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50 Win Streak on Nemesis | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2021. 08. 31.
  • This video explains how we achieved 50 wins in a row with Nemesis and the many things I learned along the way. For the purpose of this challenge, we consider a win getting four kills (or three kills if they are forced to escape after hatch).
    0:00:00 Intro
    0:03:33 Hitboxes & More
    0:08:47 Build Explained
    0:20:06 General Strategy
    0:24:57 The Otzdarva Law
    0:27:38 Badham
    0:32:06 Mother's Dwelling
    0:43:14 Temple of Purgation
    0:55:31 Lérys Institute
    1:08:33 Haddonfield
    1:25:50 Haddonfield
    1:43:00 Midwich
    Watch live: www.twitch.tv/Otzdarva
    Join our community: discord.gg/Otzdarva
    Thumbnail 3D render: www.twitch.tv/Ev3ntic
    Hitbox 3D animation: Aral750
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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  년 전 +515

    Playlist with the other *50 Wins* videos 😊 krclip.com/p/PLKpR1qurDCxYx_PPtRYy0gjsTNlMhcnW5
    ALSO, it turns out that Zombies actually DO react to Discordance notifications: krclip.com/video/61BQI1GXMVM/비디오.html

    • ZetaDragonGaming
      ZetaDragonGaming 5 개월 전

      @The Duty Warlord well some killer perks, like no ed for example is definitely frowned on, but not technically banned, but just if you use you might be hated by some survivors

    • The Duty Warlord
      The Duty Warlord 7 개월 전

      @Foxesn Roses wtf ? No ..

    • Dave
      Dave 년 전 +1

      Otz, maybe it would help against stream snipers, if you censor the survivor names too?

  • Stephen Zajonc
    Stephen Zajonc 년 전 +3817

    Imagine having the audacity to be like “sorry about the streak, oh and we stream sniped you.”

      XLAMPGAMING 3 일 전

      @raze it is cheating it’s against the games tos

    • Cloudpaw66
      Cloudpaw66 2 개월 전

      If I win against Otz, I want it to be legit. That is all.

    • NeoCreo
      NeoCreo 3 개월 전

      @JonATHAN BAE Nam The streamer is just doing their job. Are you high or something?

  • Exquisite Aquarium Music
    Exquisite Aquarium Music 10 개월 전 +1560

    nemesis mains be like
    "cant stand poorly coded AI zombies"
    *5 seconds later when they randomly hit a survivor*
    "me and the besties"

    • Epic Sans
      Epic Sans 13 일 전

      Honestly I think his tentacle is better than any zombie

    • Kitty Queen eet
      Kitty Queen eet 18 일 전

      I know, I usually talk shit to Johnny and Tracy, but then they down a Meg a million miles away from me or camps the basement for me.

    • Roland
      Roland 2 개월 전

      Four sounds like a good number, it can cover most corners of the maps without being constantly forever present with survivors.
      I'd add a tid bit where if killed by a pallet they stay dead for longer, and flashlights stun for much longer but require longer to do so so you can't just flash n stun.

    • Jonas Ribeiro
      Jonas Ribeiro 2 개월 전

      @Roland how many? I would like 4 total

    • Tallstar513
      Tallstar513 2 개월 전 +1

      As a Nemesis main, you are 100% correct.

  • Malice
    Malice 년 전 +2041

    The way otz can manage to keep his cool after getting stream sniped is insane. Especially after a 17 win streak. This man needs a hug he’s actually a chad.

    • godkingjerry
      godkingjerry 4 개월 전

      chads don't get hugs.

    • thekhfan 12
      thekhfan 12 4 개월 전

      @Donkey Cheese it as they say.

    • Jared Porter
      Jared Porter 4 개월 전 +1

      @Blank Just remember that the majority of people BMing are probably kids, adults acting like kids and the you know the Bacon Lettuce Gay Tomatoes Community. So I wouldn't get mad over this game. But If you care about people BMing so much just bring Blood Warden, NOED, BBQ and Rancor. And play Death Slinger, Nurse or Myers so you can catch cocky survivors off guard BMing.

    • Blank
      Blank 4 개월 전 +1

      I feel like knowing how to keep your cool is such an essential skill in this game. As a newer player, my first few games last week as a killer were painfully frustrating. Not sure knowing what went wrong that ended up with me at the exit gate with 4 t-bagging survivors. I always lose my cool, and I stop thinking rationally. Once that happens, it will make things worse not only for the current match, but for future matches. That being said, since Otz is a very active dead by daylight player, he had to pick up this skill. I can only hope that one day I can learn how to keep my cool as well.

  • A Tiger-Shark
    A Tiger-Shark 년 전 +1150

    Why doesn't the Nemesis passively shove zombies aside when walking through them like in RE3?

    • Tikki
      Tikki 19 일 전

      Probably just didn't think about it. I know that they have coding deadlines to meet, so it's also possible that they just didn't have the time to properly code and animate it. Would definitely make a nice change though.

    • Mr. Frye
      Mr. Frye 개월 전

      @Ludwig van Beethoven what

    • Ludwig van Beethoven
      Ludwig van Beethoven 개월 전

      @CorvinusFox Music 😍😋🤤

    • CorvinusFox
      CorvinusFox 개월 전

      @Ludwig van Beethoven omg hi beethoven, im a big fan! Love your music bro!

    • LeM
      LeM 개월 전

      @A Tiger-Shark Nope

  • ZarosianCabbage
    ZarosianCabbage 년 전 +570

    Nemesis has my favorite standard attack and 'damage gen' animations of any killer. They're just so blunt it's great. You don't get harassed with chains or a gun or a bladed weapon or claws. This big dude just fucking punches you in the head.

    • Foster Bennington
      Foster Bennington 2 개월 전

      The tyler1 experience

    • Going Down
      Going Down 3 개월 전 +1

      I really like Pinhead's animations, like all of them, to after hitting a survivor to finding someone in a locker, seeing his chains do all the job is really satisfying

    • Firefox 4hire
      Firefox 4hire 3 개월 전 +3

      Your up against the wall and I am the f***ing wall

    • dinner
      dinner 4 개월 전

      I really like the demogorgons stuff because I feel it’s really unique and cool. (Mostly sounds)

    • Mr. Frye
      Mr. Frye 6 개월 전 +3

      @M3Lucky Nemmy hits you once and you become an old men with hips problems

  • John Whinfield
    John Whinfield 년 전 +4049

    It sucks that people tried to snipe Otz. He’s such a nice guy and he tries so hard to meet a challenge that is already highly stacked against him. Super dope work Otz, you did an excellent job on this streak.

    • kjf 365
      kjf 365 6 개월 전

      @Therpderp You got Ratio'd my dude.

    • Your Biggest Fan
      Your Biggest Fan 11 개월 전 +1

      I feel like if you're in a swf you should get some type of penalty. Maybe you can take one less perk. I dunno. Something to make the blessing of always having every survivor perk made to help you find and help each other active by using voice chat and screen share.

    • place holder
      place holder 11 개월 전

      @Ja Bacon that's one of the two reasons i quit DBD the other was because one of the updates were corrupted (i have not seen this happen with any other steam game) and i could not download it

    • Anime Gay
      Anime Gay 11 개월 전

      Can we get a 50 for deathslinger if not it’s ok but I learn a lot from these vid and I wanna learn deathslinger

  • Heatwave
    Heatwave 년 전 +653

    “Nemesis is the best pallet and wall breaker on the killer roster”
    Wraith with double shadow dance, brutal strength and 5 stacks of fire up: am I a joke to you?

    • Rachel Graebner
      Rachel Graebner 26 일 전

      New contender enters the ring: what about iridescent button legion? can clear pallets out like crazy especially since I get so many survivors that try to stun out of frenzy thus giving a free pallet to Insta break

    • Tara C
      Tara C 개월 전

      Yeah wraith needs all that to compete. Nemesis doesn’t it’s base kit

    • Nom Dat Bass!
      Nom Dat Bass! 5 개월 전 +1

      I believe that Demo would be the best contender for Nemmy's spot as top pallet wrecker, since Shred's cooldown against pallets is shorter than the Whip's and can be improved further with an addon. Nemmy can still move a bit during his cooldown tho, which certainly has a lot of value.

    • Mike3x
      Mike3x 10 개월 전

      Yeah but you need a purple add on and 2 perks to do that, nemesis breaks pallets super easily with just his base kit

    • themaster47
      themaster47 년 전 +1

      @Im subbing to whoever subs to me thanks for clearing up the misconception have a good day

  • Cooper
    Cooper 년 전 +119

    As someone who strives to play Nemesis with his tentacle only, this gave me the confidence to keep trying after learning that you can strafe to keep the hitbox going. Big props to you for bringing back my confidence, wish I could pay for it in money, but my thanks will have to do for now.
    Thank you Otz for being a wonderful person. ❤️

  • Benjamin Cano
    Benjamin Cano 년 전 +95

    One of the things I've always heard about Nemesis is that the zombies are attracted to survivor noises, so anything that makes the survivors make more noise...Infectious Fright, Surveillance, have a bigger effect with him than other killers.

    • Kelly M
      Kelly M 년 전 +13

      That’s true. Otz even did a video where they responded to notifications only the killer could hear, such as discordance proc’ing! Interesting stuff :3

    • Gay Frogs
      Gay Frogs 년 전 +2

      It’s why I bring eruption because the gen explode so zombies go through

  • Guys
    Guys 년 전 +136

    Because of the SBMM that might get implemented soon, would you consider doing the 50 wins in a row using two add-ons and an offering?

    • Michał Sokołowski
      Michał Sokołowski 8 개월 전 +2

      MMR works even worse than old emblem system... mainly because it's only escape/kill dependent.

    • Sarahdumby
      Sarahdumby 9 개월 전 +8

      @Guys it really depends on the killer you play, i’ve personally got around a 40 win streak on blight recently.

    • Guys
      Guys 11 개월 전 +2

      @Pavel Panov
      Idk about that, I made it to 30 with pinhead before losing

    • Pavel Panov
      Pavel Panov 11 개월 전 +13

      Imo 50 w streaks with the new mmr are inpossible. I get like 8-9 games then i get faced with the competitive teams

  • haber konium
    haber konium 년 전 +17

    Fix for zombies: if they become stuck without moving from one place (like a tiny radius, so the game knows it's stuck) for more than (insert appropriate amount of seconds) they re-spawn in a new location by default.

  • My smile is gone
    My smile is gone 년 전 +37

    That "Nooooooo" at 1:12:07 was amazing like he lost everything in his life

  • DarkKosmic
    DarkKosmic 년 전 +26

    Damn, I think this was the most frustrated I’ve seen Otz in a while, normally he would get a bit frustrated for a game, but this streak just seemed agonizing. Ggs and well done!

  • 5limeFX InsertBadPun
    5limeFX InsertBadPun 10 개월 전 +14

    I found it ironic as he was talking through the general strategy he used, that the strategy very perfectly fit Nemesis. The absolute ludicrous amount of things to keep track of(to the point where you pretty much need to be a human computer), knowing who your going after, putting your prey through stressful or difficult situations, entirely encompass’ how Nemesis, the man made killing machine, works. Brilliant work by the DBD team.

  • Winnie The meth dealer

    Never ever have i cheered for someone so much! It was an awesome journey Otz, seeing you improve with each attempt was beautiful.

  • Brendan Carter
    Brendan Carter 년 전 +17

    Another thing that impresses me with Otz’s video is that he does the intro section all in one take! I don’t know if he does a full script or bullet points or what behind the scenes, but to keep this volume of commentary so conversationally seamless for so long always impresses me. Great editing and commentary as always, Otz! 😊

  • SnarkbotAnya
    SnarkbotAnya 11 개월 전 +7

    I remember my first true experience with the Otzdarva Law... I was Spirit, and the survivors sent me to The Game. My Whispers were active and a nearby gen had been worked on, but there was nobody around and no scratch marks, so I checked the nearest locker and found Bill. He let go on hook, and sure enough, when the match ended I saw he'd brought the puzzle piece.
    It's *always* the ones who bring the map offerings who do the salty ragequit.

  • Furymgs3
    Furymgs3 년 전 +168

    I don't really mind being facecamped in the first place, but come on, it's not camping if they don't even let you take three steps away from the hook before swarming you. What are you gonna do, just _leave?_

    • Kobold
      Kobold 11 개월 전 +3

      @The Italian Mexican one of my friends hates flashlights because for ONE GAME we saved our each other with flashlight about 10 times not exaggerating, so yeah, I think being paranoid about flashlights is justified.

    • The Italian Mexican
      The Italian Mexican 년 전 +34

      My friends have that problem when I play killer in custom games. Most of my friends LOVE to get flashlight saves, so whenever I down a person I just check everywhere first because I know my friends. Then all I hear for the rest of the day is that I slug for no reason and I’m too paranoid.
      *It’s not like I have 3 survivors up my ass whenever I down somebody. Why would I be paranoid??*

    • Dyneamaeus
      Dyneamaeus 년 전 +20

      Right? There's a difference between camping and defending.

    • Landen
      Landen 년 전 +50

      Yeah, it's not really face camping when 3 survivors are running at you.

  • Wroman
    Wroman 년 전 +1909

    otz is amazingly good with every killer it’s crazy to think that he has spent all this time on so many killers

    • Miss B
      Miss B 9 개월 전

      @BornSlippy wtf

    • BiLKaRi
      BiLKaRi 년 전

      @BornSlippy better that way, everytime i get a twins in my games i just insta dc. its more worth for me to not play the game then face that thing. Even if it is a rank 20 / 3 hours in his whole life on dbd killer, I'd rather dodge. That killer isn't fun to play as or against just a reason for people to justify camping and boring gameplay

    • BornSlippy
      BornSlippy 년 전

      @BiLKaRi Welp, have fun with teammates who have no idea how to fight them cuz nobody faces them enough. So many people don’t know you can crouch or do idle actions to avoid Victor’s detection or that Victor can jump over Pallets.

    • BiLKaRi
      BiLKaRi 년 전

      @BornSlippy the only good thing about Twins is the low playrate.

    • Dustin B
      Dustin B 년 전

      @Henry bro he's going for a 50 win streak. There's no way around it when the survivors are rank 1

  • Angelus Mortis
    Angelus Mortis 년 전 +6

    I wish there was a full 50 wins VOD. I just started watching Otz and enjoy his content and just started playing DBD. Honestly, he's my favorite DBD content creator.

  • Juichibey
    Juichibey 년 전 +83

    I want an intro "Hello friends where is Otz-" before he looks to side as if staring at someone and he realizes he's made a mistake and then it cuts to Otz again wearing a different shirt "Hello friends *this is* otz :)"

  • Son Of Sanguinius
    Son Of Sanguinius 11 개월 전 +20

    36:25 i love how tz reacts the way every nemesis killer reacts to a derpy zombie

  • Shorydouken SMFT
    Shorydouken SMFT 년 전 +13

    I really needed this, Nemesis is the reason I'm playing DBD again. Got him to prestige 1 and am rank 9 in the span of about two weeks. Going up against good survivors with his slightly underwhelming kit is a nightmare. If you see this Otz, I wanted to ask if you had any helpful tips to throw out for a struggling player. Great job on the streak my man!

  • Kit Wello
    Kit Wello 년 전 +1478

    “Hello friends, this is Otz, according to the prophecy”

    • Nolan McKnight
      Nolan McKnight 개월 전

      @BeaverBaller311 All we know is that it's definitely not Otzdarva

    • Monday
      Monday 3 개월 전

      @BeaverBaller311 Not Otzdarva

    • BeaverBaller311
      BeaverBaller311 3 개월 전

      @Monday ok so they didn't name him Otzdarva then what is his name XD?

    • Daniel Abhner
      Daniel Abhner 5 개월 전 +1

      The prophecy is true

    • jokurr
      jokurr 년 전 +11


  • ItsKam
    ItsKam 년 전 +74

    "Think of Nemesis' tentacle as a kitkat"... I'd rather not imagine a delicious chocolate bar as raw calamari

  • Ana Aires
    Ana Aires 년 전 +8

    I had so much fun being on those streams . Even with the streamsniping issue , you were able to overcome everything. Once again congrats Otz !

  • Jacrox
    Jacrox 년 전 +11

    By far my favourite thing about the 50 wins series is how otz explains what he learned over time by playing each killer. I love it because he always teaches something new to me and I already have 900+ hours in the game

  • Oskar Is Wraith
    Oskar Is Wraith 년 전 +57

    The community: “Nemesis is D Tier.”
    Otz (maybe): “Hold my drink.”

    • ComedicFool
      ComedicFool 10 개월 전 +1

      I feel like Nemesis shouldn’t be D Tier, just because of Zombies. They’re either absolutely amazing, or dogshit. I feel like it should balance him out up to C Tier at least.

    • Xmangle
      Xmangle 11 개월 전

      @N.E.M. o im not saying nemmy is not good, but demo is stronger and not even him is A tier material

    • Kiltina •
      Kiltina • 11 개월 전

      @Richard Fitzwell which is surprising saying how he is literally supposed to be a bioweapon that is an unstoppable and relentless killing machine

    • N.E.M. o
      N.E.M. o 11 개월 전 +3

      @Xmangle “Both. Both is good”

    • Xmangle
      Xmangle 11 개월 전 +1

      @N.E.M. o no way in hell... its hard for even demo be A Tier and he is years far ahead nemmy

  • Alyx G
    Alyx G 년 전 +5

    Honestly we don’t deserve otz. He’s so wholesome and sweet and amazing and works so hard. 🖤🖤🖤

  • James Okeefe
    James Okeefe 10 개월 전 +3

    I absolutely love nemesis he’s so fun to play and his zombies are hilarious, I still remember when I got 3 hits on a Jill I’m 6 seconds, with the same zombie which single handedly won me the game. Plus it was hilarious

  • Max Straubinger
    Max Straubinger 년 전 +3

    I'm so proud of you!! I was there most of the streak, through so many unfortunate losses, and luckily I was able to be there at the end, it was such a ride! The biggest of congrats!!

  • DekuDude888
    DekuDude888 년 전 +56

    What a Death Note twist lol
    "I merely pretended to be on delay, which convinced you to walk right into my trap!"

  • henry (TheWalmartJesus)

    I remember seeing those Haddonfield games live and they were so intense. Glad you were able to get the streak in the end, ggs! ❤️

  • Logan Cesnik
    Logan Cesnik 년 전 +5

    Finally did it man, I watched the stream and man were some of those games heartbreaking. So glad you finally made it, cheers man

  • Diftq
    Diftq 개월 전 +2

    I just started Nemesis but he has everything I like in a character in a 1v4 game. Some companions - his zombies. Gets stronger over time - tiers. Powerful looking - Massive height and spread. Strong tools - Effective ability which is somewhat difficult to use. The biggest change from my last main, Trapper, is that with Nemesis I find myself trying to find and down specific survivors whereas with Trapper I find myself protecting gens instead.

  • MrZero
    MrZero 년 전 +25

    Narrator: "But what Otz did not know, was that MMR was turned off shortly after being activated due to another set of bugs around it. Thus beginning the pain of the 50 winstreak attempts on Twins and Trickster once more."

  • Pagan Nova
    Pagan Nova 년 전 +2484

    "Fast vaults cannot be grabbed"
    I thought grabbing was broken entirely, this explains SO much, thank you

    • Before Grim
      Before Grim 11 개월 전 +1

      @Yee Yee that was a medium vault then. a fast vault requires you to be running and be going at a specific angle and going fast enough.

    • Nick
      Nick 년 전

      I deadass didn’t know that until he said it

    • Dillon Meyer
      Dillon Meyer 년 전 +1

      @Ehwhynot I play 100% only killer, so my knowledge is limited, but from that perspective alone I know that even if you are 'fast vaulting while injured' I can still grab you. Thus my reason for calling it a 'medium vault'. It's still quick, but it's grabbable. A real fast vault is not, as you aren't injured.

    • Ehwhynot
      Ehwhynot 년 전

      @Dillon Meyer why do people who have no clue about the game speak

    • MariahCareyUnited
      MariahCareyUnited 년 전


  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson 년 전 +202

    “Nice camp… get better”. Savor the irony of a survivor main, who has close to, if not absolute zero experience as killer, making that statement.

    • Shiny Shark
      Shiny Shark 11 개월 전

      @keko deko always stay excellent

    • NITros soDA
      NITros soDA 11 개월 전 +12

      @PayThePiper247 and hitting, downing or even hooking them is a rule-break that can lead to a perma ban, according to some of them

    • PayThePiper247
      PayThePiper247 11 개월 전 +16

      Killer mains aren’t allowed to win. Didn’t you know? We have to use pool noodles and not harm a single survivor and let them escape every match.

  • Monkeyojacko
    Monkeyojacko 년 전 +10

    “Sometimes you want to choose between using your fist or using your tentacle” Otz what has your channel become

  • ChunkyDonovan
    ChunkyDonovan 년 전 +50

    "Hello guys, this is Otz, according to the Eldritch Ones"
    Question: How is Deathslinger's 50-Streak going?
    Much love to the channel

  • TheFlowRyan
    TheFlowRyan 년 전 +18

    31:34 "Good thing we didnt trim our nails" had me rolling😂😂

  • NeonBeast509 -_-
    NeonBeast509 -_- 년 전 +567

    10:47 In mathematical terms in case it helps anyone understand easier.
    Nemesis Mutation Rate:
    < Thresholds of each stage: >
    •Mutation Rate 2: 6 Contamination Points
    •Mutation Rate 3: 15 Contamination Points
    < Contamination Points: >
    •Contaminating Survivors with a Tentacle Strike: +3 Contamination Points
    •Hitting contaminated Survivors with a Tentacle Strike: +1 Contamination Points
    •Destroying Zombies with a Tentacle Strike: +1 Contamination Point
    HOWEVER, With the add-on "Marvin's blood", add an additional +1 Contamination Point to each category.

    • Miss B
      Miss B 9 개월 전

      good jeez

    • doublelizard
      doublelizard 년 전 +1

      @ItsMikeyyy lolol he said it in the op and you forgot so quickly

    • NeonBeast509 -_-
      NeonBeast509 -_- 년 전 +1

      @ItsMikeyyy I already said it was 15 in the original comment, I just said 9 in the reply to put it into a simple addition equation of adding both tier 2 and 3 (6 + 9 = 15)

    • N.E.M. o
      N.E.M. o 년 전 +1

      @eli don’t sure about math, but this guy must do METH very well

    • NeonBeast509 -_-
      NeonBeast509 -_- 년 전 +23

      NOTE: I forgot to specify that Marvin's blood only adds contamination points towards survivor based hits, so hitting a zombie with the add-on would still only give you +1 contamination point.

  • Kathleen Deen
    Kathleen Deen 년 전 +11

    Otz getting so big and beloved that he attracts numerous stream snipers, wow. It’s a burden, but shows how watched you are

  • Jimbobob5536
    Jimbobob5536 년 전 +2

    Nemesis is probably my favorite killer to play as now.

  • RedThePanda
    RedThePanda 년 전 +3

    Wow, the first 20 minutes taught me more about Nemesis than anything else since he came out. Thanks and congrats Otz!

  • Bison06
    Bison06 7 개월 전

    I love that even though he gets stream sniped even though sometimes there a people who do questionable moves, otz still resets all the way to the start even if he is halfway there

  • Spottlessbump38
    Spottlessbump38 년 전 +1183

    "Hello friends, who's Otz?"
    *stares into camera blankly*

    • Huumin Bloodborn
      Huumin Bloodborn 년 전 +2

      "Hello friends, this is otz, atleast until I return by death"

    • Allied
      Allied 년 전 +1

      @Omni It wasn't in the video

    • Omni
      Omni 년 전 +1

      Time stamp ?

    • Nicodapeek2
      Nicodapeek2 년 전 +4

      @Enexie Hey Stream, Otz here!

    • MrZero
      MrZero 년 전 +2

      Still waiting for a where's Waldo intro lmao

  • Siobhan S
    Siobhan S 년 전 +2

    I've only started watching you recently, but I have watched almost every dead by daylight video, I absolutely love your work and you are making me love the game even more

  • Mate gets no sleep
    Mate gets no sleep 5 개월 전 +1

    People: **stream snipe**
    Not Otzdarva: Today we are doing 50 wins as Otzdarva. Our first perk is counterforce.

  • Teethgrinder
    Teethgrinder 년 전 +1

    That last haddonfield match nearly gave me a heart attack-im 38 Otz, I don't want to die 😂 Well done!!! 🎊

  • Firefox 4hire
    Firefox 4hire 3 개월 전

    I think it’s funny how we process this all at once very fast in “intense” situations

  • Kizu Axiosov
    Kizu Axiosov 년 전 +945

    Haha! I noticed that the delay was a lie because you responded to chat too fast. Didn't snitch tho! Thanks for the content Otz!

    • Synthetic Ant
      Synthetic Ant 3 개월 전

      @Keychan64 ...until you're injured. You play the game injured 24/7 and if you're smart you don't heal, keeping it that way. He stomps noobs who heal and thusly don't do gens but that's about it.

    • Mr. Frye
      Mr. Frye 6 개월 전

      @Keychan64 bad addons, you get punished for using your power and for not using it, realistically the one good thing about them is the tracking

    • Shane WaterMalone
      Shane WaterMalone 11 개월 전

      @Keychan64 his gen regression fucking sucks, if survivors don't heal his power is useless, his perks are meh. If you don't heal, legion's power is not good at all. I main legion, and most of his add-ons are decent at best. Playing him without addons is hard, and if survivors are smart and don't heal, you kinda just are an m1 killer with a bit of speed.

    • Keychan64
      Keychan64 년 전

      @Justagamethrower OK how the he'll is legion weak? He's fast, can't speed vault and knows where you are....don't sound weak to me...

    • Justagamethrower
      Justagamethrower 년 전

      @Keychan64 clown is weak and he did it, legion is weak and he did it if not getting close. The killer doesn't really matter when the person using them is skilled enough, Pinhead may be weak but it's still something that's possible

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt 년 전 +1

    Was so happy to see you achieve this one, it really seemed tough as nails. MMR depending, best of luck on any future challenges!

    BUDDY BOY 년 전

    I think my favorite Nemesis design is actually the one they used in the move and the capcom games

  • Ioden
    Ioden 년 전 +1

    I was there for a few attempts on stream. Truly congratulations, I could see it was very stressful, but I'm so happy for your accomplishment. Your skill with the power visibly improved each game.

  • Extimeee
    Extimeee 년 전 +1

    this was absolutely incredible to watch live, congrats 🎉💯

  • The Wraith Summoner
    The Wraith Summoner 년 전 +1335

    "it's one of the hardest ones"
    "May be the last 50 wins"
    Me waiting in vain for a wraith win streak : 🙃

    • Bartimäus
      Bartimäus 년 전

      Same!!! Wraith was my first main, with him I learned the basics and he´s the first one I got good with! (Picked up the game some weeks ago)

    • Djek Dozovitch
      Djek Dozovitch 년 전 +3

      Its just phenomenal that Otz pushed through the Myers streak before mmr. And now Nemesis, two of the most fun killers to ever grace dbd with their presense.

    • Cathair 929
      Cathair 929 년 전 +4

      @Microwave like I said stop putting word in my mouth. Bye now 👋

    • Microwave
      Microwave 년 전 +5

      @Cathair 929
      Nah cause it’s for fun not for the clout of getting 50 wins ...

    • Cathair 929
      Cathair 929 년 전 +3

      @Microwave calm down buddy and stop putting words in my mouth.
      The series started at a 50 win streak series and I say it would be disappointing for it to end as anything less. Even if that means Otz takes an extended break or even if he never succeeds a 50 streak again

  • Nerdlette Gaming
    Nerdlette Gaming 년 전 +1

    Nemesis accidentally became my main... now I feel sometimes I can't win without him lol he is solid :)

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    GA_Frosty 년 전

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  • Alejandro Moya
    Alejandro Moya 년 전 +646

    That temple match was frustrating to see, the snipers at the end made it so obvious. “I was looking at your stream but not sniping btw” and used a highly improbable excuse of “it was nemesis so i checked” like there’s not dozens of nemesis matches a day, so you’re telling me he just checks every single nemy he goes up against? Highly unlikely...

    • Roc_Official
      Roc_Official 22 일 전

      Y’all take this stuff to serious 😂

    • Shawn Pitman
      Shawn Pitman 3 개월 전

      @2LT Sheridan No need to be rude to people who want to try and deny reality? Yes, there is. But keep proving that you ALSO lack any form of grey matter.

    • 2LT Sheridan
      2LT Sheridan 3 개월 전

      ​@Kiltina •It's really cheap, they think it's a legit win to streamsnipe and get a 3 man escape like come on wtf.

    • 2LT Sheridan
      2LT Sheridan 3 개월 전

      @Shawn Pitman No need to be rude about it but yes he admitted it.

  • Eggsalad Supreme

    Congrats on the 50 wins! It's not easy for me to even go more than 5, let alone 50.

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    Christos 년 전 +1

    being able to watch this live was so cool! Well done Otz!!!!!

  • Alamata Slim
    Alamata Slim 년 전 +3

    Can we get The Pig 50 win streak next??? That seems like one of the most challenging ones to do IMO

  • Ymir
    Ymir 년 전

    I was there (1:46:02) when you got the last win for the 50 wins streak it was insane how much you fought for this streak. GG Otz you deserved this.

  • Kaiden B.
    Kaiden B. 년 전 +311

    I wish the real otz would attempt these challenges, he’s a pretty decent killer

    • Bacon Bear
      Bacon Bear 11 개월 전 +9

      @inarb i figured it was a joke, but y'all convinced me ngl

    • inarb
      inarb 11 개월 전 +8

      @Bacon Bear ...it's... it's his alt account. That's the joke

    • Bacon Bear
      Bacon Bear 11 개월 전 +1

      @inarb wait is this not his actual YT account?

    • inarb
      inarb 11 개월 전 +2

      @NITros soDA it’s not copyrighted, so unfortunately there’s not much he can do

    • NITros soDA
      NITros soDA 11 개월 전 +19

      True, speaking of which, when will otz talk to this nototzdarva guy for copying his username?

  • Ana
    Ana 8 개월 전

    I love the ending of this video so much 🥰 The way they speak with Nina, her support, it's priceless to have such a person by your side, I'm so happy seing people acting like this towards each other 👍🏻😊

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  • RetroChaotic
    RetroChaotic 년 전

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  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 년 전

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    Jayden Hoff Isabell 년 전 +353

    I was excited to see this video when I saw Lérys Institute, because I played against a nemesis on Lérys as Feng 1 or two days back, but became disappointed when I saw the bunny ears bc I don’t have any skins. Props for the 50 wins though, very impressive feat tbh.

  • Annamo Carter
    Annamo Carter 8 개월 전

    "Feel free to skip the intro and go to whichever match you'd like to watch..." -Otz
    Imagine skipping any type of content and monologue that this precious man has so graciously created for us.

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    truMalma 년 전

    It was amazing to watch you do this live and in VODs and lovely to see the community rally around you! Well done! Also Niina MVP with that thumbnail!

  • Mr Daxx
    Mr Daxx 년 전 +58

    The fact that Nina made that render in advance before him actually winning makes me feel a type of way. I feel just an ungodly amount of happiness, watching him have to go through nemi 50 wins streak pain while she was already knowing he'd do it is just the thing I want in life, I just want someone who will believe in me no matter how many times I fail

  • 𖥻 𝗴𝗼𝗿𝗲.𝖼𝗈𝗋𝖾 ! 𓂃

    i’m so glad i got to catch some of these games live! well played, otz. :)

  • Merumya
    Merumya 년 전 +36

    "When i got better at using my tentacles..."
    - not Otzdarva, 2021

  • Poisson Sumac
    Poisson Sumac 년 전

    I think my favorite Nemesis addons are double Zombie speeds. The zombies actually move across the map at a reasonable pace with those two addons. As such they get to gens faster, they are able to keep survs inside their FOV longer, they're closer to survs they're chasing so tracking survs based on zombies is more precise, they rally faster to me if one of them starts coming up behind a surv I'm busy chasing etc. I'm also DEFINITELY stocking up on STARS Badges so that when the buff drops I can start using it and Ink Ribbons or Eyeballs because the number of times I've had 2 gens pop within 30 seconds of each other is very large, and a double tremendous buff in zombie speed is surv running speed (faster than surv running speed if you add a Ribbon or eye).
    Also, I know both Paul and Mary are zombie AI.....but I've played like tons of matches and Paul is ALMOST ALWAYS the dumb one. Last match the numbskull got stuck on the side of a hill....THREE TIMES!! I had another match on the Underground Complex where I just let Paul go into that little itty bitty room where the gen is to finish off a Steve but the idiot got spun....IN THAT TINY ROOM!! And Steve just ran out! If the devs incorporate zombie skins I'm swapping Paul out. Mary is dope, few complaints with her lol.
    EVEN IN OTZ'S MATCHES IT'S FRICKING PAUL GETTING STUCK ON STUFF AND LEGIT WORKING ON GENS XDDD I swear those two are coded differently. Also please rework Iri Umbrella Badge to put two more zombies on the map so I can rename my henchmen to Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde. Paul is definitely Clyde.

  • Spykitty358
    Spykitty358 년 전 +1

    Nemesis is my favourite killer followed by Pyramid Head, i may play as survivor 96% of the time but Killer's like PH and Nemesis are some of the bigger reasons why i play killer. I just find their challenge to be fun and exhilarating and satisfying. Hadn't played Pinhead yet but i imagine he's gonna be really fun to play as along with Nemy and PH.

  • Dustin Land
    Dustin Land 년 전

    Nice work Otz! Never doubted you'd hit this milestone. It was a tough one.

  • Oireal
    Oireal 년 전 +226

    I wish Nemesis had some control over Zombies, or their AI was tweaked slightly so they always pathfinded to Nemesis to be of some use. I think letting Nemesis use CTRL to point Zombies in a direction would tremendously deepen his skill ceiling while also keeping the simplicity of his power intact.

    • Ninja Pickle
      Ninja Pickle 10 개월 전

      Maybe allowing you to spawn them yourself with a very small placing time. That'd make them a lot better for chase

    • Christian Barbosa
      Christian Barbosa 11 개월 전

      Just make the A.I be better at pathing (somehow) and put them based on map size (3 for small maps, 4 for medium/inside, 5 for big maps)

    • NexustheNormie
      NexustheNormie 년 전

      @Oireal that seems cool but sounds incredibly op

    • NexustheNormie
      NexustheNormie 년 전

      @whitetiger85_ zombies just need better pathfinding and maybe pathfind to nemesis during a chase

    • Peyton Valdez
      Peyton Valdez 년 전

      I think just better pathfinder for zombies and they don't stuck for make them 10 time better.

  • Frozen_ mist_
    Frozen_ mist_ 년 전

    You and Nina are the perfect example of what I want in life
    you two are so good for eachother

  • David Ivaškovič

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  • Gustavo Sifuentes
    Gustavo Sifuentes 7 개월 전

    49:51 you can see Yui running towards the gen on the left side of the screen when Otz goes to pick up so it in fact was Yui who finished the gen and not Ace. Or it was a combination of both.

  • The_Seeker .Entity

    Feedback: please make the rest of your 50 streaks(if there are any) longer like this I love having these long form vids to see as much of the journey as I can.

  • Kyan-Leigh McDiarmid

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  • WildTacoCat
    WildTacoCat 년 전

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  • Jay Curtis
    Jay Curtis 년 전

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  • Vitya
    Vitya 년 전

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    I wish I could have made it to the final games, but watching you work towards this streak was a lot of fun! Congratulations!

  • Shadow
    Shadow 년 전 +1701

    “At least according to US Military intelligence”
    that’s a good one.

  • BbyLev
    BbyLev 년 전 +1

    Something I do that I don’t really see nemesis players do is using your tentacle at the same time a survivor throws down a pallet. Regardless of the tier, if you time it right, it will hit the survivor every time rather than a pallet. And it’s unavoidable because they’ll be in an animation just like vaulting

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    Double Dwam 년 전

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    I absolutely enjoy your content so much and really wish I could watch your streams more. Thank you for all the entertaining moments and strategies!
    Can’t wait to comment a haha funny “is this the new killer?!” When you’re playing something besides Dbd
    Love and hugs!!

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    The Robo King 년 전 +1

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    Nicco Is My Name 개월 전

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