to a funny KRclip comment.

  • SweetestCandy
    SweetestCandy 년 전

    0:51 Meg has decided to assert dominance over the trap instead of disarming it

  • ImMadRachett
    ImMadRachett 년 전 +1

    When a 60 second clip helps you more than the in game tutorial xD

  • Ethan Lange
    Ethan Lange 년 전

    Otz really giving out some good info

  • Davion
    Davion 년 전

    I recently started the game and I’m still absolutely terrible at both side but I’ll continue because I like the game. I feel this is a game totally not noob friendly and with a very high learning curve, it’s too stressful and shameful to play as killer and getting teabagged by all 4 high rank survivors (because matchmaking) but I really want to improve

  • JV Gamers
    JV Gamers 3 개월 전

    Thank you my strategy is to run around the entire map like an idiot. Actually works sometimes because it distracts the killer making too much noise being an idiot.

  • Koko Roko
    Koko Roko 년 전

    In this 1 minute video I learned more how to play as survivor in DBD than in all my years of school education...

  • stillarobyn
    stillarobyn 년 전

    This video, if nothing else, made me realize how far behind I am on DbD patches

  • bxllfxce
    bxllfxce 년 전

    If you playing against the trapper stay away from the places he trapped
    Me as the trapper:places two survivors on basement hook,traps all doors and window on both sides
    Also:places traps at the exit gates so i can know which one that at
    Me again:places traps around woods like a desperate hunter,around every plank,second floor drops,vaults.
    Areas with less hooks and spreaded out generators
    You might need to relook on the real trapgods🙂

  • MaropSKi
    MaropSKi 년 전

    Im not watching this as a Survivor. Im watching this as a killer so i can be even stronger

  • Ripper
    Ripper 년 전 +28

    Hello friends, this is otz, atleast until I get my killer license back.

  • Jose Tomas Campos Robledano

    I’m surprised Otz has enough survivor footage to do this video 🤣

  • NasNYC#2
    NasNYC#2 년 전

    Now ... let’s pray to get good teammates with all this good info

  • Runny Szanboti
    Runny Szanboti 19 일 전

    This video makes me feel like blindness is super valuable for a killer.

  • Mytea
    Mytea 년 전

    holy moly 1 minute and one of the best survivor tutorials online i'd say XD

  • Feuerklinge
    Feuerklinge 년 전 +6

    Does somebody know when the anounced skillbased rankingsystem will come into the game?
    Cause its the only the keeping me on this game cause i wann play blight but not on my rank.

    • Reymond Crux
      Reymond Crux 년 전

      Oh yeah as a blight main who only started 3 days ago in rank 4 it is pain full to play him, I mean from rank 4 I went to rank 8 sooo yeah dont try that unless u wanna depip or smthn

    • Lonely.
      Lonely. 년 전

      It is estimated that for the 13th of this month

  • kawinkidink
    kawinkidink 년 전

    otz, its okay, you can put ads on especially long videos. we want to support you!

  • Deranged Clown
    Deranged Clown 년 전

    Great now otz has videos from 1 minute to 6 hours in length

  • H1GHP3R
    H1GHP3R 년 전

    *Super short video, good quality just like mine, keep it up!*

  • TheRamblingSoul
    TheRamblingSoul 년 전

    I feel like DbD is fairly easy to learn but super difficult to master. It always feels like you're spinning multiple plates all the time.

    BMFKINGG 년 전 +6

    You forgot this one:
    Don't 1v1 Otzdarva on cowshed

  • XCurrent Breeze
    XCurrent Breeze 년 전

    0:13 these are pretty good tips. I didn't even know about hex: undying giving the prompt

  • Kinyon
    Kinyon 년 전

    Otz giving us a mission debriefing before we get slaughtered by the Kpop killer

  • Marco Antonio
    Marco Antonio 3 개월 전

    Don't forget to not do the gen next to the most recently completed gen. If you rush gens that are next to each other, you'll end up with the last 3 gens way too close from each other, making it easier for the killer to camp them.

  • itsDom94
    itsDom94 년 전

    wow that's super well done, cheers otz

  • Glitched out
    Glitched out 년 전 +4

    Thats very informative for 1 minute