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Otz uses 100% of his Brain: The Compilation

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 02. 21.
  • I usually don't need to engage my brain too much when playing DBD, since it's such an easy game anyway'. This video is a completely serious, non-comedic compilation of the times I actually showcased my true double digit IQ.
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  • Big brain oni main
    Big brain oni main 년 전 +8938

    You're not fooling us otz. If any dbd player used 100% of their brain they wouldn't be playing dbd.


      @Richie Padgett or AOE

    • B M
      B M 9 개월 전

      Otz makes money playing DBD. This man's 100% is simply grind.

    • Джолти
      Джолти 11 개월 전

      @IRONWOLF it exists, why r u still here?

    • Hue Man
      Hue Man 년 전

      Fine, 99%

    • Bruh Lmao
      Bruh Lmao 년 전

      @IRONWOLF insta dislike

  • Berzerker For Odin
    Berzerker For Odin 년 전 +2826

    Started faking out himself when he was explaining the fake. Absolutely amazing tactician. If u dont know what your doing they wont either

    • Ashley Hydemann
      Ashley Hydemann 8 개월 전

      Otz is the mindgame king 🤴 of the *_Meta Monarchy!_* He's just too good! 👍

    • Dindeed
      Dindeed 년 전 +1

      so it basically turns it into a 50/50 lol

    • Dirty Dan
      Dirty Dan 년 전 +19

      His mind games transcend human comprehension.

    • Haru Konoe
      Haru Konoe 년 전 +54

      @Sebastian This only works in high level games where players are expected to play a certain way. Throw a wrench into that pattern and BAM you catch people off guard.

    • TK_the_Onion
      TK_the_Onion 년 전 +86

      @Sebastian it is true. But if you dont know how to not know when you could know, then not knowing what you're doing isnt going to work

  • VirtualKota
    VirtualKota 년 전 +1936

    Not reverse chainsaw into Quentin hiding in a corner, no no, we're a whole new level up. Reverse blind chainsaw into a Kate hiding around the corner.

    • Freadbear 96
      Freadbear 96 27 일 전

      @マスク but the bigger clue was the glimpse he saw of her at 0:18. You can see her feet under his webcam

    • マスク
      マスク 년 전 +1

      @Alessandro Ongaro there where scratch marks on a wall that he saw first.

    • Alessandro Ongaro
      Alessandro Ongaro 년 전 +24

      actually he saw a good glimpse of her in chase. i'd say reverse quentin technique still supreme

    • Andrew Oliver
      Andrew Oliver 년 전 +7

      Xd I know right? He's evolving

  • Aaaa Aaaa
    Aaaa Aaaa 년 전 +2204

    I need otz to find my dad the same way he finds these survivors

  • Anzardinho Poyo
    Anzardinho Poyo 년 전 +4769

    the sequel to reverse chainsaw into quentin hiding in a corner: reverse chainsaw into kate hiding behind a wall

  • Nolan Westerfield
    Nolan Westerfield 년 전 +1266

    3:12 that transition holy shit

    • cocoa 2512
      cocoa 2512 년 전

      My man got 2 hearts

    • LeeWaite
      LeeWaite 년 전

      @Rainマーティン it's some really snazzy shit that's for sure

    • Rainマーティン
      Rainマーティン 년 전 +1


    • LeeWaite
      LeeWaite 년 전

      For real! Absolute smooth as butter that's...like really smooth

    • T
      T 년 전

      Jrm did something similar in his last video i love that edit style so clean

  • V丨Ꮆ尺乇丂丂
    V丨Ꮆ尺乇丂丂  년 전 +610

    Survivors: * exist *
    Otz: "SO you have chosen death."

    • SSJ4K Drip
      SSJ4K Drip 년 전 +2

      @Taiga Aisaka well damn

    • Taiga Aisaka
      Taiga Aisaka 년 전 +4

      School: *exists*
      School shooters: SO you have chosen death.

  • Elcopollo
    Elcopollo 년 전 +168

    Otz is like if phrase "you may have outsmarted me, but I outsmarted your outsmarting" had a human form.

    • Skeletal Destroyer 11
      Skeletal Destroyer 11 2 개월 전

      It does and that is Joseph, however Otzdarva is definitely Joseph level outsmarted outmartingery

  • The 3ms
    The 3ms 년 전 +706

    If that title was true “Otz”, the world would have peace.

    • ·
      · 년 전

      5% of his power*

    • Antonio Texo
      Antonio Texo 년 전

      Who is that Otz? Sounds like a copy of not Otzdarva

    • exemida
      exemida 년 전 +1

      But thats not Otz. :)

  • Under 5
    Under 5 년 전 +69

    Otz: simply revs chainsaw and entertains his twitch followers
    Survivors: why do i hear boss music?

  • wesking time
    wesking time 년 전 +262

    Hello friends, this is otz, or at least that's what the warning label says.

  • Biggamane Da Beast
    Biggamane Da Beast 년 전 +122

    That one guy at the exit gate probably screamed like a little girl when Otz grabbed him

  • tartipouss
    tartipouss 년 전 +80

    it took me so long to realize he knew there was somebody because of the bloodpoint, they need to fix that tbh

    • tartipouss
      tartipouss 9 개월 전 +9

      @Benjamín Contreras Torres "compound thirty-three hinder" mean that there is a survivor in a 16m radius around the killer when he has the addon and use his power
      I checked and it's even in the "trivia" section on the wiki:
      "Due to triggering the Compound Thirty-Three Hinder Score Event whenever a Survivor is within 16 metres of your location while Rushing, this Add-on can be used to locate the presence of nearby Survivors."

    • Benjamín Contreras Torres
      Benjamín Contreras Torres 9 개월 전 +1

      And what did the bloodpoint meant?

  • Nolan Westerfield
    Nolan Westerfield 년 전 +725

    Title: Otz uses 100% of his brain
    Channel: Not Otzdarva
    Me: confusing screaming

  • TheSquirt5000
    TheSquirt5000 년 전 +130

    "what if we used 100 percent of our brain?"
    otz: *360 chainsaw rev into Quentin hiding in a corner*

  • Corrupted
    Corrupted 년 전 +387

    POV: Otz has a warm surprise for you

    • A l
      A l 년 전 +1

      @Davonlo A German youtuber

    • Darc
      Darc 년 전 +1

      @Davonlo the person who commented

    • Davonlo
      Davonlo 년 전 +1

      @Darc who is rupty

    • Darc
      Darc 년 전 +5


    • AT
      AT 년 전 +12


  • Sgt. Zaitsev
    Sgt. Zaitsev 년 전 +60

    The only thing greater than Otz's IQ is the DBD server latency

    ACORN XD 년 전 +276

    3:12 that transition tho...

    • syyrupp
      syyrupp 년 전

      @Gabby well I mean, it’s actually Not Otz

    • Krisy Mac
      Krisy Mac 년 전 +1

      They was really cool!!

    • ACORN XD
      ACORN XD 년 전 +7

      @not Otzdarva of course man you are the one reason I'm getting better at killers that I'm terrible at, so I pay attention to everything

    • Gabby
      Gabby 년 전 +11

      @Taiga Aisaka well that's rude. You are promoting your video on a bigger channel, you have no respect for our Otz?

    • Khalil Lyons
      Khalil Lyons 년 전 +1

      The lullaby and the progress of the hooking bar all sync too it's amazing

  • Rc13Elite
    Rc13Elite 년 전 +22

    Always a great day when otz uploads a compilation

  • Asmxdeus
    Asmxdeus 년 전 +37

    Everybody gangsta until Otz syncs the hooks of two clips together.

  • Randomized_author4213

    3:13 well done otz nice cut to another game it toke me a few seconds to realize that it was a different map well done

  • Филип Јовановић

    everyone is first until they refresh

  • iCyclos
    iCyclos 년 전 +5

    Otz is a god amongst men. We are blessed with his presence.

  • Davis Salvador
    Davis Salvador 년 전 +2

    3:12 That transition was SMOOTH, Otz! Loving your vids as always!

  • Nyuk, just a commenter

    I love this, there's really nothing more satisfying than using your experience to get in the heads of others, and this is a culmination of that.

  • Noatak
    Noatak 년 전 +1

    Love watching you Otz, you’re so much yourself in your videos and take a lot of time to explain things to your fans. Pretty sure you’re the biggest and most fun DBD streamer out there together with Puppers... atleast for me :))

  • lovely.
    lovely. 3 개월 전 +2

    3:13 was such a cool transition 😊

  • Mikagi
    Mikagi 년 전 +9

    3:13 Holy shit that was a clean transition

    ICY BUT IM ON FIRE 9 개월 전

    Can we give a moment to appreciate all the editing and transitions he is impeccable at :))

  • CST667
    CST667 년 전

    3:10 not many people know that Otz can time travel when he hooks someone.

  • Andrija Vasiljevic

    Context for the first clip: when claudette vaulted the window you could see the scratch marks on the wall adjacent to the window she and otz vaulted. As otz looped claudette he didn't see any scratch marks going away from the gen from either side, meaning the survivor didn't run. If it wasn't obvious, you can see kates leg in 0:17 going behind the wall where she was later downed.

  • vladspellbinder
    vladspellbinder 년 전

    3:12 Perfectly cut screams.
    Thanks for the video Otz!

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young 년 전 +1

    If otz used 100 percent of his brain, he would simply BECOME the entity

  • SuperHuscarl 1066

    Otz easily makes me laugh with his quick witted comedy.

  • Adrián Gallegos

    I've been struggling so much these days, your videos really cheer me up, thanks a lot Alex

  • StandBySky
    StandBySky 년 전

    Not gonna lie, these compilations never fail to impress me

  • Auvionx
    Auvionx 년 전

    3:12 what a clean transition, almost as clean as these plays

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 년 전 +1

    Dude, like legit, I have learnt so much about this game through your videos, even the small fine detail about how to open the gate when u r the last survivor, the 20% tech and in this video that small but important mind game at the end, hats off, love ur content and consistency

  • Lisa Parker
    Lisa Parker 년 전

    That transition with the hooks was really cool and well done

  • Álvaro Márquez

    The transition at 3:13 tho, smooth af
    E: and once again at 6:08

  • Brendan Dee
    Brendan Dee 년 전

    All of the “Oh yeah let me down this person, then hit the person behind me” just kept blowing my mind. How the hell did you see them!?

  • Possum
    Possum 년 전

    Can we just appreciate that transition at 3:13 though? Superb editing my guy

  • Michael Galante
    Michael Galante 년 전

    3:14 was such a nice cut. Great editing

  • Bade Minchew
    Bade Minchew 년 전

    3:13 that transition was smoother than my brain

  • Евгений Беспалов

    3:12-3:14 - made with love so much!Respect for this montage.

  • Hooded_Rob1n
    Hooded_Rob1n 년 전

    That transition at 3:14 caught me off guard. Top tier edit.

  • Fawaaz Toefy
    Fawaaz Toefy 년 전 +5

    I don't understand, this is just Otz's normal gameplay.

  • Andrija Vasiljevic
    Andrija Vasiljevic 년 전 +1

    5:00 context: he gets blood points for using the component 33s hindering, letting him know that someone is there, but noone is highlighted from his other addon, leading him to the fact that the survivor is in a locker which is why he couldn't see the survivor

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 년 전 +39

    This video is just the definition of
    *Oh yeah it's big brain time*

    • Pey_Day08
      Pey_Day08 년 전 +1

      @1z You just called someone out for calling someone cringe who called someone cringe, cringe.

    • 1z
      1z 년 전 +1

      @TriggerHappy You just called someone cringe for saying someone else is cringe, hypocrite much?

    • John Roberts
      John Roberts 년 전

      @TriggerHappy Hello brother

    • TriggerHappy
      TriggerHappy 년 전

      @1z People who still say cringe unironically are automatically cringe

    • TriggerHappy
      TriggerHappy 년 전 +1

      Hello brother

  • noname
    noname 년 전 +1

    This guy seems to really like Otz, he always posts videos of him

  • darkmelo
    darkmelo 10 개월 전

    5:51 quando o boneco é bom a gente percebe kkkkkk

  • WeirdChamp
    WeirdChamp 9 개월 전

    4:40 damn a killer FOV teaching the survivors, never thought I’d see that one

  • creepy koala
    creepy koala 년 전

    4:40 You're laughing! Otz gave this guy a literal heart attack and you're laughing!

  • Itsbigby
    Itsbigby 년 전

    This just proves my theory that Otz is actually an extraterrestrial being that enjoys studying human behavior through video games

  • Basteal
    Basteal 년 전

    I love how his power level sank too far to recreate the galaxy brain play he'd just done at the end.

  • Monke Business
    Monke Business 년 전

    Honestly loving the litter transitions makes it feel much more cinematic

  • Amy Dean
    Amy Dean 년 전

    Wow.... you're making the human Otz look real cool here :D

  • Crackhead Ayden
    Crackhead Ayden 년 전 +3

    3:12 that transition was amazing

  • Myth Mage
    Myth Mage 년 전 +2

    We have evolved from the reverse chainsaw into Quentin hiding in the corner. May I present to you: reverse chainsaw into kate hiding beside the wall

  • SageofCancer
    SageofCancer 10 개월 전

    "I know this cool hiding spot"
    "He's blocking us"
    "Tap crouch repeatedly"
    Still more respectful than DC'ing imo.

  • RydWolf
    RydWolf 년 전

    3:13 Nice editing. Very neat transition there. That was lovely.

  • Fobo
    Fobo 년 전 +2

    Otz is the guy who does those things you try, to look cool but usually fail and make yourself look like an idiot, but he actually succeeds, and even when he doesn't fully succeed, he never fully embarrasses himself

    PEESLOSH 년 전 +5

    In the first clip i was like "Huh that wasnt too bad" 5 seconds later i think i fainted

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy 년 전 +1

    It isnt an Otz video without perfectly timed cuts, nice job.

  • Luke _ lยкє
    Luke _ lยкє 년 전

    Even before the game starts otz knows more about his enemies than they know about themselves

  • Gandalf
    Gandalf 년 전 +1

    The 3:10 transition was too smooth

  • Pyromus
    Pyromus 년 전

    The 3:13 flawless transitions are always a win

  • Jose Mora
    Jose Mora 년 전

    “That was actually really smart of him, until it wasn’t.” This is quite the quote lmao

  • Masidan
    Masidan 년 전

    3:12 that seamless transition, so satisfying.

  • Ryan7342
    Ryan7342 11 개월 전

    The transition at 3:14 was really smooth

  • Jake pac
    Jake pac 년 전 +4

    1:38 “ that was actually really smart of him.... until it wasn’t” 😂love this

  • PlagueArchives
    PlagueArchives 년 전

    I saw that smooth as hell Huntress transition there Otz! I love these vids, especially when I see clips that I watched live!

  • Victor_hensley
    Victor_hensley 년 전 +1

    Can we just acknowledge how clean the transitions are?

  • Egalitariat
    Egalitariat 년 전

    That transition 👌

  • Diesel Richardson

    These are always my favorite dbd videos to watch

  • PsychoBratt
    PsychoBratt 년 전 +1

    One day, I wanna get so good as a survivor that I can out game him.

  • Yaboi Biggie
    Yaboi Biggie 년 전

    When Otz uses 100% of his brain the very fabric of reality warps around him as he predicts the future

  • ImpishlyIt
    ImpishlyIt 년 전

    Jokes aside, some of these moments were really impressive. Subbed.

  • brandon castro
    brandon castro 년 전

    3:14 he used about 2% of his brain to transfer himself to another match and he's playing multiple matches at once.

  • Zion Russell
    Zion Russell 년 전

    The hook transition @3:14 was extremely clean👌🏽👌🏽

  • Jeffery Miller
    Jeffery Miller 11 개월 전

    Absolutely love the transition at 3:13

  • George Sears
    George Sears 년 전

    3:13 This transition was 110% brainpower.

  • Derulo Jason
    Derulo Jason 년 전

    Hey otz not sure if you'll see this but you and your content have really helped me through a hard depressing time in my life I honestly wish you the best and keep up the good work 😊

  • Emre Akçay
    Emre Akçay 년 전 +13

    I love how he faked the faking of the fake lol even he couldnt figure it out

  • Michael Flores
    Michael Flores 년 전

    The subtle fancy edits like when he transitions from hook to hook in different games. I see you otz.

  • Draco Jarvis
    Draco Jarvis 5 개월 전

    Otz makes all the killers look kinda fun and thus makes me wanna play them

  • Malcolm W
    Malcolm W 년 전

    The editing on this video is beautiful.

  • Nope
    Nope 년 전

    For those who came from the future and are wondering why spirit was nerfed, this is why: 0:39

  • Flavinho gameplay
    Flavinho gameplay 10 개월 전

    3:12 that edit was clean
    3:45 also I thought that was still the same clip from 3:14 until 3:50😂

  • Arturo Brito
    Arturo Brito 년 전

    That transition of the hook in the hunter play was very nice, I like it 3:10

  • Marek Dąbrowski

    Otz hitting again with the old hud. Good memories

  • Cephalon Quidlad

    that transition was godly, it was so smooth

  • Sowbug
    Sowbug 년 전

    Your reaction at 2:55 is pure gold

  • Nbtwall
    Nbtwall 년 전

    Notz: "I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move."
    *does the thriller on a corner*

  • JenoLovingHours
    JenoLovingHours 년 전 +11

    I fear no man
    But that thing...
    *Otz at 100% Brainpower*
    It scares me.

  • Shr3dL0rd
    Shr3dL0rd 년 전

    That transition at 3:13 is so satisfying

  • Mickisko
    Mickisko 년 전

    The cut at 3:13. Thing of beauty. Well done.

  • Ace00fSpades
    Ace00fSpades 년 전

    That transition at 3:14 is much appreciated.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 년 전

    3:10 Dude that transition is epic

  • Maxwell Davidson

    Just an FYI, the door break at 4:00 is synced up by exactly 10 seconds with the pallet break at 4:10, so you can skip between them lol