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New Ringu Killer "The Onryo"- New Survivor, Mori, Perks, Add-Ons & more | Dead by Daylight PTB

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 04.
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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  7 개월 전 +1041

    10:05 Gameplay
    15:38 Mori animation #1 (regular mori)
    28:25 Mori animation #2 (mini-mori)
    00:30 Killer & Survivor Perks

    • Tytheguy
      Tytheguy 6 개월 전

      Hey should I get the new survivor? I have the new killer and I could either get the new survivor or a pinhead outfit so, what should I get?

    • Ferenjianboard Introspection Protocols
      Ferenjianboard Introspection Protocols 7 개월 전

      Merciless Storm on Doctor, with Huntress Lulliby (or the Perk that at 5 stacks removes the sound notification before Skill Checks). Imagine being at Madness 2 with constant Skill Checks and no notifications...Thank you for all the effort put into your videos and the information shared!

    • GeneralFury81
      GeneralFury81 7 개월 전

      @near?? social distance killer

    • near??
      near?? 7 개월 전

      Lol she didn't even touch the survivor she was like this is easy i don't need to use my hands

  • mcdemployed
    mcdemployed 7 개월 전 +4260

    She's actually a killer that's genuinely horrifying, the other killers are scary or creepy sure, but not anything that'll make me not want to sleep alone

    • thatonedude
      thatonedude 16 일 전

      The big thing that I find scary is the expectance of getting attacked but unsure when. So demos shred scares me half to death.

    • The Fool
      The Fool 27 일 전

      "Check your closet"

    • Gabe August
      Gabe August 2 개월 전 +1

      These asian spirits are the worst! I'm almost 30 yo and i still can't watch the grudge or any other horror movies with asian ghosts.

    • T Anderson
      T Anderson 2 개월 전

      @Anobody66 broken you need to get better she’s bottom 5 in the game

    • RoYoshi
      RoYoshi 4 개월 전

      Not scary… it’s probably stealth killers or no terror radius perks when a killer uses it, they scare the crap outa me

  • Grigor Petkov
    Grigor Petkov 7 개월 전 +352

    If you haven't noticed her condemed has 7 bars which basically represent the "Seven days left to live"!! She is so awesome!!!

    • Antonio Rincon
      Antonio Rincon 7 개월 전 +4

      wow I did not notice that but so true I used to watch the ring all the time and the Japanese one too

  • Light Deschanel
    Light Deschanel 7 개월 전 +912

    For those who don't know, the sign appeared when attack is the japenese character "呪" which means "curse"

    • Ralph Wiggum
      Ralph Wiggum 6 개월 전


    • Allen Inojales
      Allen Inojales 7 개월 전 +5

      @nemesis stars noroi

    • Frozen Lettuce
      Frozen Lettuce 7 개월 전 +6

      @nemesis stars Noroi
      Well the actual part of it is Juu
      But you really only need to show the kanji

    • PuwunishedRaccowon
      PuwunishedRaccowon 7 개월 전 +10

      @nemesis stars Romaji would be "Ju" and its pronounce as "chu"

    • nemesis stars
      nemesis stars 7 개월 전

      What's the romanji or pronunciation of it

  • Limited Founders
    Limited Founders 7 개월 전 +1016

    I like how in the Death Stare mori, you hear the heartbeat abruptly stop when they have the heart attack.

    • Arvin Mendoza
      Arvin Mendoza 7 개월 전

      Stare/Look of Superiority

    • MasaHiro
      MasaHiro 7 개월 전 +1

      Sadako can stop people’s hearts without physically attacking them however in Sadako vs Kayako (2016) she is seen using her hair as a weapon which very similar to how Kayako used her hair to strangle Tomoka and her boyfriend Noritaka in Ju-On: The Grudge 2 (2003) and how Mimiko uses her hair in One Missed Call (2003)

    • Andrew Browne
      Andrew Browne 7 개월 전 +3

      @Umu the heartbeat is a projection of fear from the killers to speed up the survivors heartbeat

    • Umu
      Umu 7 개월 전 +1

      I thought I read in-game that the heartbeat is that of the killer though? It beats out of excitement for hunting survivors

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 7 개월 전 +211

    She’s genuinely scary

    • Just Taboo
      Just Taboo 3 개월 전

      @knock knock let the devil in sadako is 19, samara was 12. also, that's the problem, she's dead, but hunting me down :D

    • Sam The Gämer
      Sam The Gämer 7 개월 전

      Too scary

  • Dr. heims
    Dr. heims 7 개월 전 +455

    I honestly think the ring chapter might be looked back upon as one of the best. She’s genuinely terrifying unlike most killers that have come out this last year.

    • Billy Ray
      Billy Ray 2 개월 전

      @FrontlinerDelta Rip

    • FrontlinerDelta
      FrontlinerDelta 3 개월 전

      Sadly this hasn't aged well. Sadako is super weak.

    • ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯
      ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯  4 개월 전

      oh no crow and head of pinz

    • Count Of Monte Cristo
      Count Of Monte Cristo 6 개월 전 +1

      @Zenicka whoops my bad, I actually want to apoligize for coming off as mean, that was uncalled for and I am in no way trying to say you where stupid for having a different opinion.

    • Zenicka
      Zenicka 6 개월 전

      @Count Of Monte Cristo read my 2nd comment

  • Z
    Z 7 개월 전 +444

    Survivor: 'Is impaled through the shoulder.'
    Me who has the empath perk: "You're in pain right now."

  • Leb
    Leb 7 개월 전 +183

    I really like how they used 7 meters/seconds instead of multipliers of 4 which is what they do on all other killers/survivors' perk/add-on's. Great touch there

  • MrBarry
    MrBarry 7 개월 전 +233

    Imagine playing her with the perk that reveals auras of everyone in first seconds of the match. You can immediately teleport to them and start chase. That is really powerful...

    • Will Davis
      Will Davis 7 개월 전 +5

      No because you can clearly see the power needed time to charge up as the start of the match

    • enzo tavares
      enzo tavares 7 개월 전 +17

      the TV's teleport take a while to work

  • ThatOneDude
    ThatOneDude 7 개월 전 +61

    Very bold perks from Behaviour, they want to give survs and killers the opportunity to create new metas. Idk who works on the perks but they're giving it their all. Genuinely impressed.

    • Crusty TheHodag
      Crusty TheHodag 6 개월 전 +3

      @Spaceblock B chapter’s out, indeed very useful, you can see if anyone is working on that gen for the next 60 seconds, it’s great.

    • Spaceblock B
      Spaceblock B 7 개월 전 +3

      That one where you kick the gen, i can actually see it being sort of useful.

  • Sherman Root
    Sherman Root 7 개월 전 +98

    Her power seems really interesting, similar to wraith but has other strengths and gameplay flow making it a bit more interactive. Regardless of how powerful she ends up being, the kit looks really fun! I like that she's more horror oriented than the other killers, playing against her is gonna be eerie when I'm the only one awake at 3am

    • A bit Of Orangutangu
      A bit Of Orangutangu 7 개월 전 +1

      @Hyeonsik Li You don't chase people unless they are at weak pallets or in complete dead zones. She does have an anti-loop with her intermittent phasing coming out of manifest but without addons it only works on small pallets or pallets you can't see over.

    • Acolyte of Dagon
      Acolyte of Dagon 7 개월 전 +1

      @Hyeonsik Li You can't.

    • Hyeonsik Li
      Hyeonsik Li 7 개월 전

      But whats her antiloop? Shes just an m1 killer. How are you supposed to hit someone good?

    • Gendeng Raven
      Gendeng Raven 7 개월 전

      Yes, it brings back the horror of DBD when the first time I play it.. I wish for more horror killers rather than ultra brutal killers

    • Sylvester the Kiibo kinnie
      Sylvester the Kiibo kinnie 7 개월 전 +2

      I adore horror oriented killers- It makes the game so much more interesting!

  • Adloquium Dubious
    Adloquium Dubious 7 개월 전 +58

    The mori sold me on here, it was so unsettling which fits perfectly for her.
    Whether she’s good or not, she’s 100% and instant purchase and main for me

    • Pele
      Pele 개월 전

      I need an update. Is she still your main? How do you like her after a few months?

    • How are you more of a clown than me, a clown
      How are you more of a clown than me, a clown 7 개월 전

      It really sets in what made Ringu so scary in the first place. There are many cases where the movie shows you things from the perspectives of the character, particularly the tape being shown directly and the infamous Sadako eye. I love that they incorporated it into her Condemned mori by showing the closeup of the eye even though she's fairly far away from her victim, and that full VHS blank screen effect.

  • Clockwork
    Clockwork 7 개월 전 +71

    The condemned progress circle is 7 bars which is a pretty fun detail.

  • WalkzinnK-
    WalkzinnK- 7 개월 전 +5

    I no longer play Dbd anymore but your videos keep me up to date. You explain everything perfectly thank you Otz!!

  • Elesh
    Elesh 7 개월 전 +29

    As always masterpiece art incredible animations and design well thought out themes of the movie connected with game but gameplay wise will probably be weak cause behavior is scared shitless to make anything strong that would upset the part of the surv community that are frantic maniacs.

  • FLaSHFReeeZ
    FLaSHFReeeZ 7 개월 전 +6

    Remember: you hear your own heart beat. Not the killer's.

  • Vicarius
    Vicarius 7 개월 전 +3

    Floods of Rage + Make Your Choice would be absolutely insane. Hook somebody on a scourge hook and then port to the closest TV as soon as they're unhooked.

  • Reformed Fridge
    Reformed Fridge 7 개월 전 +1651

    I really like the idea for Empathetic Connection. It might not be the strongest perk, but I love playing as the team healer/unhooker and this perk would be awesome for my playstyle. Pretty excited to try all these new things out soon.

    • artmanxp
      artmanxp 7 개월 전

      Imagine this with self care and empathy

    • DrEwDyMaN101
      DrEwDyMaN101 7 개월 전

      It’s like empathy, but backwards

    • DA gotówka
      DA gotówka 7 개월 전

      Oh so your my teammate that does 0 gens and only goes for unhooks..

    • Fight or Flight
      Fight or Flight 7 개월 전

      I think a big thing about this perk is that it helps solo queue players

  • M.
    M. 7 개월 전 +2

    Thanks Otz for all the videos, even after I stopped playing DBD I try to watch your videos to see how the game is progressing. I may be returning to DBD in the future. 👍

  • Angel Santos
    Angel Santos 7 개월 전 +4

    Empathic Connection is definitely useful when you’re running Solidarity/Autodidact build. Instead of knowing who’s injured, the injured will come to you. So no more empathy or Bond, super excited for this fun perk

    • Hergie Paguio
      Hergie Paguio 7 개월 전

      Autodidact is a fun perk for me...
      It can heal my teammates in a very short period of time

  • Pizza Pan
    Pizza Pan 7 개월 전 +4

    The Videotape iridescent and distorted photo could be extremely good for having constant map pressure since you're able to decloak, see if there is an enemy and hit them and instantly gain most if not all your teleports back to keep doing it again.

  • Spykitty358
    Spykitty358 7 개월 전 +1

    Merciless storm might be pretty good with Eruption if you can manage to chase down a survivor and down them on time. But loving the perks, they seem useful. I imagine floods of rage would be good with Nemesis since he's a killer who benefits a lot from information perks same as Pyramid Head.

  • Auggy Rachal
    Auggy Rachal 7 개월 전 +659

    She’s genuinely scary ngl, the eye in the mori (also from a movie with her in it) is a really cool add

    • Arda
      Arda 7 개월 전

      @MAUDY 🥴

  • Scarlett😍 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    10:05 Gameplay
    15:38 Mori animation #1 (regular mori)
    28:25 Mori animation #2 (mini-mori)
    00:30 Killer & Survivor Perks

  • Féär
    Féär 7 개월 전 +1

    Your consistency and quality of videos never disappoint!! Keep up the good work

  • Kit's Cloud
    Kit's Cloud 7 개월 전 +7

    Probably my favourite killer in terms of design. I'm confused though. Wouldn't it be better for survivors to just ignore the TVs?

    • MysteryWyvern
      MysteryWyvern 7 개월 전 +3

      As their condemned builds, they will have to retrieve tape from 1 tv (also adds 1 condemned, so they can't leave it till they're nearly condemned), then they have to immediately reach their highlighted tv or else they will become condemned by the tape. HOWEVER if they ignored tvs like you said, it's risky for them since Sadako will have alot of areas to project from to condemn them. If they don't ignore tvs and disable them, they will build condemned faster but they will be in control of when and where. This will waste alot of their time that could have been spent doing gens however and requires them to actively search for tvs to disable.

    • D
      D 7 개월 전 +5

      From my understanding, they have to interact with one to remove their condemned status effect if she teleports a lot near them and gives it to them.

  • linda pastori
    linda pastori 7 개월 전 +1

    I like how in the Death Stare mori, you hear the heartbeat abruptly stop when they have the heart attack.

  • Camerahead
    Camerahead 7 개월 전 +708

    Sadako is gonna make any match she's in turn into a proper horror game match, kinda like Scratched MIrror Myers, except she's an even bigger threat! Props to BHVR for pulling it off!!!

    • there is an insecure person above this comment
      there is an insecure person above this comment 7 개월 전

      @Chris Barrera he's not wrong but are we gonna keep complaining about it? it's exactly why this community is toxic, just endless complaints about other sides etc etc

    • Budoshi
      Budoshi 7 개월 전

      It will desipate when she gets looped all matches .

    • The name is Mary
      The name is Mary 7 개월 전

      @10cody7 I'm absolutely comfortable making that assumption people would not have the idiotic takes they do if they played both sides and not in the "I play a round of killer every 2 weeks" way

    • 10cody7
      10cody7 7 개월 전 +1

      @The name is Mary yea don't assume that people only play one side or the other

  • B
    B 7 개월 전 +1

    It would be cool if an add-on like this existed: you get killers instinct when a survivor retrieves a tape within x amount of metres from you. If the survivor is downed whilst in possession of the tape, the tape is dropped and is consumed by the entity. This adds x percentage of condemned progression to the survivor (the percentage of condemned progression should be quite significant, punishing those who failed to insert the tape into a TV). This could be an Iridescent or a Purple add-on.

  • Futuristicbus 61
    Futuristicbus 61 7 개월 전

    That mori is awesome! Just gets me even more excited for her! I think it’s an extension of the condemned mori

  • Claudia MST
    Claudia MST 7 개월 전

    I like how in the Death Stare mori, you hear the heartbeat abruptly stop when they have the heart attack.

  • raphael felicissimo
    raphael felicissimo 7 개월 전

    I like how in the Death Stare mori, you hear the heartbeat abruptly stop when they have the heart attack.

  • 09bikerman1
    09bikerman1 7 개월 전

    I like how in the Death Stare mori, you hear the heartbeat abruptly stop when they have the heart attack.

  • Chloe Francois
    Chloe Francois 7 개월 전 +5

    The way that survivors can spread her message to save themselves is so flavorful and cool, though I have no idea if its optimal to do it or not. But I feel like it will be one of those things like cleansing where solo survivors will constantly screw over everyone else to do it lol.

    • HinaHina
      HinaHina 7 개월 전

      It kind of reminds me of Plague in that sense. Selfishness v. Team play

  • Janice 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    I like how in the Death Stare mori, you hear the heartbeat abruptly stop when they have the heart attack.

  • Smocky Tubers
    Smocky Tubers 7 개월 전 +1

    So it's like Wraith with the cloaking, Freddy with the teleporting, and Pig with the TV slowdown, Trapper with the resetting TVs, Trickster with the condemn bar, and PH with the quick mori.
    I like it.

  • PrOJeCt X-13
    PrOJeCt X-13 7 개월 전 +2812

    Imagine using Merciless Storm with Huntress Lullaby and Doctor’s power

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith 6 개월 전

      @Rau Le Creuset seems more like a beta stealth killer. Aka no heart beat but they still get Freddy music. They can hear a musical tone letting them know she’s within 32meters

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith 6 개월 전

      Yeah, 15 seconds into the match, hex goes poof because it spawned in front of survivors or survivor objective.

    • Rau Le Creuset
      Rau Le Creuset 6 개월 전

      @Dezthepanda’s Life but she's a stealth killer?

    • sleeplessNarcolept
      sleeplessNarcolept 6 개월 전

      Side note, I tried this but it doesnt work: Corrective Action doesnt cancel out Merciless Storm. If they fail, I guess Merciless Storm takes priority over the failed check being changed to a great check

    • Lil Darkheart
      Lil Darkheart 7 개월 전

      @Racsan Haunted Grounds and Hex Ressurection (or whatever that other one was called)

  • Dongchimi
    Dongchimi 7 개월 전

    I see empathetic connection as being a more useful perk then just notifying others that youre a healer. If you're playing solo, it could let the other injured survivors know you're being chased. They can either come help, or double down on a gen or totem etc etc.

  • Boom Knight
    Boom Knight 7 개월 전 +2

    Dark Theory with the stealth boon I think would be a great combination. Making it hard to track people and letting them get out of dodge just that lil bit faster can help keep them out of sight. I like the idea of it.

  • Cisco 1000
    Cisco 1000 7 개월 전

    Her perks are pretty insane. Pretty excited for her to make her debut on console

  • RyzeIsBased
    RyzeIsBased 7 개월 전

    Mori starts at 15:40 for anyone wondering

  • Sam7325
    Sam7325 7 개월 전

    I can see the reason for merciless storm; it basically stops any survivors on a 99.5% gen, if the killer interrupts them from completing the almost done gen it stops them from getting back on the gen to pop it
    The perk is very situational but not uncommon of a setup that most survivors do

  • Drax0
    Drax0 7 개월 전

    Animations are awesome and Mori's are REALLY scary. BH made something top notch! And Otzdarva can You make a video about new characters lore's?

  • nimbus
    nimbus 7 개월 전

    her animations are really well done, and they're faithful to the source
    really scary ngl

  • Chauncy
    Chauncy 7 개월 전 +6

    If only could only light boon totems once per trial, I feel a large portion of their issues would be remedied just like that.

    • Spaceblock B
      Spaceblock B 7 개월 전

      That or when a killer destroys a boon, it destroys the totem as well. Would also make pimento better, and a sort of anti-boon perk.

  • DAS Känguru
    DAS Känguru 7 개월 전 +752

    Sadako coming out of the TV gives off strong "We´ve been trying to contact you about your car´s extended warranty" vibes

    • Jamie Parker
      Jamie Parker 7 개월 전 +1

      Their life’s extended warranty is expired

    • Hakohito
      Hakohito 7 개월 전 +4

      "Albion online a MMORPG"

    • lethargicsauce
      lethargicsauce 7 개월 전 +5

      "This DVD has been enhanced with Disney fast-play."

    • theLegend
      theLegend 7 개월 전 +2

      @BlacK40k dammit I was going to say that

    • BlacK40k
      BlacK40k 7 개월 전 +20

      Sadako coming out of the TV: "BIG THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR RAID SHADOW LEGENDS"

  • vu phi vu
    vu phi vu 7 개월 전

    Can’t wait to see her mori on the others survivors though it will be really brutal

  • Fives 2011
    Fives 2011 7 개월 전

    I like that the new Killer is a bit scary again. I think that adds a lot to the game apart from the hard meta stuff

  • MainelyBakey
    MainelyBakey 7 개월 전

    The HYPE is real right now! Thanks for the sneak peak, Otz!

  • -Friday-
    -Friday- 7 개월 전

    Thanks for checking this out and bringing it here Otz! Much love!

  • Revailz
    Revailz 7 개월 전 +229

    Literally 10 seconds into the game, she came out of a TV and scared the shit out of me, and I didn't see her till she was behind me. Genuinely a scary killer.

    • Даниил Багринцев
      Даниил Багринцев 7 개월 전 +1

      @Kevin Chen nah, even if his addons will be good ghostface still a killer without map mobility, map control and chase power

    • Ronin _shreds
      Ronin _shreds 7 개월 전

      She can't use her power that soon?

    • Kevin Chen
      Kevin Chen 7 개월 전 +4

      @Даниил Багринцев To be fair, if Ghostface got his addons rebalanced and another cloak recharge buff he would be pretty competitive as well.

    • Даниил Багринцев
      Даниил Багринцев 7 개월 전 +19

      Fair, fun and scary killer. BHVR finally made a viable stealth killer

  • Giovanni onzalez
    Giovanni onzalez 7 개월 전

    I love the small detail of when you were on survivor the condemned status was separated into 7 sections representing the the 7 days they have left to live after watching the tape

  • grocerybag
    grocerybag 7 개월 전

    i am extremely excited to use her when she releases :))

  • Schtoopit Nuhb
    Schtoopit Nuhb 7 개월 전 +1

    I can already see swf groups looping her like: "I am coming close to where you are, pull the tape out."
    Then again. Tape Editing Deck + Lethal persuer should give you a huge advantage. Not only will you know where they are and where they need to go but also will you be able to see who isnt going for the TVs.

  • Jasper Tyler
    Jasper Tyler 7 개월 전

    i feel like merciless storm with impossible skill check doctor will be fun. because having constant skill checks when all of them are madness skill checks will probably be nearly undoable for most survivors.

  • Cat
    Cat 7 개월 전 +426

    her main mori (outside of being condemned) is incredible, this killer is genuinely so spooky

    • Cat
      Cat 7 개월 전 +3

      @TheHatcheteer that's what i mean, the condemned mori is cool also, just shorter

    • Haasa
      Haasa 7 개월 전 +15

      @TheHatcheteer it's at the end of this video. It's just slightly shorter than her normal mori

    • Nick Reecer
      Nick Reecer 7 개월 전 +2

      Does anyone have a clip of the 2nd mori animation?

    • TheHatcheteer
      TheHatcheteer 7 개월 전 +8


  • K R
    K R 7 개월 전

    I love all animations aside from her smooth jazz shoulders … they remind me of Myers’ shadow … But the mori has a lot of issues for me on the PTB for some reason. The camera is like inside the environment or body for me.

  • drizzy0712
    drizzy0712 7 개월 전

    Merciless storm seems balanced, good perk for killer and survivors have a way of checking of the perk is there or not

  • Red_Revenant
    Red_Revenant 7 개월 전 +6

    Merciless storm is really good at lower ranks. I think this perk is more suitable with Doctor with full stacks of Lullaby.

  • M M
    M M 7 개월 전

    A possible buff for empathic connection would be:when ever the aura of a injured survivor is supposed to be revealed to the killer , your aura is revealed instead

  • HorsePuncher420
    HorsePuncher420 7 개월 전 +963

    it seems like alot of this killer’s power is in using the manifestation and demanifesting freely to mess with the survivor and fuck with their heads. I love how you’re not slowed by manifesting and vice versa. With some addons, it looks like you can really get some cheeky hits with her. With her map control, and “condemned” system that kind of works as an auto-pressure system for survivors, she doesn’t seem like a bad killer at all. The sound design is pretty great too, making the majority of her sounds erratic and creepy to fit her character yet distinct enough to tell what she’s doing gameplay wise (vaulting a window, crushing a pallet, etc). They really went all out with this chapter huh

    • TherealShumbucket
      TherealShumbucket 7 개월 전

      @BadQualityFrog she doesn’t have an anti loop. She is far from op

    • valenesco45
      valenesco45 7 개월 전

      Nah this is another shit tier killer. Now Go grab those money and pay for this crap.

    • Shitpost Crusader
      Shitpost Crusader 7 개월 전

      @HalostormX Yes but it's super rare to get it and it's not oppressive enough like Pig's traps to make survivor go "yeah I need to do this instead of generators a second", it has to be a bit more oppressive, not too much but just a tiny bit because otherwise it's just a gimmick

    • Lil_Trell
      Lil_Trell 7 개월 전

      I wouldn’t say she’s like the writh or the nurse I say she’s more of the spirit. The reason why because the spirit and the new killer’s abilities are actually kind of similar to how they look from the survivors point of view. The only difference is that the killers cool down is kind of nuts not to mention even manifesting back she’s still manifest back-and-forth before completely manifesting and she she can actually she the survivors while in or out of it. But as for Spirit she can only see the scratch marks that you leave and she has to pinpoint and take a guest where you’re at

  • uosɹǝd ɯopuɐɹ
    uosɹǝd ɯopuɐɹ 7 개월 전

    Dark theory paired with shadow step, spine chill and resilience is gonna be a great looping build

  • Ravelord_N1to
    Ravelord_N1to 7 개월 전 +1

    This killer was a long time coming I think, she's a horror icon

  • Umbiriel
    Umbiriel 7 개월 전

    I hope dbd tries to make more killers that are actually scary to play against. This one is a good one tbh. I want more of this, just an unsettling scary killer that gives you actual fear. Most other ones have their vibes but are generally not that scary. Some are tho. We just need more of this

  • iamKayC
    iamKayC 7 개월 전

    Tinkerer and Merciless Storm seems to be a really good combo.

  • Coolnamebro
    Coolnamebro 7 개월 전 +282

    Survivor: 'Is impaled through the shoulder.'
    Me who has the empath perk: "You're in pain right now."

    • lethargicsauce
      lethargicsauce 7 개월 전 +3

      Empathy users realizing their favorite perk is even more useless now as the new perk literally does what it does and more: :(

    • Maximuffin
      Maximuffin 7 개월 전 +1

      You a victim

    • Fresh
      Fresh 7 개월 전 +9

      "Empaths" on tiktok be like

    • FinestFantasyVI
      FinestFantasyVI 7 개월 전 +3

      My fav new survivor perk.
      It'll help me with my survivor dailies xD

    NTBYK 7 개월 전

    Hey @not Otzdarva

  • tango33w
    tango33w 7 개월 전

    These add ons seem really exciting to go against. Constantly gotta be on gaurd and running around.

  • darkanayer
    darkanayer 7 개월 전 +7

    Honestly out of the 2 iridescents the video tape feels like the strongest one. The remote feels... Underwhelming. Yes, while it May be true that survivors will be around TVs whenever they have a tape, its too short of a range and duration for it to have more use. I would personally tweak the numbers a bit and make it a purple, with the one that makes all survivors start with tapes, with perhaps a 10% extra condemm rate slapped on it.
    Anyways back to the topic at hand, tape feels like a really good addon, even throught its dependant on the TVs spawn. Allows for hit and run jumpscare tactics, and with information perks like barbecue or her own scourge hook, or even with the remote in a lesser way, can get you a lot of mobility, and therefore, a lot of map pressure. Personally would pair it with the one to maintain more the speedboost when projecting

  • Boom Knight
    Boom Knight 7 개월 전 +1

    The new Aura perk seems nice if you're running something like Desperate measures or just trying to run a heal build. Rather then chasing people down they get to come to you for healing rather then just self caring around the corner not knowing you're right there.

    • Boom Knight
      Boom Knight 7 개월 전 +1

      I'd also like more aura perks that let others know where you are. If they have a brain they can better use that info in a random team.

  • HellPunisher
    HellPunisher 7 개월 전 +431

    Sadako's eye staring in the mori and the special kill is terrifying! Feels like an homage to the movie.

    • simbionte de la luz
      simbionte de la luz 7 개월 전

      @ねこ男の子 that's a pretty good auto-like dude¡

    • Andrew Wall
      Andrew Wall 7 개월 전

      Is that not the Way its supposed to be 😆

    • Chang Siah Lim
      Chang Siah Lim 7 개월 전

      but although I do it looks like someone's breaking bones ( I prefer something more rip and tear but this is still scary)

  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog 7 개월 전

    Oh damn, that mori, probably one of the few with actual damage left on the body, right? I expected Pyramid Head's mori to literally chop a survivor in half too but it seems like it was limited by its time. LOL I hope they rework the other moris too so it would leave more "gory" effect or damage.

  • Mysterion157
    Mysterion157 7 개월 전 +4

    Hats off to whoever said "Acoustic Ruin" when Otz was talking about the Call of Brine perk, I spat out my coffee

  • Impact
    Impact 7 개월 전

    The fact that her purple addons affect her uncloaking power instead of the teleport one feels a little concerning about how easy it can be to get hits with her.
    Considering Manifesting is already a speed boost applying hindred aswell ontop of that just sounds insane.

  • steelsactap
    steelsactap 7 개월 전

    I think it’s too early to say much. But from first glimpse I think I really like this killer. She seems like she’ll be a really fun stealth killer to play as. She doesn’t have any ranged attacks so she should be fun to go against. I have a feeling she’ll be on the weaker side, probably on par with ghostface. A killer that is fun, not useless, but doesn’t have any ridiculous anti loop sounds great.

  • Andrew Aguayo
    Andrew Aguayo 7 개월 전 +331

    Wow I might actually be a killer main after she releases…she seems fun as hell! Also one thing that missed was her vaulting animation, they should’ve made it like demigorgon where he looks more animalistic crawling though windows etc. I like sadakos vault animation but it’s a wasted potential to make her that much creepier in that vaulting animation

    • Mishal M
      Mishal M 개월 전

      It's 6 months later, but that Vault animation is similar to her coming out of the well animation

    • Jonathan Simpson
      Jonathan Simpson 7 개월 전

      @Deep Sea Animations Im sorry but why would they make that a chapter? Isn't the grudge literally just this? I mean it's too similar to justify yet another chapter with this legend. Im sorry but I don't know why the hell you even think that's a possibility...

    • Bec Frosdick
      Bec Frosdick 7 개월 전

      I also missed the vault animation, but I wanna see the carry animation from the Survivor's perspective

    • vexx D3
      vexx D3 7 개월 전 +1

      Word I was thinking the same thing, more like a spider crawling out a window lol

  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz 7 개월 전 +2

    love how everyone was hating on this killer before she even came out and now everyone loves her lol

  • DismissedEnd
    DismissedEnd 7 개월 전

    Merciless storm might be really good with doctor. All those skill checks popping up in different parts of the screen

  • MonkeyBusiness
    MonkeyBusiness 7 개월 전

    I got excited reading the new killer perks, then I saw the new boon totem perk for survivors, and it all made sense.

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 7 개월 전

    Sadako coming out of the TV gives off strong "We´ve been trying to contact you about your car´s extended warranty" vibes

  • Fero Plomin'
    Fero Plomin' 7 개월 전 +318

    The dedication from this man is unreal

    • Boss0202
      Boss0202 7 개월 전 +1

      He's confirmed a robot lol

    • kreamations
      kreamations 7 개월 전 +3

      His job is to play video games, nothing insane here

    • Lamar Russell
      Lamar Russell 7 개월 전 +2

      @ThePickledEggsure I guess or he love playing a game he loves. Also giving information to people is their job. you could say but it common sense tho

    • ThePickledEgg
      ThePickledEgg 7 개월 전 +17

      It’s his job lmao

    • Brian Urbina
      Brian Urbina 7 개월 전 +12

      I mean, he makes a ton of money from this

  • Joseph Wachtler
    Joseph Wachtler 7 개월 전

    Merciless storm plus tinkerer sounds like an amazing combo. First killer I’ve seen with three really cool and interesting perks

  • UpIzzDown-v2
    UpIzzDown-v2 7 개월 전

    Can't wait to use Merciless Storm with Hex: Huntress Lullaby, Unnerving Presence and Distressing on The Doctor

  • V
    V 7 개월 전

    Seems like the rate of condemned doesn't climb all that fast when holding the tape, though with the right items that could wind up a good strat to speed up the process

  • Zachary West
    Zachary West 7 개월 전

    The first survivor perk would go real well with (you said head on and decisive yes) but also smash hit!! :)

  • cozyjuu
    cozyjuu 7 개월 전 +1

    This is the first time we’ve had an update where every single perk seems decently viable !!

  • Lv 45
    Lv 45 7 개월 전 +1

    Haven’t played dbd in like 2 years but this looks real good

  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis 7 개월 전

    Merciless Storm is good because people have to take their eye off the surroundings frequently

  • Feline Discipline
    Feline Discipline 7 개월 전

    As a Pig main, Sadako might be my favorite second killer, her and the cowboy fisherman

  • Daekwon Rose
    Daekwon Rose 7 개월 전

    Flood of rage paired with make your choice will be INSANE ! can’t wait to use em

  • Isaac Cooper
    Isaac Cooper 7 개월 전

    Its like when I hear how broken the killer side is, then I hear how broken the survivor side is. I wonder how the trials are going to work with Ringu and Yoichi now, and the fact that every survivor and killer can use their perks

  • E
    E 7 개월 전

    It’s surprises me how otz can always have fun with this game. A better man than I’ll ever be

  • tarael86
    tarael86 7 개월 전

    For those interested, onryou are vengeful spirits in japanese folklore.

  • Lady V
    Lady V 7 개월 전

    28:25 this mori is so disrespectful, you can literally go even before the survivor actually dies I love it

  • Mike Diaz
    Mike Diaz 7 개월 전

    Glad to see you got #10 on trending Otz!
    Out of all the dbd KRcliprs, you’re the most deserving 👍

  • Shikafu
    Shikafu 7 개월 전

    Merciless Storm, aka, when the killer brings Repressed Alliance!
    Really though, anytime a killer is near an almost completed gen the survivors get the block that helps them more, since blocking denies any form of regression.
    What they should of done is make it incapacitate for a little less time to reward the killer for actually running the perk and denying an almost completed gen.

  • bog
    bog 7 개월 전

    I think boon totems should break after a minute maybe even less than that but I think I'd be a balance way to stop the killer from having to take them down either that or just make them randomly spawning

  • Socrates
    Socrates 7 개월 전 +562

    This killer is the only one that actually looks scary for me, idk why but something about her makes me feel unsafe

    • kaister901
      kaister901 7 개월 전

      @dredge2341 This the japan version. So the book probably. It's ringu not the ring.

    • The Fake Banette
      The Fake Banette 7 개월 전

      It's the pack of a face or ways fir your brain to apply a fave to her. Along with the unnatural movements.

    • Call Of DutyZx
      Call Of DutyZx 7 개월 전


  • Tyler
    Tyler 7 개월 전 +1

    Merciless Storm to me seems like they will get to finish the gens faster, I for one love getting skill checks especially nearing the end of completion because I can actually hit great skill checks.

    • christiano10ronaldo
      christiano10ronaldo 7 개월 전

      For real, it's like a nice idea but in practice very bad. Just like oppression. The new Dead mans switch is way better