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This is why you don't main Trapper

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  • 게시일 2021. 08. 02.
  • This was originally uploaded to my TikTok account:
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  • DSA rgus
    DSA rgus 년 전 +22205

    The biggest Trap is having the Trapper as a playable character

    • Caitlin Aj
      Caitlin Aj 3 개월 전

      The Parent Trap 😳

    • BuyMT
      BuyMT 3 개월 전

      @Justin Larin i just found him but is it just his shorts or all his videos?

    • Colton Miller
      Colton Miller 7 개월 전

      A literal beginner's trap

    • stone5against1
      stone5against1 9 개월 전


  • Plyskin
    Plyskin 년 전 +16219

    You know it's true when a trapper main says it

    • Cade H
      Cade H 개월 전

      @pedrofilia hey guys this is otz, unless the irs is knocking

    • Joshua 18
      Joshua 18 4 개월 전

      @ProfessorAres nah otz wants more people playing killers

    • The Red Night
      The Red Night 4 개월 전

      If you use him correctly and not like this than he can apply map wide pressure

    • ECHO HUNTER 07
      ECHO HUNTER 07 6 개월 전

      What does don't main trapper (idk)

    • GxTh Nobu
      GxTh Nobu 11 개월 전

      @Dr. 3am alf, tatariu, coconut, umbra, scott, and not otz. (to name a few)

  • The King
    The King 년 전 +1346

    As a trapper main, I'm sad!

    • jaden Howell
      jaden Howell 3 개월 전

      @Phoenix Gaming I'm guessing that's the one that injures the survivor that disarms it. I just stay injured no biggie

    • CheeriPie
      CheeriPie 3 개월 전

      @Phoenix Gaming I know it’s an add on, but I think it should be base kit.

    • Phoenix Gaming
      Phoenix Gaming 3 개월 전

      @jaden Howell what if i have adds on that catch you in coil the trap??

    • Phoenix Gaming
      Phoenix Gaming 3 개월 전

      @CheeriPie that's add on to trapper killer ability if u play the game u have to knew it

    • Phoenix Gaming
      Phoenix Gaming 3 개월 전

      @PumkinMuscles when u chase someone won't think to close killer trap he/she will try to run to escape the killer

  • Lautaro Espora
    Lautaro Espora 년 전 +11669

    This may look like a joke for the laughs, but in reality, this is a cry for help.

    • WaLiX 07
      WaLiX 07 7 일 전

      @Suckkyoubis not really works even without add ons

    • WaLiX 07
      WaLiX 07 7 일 전

      @TriggerHappy even pn higher ranks you can play hin if you know how to

    • Yorgoner99
      Yorgoner99 2 개월 전

      I agree :/ my poor trapper, my traps just dnt work anymore they all expect it everywhere and everyone knows how to counter him and be cautious abt their surroundings 90% of the game I'm playing M1 killer.. Without power...

    • Rip
      Rip 2 개월 전

      @TriggerHappy would you say ghost face is viable for higher ranks?

  • Bromora
    Bromora 년 전 +4228

    We at BHVR have heard the Community loud and clear, and have given Billy a “chain snap” mechanic. Whenever he hits anything with his chainsaw, there will be a medium chance that the chain snaps and he needs to pick up a replacement chainsaw at a specified locker on the opposite side of the map.

    • Angel Vergara
      Angel Vergara 2 개월 전

      yo this true ??

    • Raffaele
      Raffaele 2 개월 전

      @The Italian Mexican the nurse buff adds a new mechanic called
      DC blink
      When the nurse blinks, there's a 69% chance that a random survivor will instanly DC

    • SugarPlum
      SugarPlum 4 개월 전

      @Dark Cyborg nice

    • Dark Cyborg
      Dark Cyborg 4 개월 전

      69th comment

    • SugarPlum
      SugarPlum 4 개월 전

      If an ash hides in the locker with the spare chainsaw it's now replaces his one hand and then he can fight and kill the killer every match he is in until he loses a fight and dies

  • Equalibrium
    Equalibrium 년 전 +1654

    Trapper, as Otz can confirm, gets very fun to play once you get to know him better. Such a friendly killer.

    • C 1
      C 1 6 개월 전

      Idk really does it? The fun of it comes out of playing on hard mode.n

    • Johnny Kend
      Johnny Kend 년 전 +2

      @penetrasean As long as i played with The Trapper, almost every survivor is toxic. Instead of being happy for winning, they're calling me noob for not being able to win vs way better players than me. I only started to play this game, like total game time is about 2 days.

    • Johnny Kend
      Johnny Kend 년 전

      @Jacket I can agree with this. It's hard to win with him, no matter what i do. Atleast i can level up to max lvl him and complete killer missions.

    • uncleboobs
      uncleboobs 년 전 +1

      @falco atilla not really, everytime i play with trapper i always win and take out all survivors

    • Jacket
      Jacket 년 전

      @iMajoraGaming Otz is widely considered one of the best trappers on earth, and he barely likes to play him now due to how easy it is to not get trapped. Go watch some of his latest videos and you'll see why trapper isn't great.

  • Nash
    Nash 년 전 +6705

    despite things like that all it takes is a bit of sleep deprivation and my whole red rank lobby gets trapped simultaneously

    • ColossalDonut5
      ColossalDonut5 개월 전

      I played M1 Trapper and somehow the one trap I put on the ground at my feet at the start got someone like, a minute after.

    • Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
      Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal 3 개월 전

      @Attac Mage LOL

    • ItsJustBradTTV
      ItsJustBradTTV 3 개월 전 +1

      You right. Trapper is one of those 4am killers to play…

    • david opitz
      david opitz 년 전 +3

      @- TPRemRemillia101 - but if the survivor does fast vault it and trapper traps himself its like double bad to be trapper that day

    • Rey Soto
      Rey Soto 년 전 +3

      @iMajoraGaming absolutely my friend absolutely!

  • K-Sha
    K-Sha 년 전 +282

    The real point to be made here that I feel some people are missing, is survivors can dodge all of these traps. Trapper can't. He's created a zone that the survivors can enter albeit with very specific movement but he can't without removing them first.

  • The Walking Dev
    The Walking Dev 년 전 +847

    When Otz was scooching through the second trap, him blowing raspberry startled me--Was expecting he would be trapped.

  • TurtleSnacks
    TurtleSnacks 년 전 +975

    being a trapper main is kinda like that knives out quote, "it doesnt make any sense. it compels me though."

  • n n
    n n 년 전 +4017

    when they won't even fix the character they use as a mascot and cover art of the game. I really feel like if they were to discuss whether or not they should fix their mascot, they would rather just change the cover art lol

    • Aaron Brandon
      Aaron Brandon 개월 전

      Trapper aint broke if you know how to play him. Dont jam traps in as close as possible against a vault window.

    • n n
      n n 2 개월 전

      @RKDeviancy I can see the future B)
      But I actually do think they've gotten better with their balancing compared to previous years. Though they still hide the ranks and there's still a lot issues.

    • RKDeviancy
      RKDeviancy 2 개월 전

      the funniest part about seeing this almost a year later is that that is EXACTLY what they did. Trapper isn't their cover art anymore, you called it!

    • Wonderful Rose
      Wonderful Rose 2 개월 전

      @My name is Connor I'm the android sent by CyberLife Why couldn’t Huntress replace Trapper? Give reasons.

  • Ecclesia Andune
    Ecclesia Andune 년 전 +542

    Trapper, nurse and huntress being free killers is hilarious, they’re so hard for new players

    • Kenneth Malloy
      Kenneth Malloy 4 개월 전

      Just run honing stone and the bloody coils EZ win.

    • Kenneth Malloy
      Kenneth Malloy 4 개월 전

      @Uncle Sheo - DBD What??? Billy was my second main behind trapper. He is soo much fun running up directly behind a survivor and pulling that chainsaw out giving them a heart attack when you actually hit them when they try the 360 dodge, it's so funny, and it feels great everytime to end it all right then and there. Also the pallet breaking is nice too. Although I usually run the purple shoe add on which increases turn speed, which is nice.

    • Kenneth Malloy
      Kenneth Malloy 4 개월 전

      All three of these killers I love. I've played them since the beginning and haven't had many issues. I played Trapper mainly last weekend and so many people ran into them. I also had it in places which made it impossible to loop, so I got the hit or down without the trap even getting disarmed. He's so good. Nurse is great too, it did take me a minute but I know how to play her. Huntress is a little difficult for new players if their against someone who knows how to move left or right or crouch behind cover but other than that she's fine.

    • HetNe$$
      HetNe$$ 4 개월 전 +1

      As if billy is not

    • Английский с Полиглотом
      Английский с Полиглотом 8 개월 전

      @FF you don't play nurse without perks.

  • Token Ghost
    Token Ghost 년 전 +105

    Give him a secondary piece of equipment that he doesn't have to look for, like deployable fishing line that he can maybe place in doorways, and it just hinders the survivor a moment and notifies Trapper. Survivor's can only see a slight shimmer depending on which side of the fishing line they're standing on.

    • Shell Shock
      Shell Shock 8 개월 전

      @Animorte I was agreeing and adding to why

    • Animorte
      Animorte 8 개월 전

      @Shell Shock That's why I said NEW killer.

    • Shell Shock
      Shell Shock 8 개월 전

      @Animorte Plus fishing line? For trapper? Doesn't really fit the lore.

    • Animorte
      Animorte 8 개월 전

      Just sounds like a new killer to me, very cool

  • Matheus Nunes Borba
    Matheus Nunes Borba 년 전 +220

    The real trapper is the trapper we made along the way

  • Andrew
    Andrew 년 전 +24

    his Mori still looks like something out of a game in early alpha stages. I love playing trapper but he makes me sad to play him

  • Daemon Van Meir
    Daemon Van Meir 년 전 +44

    this makes the fact that the game says the trapper difficulty is easy even funnier

    • Real_RUBB3R
      Real_RUBB3R 10 개월 전 +6

      And Myers' difficulty is "Hard" even though he's probably one of the simplest killers in the game, if not, THE simplest, considering the only thing to his power (excluding scratched/vanity mirror) is his stalking. Undetectable and short lunge in Tier 1, 2 hits to down in Tiers 1/2, 1 hit to down in Tier 3 and a long lunge + faster vault speed. All this makes him one of the easiest killers to understand imo. Really all you neef to know for Myers is: Get out of Tier 1 asap, short lunge > Tier 3 lets you insta-down and lunge further. The rest comes with time and practice, as does with any killer

  • William Bourbois
    William Bourbois 년 전 +428

    Man had to also run around wasting time collecting those traps all for it to be nothing

    • Phoenix Gaming
      Phoenix Gaming 3 개월 전

      @Blosible Wolf cuz they will gonna vault fron windows etc Duhh

    • Literally a Dragon
      Literally a Dragon 3 개월 전 +1

      @Josh B and yet the killer front and center on the website and their general promo material remains the trapper. Curious.

    • MineatomTR
      MineatomTR 3 개월 전 +5

      @Josh B ok bud you really shouldn't deny the Trapper being the mascot killer, because he is. ur going down bad ngl

  • Erik
    Erik 년 전 +28

    On the flip side it bought the trapper a solid 25 seconds worth of gen, masterful play by the trapper.

    • Animorte
      Animorte 8 개월 전 +1

      Was thinking the same thing actually. Spending the valuable time dodging them is also noteworthy

  • Lazy
    Lazy 년 전 +24

    Otz: "Don't main trapper it's just a bad idea"
    Also Otz: Trapper main

  • crohwz
    crohwz 년 전 +42

    i love how he took a extra mile to run through that window to gain momentum

    • fluffy cottoncandy
      fluffy cottoncandy 년 전

      yeah that was iconic asf xd

    • crohwz
      crohwz 년 전 +1

      @Ivy i know about the fast medium and slow faults it just looked funny to me

    • Ivy
      Ivy 년 전 +19

      It's actually a thing in Dead by Daylight, you get different, faster vault animations if you run at a window with speped.

  • Captain Cortisol
    Captain Cortisol 년 전 +160

    Jokes on you. He wasted your time talking about how bad he is.

  • Candies Knots
    Candies Knots 9 개월 전 +16

    "Don't main trapper, it's a bad idea"
    -Trapper Main

  • ISitOn MyArm
    ISitOn MyArm 년 전 +1

    Trapper needs the ability to prime traps in his hand and just drop them on the ground instantly or even frisbee them out a bit. For quick use in chases. I believe that this on top of his current ability to place them would make him more viable and even a very strong killer.

  • God Damn
    God Damn 년 전 +62

    I would be very upset if I had the capacity to understand this video
    Hence, I would continue to main Trapper

  • J K
    J K 년 전 +4

    Otz: "Youre telling me I can get views, likes, and subs without making 8 hour videos?"
    Otz: crams 8 hours worth of information in 25 seconds

  • D S
    D S 년 전

    I've always felt like they need to create or change an addon, like Freddy, where you can choose to be either pallet or puddle Freddy. You should be able to choose between bear trap and say locker/vault/pallet trapper. I don't know how it'd work, but I'm assuming you'd get more traps with a faster set time and the mechanics would be different i.e. you can trap a locker so when a survivor opens it they are stuck but can remove it instantly at the cost of a health state

  • Jonathan Berry
    Jonathan Berry 3 개월 전

    A couple updates I would give for trapper. 1: Have all his traps open when the match begins instead of closed. Even if in bad spots I have had people accidentally walk into random traps when using the pink addon to auto open after 30 seconds.
    2: make the effect of his pink addon to auto open traps baseline at 1 minute to reopen, and if you want it 30 seconds then you can equip the addon to bring it down.

  • N1njab0t7
    N1njab0t7 개월 전

    Being a trapper main I learned that one of the first things you have to master is learning how to properly space your traps, this guy will get it eventually

  • Xeemix Narubu
    Xeemix Narubu 년 전

    Holy Shit dude, I swear when it comes to the trapper Otz is just an archive of knowledge whether hes playing the killer or a survivor, its always just awesome to see someone whos at the highest levels to utilize such extensive knowledge in the game.

  • TexasGTO
    TexasGTO 년 전 +6

    Some simple NON OP buffs would make Trapper a lot more enjoyable. Start with traps would be a good first step.

  • Bongo
    Bongo 년 전 +1

    as a main trapper i feel when those trapps dont work, you just need to be SUPER precise with the place, for that window you might need to put it a little bit more far from the window so that can´t happend to you but, then again it´s still trapper at the end of the day and those trapps can get desarmed:,C

  • cam-moron
    cam-moron 26 일 전

    Let’s take this time to show love to all our trapper mains. On some real stuff this shows how complex and precise trapper can be, so much respect to otz and any other good trapper

  • AtlanticSquib
    AtlanticSquib 년 전 +8

    “Here at BHVR we have heard your concerns and have nerfed trapper”

    TBTNR 년 전 +2

    Otz: Don’t main trapper
    Also Otz: *Mains trapper*

  • Frost Wolf
    Frost Wolf 년 전 +12

    I love how hes leon from re 4.
    and you literally had to the same thing and dodge the bear traps unless you wanted to waste ammo.

    • Frost Wolf
      Frost Wolf 년 전

      @The Director's Cut with the controls in that game its easier to just dodge them.
      If they make a remastered re 4 i hope they change the controls.

    • The Director's Cut
      The Director's Cut 년 전 +1

      You can also knife those traps

  • Gummi Bear
    Gummi Bear 년 전 +4

    Trapper used to be my favorite killer to use, until you set down one too many traps. It becomes really annoying and all you can think is the how the Hag is so much better.

    • Animorte
      Animorte 8 개월 전

      Good thing I haven't spent money on the game to understand this.

  • PlaceBotox
    PlaceBotox 년 전 +23

    Maybe the best trap was the friends we hooked along the way?

  • DragoonBoom
    DragoonBoom 년 전 +2

    imagine if traps got the same hitbox buffs that pallets got?

  • Atruval
    Atruval 년 전 +13

    The fact that a survivor was in the middle of your territory, and you weren't there to "defend" it...
    Yeah, don't be a trapper main.

    • Mantarhochen
      Mantarhochen 년 전 +3

      Leon was safe from the trapper after he walked passed the first trap.

  • Dabajaws 9000
    Dabajaws 9000 년 전

    Rookie mistakes, the vault trap should be far enough away from the window so that it catches running vaults and regular vaults and the stair traps should have been closer as to eliminate all wiggle room

  • 8-Random
    8-Random 년 전 +9

    Otz: Don't main Trapper
    Me: Jokes on you, i'm into that sh*t

  • Mathias .W.
    Mathias .W. 년 전

    Can we get increased trap carry without add ons someday ? It's really a pain to have to use an add on just to feel like he is a playable character. Just let him permanently start with 3 traps and carry 3 traps at most, won't solve all of his issues but it would give him a nice little push of not being forced to use an add on by default.

  • James Young
    James Young 9 개월 전

    As a trapper main, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have made those mistakes.

  • Zach Cline
    Zach Cline 년 전 +12

    Its too much to ask to make the brown bag base
    Meanwhile blight: haha pinball go brrrrrrrŕ

  • One of the 12 Sion Mains

    I heard Otz scoff at the second one and thought it snapped, even in DBD I can still be jumpscared by the unexpected

  • Percy Goodbeard
    Percy Goodbeard 년 전

    I actually got scared by otz on the second trap because I expected the trap to go off

  • T7MF
    T7MF 5 개월 전

    “Don’t main trapper it’s a bad idea.”
    Thanks otz. That would’ve been useful 4 years ago

  • Albano Ramírez
    Albano Ramírez 개월 전

    Whenever I want to play with the trapper again, I will watch this video to remind me why I DO NOT want to be so easily bullied by Survivors again 🤣

  • Luke
    Luke 년 전 +4

    Wait, you can vault over that window trap?!?! All these years and I've never thought of doing that before

    • Iheartblock37
      Iheartblock37 년 전

      Male survivors can vault slightly further than female survivors and hence avoid traps that are too close to windows (somehow)

  • The Lurker
    The Lurker 년 전

    I’m not a massive fan, although I might have to watch you more often cause this video literally made me laugh so hard.

  • Pregnantmale
    Pregnantmale 3 개월 전 +1

    Dude if you’re in a chase those honestly really avoidable traps become very lethal I once got three people on the same one (obviously I reset it)

  • Jacob
    Jacob 년 전

    Some people: Be careful Otz! You're walking on thin ice!
    Me: Begone peasant! He is swimming through land!

  • AstroNut
    AstroNut 년 전

    I use the trapper very often but they explained to me how to put traps and for example in the windows I put them sometimes and only in those where more people pass, such as if the map has a shack

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 4 개월 전

    The best way to use the Trapper is by lacing up a Shack Basement. The window, pallet, and two traps down stairs. I was running that add-on which allowed me to carry the entire Trap Inventory, which I think was about 8. Murkd the whole team.

  • The Only Rival
    The Only Rival 년 전 +1

    The biggest trap is the imposter who claims himself to be Otzdarva, when he clearly is not Otzdarva

  • Brent
    Brent 년 전

    Just started my journey of being a Trappy Main. I'm going to take your advice, and chuck it out the window! ...see you in a couple weeks when I need a shoulder to cry on!

  • Gruntilda Winkybunion
    Gruntilda Winkybunion 2 개월 전

    I really love Evan MacMillan and his Story! I like the Character Skin, i even bought the Mask!
    I really wanted to be a Trapper Main, but i have to force myself playing him at the Moment
    I hope there will be a Solution in the Future

  • guardian ofall
    guardian ofall 개월 전

    Been playing since mid 2016, been playing trapper since day 1. I'm trying to get better with doctor or nurse now, but I have had plenty of double pips from being a trapper killer. I actually just got a double pip about a week ago on him. Got red in every category.

    KAIIRU 년 전 +3

    Funny, when I play trapper everyone just gravitates to my obvious traps in the open then DC immediately.

  • Navigators
    Navigators 년 전

    I had a match against a trapper where we lost. The only perk I remember him using was distressing.
    He laid no traps, he just chased and bludgeoned us and that was it.

  • Flippero
    Flippero 4 개월 전

    As a trapper main i felt alot of pain seeing that window vault.

  • PersonWhoLikesBasicallyAnything_

    Well if you go the the house that has only one side of the generator, and then u trap it. Trap the window then when they go to the window to escape, they are trapped and boom enough time to kill and find them ( Not guaranteed, that's because I'm a dbd mobile player, but it does work on new players or noob ones )

  • Senator Armstrong

    The trapper heard about how broken that house was for survivors and he put his entire collection of traps in there.

  • HomicidalTh0r
    HomicidalTh0r 년 전 +2

    You can't stop me from only playing Trapper Otz. It's either Trapper, or I go back to my filthy survivor main ways and of holding W and pointing at other killers that are not Trapper

  • Evin Galarza
    Evin Galarza 2 개월 전

    That was actually funny because for a minute there, I thought maybe there might be a trap fail and that would be a reason, but instead it wasn't because you did a cool stealth for it. Nice.

  • Jason Petrillo
    Jason Petrillo 년 전

    I main Trapper at rank 3 and I couldn’t agree more, I really wish I got used to another character before him

  • Alvarez Carl
    Alvarez Carl 7 개월 전

    Well trappers traps are supposed to be in a covered grass where its blending with the terrain. Not it the open. Also taking an add on where it darkens his traps.

  • Packing Peanuts
    Packing Peanuts 년 전 +1

    But nothing beats a person backing up into a trap while blinding you

  • Brendon Mcneil
    Brendon Mcneil 년 전

    I've been winning multiple games playing as a trapper one of my favorite characters to use

  • Arthera
    Arthera 6 개월 전

    wow they are very accurate with the hit boxes on those traps. about time they did that with something but damn

  • Joseph
    Joseph 년 전

    Keep playing… the devs are gonna watch this and release add ons that increase the trigger hit box

  • HyperLynx
    HyperLynx 6 개월 전 +1

    That’s why I typically try to hide my traps rather than set them in choke points

  • FireLordKuzon
    FireLordKuzon 년 전

    I've never known a community to hate itself so much

  • Galileo
    Galileo 년 전

    I felt so bad for a Trapper once. I did the quick vault over his trap.
    ... he followed through the same window..
    I think he disconnected after it happened. I don't even blame him.

  • Priz
    Priz 4 개월 전

    As a trapper main watching that makes me sad. Luckily I’m in low Elo so the traps work!

  • Darth Havokk
    Darth Havokk 년 전

    (Otz evades all placed traps)
    Trapper: *AYO W-T-F!*

  • Trollthem
    Trollthem 년 전

    Also this is why we need Jason as a replacement for trapper, trapper can just be deleted

  • Tommyblueee
    Tommyblueee 년 전 +4

    As a Feng Ming main (play survivor mainly) and now that I casually main trapper this makes me sad Hes my favorite killer tho :(

  • Christian Thompson
    Christian Thompson 10 개월 전

    Literally a trapper main and completely agree. Also new exhaustion perk will screw him. Yay for a busted game

  • Shadowbane
    Shadowbane 4 개월 전

    Maining trapper means you have gotten stuck in your own beartrap, because the trappers trap can trap the trapper

  • Rogue Reaper
    Rogue Reaper 년 전 +3

    "We understand trapper is long overdue for a rework and we know how much the community would like a rework for trapper but....we at Behavior have decided to prioritize more important things, such as changing Fengs nose..we hope you understand" - Behavior

  • SixManAce 57
    SixManAce 57 년 전

    As a trapper main, it hurts to see it. But also if you get a bad trapper map just hide traps in chase spots

  • Bonk Boyo
    Bonk Boyo 년 전 +21

    Him: don’t main trapper
    Me: Don’t be overly protective of unnecessary areas as trapper.

    • Rob
      Rob 11 개월 전 +5

      silly trapper, putting traps near a gen where there are tight corridors blocking off escape routes. smh.

  • Sinic
    Sinic 년 전

    me as an old trapper main back when there used to been only 3 killers coming back to dbd rn is actually a nightmare

  • jackabob 365
    jackabob 365 년 전

    Also otz: welcome back to trapper build. This has save the best for last and...

  • xSpizon_
    xSpizon_ 9 개월 전 +1

    I main trapper. You can't stop me. Nothing you can do Otz.

  • Ouchiegiverjr
    Ouchiegiverjr 년 전

    Trapper: How could this happen to me?! I made my mistakes! Got nowhere to run!

  • Jakob Randall
    Jakob Randall 년 전

    Any frost main will tell you that putting traps in the middle of main walkways is just the worst idea, gotta tuck them in spot people don’t think to look but have to go

  • Gewaldroge
    Gewaldroge 년 전 +7

    Good thing I main Nemesis now, good old times being a Trapper main

    • Gewaldroge
      Gewaldroge 3 개월 전

      @FlaminYong Why that?

    • FlaminYong
      FlaminYong 3 개월 전

      If you main nemesis something ain’t right in that noggin…

  • YungMoney134
    YungMoney134 2 개월 전

    I’m actually really good at trapper idk if it’s the perks I use with him or just using his traps in a smart way but he’s been my highest streak of 12

  • FOXI
    FOXI 년 전

    Yes, but if he is chasing you you don't have time to slowly walk around the trap so he will hit you.

  • William Bunting
    William Bunting 년 전

    His pfff on the top of the staircase actually made me think DBD was scary for a second 😳

  • theswiftphil
    theswiftphil 4 개월 전

    Sadly the trapper here didn't think about placing perfectly to the millimeter of a survivors width. Any failure to do so and your power is pointless.

  • Bad Medicine
    Bad Medicine 년 전

    I haven't played DBD since the Nurse was released but my first killer was Trapper, this is just painful to watch.

  • Basement Dweller

    Well the thing is during a chase, those traps limit were you go or force you to slow down.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 년 전

    I have been maining trapper for 2 weeks now so I can get P3.
    I usually can get a 4K game, it's all about knowing the mind games, placement, and NEVER place a trap in the same spot as before, too predictable.

  • Lea Zee June
    Lea Zee June 년 전 +1

    I need a survivor to dead hard into a trap and steps in another trap to feel better from this 😂😂😂

  • GranZon
    GranZon 6 개월 전

    In window trap, it seems impossible to avoid that but u can if the trapper manage to trap in a tight spot as possible

  • Kakazi
    Kakazi 년 전

    Playing trapper is like playing Heavy in tf2, sure he looks cool and is one of the faces of the game but you have to be an expert if you want to have any fun

  • Juggled
    Juggled 년 전

    I have won many times as Trapper, without using traps. Survivors are just too slow. Unless, you play the Nurse.