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This is what an Auto Dead Hard looks like... | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 22.
  • Reminder; we are not witch-hunting anyone. I'm publishing this video so that more people can recognize the hints that subtle cheaters give away. I guess Saloon is every cheater's favourite map, huh...
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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  개월 전 +1184

    Remember to make sure that a "suspicious" DH is not actually Off the Record instead. Easy to get them mixed up sometimes. 😅

    • K1llsh0t
      K1llsh0t 29 일 전

      @Bigbot5599 R-J you might learn one day that there is a difference between possibility and feasibility, just because something is possible doesn't mean its actually feasible as the chances of her hitting every single one of those dead hards is already insanely low but its still possible if she's good enough but there is no way anyone that good would dead hard when the killer lunged so far away

    • Aaron Rubino
      Aaron Rubino 개월 전

      @Bentley no I'm not saying that if the devs wanna Balance the game atleast balance the stupid stuff.

    • Bentley
      Bentley 개월 전

      @Aaron Rubino so you want to be told a survivor used alert? Or prove thyself?

  • Nuri _
    Nuri _ 개월 전 +4011

    Auto dead hard is arguably more annoying now , since they don't have to worry about running into a wall , they can just take the endurance and leave.

    • KY100
      KY100 16 일 전

      @WHAT IF GOON it's a buff to players that are good (...)

    • KY100
      KY100 16 일 전

      @Jamiehhh no, dead hard used to be about the distance. not the extra health state. idk why bhvr decided to remove the aspect that made sense and wasn't broken (distance) and make the broken aspect (health state) the new perk

    • ShadyC
      ShadyC 24 일 전 +1

      @WHAT IF GOON Yeah, silly us, imagine complaining that DH is now stronger in the hands of cheaters. How dare us complain about cheaters. Entitled Killers, just deal with cheaters, SMH, so entitled, so Killer Main.

      WHAT IF GOON 25 일 전

      They Nerf deadhard to the ground and you guys still complain😑

  • Łejtin
    Łejtin 개월 전 +2508

    Fun fact: if the survivor with auto DH is on the other side of the pallet hugging it, and you swing at the pallet, their auto DH will go off, so that’s one of the ways to confirm that survivor you’re going against is using it

    • Runny Szanboti
      Runny Szanboti 22 일 전

      That's really smart. Thanks. :D

    • Ryan Nelson
      Ryan Nelson 개월 전

      @The Doom Slayer Respectfully request substantial upgrades to the country!

    • The Doom Slayer
      The Doom Slayer 개월 전

      @Ryan Nelson and I'm the president of the United States at 18

    • Ryan Nelson
      Ryan Nelson 개월 전

      @Bubbling Waffle I didn't say everyone is a hacker mate. 2 I've got over a thousand hours, I'm pretty good at looping so I know just how far I can get against each killer (minus artist haven't faced one of them yet surprisingly and by that i mean the few ive gone against were either afk or new to artist). Like I said easy to notice, and if it's discreet that's where the testing comes in to confirm if I was just overanalyzing it. I would say it's about 1/30 killers in the pro tier that actually hack and given the player base is 30k and only about 20% of that is with pro tier range at all the actual final would be closer to 1/200 which I would still consider common for hacking while it may still be an overall 'rare' thing it's not as rare as it should be given the lack of anticheat being the primary cause as to why it's so high.

  • T_Fold
    T_Fold 개월 전 +2161

    Should be titled “What Having No Life Looks Like” cheaters are the worst.

    • Bryan A
      Bryan A 개월 전

      People who don't play by the book are meanies and give me anxiety! 😭😭😭 Stay mad.

    • Angel Man
      Angel Man 개월 전

      @Walex When getting tunneled or having a teammate being tunneled you take the hit for them and if the killer doesn’t hit you then the teammate is probably getting away with you also not getting hit, when getting hard camped by a killer that can instadown (or ranged) you’re just going to have take one for the team, but they’re not going to win that game, and if they don’t instadown and aren’t ranged, then you’re going want to bait them into hitting you and try not to trade, to counter slugging it depends the situation, if it’s two survivors you’re pretty screwed, but 3 or more just lead the killer away from the downed survivor, if you’re slugged you have to hope your teammates are smart about it.

  • TheMaskedHoodlum
    TheMaskedHoodlum 개월 전 +229

    Fun fact: a Dev was watching the stream, the cheater was almost immediately banned

    • GoofProofMocha
      GoofProofMocha 23 일 전

      @TheSpookyBoi you have to record it, and you have to have their steam id. As an Xbox player I have no guaranteed way to ban any cheater I'm against. Its a terrible report system, the in game report should be able to take care of it. BHVR too bad of devs to figure out how to record a match themselves.

    • a angry bunny
      a angry bunny 26 일 전

      @Basil Gavriliak
      That's simply not true.

    • X Sad
      X Sad 27 일 전

      @DangerousMass why would someone cheat for that when they could just ran an Add on for infinte tier 3

    • KucheKlizma
      KucheKlizma 28 일 전 +2

      ​@TheSpookyBoi I don't record my gameplay, because I don't play games to roleplay a virtual police officer, and my tickets get automatically closed by bots and no investigation is ever done.

    • Ex Lyoko
      Ex Lyoko 28 일 전 +4

      @Basil Gavriliak fun fact: that cheater just got himself another account and had to wait less then me who decided to pull the plug on his sorry life.

  • JackXpaceEggTV
    JackXpaceEggTV 개월 전 +154

    I played against a dude with auto dead hard... it was extremely sad. The worst part is: he trash talked and called me a noob for "crying".
    Fun fact: his account was banned after I reported it lol
    Edit: For those who don't know how to report directly to BHVR: support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000942011 (official support link)

    • JackXpaceEggTV
      JackXpaceEggTV 개월 전 +1

      @El Jorge you're welcome!

    • El Jorge
      El Jorge 개월 전 +1

      You actually are the best, that helps a lot to report the hackers...thank you

    • JackXpaceEggTV
      JackXpaceEggTV 개월 전

      @GodessMercyy I know! I quite enjoyed playing Moira when she was released, but Mercy is God tier

    • GodessMercyy
      GodessMercyy 개월 전 +1

      @JackXpaceEggTV No healer has the absolute agility of her either, she can make some insane traversal happen.

    • JackXpaceEggTV
      JackXpaceEggTV 개월 전 +1

      @GodessMercyy no healer is better than Mercy

  • A Delicious Sandwich
    A Delicious Sandwich 개월 전 +835

    I had a feeling Auto Dead Hard would be a problem still after the rework, but this confirms it. Thankfully I haven't run into any Auto Dead Hard users since the the rework, but now I know that they are still out there, and that I still need to be on the lookout for it.

      JOHNPAUL KUN 개월 전

      maybe now after this is out people may start to find out about this

    • Sntofi
      Sntofi 개월 전

      what's mean auto dead hard?

    • TigerKirby215
      TigerKirby215 개월 전

      Choy has interviewed cheaters about it and Auto Dead Hard is even better now because it doesn't lock out movement.

    • Dorian Burger
      Dorian Burger 개월 전 +4

      wdym on the lookout? Not like you can change much

  • Railery
    Railery 개월 전 +402

    Considering how fast the gens went, with the auto dead hard, it’s probably not the only cheating that was happening in that game. I watched it live, seemed pretty sus.

    • August Jay
      August Jay 20 일 전

      @night owl pretty bad grammar making it hard to read. They should get the gist of what they said but I wouldn't blame them if they didn't bother reading it.

    • night owl
      night owl 개월 전

      @wonderguardstalker whats wrong with it lmfao

    • wonderguardstalker
      wonderguardstalker 개월 전

      Lol what the fuck am I reading?

    • Chromehunter20
      Chromehunter20 개월 전 +1

      You can do gens really quickly. You'll know end game if they are cheating or not. Shouldn't auto dead hard work if exhausted too? Seems like some better programing that bhvr can do lol. Bhvr should definitely hire whomever programmed it if it doesn't work while exhausted.
      Auto dead hard doesn't seem like much of a problem to me honestly. Here's why. It's easy to counter with relentless. Swing they dh swing again they down. Im a ps player...to remove cheating for me is more simple...crossplay...off. This is another reason why im a big fan of pc players not allowed to play with console players. I mean aside from the other advantages.

  • Eliasar
    Eliasar 개월 전 +780

    I had some survivors do this to me as well. Very daring and perfect dead hards followed by "downed" scream. I never realized up until this point, but I remember that even if I very obviously missed (which was tbh not intentional), they still used dead hard pretty fast. I thought that they were good players and cockiness they had was deserved and I just made them do a mistake. But now I´m in doubts.
    You are right, this made me a bit paranoid now.

    • NagitoIkanMan
      NagitoIkanMan 개월 전

      @G3Dem Do you ever consider to play other game that is similar to dbd?

    • G3Dem
      G3Dem 개월 전

      @Eliasar tbh I don't need the extra stress in my day to double check if my hit confirmed. And I don't blame dead hard beeing op but that tipped the scale for me because it is an essential part of the game. Yes, you can adapt to bug screams with just checking the bars but I have to do the games job. Everytime. Why should I do that? Why should I fix a game for them with my effort and it is still there after half an year. So yeah. Not a player anymore.

    • G3Dem
      G3Dem 개월 전

      @Th Absolute Bagel If you are butt hurt after I point out that your favorite game is still in the same bug and problem spot after half a year after major updates then I can get the tissues for you if we keep talking about dbd.

    • Chloe
      Chloe 개월 전

      agreed, i hear the death scream too often when i eat a dead hard

    • indefinity
      indefinity 개월 전 +1

      Just do a miss swing if you think their dead hards are sus, if they DH on your obvious miss, then it's confirmed
      still, this gives me minimal confidence in returning to the game

    SPANK WETMONKEY 개월 전 +622

    Hi Otz you’ve made me a better survivor watching your killer vids!

    • Dovah Chicken
      Dovah Chicken 개월 전

      @destroyer spike dumb is a pretty rude word to use if your saying it isn't hate, I think your taking it to seriously

    • destroyer spike
      destroyer spike 개월 전

      @Dovah Chicken it’s not hate it’s cringe that he has to put(joke) at the end that’s how dumb people are

    • destroyer spike
      destroyer spike 개월 전

      @AudioProwess who are you putting the clown emoji to boy?I’m better than you lucky KRclip doesn’t let me say the stuff I want

    • Dovah Chicken
      Dovah Chicken 개월 전

      @destroyer spike why are you spreading hate?

    • AudioProwess
      AudioProwess 개월 전 +1

      @destroyer spike 🤡

  • Doggo
    Doggo 개월 전 +791

    Auto dead hard even with the nerfs? People do everything to win in this damn game.

    • indefinity
      indefinity 개월 전

      Basically pre nerf mettle of man at this point

    • Justice WillBe Made
      Justice WillBe Made 개월 전

      @Joao not really, if a survivor dropped a pallet, swing at the pallet it'll waste her dh. So yeah skill issue get good

    • Djek Dozovitch
      Djek Dozovitch 개월 전 +1

      Smh survivors thought DH change was a nerf. And i literally called this very thing to happen - autoDH to be a thing that haunts a lot of players.

    • crippling autism
      crippling autism 개월 전

      ​@Anakin Skinwalker auto DH is cheating...

    • Myrthu
      Myrthu 개월 전

      @Joao now imagine combining this with something like DS and Off the record

  • Raman
    Raman 개월 전 +539

    Otz, I’ve been running into another interesting exhaustion perk cheat and was wondering if you’ve seen the same. cheaters with balanced landing will subtly increase their jump height when vaulting windows to proc balanced landing while the killer thinks that they have lithe, acting as a two-in one perk. Have you encountered this before?

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 개월 전

      @Lapis Infernalis I would love to see it "works" except it doesn't... I know too much about all of this to be caring anymore. Sometimes i even want to do like a friend of mine who have a cheat who disable entirely the DC penalty and forever, because BHVR is too lazy to do that.
      But instead i just stopped playing this game for a long time ago, and the best thing to do is just wait the bots mode because cheaters won, BHVR won, but people like us lost.

    • Lapis Infernalis
      Lapis Infernalis 개월 전

      @Cédric kazama yeah, I know. But sometimes you just need the confirmation that it "works"

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 개월 전 +2

      @Lapis Infernalis I think the steam report is more efficient. But sorry for you, but the cheaters don't care about the bans, they take a new account and 10 min later they can cheat again in DBD...

    • Lapis Infernalis
      Lapis Infernalis 개월 전 +1

      @Cédric kazama Since I also report on steam simultaneously.... idk, I'm just happy when I see they are banned like 1 day later

  • Potart
    Potart 개월 전 +196

    Imagine cheating and still losing.

    • MagnomBR01
      MagnomBR01 3 일 전

      @FrostyYogurt There ir no possibility at all, why the hell a person would hold dead hard for seconds until killer hit and immediately get his dead hard on, try it yourself a thousand times and get it 2 times in a row if you can. No one can do it.

    • Kobiiscoolerthanyou
      Kobiiscoolerthanyou 개월 전

      @FrostyYogurt obviously, it’s not physically impossible, but it’s like how dreams speed runs were technically possible just so improbable that it had to be cheats

    • Hilltycoon
      Hilltycoon 개월 전 +1

      @Adrien D. Adrien you didnt seem to get the point of him lunging away. Glad other people informed you

    • ShoKasaki2k12
      ShoKasaki2k12 개월 전

      You love to see it.

    • Carlo Brian Orada
      Carlo Brian Orada 개월 전

      Look, it's good that you yourself believe Nia didn't cheat, that's cool. But that kind of Naivety will bring you to Ruin
      You have no idea that 5% of your Multiplayer Gameplay, there's atleast 1 person that Cheats Blatantly or Subtly

  • Darth Canic
    Darth Canic 개월 전 +128

    That person was slick. It takes a lot of strength to keep a dead hard for last second. I assumed they were just a very solid player but after watching those first 2 dead hards and that last one where he is not able to land a hit and she dead hards proves that person is cheating bc A it wasnt a skill thing bc she didnt turn into a baby nea at the end of the game and B it happened as you swinged which caused the auto dead hard cheat. Until now i didnt know that was a thing till now. I wonder if that works against projectiles.

    • Minamitsu Murasa
      Minamitsu Murasa 25 일 전

      @Lil Blako its a script that can read the games memory in real time, when it detects a killer attack with in a hit range for them, it will automatically activate dead hard.

    • Flevami
      Flevami 개월 전 +1

      @Lil Blako It's a cheat. Most of them use the same program/software for it and as far as I know, said software has other cheats as well. It detects when a killer is mid-swing and automatically activates DH. It's why it also sets off when the killer is swinging at someone else close by.

    • Darth Canic
      Darth Canic 개월 전

      @Lil Blako so for the final bait hit that otz did he purposely missed to test if it was a cheat and like he thought the nea auto dead harded perfect time but he wasnt aiming for her.

    • Darth Canic
      Darth Canic 개월 전 +1

      @Lil Blako i cant explain how the cheat works since i dont use cheats. But the cheat is that the killer probably has to be near and in the middle of attacking which a certain program/software or whatever it is automatically uses dead hard so no matter how you play you will have a perfectly timed dead hard.

    • Lil Blako
      Lil Blako 개월 전

      Wait I’m coinfused. So is this a cheat or is it just using dead hard as an exploit ? And if so how did he use the dead hard to cheat?

  • Kapkan't
    Kapkan't 개월 전 +307

    And knowing the cheating mentality, if that Nea gets banned you know they'll be on the forums yelling about how they bought the game and it's their "right" to cheat because they know they are fucking awful without them

    • mythic
      mythic 개월 전 +3

      @ur gae Huge nerf to survivors??? This next patch they’re getting free BT for 10 seconds 🤣🤣 they basically have 5 perks now

    • ShoKasaki2k12
      ShoKasaki2k12 개월 전 +3

      @00Dragondude Yeah, people who get caught cheating will just blame the developers and say that if they shouldn't cheat, the cheats and/or exploits should be fixed. It's like, yeah, of course they should be fixed, but you also don't get the right to use them to your advantage with no penalty.
      This happens in all games and they are serious, too.

    • ur gae
      ur gae 개월 전 +2

      Both sides are spoiled, entitled brats, but especially the killer mains. They’ve gotten what they wanted, a giant nerf to soloq, so now the game will bleed survivors instead of killers, and they feel very proud of it.

    • FehiY
      FehiY 개월 전 +1

      Hopefully this 💩will get ban *lmao*

  • Babbsy-KunVA
    Babbsy-KunVA 개월 전 +282

    Actually this makes alot of sense now. Ive had many games where the DH was too properly timed. Idk. But ill definitely keep my eyes open

    • TriggerWarning
      TriggerWarning 개월 전 +3

      @Você caiu no conto do malakoi they are tho... lol a cheater with auto dh isnt some common thing. people are getting the hang of the DH timing and if killers dont wait it out a little or swing on every spin... then ye survivors seem good. But i promise u, the killers who act like DH doesnt exist are the ones i almost always land it on. Only time i fail to land it is when killers wait it out or see me spin and watch me, waiting for me to hit it.

    • well, shit
      well, shit 개월 전 +4

      @Você caiu no conto do malakoi to be fair, survivors also have a greater incentive to time their DH more precisely now so you'll also have more legitimately well timed dead hards. But maybe also more cheating for the same reason.

    • pffffffffffffffffft
      pffffffffffffffffft 개월 전 +5

      @Você caiu no conto do malakoi I've hit a lot of dead hards but also I easily telegraphed the swings so it's impossible to say it was cheating or they just outplayed me. I just got a new Gaming Chair though so they better watch out.

    • KuruttaTensai
      KuruttaTensai 개월 전 +4

      I was experiencing that a lot too it's just insane.

  • Dyneamaeus
    Dyneamaeus 개월 전 +119

    It's genuinely a shame that when a player does something cool nowadays there's always that lingering suspicion....

    • cj
      cj 개월 전

      @Botond Zoltán Nagy Call a spade a spade; they "hold it" till they're out of sight because they're cheating, and don't want you to notice them consistently negating the distance killer would normally gain in loops. All people who speed cheat do this, it's been recorded and posted multiple times.

    • Bubbling Waffle
      Bubbling Waffle 개월 전

      I agree.
      Lately I've been proud of pulling a DH against the last blade of a Trickster (that would get me down) but now I'm a bit afraid they might think I was hacking.
      Although I've been reported by a dumb Nurse because I kept picking myself up despite no Unbreakable (I had Exponential up lol), so at this point I'm not sure I care anymore.
      People on DbD probably report left and right for no reason, sadly it makes it understandable if BHVR doesn't care about most reports anymore (I wish they could easily verify games where the cheating was definitely not subtle though.)

    • Botond Zoltán Nagy
      Botond Zoltán Nagy 개월 전

      @Ladale Lee did the survivor have sprint burst cus you can hold sprint burst when you have 1 second of exhastion

    • Ladale Lee
      Ladale Lee 개월 전 +2

      @Sylphe Metagame I was Myers one match and had an Add-on that allowed me to see the auras Of survivors while stalking in tier 1. I was chasing a survivor and they ran behind a wall. I activated the Add-on and I noticed the survivor do a little quick Sprint burst to create more space. I don’t think he knew I could see his aura but it was so subtle a cheat. I was stunned and immediately stopped chasing him. Sad reality of dbd, he maybe did this to many killers without them ever knowing 😯

    • Pixel Demon
      Pixel Demon 개월 전 +2

      Even the cheat-making site surveys confirmed at least 10% of the entire playerbase downloads their products on the regular

  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ7so

    Also Nea was mending status at 5 gen and they did2 gens that’s mean she did an entire gen while she was mending so definitely she was cheating

  • Ada
    Ada 개월 전 +28

    As much as I love the information in this video, I can't help but admit 50% of satisfaction after watching it came from Nea getting killed eventually 🥴

  • Indignus est
    Indignus est 개월 전 +3

    you forgot to mention in some of these DH's she isn't even looking behind her, just 'guessing' perfectly

  • TheNzDemon
    TheNzDemon 개월 전 +42

    I was once playing nurse on Lerys, with double range add ons, and scourge hook floods of rage. I seen someone's aura, I was outside of there terror radius. They had no clue that I would blink onto them, but as soon as I blinked onto them they dead harded. And I was already holding my attack button so it immediately swings, and I blinked right on top of her, and she still got her dead hard off. And I was thinking to myself, was it just a good timed dead hard, or did she have auto dead hard. Well I guess it was possible that she was cheating, because to be able to dead hard my hit in that situation would have required some insane reaction time.

      LEON THE GAMER 개월 전 +2

      @PumaRickie who said that? 🤔

    • PumaRickie
      PumaRickie 개월 전 +8

      we are supposed to feel bad for a nurse with double range add ons?

      LEON THE GAMER 개월 전 +1

      @TheNzDemon well with normal killers like dredge you probably need more attempts to verify it but in your case I also really doubt it.
      Especially on larrys. Like from the survivors point of view you probably just appeard from a wall and I guess tried to insta hit the survivor so no way you react there in time I think.

    • TheNzDemon
      TheNzDemon 개월 전 +1

      @LEON THE GAMER yeah, it must have been a cheater. I never really chased her after that, so I didn't get to see dh again. It could have been a fluke, but I highly doubt it.

      LEON THE GAMER 개월 전 +3

      It probably was a cheat. As you said no warning. And as it currently is range gives you speed as well unless you played on the ptb.
      Either way without any warning its not only very difficult but rather impossible to time a 0.5 dead heard that accurate.
      But then again nurse with range add ons it basically a cheat itself. Sure a legal one given by the devs for some insane reason but still.
      Just the fact you can already tell that a normal survivor couldnt really do anything in that situation so it must be a cheat already goes to show. 😅

  • Lee
    Lee 개월 전 +9

    I have had lots of games where two gens popped at a time when three people were busy (downed-hooked-healing-being chased) and with one player who seemed to win every single 50/50 and have perfect dead hard.

    • Non Meta Teams
      Non Meta Teams 개월 전 +1

      same! i had 3 ppl on my terror radius and then a gen pop, 2 secs later another gen pops -.-"

  • Kidd
    Kidd 개월 전 +55

    That dh bait was pretty smart.Like teammates trying to take hits automatically gives it away but auto aim might screw you, so swinging in the open was the optimal play

  • Cuddlyfish
    Cuddlyfish 개월 전 +32

    Man, almost glad to see this video, I thought I was just crazy. Went up against this orange drippy jake as Billy, and this guy spun every single chainsaw with uncanny skill, even when I was pretty much revving on the back of his neck. But I'm not great at Billy so didn't think much of it. Switched to M1ing, and the dude managed to get dead hard every time without the usual dead hard tricks...But was also the first to die because he was otherwise terrible at chase. It was the most head scratching survivor I'd been up against in ages. Seems weird to accuse the first to die of cheating but...yeah. Very sus.

    • DanDan TSM
      DanDan TSM 개월 전 +3

      Cheating and the first to die...
      These people were probably already bad before the cheating but i think the cheating actually makes them even worse, cause they think that the cheat will be the thing that will save their ass ingame when there's a lot more they should be doing

    • koizumi
      koizumi 개월 전 +7

      They cheat because theyre bad. Lol not weird at all, though it is frustrating.

  • JacobOkay
    JacobOkay 개월 전 +49

    Love the informative videos too! Thanks, Otz!!

    • Classic Tate
      Classic Tate 개월 전 +1

      Finally it's here

    • Dangoheart Animation 🅥
      Dangoheart Animation 🅥 개월 전

      Finally it's here after so long

  • Pants
    Pants 개월 전 +6

    I had an auto dead hard David yesterday in a corn map. I swung from around a corner of the barn and was met with a perfectly timed dead hard even though i was undetectable. That player was pretty new seeming too. He made pretty bad plays the entire match until it came time to deadhard. Panic dropped every pallet whether or not i was near by but the deadhards were always perfect lol.

  • Berry
    Berry 개월 전 +13

    Hey Otz, I'm curious, did you call her out on it and what was her reaction? What about the other teammates? Did they see reason? Or did you just let it rest with the knowledge and confirmation that it was unavoidable to eat her dh? Also, I really enjoy these types of subtle cheating analysis videos as you take apart every clue you get before accusing someone and it's also really informative to see what it actually looks like. Thank you

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 개월 전 +2

      @Ragabash Moon Report don't do anything alone. You need to report them, take your report to the support, join the steam ID of the cheater, record him doing a blatent cheat, wait 2 weeks and then if the developers want to, the cheater will be ban.
      But then he will buy an account for 3$ or just take another free account on epic games and cheat again... You wasted 30 min for make a cheater waste 10 min...
      If you do it with every cheater, you end up spending more time reporting people than playing the game.
      So there is nothing we can do against cheaters because it's BHVR job and they tolerate cheaters anyway :/

    • Ragabash Moon
      Ragabash Moon 개월 전 +4

      Yea, as I said in my own comment just now, that's really all you can do is report and move on. You can't call them out because they'll just deny it and laugh. The only possible way that you might get the other survivors to back you up is if one of them who was not in a SWF happened to spectate and see things from their end. Like, as an example of what I mean by that: Once I was solo Q and was curious to see if the others got out because it was a really close match, the killer got gen rushed pretty bad and I was the only one he actually killed. So I am watching this Meg, and on her screen is constant "Great Skill Check Max" spam. She's not even doing anything that would require a skill check, she left her cheat on. That explains the speed at which she did generators and such. Then she was downed and did a speed burst on the ground to the door, except she didn't have Speed Burst or Tenacity or anything. Now, I'm sure the killer thought it was lag that caused her to move that fast, but I knew it wasn't because I was literally spectating her.

    • WutTheDeuce
      WutTheDeuce 개월 전 +5

      he didn't say anything. He reported and moved on

    • Cédric kazama
      Cédric kazama 개월 전 +11

      Her reaction will be like "i am not cheating, you are just bad lol" then "imagine accusing someone of cheating"

  • Mike Haggar
    Mike Haggar 개월 전 +40

    yeah watching this video I am 99% sure I went against an auto dead hard yesterday because I had a match with a survivor that was very similar

    • Bubbling Waffle
      Bubbling Waffle 개월 전

      Old Dead Hard was more like that than current DH. People who were good and smart at looping would use it to close distance towards another loop, bad survivor would Dead Hard into a wall or towards emptiness and thus would go down 3s later.
      Now, even if they suck a bit, if they pull off their DH they get a speed boost and can run to safety. I have a friend who's really not that good at the game and used to run Sprint Burst, but now she switched to DH and regularly gets value out of it.
      I've had several games where my DH on a Trickster's last blade came in clutch and saved me/the game because I tanked the hit *and* made distance towards a safe loop. With old DH I would have still been in the same dead zone despite dodging the blade.
      Kinda ironic that people whined about "it's a free health state !" and BHVR literally made it so the perk gives an extra health state :P

    • TiGab-QC
      TiGab-QC 개월 전

      same but it a easy kill XD

    • TriggerHappy
      TriggerHappy 개월 전 +6

      @TheNzDemon Honestly I don't even think the change to DH was even a nerf. If anything it's stronger now for good survivors, and basically useless for crap survivors. Personally I'm not a fan of perks that only benefit the strongest players in the game, I think it encourages a very unhealthy playstyle where you're either going against cracked players running the most busted shit, or new players running less oppressive things, and just get completely wiped.

    • TheNzDemon
      TheNzDemon 개월 전 +13

      Some people are just very good at timing there dead hard, like I can sometimes dead hard perfectly even though they are waiting it out, I will spin infront of them and make them wait, and then I dead hard the immediate second they swing. But I'll be honest, it doesn't happen often. And it's just a lucky guess. So if you keep respecting there dead hard, and then they dead hard perfectly multiple times, then it's probably auto.

    • Classic Tate
      Classic Tate 개월 전 +1

      Link to the clip Thank me later

  • Mhmmm, soup
    Mhmmm, soup 개월 전 +3

    Im glad you made this video because I didn't even know this was a thing, it'll hopefully make spotting these people just a little easier. Thank you otz

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott 개월 전 +31

    I'm not sure if it's already been said, but, you can actually confirm an Auto Dead Hard quite easily.
    If a survivor is on the other side of a pallet and you swing toward the pallet, their Auto Dead Hard should activate. It's an easy test to check for it

    • Notus
      Notus 개월 전

      they can turn auto dead hard off and on with a keybind quite easily

  • Wakapro7
    Wakapro7 개월 전 +4

    This game needs either a new cheat detection system or a match replay function, both of which would be extremely hard to implement unfortunately.

  • Ruxilus
    Ruxilus 개월 전 +13

    Thanks for shining a light on this Otz. I have my doubts BHVR will ever this. But they did fix Nurse's range addons and you did a video on that so perhaps there is a chance.

  • lethargicsauce
    lethargicsauce 개월 전 +45

    Had a bunch of either frame-perfect or no-animation-early Dead Hard recently. Kinda hard to tell if it's cheats

    • Bubbling Waffle
      Bubbling Waffle 개월 전

      I mean, to be fair, I've also gone down mid-Dead Hard animation. This game's bugs/issues also make it extra hard to know about this kind of things.
      The animation is really weird though, I've lost several killers 360ing while Dead Harding... It's so confusing. It also slightly changes the hitbox of the survivor using it so they might legit avoid a hit when they use it... Anyway, that whole perk is a confusing headache.
      The only way to really tell if it's an auto-DH would be to swing randomly kind of nearby them, but even then there are definitely people who would press the key out of panic.

    • lethargicsauce
      lethargicsauce 개월 전

      @G80 GZT I know, altho these are often people I have yet to hook

    • G80 GZT
      G80 GZT 개월 전 +2

      Keep "Off the Record" in mind

    • TheNzDemon
      TheNzDemon 개월 전 +3

      @Superb Fairy yes that is true.

    • Superb Fairy
      Superb Fairy  개월 전 +19

      @TheNzDemon his point is you have no way of knowing when they're cheating or not

  • Lapis Infernalis
    Lapis Infernalis 개월 전 +1

    Thank you otz, now I know that a survivor yesterday had auto DH. I was wondering about the scream and also was close every time, but somehow they always did it perfectly.
    A reminder to just press the record keys if something strange happens.

  • The Italian Mexican
    The Italian Mexican 개월 전 +9

    After seeing this, I think I’ve looked like an Auto DH user a few times. I’m kinda trigger happy with DH, and there’s been times where the killer swung near me and missed (sometimes off by a mile), and I freaked out and still activated DH even though he wasn’t going to hit me. The killer was never as far as Otz was from the Nea at the end of the video, though. I’m not stupid, I just panic with Dead Hard lmao.

    • dat noob
      dat noob 개월 전 +8

      Yeah but that does mean you're less likely to pull off the one-in-a-million saved dead hard to the last second plays.

  • Justin
    Justin 개월 전 +12

    I'm terrible at recognizing cheaters. I had a game where I got flashlight blinded, and then the survivor was just NOWHERE to be seen. I was so confused. It was on the game map, and I was near the hole that goes into bathroom, facing the wall, and got flashlight blinded. I was confused, but didn't think cheater. Later, Mikaela had boil over, and I counted the wiggles in my head. I was like "I think it's 10... I can make it to the hook." After 5 wiggles, she broke free just as I made it to the hook. "Ugh, she has flip flop and unbreakable I bet. I must have left her on the ground at that pallet too long... damn." I kept getting blinded from angles that just should not have worked. Get to end game... Mikaela doesn't even have boil over (or flip flop or unbreakable), and it's only then I realize she was a cheater. Also I didn't even leave her on the ground for long at all. I felt so dumb.

    • Justin
      Justin 개월 전

      @TheNzDemon Oh she was definitely cheating. She insta-healed herself toward the end, and I didn't even realize it until later. (She had a flashlight, remember. And none of the other survivors brought med-kits in). And the obsession (who I had just hit) remained the same so it wasn't For The People either. She had maybe two seconds to heal herself when someone bodyblocked for her (I really hope they didn't realize she was cheating.) and then she was back at full health. And like I said: No boil over in end game, yet when I picked her up both times she had it. (I did manage to hook her the second time, because the hook was two feet away. I guess she couldn't use her cheats fast enough). Didn't matter, since she unhooked herself anyway. (This was before base BT) I saved the video to watch it later just because I found it so suspicious and I had planned on reporting her to BHVR. Ultimately didn't because I couldn't get her steam ID. (I'm on console) So I figured it wasn't worth it.

    • UncivilizedOgre
      UncivilizedOgre 개월 전

      @TheNzDemon well playing it correctly is a huge advantage against killers. Example the library in RPD, going upstairs while in chase and intentionally getting downed while having the boons done in the office on the corner hallway or even right there in the library will make them drop you because of boil over. Couple those boons with Exponential or just having Unbreakable makes a killer really not have a good time. They aren't getting you to a hook in time, and if they drop you, you just pick yourself up lol. By far the funniest way to bully a killer, because you don't seem like you're bullying taking all those hits haha

    • Jallybwan
      Jallybwan 개월 전

      @DuchessVelvet iirc, it will show the perk down the bottom right even if it's a hacker and they're not running the perk (or running it alongside 4 other perks more specifically).

    • DuchessVelvet
      DuchessVelvet 개월 전 +1

      You can see down on the bottom right, by your own perks, if the person you are carrying has Boil Over. It shows as a red icon. Similar to when playing survivor and certain perks take effect (I think Deadman Switch does it momentarily?). If she really did get out in 5 wiggles without boil over, that's definitely suspicious

    • Tobey Maguire
      Tobey Maguire 개월 전 +1

      @TheNzDemon it does make you wiggle off faster, the perk isn't worded specifically enough

  • SansWithout Sans
    SansWithout Sans 개월 전 +1

    I've always been one to play this game casually and never really think that people would cheat in this way. I would never notice this if it wasn't for otz showing us.

  • Ravager Of Noobs
    Ravager Of Noobs 개월 전

    Absolutely have had this happen a few times. I need to test this myself on these cheaters and prove I'm not crazy.

  • One Brain Cell Productions

    Thank you for this video! I've tried explaining how I test to people, but so many have told me that until you test the same way, it's just coincidence on my side that they DH at that point in time. I friggin' love you, Otz. You have just validated so many of my "I'm pretty sure they're cheating, so I'm going to smack a wall" moments!

  • MarkVanCleef
    MarkVanCleef 개월 전

    I feel like auto dead hard is quite more usual then we think. I find survivors like this quite often...thank you for the video.

  • Apfelkomplott
    Apfelkomplott 개월 전 +4

    I've had this too yesterday. Only one instance though. Survivor runs into me and spins 2 times without DH... then directly after I M1 into a perfectly timed DH.

    • Palu Gaming
      Palu Gaming 개월 전

      I always do that spin first then dh, coz the killer i faced always waiting for my dh. So i do 360 first so the killer think i dont have dh, and then use dh after 1-2spin so they get surprised. And when i get hooked and unhooked, the next chase i always spin + dh. But its not always work, hard mindgame.

  • Z
    Z 개월 전 +1

    All of that being said, I still love this game (Even in solo-queue)! :)

  • VelionzaVX
    VelionzaVX 개월 전 +12

    imagine being... sooooo goddamn bad... that you need to Auto a fucking Dead Hard... xDDDD
    that aside, Otz, thank you very much for the warning as cheaters like them makes the game completely not fun when the whole point of a game is to have fun.

    • Solt
      Solt  개월 전

      ​@PumaRickie found survivor main

    • VelionzaVX
      VelionzaVX 개월 전 +3

      @PumaRickie the blame doesn't go to the new base kit changes then. That is completely on the Skill Based Matchmaking and depends on the players themselves, at least that's how it is imo. Like... When i play with randoms, i come across them too, but i dont think the main reason they do that is bcs the new base kit, its just themselves

    • PumaRickie
      PumaRickie 개월 전

      @VelionzaVX well most people do. cant play with randoms anymore without someone DC or giving up on hook in the first few minutes.

    • cineva 123
      cineva 123 개월 전 +1

      @PumaRickie I play survivor and usually i have fun, but this argument dates all the way to the begining of the game, and the game isn't as one sided as both killers and survivors say. At least from my experience, and perspective, as a newer player

    • VelionzaVX
      VelionzaVX 개월 전 +3

      @PumaRickie hmm? I dont find the base kit buff changes to be annoying at all when playing Survivors.

  • nereco
    nereco 개월 전

    The attack at the end was so smart of you! I'm impressed you attacked and moved your camera around just to watch her dead harding into nothing, otz u so bigbrain!!!

  • Embrace The Hype
    Embrace The Hype 개월 전

    been playing this game since 2018 and i came back this week after a 2 and a half year hiatus. ive made it to iridescent rank on killer and never knew this was a thing. after being gone so long i need all the help and info i can get. ill have to definitely be on the lookout now because higher ranks means a higher chance of cheaters. i have to admit otz you and tru3 are the most passionate dbd content creators ive ever seen and will continually support you guys.

  • Anig Ma
    Anig Ma 개월 전 +1

    Kind of a reverse situation happened to me a couple days ago.
    I played survivor and currently I try my luck with the new deadhard. It became way harder to use correctly since the timing needs to be on point and I fail lots of time. But one game against a ghostface I figured out the killer was not ready to wait more than 1 second for the deadhard but also didn't hit immediately after catching up in the open. So I do my little spin, act like I am stuck and deadhard at this exact point and end up escaping the killer 2 times that way in this match. At the ending screen he was infuriated and called me lots of ugly names and most of all calling me a cheater using auto deadhard. Since I did not cheat I was not really feeling attacked but I realized what a frustration it can cause in a person who has to assume the worst when getting "outplayed". Is your opponent cheating or just a good player? Did you lose in a fair game or was there no chance from the beginning?
    Long story short: this game needs to find a way to get rid of the cheaters. The community is already frustrated enough with the meta.

  • Slan
    Slan 개월 전

    Wow, that random swing to test it was so smart I've never even considered it before, thanks for teaching me a new way to check things out!

  • Thomas-exe
    Thomas-exe 개월 전

    The first clip would be insane I've only ever done that a few times with the old dead hard where you fake it a couple time and then predict the attack, but that is stuff that is montage worthy as the chances of it happening are really low.

  • Asdfboy
    Asdfboy 개월 전 +7

    I still remember one time I was against a Dredge in a hatch situation. I looped him a ton and still didn't find hatch. When I was in a deadzone I remember calling in Discord "watch this play", since I had seen he respected DH pretty hard. I remember clearly doing that thing where you turn and fake DH, not once, not twice, but thrice, and then actually DHing and making him miss, and just as if God came down to reward me for that nutty play, the hatch was right there where I DH'd towards. Fair to say, I've not pulled off something quite like it anymore, but that was one pretty amazing moment for me.

    • BigLadLe
      BigLadLe 개월 전 +1

      it's always an awesome moment to win the dead hard mindgame in situations like that

    GIGAWATT 개월 전

    I've had a few instances of playing against survivors who always used dead hard at the EXACT perfect time every time I hit them, good to know I'm not just imagining things and this is an actual thing people are doing

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja 개월 전

    Seeing her DH as a confirmation in the corner when you decided to blatantly miss one close to her while she was in the corner of the screen showing that she's cheating made me laugh.

  • Vlad
    Vlad 개월 전

    Whenever I have a suspicion about auto DH, I lunge to check. With the old deadhard you could time it so they get stuck in a corner.

  • Jacob Wooten
    Jacob Wooten 개월 전

    I never even considered this I had a steve in a game that would dead hard perfectly on hits where I thought it was near impossible and I ended up winning with a 4k but I just said gg's and left it now makes me wonder if he was using auto dead hard. He wasn't very good so he ended up losing chase alot but I'm worried this will become a real problem

  • Troglodyte Tim
    Troglodyte Tim 개월 전

    I got an auto deadhard last game too. I was waiting out the deadhard forever and they timed it perfectly like that 5 times in a single game. Cheaters run too rampant in this game. It's annoying.

  • Sergio Sora
    Sergio Sora 개월 전

    Though it can be luck aswell sometimes, I've had myself get lucky when the killer gets very close but you can't insta DH because he knows you have it, and just happen to time it right by sheer luck

  • PuphyBerry
    PuphyBerry 개월 전

    I remember playing Trickster and this guy would dead hard the moment I threw a Trickster knife. I thought he was new but I swear he could see me through walls as well. He'd somehow know exactly what I'd do it was frustrating

  • ___bearputspread___
    ___bearputspread___ 개월 전 +3

    "I felt relief knowing I wasn't outplayed and I really can win every single game I play." -Otz

  • kiwiandkitties
    kiwiandkitties 개월 전

    I had a Dwight the other day and despite being injured, he didn't go down when I hit him twice. I got points for hitting him and he screamed, but he just wouldn't go down. He didn't have Deead Hard either.

  • Field Agent Reaper
    Field Agent Reaper 개월 전

    the funniest part is imagine cheating with auro dead hard and still getting killed good job otz!

  • Big Stick
    Big Stick 개월 전 +3

    I thought I was going crazy. This same exact thing has been happening to me every so often.

  • Giovanni Perez
    Giovanni Perez 개월 전

    I had this idea before to test out and auto dh, good to know their auto dh isn't smart enough to not dodge a hit that wouldn't actually land. Auto dh is more strong with the speed boost given

  • King Killa Cruz
    King Killa Cruz 개월 전

    Otzs is a scientist through and through and its videos like this that solidify it.
    Love your content and integrity my man

  • The_furf_of_July
    The_furf_of_July 개월 전

    What if dead hard had enough startup that it can’t be used on reaction and has to be a read?
    I wouldn’t mind buffing the duration in exchange for that.

  • alex stewart
    alex stewart 개월 전

    I was wondering if you run the perk that makes you walk faster does that mean exhausted status effect goes away quicker?Would be neat if it did.

  • PnutGamer
    PnutGamer 개월 전 +1

    Imagine literally having infinite Dead Hards and still being the only one that dies.

  • Canas
    Canas 개월 전

    I had this happen to me on the very first day when the meta rework went live, there was a cheating Steve on Midwich who timed his Dead Hard frameperfectly, he literally had a third health state throughout the match. When I finally got my hands on his ass I made sure to camp him to death.

  • monopono k
    monopono k 16 일 전

    Hey otz after seeing this video it really opened my eyes to how many auto deadharders there are. I’m a noob (maybe a week in) but I learn fast and I could tell something was off when I slashed at a Laurie strode with Auto dead hard, I time my attack for the dead hard to go down as well and it seems it never comes I go in for the lunge or basic attack and the result is well. Let’s just say it diminishes my killer spirit and makes me turn into a raging gamer (that was a joke in the end there but you catch my drift)

  • Vengarr
    Vengarr 개월 전

    Fortunately I'm not being payed to play DBD, I can just live vicariously through Otz clips and not have to deal with all the frustrating BS of actually playing.

  • XCurrent Breeze
    XCurrent Breeze 개월 전

    With old Dead Hard, wasn't there a 50/50 chance you could hold your lunge and swing through dead hard if you were close enough? The other possibility was the game forcing you to end your lunge way too early even if you're holding your lunge because you anticipate dead hard

  • Bearded Catman
    Bearded Catman 개월 전

    Same thing happened to me, and I was playing as the Dredge. Is it possibly an issue with the Dredge, or has this been observed with other killers as well?

  • Shiokishi
    Shiokishi 개월 전 +3

    Good choice of music!
    I remember that moment in stream, it was hilarious seeing that. Im happy that i dont run into many cheaters (or atleast where i can tell that they cheat). Tyvm for all the entertainment you provide us with!

    • racoon 26
      racoon 26 개월 전

      @Shiokishi oh i see now! thanks a lot!! :)

    • Shiokishi
      Shiokishi 개월 전

      @racoon 26 Baba is you :)

    • racoon 26
      racoon 26 개월 전

      could you please tell me what its called? i cant see the name anywhere and id really like to know because i feel like it sounds very familiar

  • ZeroNobody
    ZeroNobody 개월 전

    just reminds me of the dwight at the same map that had the most perfect dead hard and you were trying to ask if he can teach you how to dead how. you also said "i can learn so much from him" lol

  • Egle V
    Egle V 개월 전

    I've noticed more cheaters as well, especially on your stream. Was there a particular update that caused this? Or do you have a reasonable speculation of what changed to increase the activity of cheaters?

    • ShoKasaki2k12
      ShoKasaki2k12 개월 전

      The meta perk update caused a lot of cheating because a lot of survivors feel like they have to in order to win. If they aren't cheating, they are dying on hook after getting hooked once or just plain DCing.

  • Revas
    Revas 개월 전

    one time i was playing trapper, held back hitting someone with DH for a long ass time, and finally made them auto-dead hard into my trap. best feeling ever lmao

  • UnknownSavagery
    UnknownSavagery 개월 전

    Wow I actually think this happened to me yesterday with two people in the same game, they pulled dead hard off like 6 times in the match.

  • Superb Fairy
    Superb Fairy  개월 전

    Remember seeing this game on stream, if the community keeps spoiling you so much Alex you'll be able to get a gaming chair as good as that Nea's

  • creepy koala
    creepy koala 개월 전

    Whenever I see a cheater a piece of my soul dies, and when you finally corner them and then the rest of the team starts body blocking to save them another piece dies as well.

  • Hobobatman1000
    Hobobatman1000 개월 전 +1

    And so the search for a world with no Dead Hard continues on.

  • CasmX
    CasmX 개월 전 +2

    I've come across this as well with subtle cheaters only I had further evidence. I was playing blood pool Freddy and the cheater not only had perfect dead hards, they could also magically fast vault when slowed by Freddy's snare. Instant giveaway on subtle cheating. Just fast enough that even while snared, they could still fast vault which is normally not possible under normal circumstances. But like Otz says, we get to live with it until they can come up with done kind of actual solution.

    • Ryan Nelson
      Ryan Nelson 개월 전

      Well consider the reporting system does basically nothing, and that the "anticheat" of this game is basically nothing because it as the branding of a popular antichrat, but no actual coding for it, atleast in the downloaded files where this brand is normally located. So as best I can tell anticheat is nonexistent in this game. So either they actually employ anticheat or they take reports seriously. It's almost as common for killers to do subtle hacks too like additional half meter range for hits, enlarged hit box for ranged attacks, 0.2 m/s additional speed, etc. Takes a lot of effort to confirm when I think tards are doing this and then I have to have the testing recorded as well to prove it so that when I send it to the developer I don't look like an incompetent fool, but even with these things they still normally don't do much because they want a larger player base. So basically a streamer or youtuber has to expose them in order for the devs to do anything.
      TLDR: anticheat basically nonexistent, only method of removing cheaters is via being exposed by influencers.

  • Nick And Friends
    Nick And Friends 개월 전

    I once played a match where this happened all the time with a survivor. I gaslit myself into thinking that the dying sound is normal when they use deadhard

  • DanDan TSM
    DanDan TSM 개월 전

    Oh my god
    That just makes me think of something: What if they make an auto-attack that makes the killer instantly attack after the DH endurance window is over, so the killer never has to predict a DH :') It would be the war of cheating lol
    It would only work against non-cheaters, though... which is sad.
    If a killer with that auto-attack met a player with Auto-Dead Hard the audo-DH would just always win

  • Mr. Warden
    Mr. Warden 개월 전

    I just ran into an auto dead hard using dwight and his friends last night. I thought they were just really good, but after seeing this i now know otherwise.

  • Filip Neubauer
    Filip Neubauer 개월 전

    If there was an option of replaying record of the game i think there would be much better feedback from players to developers and things like this would ocur lesser

  • A Miller
    A Miller 24 일 전

    I won’t hold my breath on that day “til it’s resolved somehow.” Real question, has DBD ever tried to implement anti hack software into the game to counter the cheaters?

  • Shitpost Crusader
    Shitpost Crusader 개월 전

    Wow I didn't knew you could counter auto-dead hard by lunging really close and missing on purpose!

  • Tyler Ainsworth
    Tyler Ainsworth 개월 전

    Thank you, i saw this video yesterday, didnt watch it well, i saw the same thing today, i was curious after the match so i came back to youtube to see your video.
    Yup first game as killer in months and i got a hacker

  • A Mediocre Name.
    A Mediocre Name. 개월 전

    I hope this gets fixed soon, I and many others play dbd casually and these kinds of players make the casual experience not very fun.

  • Noobius
    Noobius 개월 전

    Bruh I knew this is how I imagined auto dh would look like so before this video came out I would purposely miss an attack to get a dh out of the way

  • Z Dog
    Z Dog 개월 전

    I’ve encountered an Auto Dead Hard cheater a couple of times.
    I was playing Clown and got to point blank range of a survivor. I try to bait out the DH by raising a bottle and even hitting them with the bottle. Didn’t flinch. I then do a quick tap of M1, perfectly timed.

  • Zenon
    Zenon 개월 전 +1

    The amount of players I've met who's done perfectly timed dead hards these past few months is staggering. There has been several matches where I've baited out their dead hard for around 5 seconds in dead zones then getting perfectly dead harded when finally trying to hit them on point blank range. It has made me extremely paranoid and unmotivated as of late.

    • Card Capers
      Card Capers 27 일 전

      @The Fantastic Paul That's not the point. Auto DH is real and being abused right now.

    • The Fantastic Paul
      The Fantastic Paul 개월 전

      If they're in a Dead Zone, just smack 'em. You'll catch up to them before they get to anything.

  • Rik
    Rik 개월 전

    this falls in the category of subtle cheats, which, as a non-streamer, you are much more likely to play against than a blatant cheater.

  • Dead by Daylife
    Dead by Daylife 개월 전

    I really like this style of video. Keep it up!

  • Mindbender
    Mindbender 개월 전

    You can also test for auto dead hard by hitting the pallet from the other side. Did this by mistake and the survivor dead harded for no reason into the pallet.
    Most likely she TPed around and instantly finished gens when you weren't looking.

  • Tìm Hiểu Công Nghệ Official

    What a great video, helps A LOT in the beginning.

  • MrRivech
    MrRivech 개월 전

    I mentioned this on another comment section but I always notice (majority of the time) there's a strange bug that mimics a non-existent perk on a survivor (Iron Will, Lightweight, Lucky Break) its always the ones outplaying me with little effort. I think maybe its a bug at the start of the match but its always the best players that luck out with an extra perk bug.

  • soul bender
    soul bender 개월 전

    We're also gonna talk about the hit she did dead hard her deep wound was gone in 7 seconds when it takes 12 to mend at 1:27

  • Breakable
    Breakable 개월 전

    those "going around corners and gaining 20% speed while not seen" players made me question my sanity the first few times I encountered them, the subtle cheating in this game is way out of hand.

  • zombiexhugz
    zombiexhugz 개월 전

    BRO! I played against someone exactly like this. It was a jake that always seemed to have Dead Hard whenever I hit him, and he would never miss the Dead Hard. The only reason I won that game was because they three-genned against a doctor and I would AOE/Overcharge.

  • Ominous Omni
    Ominous Omni 개월 전

    What I've started to do is lunge just far enough to be right behind the survivor, but short enough to where I don't actually hit them. Works pretty well if they're not too close to any loops.

  • Cooper Walker
    Cooper Walker 개월 전

    Otz im not gonna lie you swinging in the middle of nowhere to test it was genius