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Best Builds for Every Killer (6.2.1) | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 04.
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  • Superb Fairy
    Superb Fairy  22 일 전 +1543

    When Otz comes back and finds this imposter giving us such quality content he's gonna be very concerned

    • MacLexus
      MacLexus 19 일 전

      @Mike 55555

    • Ayo Snack
      Ayo Snack 21 일 전

      @Steph they kind of have to ban the evasion one if they are to follow the rules. But that sounds sucky. No mods are as bad as Probzzz's though, he bans everyone even if they asked about his opinion on DH. He probably has trolls but it's dumb

    • Steph
      Steph 21 일 전

      @Arthur Lowery you got the second ban for ban evasion, the first ban seems completely random. They must've been in a bad mood lmao

  • LocaJoji
    LocaJoji 22 일 전 +582

    Otz’s dedication to his content for us is incredible. Thank you otz

    • Marlo
      Marlo 4 일 전

      Fancy seeing you here

    • Dion Alief
      Dion Alief 21 일 전 +2

      It ain't otz brother

    • Vienna Savage
      Vienna Savage 21 일 전 +4

      Bro this isn't otz

    • hazem
      hazem 22 일 전 +7

      this isnt otz tho

    • Ika Ayu
      Ika Ayu 22 일 전 +1

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • ArturBroda
    ArturBroda 21 일 전 +207

    I love how Otz is explaining what deadlock does on every killer

    • Eyal Shacham
      Eyal Shacham 21 일 전 +20

      @Kimberly Terasaki i skip to the killers I play or want to learn

    • Kimberly Terasaki
      Kimberly Terasaki 21 일 전 +66

      Just in case someone skipped the other killers

  • KazQuala
    KazQuala 22 일 전 +324

    Take a shot every time Deadlock is on a build and the ambulance will be there 5 min later. Such a good perk! Extremely versitile and works on pretty much every killer :D

    • Sorin Markov
      Sorin Markov 20 일 전

      Unless you're using Pain Resonance. I trust Otz on most things, but putting Pain Res and Deadlock on this many killers together should be a crime. MASSIVE anti-synergy.

      MCKOOKIE 20 일 전

      @Aleksa regression will always be stronger, look at Cheryl's repressed alliance, does the same thing lmao

      MCKOOKIE 20 일 전

      @Hirias Bloodweaver 100%

    • Gensokyo
      Gensokyo 21 일 전 +1

      Which sucks because it was literally never included in a shrine and I doubt it will be. And I don't want to pay money for a single perk and a killer I'm not interested in.

  • 1337Cabbage
    1337Cabbage 22 일 전 +409

    Another one I might suggest as a Hag player, sometimes Corrupt can force people on top of you before you are ready for them, so a fun alternative can be Lethal Pursuer. It lets you know where everyone is which allows you to prep more effective traps knowing the pathing they are more likely to take and makes you aware if people could come into your web from multiple directions. One other fun aspect from time to time is if a Survivor brings Distortion, they can fool themselves into thinking you'll be on the way instantly, and potentially can even spread the misinformation to their team when on comms, leading to a much bigger surprise when they realise it's actually a Hag

    • CEO of tortellini
      CEO of tortellini 20 일 전

      @MEGALODON only thing eww is your comment

    • 1337Cabbage
      1337Cabbage 21 일 전 +5

      @Dr. Anonymous We do still exist, those who play the Granny playstyle live by the Granny playstyle

    • CxrpetMxncher
      CxrpetMxncher 21 일 전

      @F1eryDBD 🤣🤣🤣

  • Errant Jones
    Errant Jones 22 일 전 +138

    The timing when Otz says "Hitting long shots is fun" and the Huntress tosses a hatchet 15:10

  • Camerahead
    Camerahead 22 일 전 +118

    Left the game sometime ago, but Otz's content is just _that_ good.

    • Bondrewd The Beloved
      Bondrewd The Beloved 20 일 전

      @Will, i think there so much tryhard surviviors in the lobbys

    • Mauro Valente
      Mauro Valente 21 일 전

      Relatable, I stopped playing but still watch this stuff

    • viridi xx
      viridi xx 21 일 전 +1

      same here! still come back to watch Otz's videos and streams

    • Will
      Will 21 일 전 +1

      Why you leave

  • JacobOkay
    JacobOkay 22 일 전 +175

    Save The Best for Last is like one of my favourite perks on M1-oriented killers. Nothing is more satisfying than having a short successful hit cool down. but deadlock kills tho 😂

    • JacobOkay
      JacobOkay 18 일 전 +1

      @Pancakes STBFL can really come in clutch on Killers like Sadako.

    • Pancakes
      Pancakes 18 일 전 +1

      STBFL is a fucking nasty perk, I was playing Sadako. I was gonna lose on disturbed ward, I managed to get a Feng in the basement. Meg comes in to save, I managed to down them with my 8 stacks both, even through basekit BT, I smacked em so fast they couldn't even get up the stairs. Managed to get 3 people in basement. Won with 4k

    • JacobOkay
      JacobOkay 21 일 전 +1

      @KARABOĞA Deadlock is a really good perk because it blocks the generator with the most progress for a whole 30 seconds, when a generator pops! Now, if that happens for every single generator that pops, it adds an additional 2 minutes to the game, for free! No hex totems, no setup, nothing, just a free 2 minutes. Most killers can really capitalize on this. Some high MMR SWFs can counter this with good communication and preparation for Deadlock Killers but those groups are rare and far in between as it is hard to counter this unstoppable perk.

    • MrWilson
      MrWilson 21 일 전

      @KARABOĞA it effectively adds 30 seconds to a generator four times

    • Casper Prevaes
      Casper Prevaes 21 일 전 +1

      @KARABOĞA Extends the game passively, gives you more time to get someone out of the match before endgame.

  • Im_Squidgy
    Im_Squidgy 22 일 전 +26

    Perfect timing otz, I was searching for the best builds for killers literally a few hours ago but a few of them were outdated or for killers I don't play. Thank you for what you do for the community!

  • Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius

    35:52 The main downside of clown is that you're playing clown.

    • Lynx Boi
      Lynx Boi 20 일 전 +1

      @Red dbd player stats my friend.

    • Coffnz
      Coffnz 20 일 전

      @Vinjulmik I’m one of em lol

    • Red
      Red 20 일 전

      @Lynx Boi no you’re not, you’re not known

    • Tyler Rassi
      Tyler Rassi 20 일 전

      @Lynx Boi do you stream?

  • Cole Games
    Cole Games 22 일 전 +42

    Appreciate you a lot otz, just got back into DBD and having a tough time with the newer meta. One of the only content creators that is making hours upon hours of quality KRclip content while also streaming. Props.

  • Mikau
    Mikau 22 일 전 +35

    I think it's worth to consider Eruption on Cenobite. Survivors hit by Eruption can't pick the Lament Configuration or solve it. Even if the survivors on the generator hit by Eruption had no intention of going off to solve the cube, you now know they can't solve it for 25 seconds even if they wanted to.

    • Sorin Markov
      Sorin Markov 20 일 전

      They can travel to it though, which is frequently the big time-waste with the box

  • Crimson Heart
    Crimson Heart 22 일 전 +27

    Yo otz just want to let you know that I'm always really happy when you make long videos like this because at work I can't watch videos but I can listen to them - so these long videos are GEMS for me and it helps the time go by faster so I can gtfo, I don't like my job I plan to quit eventually so anything that can make the time go by faster I REALLY appreciate - thank you, I love you.

    • Steve The Mechanic
      Steve The Mechanic 22 일 전 +1

      @Corey Kibble Is just a Spam bot, ignore it.

    • Corey Kibble
      Corey Kibble 22 일 전

      @Ika Ayu my brother in christ what is that video

    • Ika Ayu
      Ika Ayu 22 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • ThatRandomGuy Randomness
    ThatRandomGuy Randomness 21 일 전 +21

    I genuinely feel like content creators such as Otz are the sole reason dbd is still alive

    • Pancakes
      Pancakes 18 일 전

      @Simple Tora easy fix then, add messages for console in pregame, just pre made messages where you click on one. They'll say shit like "Im doing archives!" "Let's win" "let's give the killer a hard time!" Or some shit. Make it a bit easier, PC players can already plan ahead. Just no one does it

    • Fart
      Fart 21 일 전 +1

      @Simple Tora yeah you’re right about that, but I still disagree with you on your original point.

    • Simple Tora
      Simple Tora 21 일 전 +2

      @Fart Because it's solo Q. People know how to play the game they just have different goals. Some are doing archives, some just want to bully, some just want to loop, some just want to do gens. Solo Q players usually aren't bad their goals just don't line up with others

    • Fart
      Fart 21 일 전

      @Simple Tora then why does everyone complain about their solo q teammates?

    • Simple Tora
      Simple Tora 21 일 전 +4

      @Fart If people didn't know how to play the game it'd be better, the fact EVERYONE knows how to play is why people hate it so much

  • littlerugaard
    littlerugaard 21 일 전 +5

    For Trickster, Darkness Revealed has become amazing especially in combo with Diamond Cufflinks and Lethal. It's interesting that Bamboozle was in the second build cause that is my basekit on Trickster. My goto build has been Lethal Pursuerer/Darkness Revealed/Deadlock/Bamboozle. Lethal is great for finding the most desirable target which at the beginning and as you said, finding survivors unaware is huge. It also buffs up darkness and cufflinks which I use religiously. Deadlock used to be NWO before the perk rework but with the addition of hope being infinite time and everyone running adrenaline, I would much prefer to just stall the middle game before we ever get to end game. Bamboozle has just been a must for me since I've started. Most smart survivors don't run back and forth over a window and will just 'hug' the corner and wait for you to commit. It takes the guessing out and forces pallets dropped like you said. It's really cool to see how similar the Trickster builds you proposed act with just some small differences in preference. Props my dude.

    • Starry
      Starry 21 일 전

      this is the greatest comment of all time

  • BeastinnFeastin
    BeastinnFeastin 21 일 전 +6

    A video about the evolution for the meta for every killer throughout dbd history would be very interesting. Talking about how changes to the game as well as perks effects how the killer should be played would be a cool idea. It would be a long video but if anyone can do it, Otz can :)

  • Decagn Snewm
    Decagn Snewm 22 일 전 +18

    I've found that plague is incredibly effective against the healing meta right now. I run corrupt intervention, call of brine, eruption and overcharge (I mix up the perks sometimes replacing some of the slowdown perks with things like hysteria). It might not seem like much, but I run the addons that extend the duration of infection for infected objects (prayer tablet + hematite seal/limestone seal), and what this build does is make gens impossible to do without being infected.
    The idea is that at the start of the game, you go around and puke on generators, and now survivors can't work on gens without being infected, once survivors are infected they are usually easy to find because of their coughing noises. Most of the game you patrol generators, keeping them infected, kicking gens and catching infected survivors. Kicking gens allows you to maintain huge control over that generator due to call of brine, and keeping them infected means anybody who tries to touch a generator you have kicked will be gauranteed infected. Survivors who are smart never heal, because it's impossible to work on gens without being infected with this build, but staying injured for the whole game is also quite helpful as they can only make 1 mistake.
    With this build you could have things like tinkerer or hysteria instead of something like overcharge or eruption, do what feels best but this is what I'd suggest for a real painful plague build.

    • Serial
      Serial 21 일 전

      @Jay Breezy i only play that build and plague in general when i really need to pip up (at the end of every season)

    • Jay Breezy
      Jay Breezy 21 일 전

      I did a similar build and it's a lot of fun. Having a salty survivor tell me to die post game, not so much lol.

    • Serial
      Serial 21 일 전

      i run corrupt CoB erup and tinkerer, really good build extremely powerful

    • MrWilson
      MrWilson 22 일 전 +1

      Eruption of Overbrine is so good

    • Ika Ayu
      Ika Ayu 22 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • SpiderriaN
    SpiderriaN 20 일 전 +2

    I rarely play killer but did I still watch this entire video? Yes, yes I did. Otz might be one of the few people who I'll watch talk about anything for hours, love the passion and energy he brings to the DbD community

  • Dren
    Dren 21 일 전 +1

    Hey Otz! I would consider Dissolution being one of The Mastermind’s strong perks. Wesker has the ability to vault pallets and can follow up faster than legion would be able to. With dissolution you force survivors to vault a pallet after circling them, which grants you a free hit.

  • GolemofWill472
    GolemofWill472 22 일 전 +41

    An underrated combo I find is Twins with blood favor and Pentimento. Blood favor really helps Charlotte in early game and victor procs it as well. if its cleansed, well time for 30% slower gens. Also you can throw undying in if you’re afraid of boons like I am.

    • Name
      Name 21 일 전 +1

      @Johnathan Gee Don’t change the subject. You said you weren’t speaking for others, but you were. If you want to say “people who post in DBD forums don’t like twins” then just say that outright

    • Johnathan Gee
      Johnathan Gee 21 일 전

      @Name check forums

    • Name
      Name 21 일 전 +1

      @Johnathan Gee “not speaking on everyone’s behalf” *Next comment:* “but people do think…”

    • adan hollis
      adan hollis 21 일 전 +1

      @Johnathan Gee ahh makes sense

  • Viperishrhyme5
    Viperishrhyme5 15 일 전

    Hey Otz just a recommendation/suggestion, I would love to hear your input on good addons for each build or just in general good ones that might have seen some improvements after recent mid-chapter changes. Either way very insightful video and very helpful for new and old players alike :)

  • myles wines
    myles wines 21 일 전 +2

    Wesker has become my new main. I love his power - especially the zoning capabilities of it. It really encourages patience if you dont have that it’ll be hell to play him.
    When he first dropped i used Blood Favor, Undying, and Pentimento w/ either Deadlock or STBFL (depending on how confident i was on my ability to preserve STBFL stacks) though i believe STBFL to be the better perk of the two.
    Side note - otz used the same thing later on in a hag build vid if you wanna see how that works
    Now however i am trying to make a build that focuses more of his power into zoning survivors out w/ his iridescent Lab Photo, but am having a bit of issues w/ figuring it out. I think Coup De Gras or Bamboozle is good w/ it, and i even tried an endgame focused Corrupt, Deadlock, NoEd, No Way Out, but that feels too inconsistent. Heck STBFL could still even work, my trouble is in finding the balance of perk power. Does anyone have any suggestions i could try out?

  • DementedDistraction
    DementedDistraction 18 일 전

    "Try this Hex build..."
    *laughs in totem spawns*
    Joking aside, I appreciate you, Otz - always publishing a wealth of content and knowledge.
    This is doubly helpful considering the game just has a significant shakeup.

  • Scriptures
    Scriptures 21 일 전 +1

    Thank you so much for this, I’ve been trying to get more serious about my builds. Plenty of great things to try. Plus I’ve been getting more friends into the game and when we run customs I try and send them good builds when they don’t understand all the perks yet. You’re awesome Otz

  • lxstcxntxry
    lxstcxntxry 21 일 전 +1

    I suggest using Corrupt on nemesis, this helps you focus on leveling up your power without worrying about gens getting done

  • Turbro
    Turbro 19 일 전

    My favorite Myers build by far, that pairs well with almost any addon combo except scratched mirror, is very hex-heavy but works SO well with his power. Lethal Pursuer, and then the three hexes of Plaything, Retribution, Pentimento.
    Lethal lets you get that tier 2 and 3 faster and lets you get your first down faster, which increases the chance you'll get use out of Retribution. While they haven't cleansed Plaything you get easier stalks and instant downs, and when they DO, you get 17 seconds of mapwide aura reading, allowing you to know where every survivor is all game. Pentimento provides the extra gen slowdown and an additional 4 totems for Retribution to proc on. You can add nearly 2 gens worth of slowdown in totem cleansing alone.
    I usually pair it with J. Myers Memorial (25% faster stalk) and the Hair Bow (+30 seconds in tier 3, with the cost of your first one taking 50% more stalk)
    You're always there, you're always in or near one-hit downs, and they're doing sidequests that only end up helping you in the end.

  • Crow Show
    Crow Show 21 일 전 +1

    Onryo build, this has helped me actually get decent streaks with her.
    Haunted ground, Devour, Blood favor, Sloppy.
    Haunted for punishing totem cleansing and granting Onryo a bit more staying power Mid game.
    Devour is self explanatory. But creates the need to cleanse totems. If they make the mistake to not cleans after seeing the next perk, that's their mistake
    Blood favor, very good for a killer with very little chase value and, has a hidden effect here some don't see. When you hit a survivor and they realize this perk is active,
    first off it may trigger Haunted, second off, it encourages survivors to run further and in straighter lines, this actually allows you to teleport more often and build condemned on a single survivor. This can be very strong, I have killed many survivors that think they're playing smart, only to realize they're going to die without even being hooked.
    Finally Sloppy. A strange addition to this build but trust me it really really helps. This is essentially our extra slowdown perk. This discourages healing on a killer that can very easily sneak up on you, allowing her to get easier downs through the game. Plus no one wants to cleans totems injured. So either you catch them injured and get a 1 hit down anyways, or get a 1 hit down because they spent 30 seconds healing and another 20 cleansing Haunted.
    Of course I can include the Addons that even further strengthen this build like the one that spreads condemned to survivors that heal other survivors, making sloppy that much more of an impact, and the Irri tape addon that resets TV's on hit, but this build speaks for itself and allowed me to secure a lot of unorthodox wins on really strong Survivor teams. Thanks for reading!

  • Ali_Plays
    Ali_Plays 21 일 전

    LOVE THE content that otz puts out, helps me find good builds for my killers

  • TheAtomicAce
    TheAtomicAce 21 일 전

    I'm partial to Infectious, Distressing, Starstruck, Awakened Awareness on Wesker. His terror radius is huge so especially on small maps you pretty much know where most people are and can instadown. Agitation or Iron Grasp could also work somewhere in there to make more distance while carrying and therefore locate/down more people

  • Angelo Rivera
    Angelo Rivera 20 일 전

    This is just another reason I love you otz. Helping everyone every new big patch ❤️

  • Brian Gentry
    Brian Gentry 21 일 전 +2

    I just have to share my favorite game moment from last night. It was equal parts luck and skill. At Midwich, the killer was playing as Nurse. I'm playing as Tapp. My Feng teammate gets tunneled out, but plays well and survived until the last few gens. Last gen gets completed, and my Bill teammate goes down. I 99'd my exit gate. My Nea teammate opened their exit gate. Bill gets hooked in the basement! EGC timer is active and Nurse is guarding the entrance. Nea and I try baiting Nurse away. No luck. So I made a YOLO call and go for the unhook anyway. I get the unhook but made the trade, so now I'm on hook in basement. I Kobe first try (didn't have Deliverance or any luck boost) as I'm coming up the stairs I see Nurse, managed to time my Dead Hard and get the endurance and run like mad for the gate and escape!

  • Dan H
    Dan H 21 일 전 +1

    Otz: "These new killer buffs will allow players to experiment with new and interesting perk builds, and slowdown is less important." Also Otz: "Here are the 7 perks I use on literally every killer: Jolt, corrupt, deadlock..."

    • Obese
      Obese 21 일 전

      I am also somewhat depressed by the homogeny of the killer meta, it feels like after the update Survivor is more diverse, which isn't saying much. That being said, this is about BEST killer builds. Obviously these extremely meta and universal perks will benefit most killers. But, I would say in the current patch there is a lot of room for experimentation.

  • Alex Christian
    Alex Christian 21 일 전

    Knockout is amazing on dredge, and I think you should always use darkness revealed no matter what since you get insane value from it

  • Axo
    Axo 22 일 전 +2

    On cenobite, my favorite perk is probably brutal strength. When you hit a chain in chase, survivors are basically forced to drop pallets they are near, so brutal allows catch-up in chase.

    • Reittenkrüz
      Reittenkrüz 21 일 전 +1

      I like Fire Up for that reason, as hitting a chain through a wall next to a window might be made viable in places like shack, and you get better pallets. If I'm feeling goofy I also use Superior Anatomy as well. No one expects a man in a leather dress to vault quickly. Of course, Fire Up is only good if you don't care about gens too much, but I like a stressful endgame.

  • Adam Blesener
    Adam Blesener 21 일 전

    I’ve been waiting for a video like this since the update and as usual you delivered in a big way. Fantastic guide as always otz

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti 21 일 전

    Otz is probably one of the most helpful DBD KRcliprs ever. Even in normal games, he gives tips.

  • Avery perry
    Avery perry 21 일 전 +1

    I actually tried a build on my 2nd main and it made me actually destroy the team, thanks Otz!

  • Lochlyn Duntz
    Lochlyn Duntz 22 일 전 +2

    Personally on Wesker, I found that Deadlock, NWO, and DMS was a great combo. Having passive slowdown without you needing to do anything besides chases is great. Leads to more fun matches, and kicking gens just felt rough recently with Hyperfocus being so powerful.

    • Ika Ayu
      Ika Ayu 22 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Dydek
    Dydek 22 일 전 +1

    Hell yea, I just love that when I open up KRclip and see new video by Otz, it's either few minutes of pure enjoyment or one and half hour of useful information, both nice to watch :D

  • Leandro Hernandez
    Leandro Hernandez 22 일 전 +9

    I was looking for something like this yesterday just got back into the game after months and I am actually having fun

    • Leandro Hernandez
      Leandro Hernandez 20 일 전

      @MrWilson yeah about that I played for one day I already want to delete the game again playing killer in this game is an actually joke

    • MrWilson
      MrWilson 22 일 전 +1

      Good time to come back!

    • Ika Ayu
      Ika Ayu 22 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Camelotsmoon
    Camelotsmoon 15 일 전

    lethal pursuer on pig is amazing; it really covers her downside of really slow ramp up and bad early game.

  • Golden Panda
    Golden Panda 21 일 전

    I find terror radius builds very effective on wesker, I recommend trying starstruck, agitation, pain res and barbecue&chili. Everyone in your huge terror radius which is increased by agitation gets exposed becouse of starstruck, so after you hook, barbecue tells you if someone is close enough to get insta down. Use your power to catch up to them and try basic attack. Pain res could be swapped for some other slowdown perk, but it works good with agitation. Also you might wanna try distressing for even bigger terror radius, survivors will be more afraid of your starstruck and try to hide/wait for it to go down before doing anything.

  • Justin Fritz
    Justin Fritz 22 일 전

    That onryo build is almost exactly what ive been bringing playing her. Dragons grip is so good with call of brine

  • Bear Merchant
    Bear Merchant 21 일 전 +1

    i love taking dark devotion on oni tbh, it throws people off and you can sometimes get a surprise hit in or charge at someone who isn't expecting you coming since you have no terror radius

  • Aquila
    Aquila 21 일 전

    As a survivor main, I've been seeing deadlock a lot more often and it slaps me a lot. Especially in solo queue. The perk has always been pretty good but I've seen it way more since the perk reworks.

  • Byniu
    Byniu 21 일 전

    For Wesker I always use No Way Out, Awakened Awarness, Starstruck and Agitation. Because of his big terror radius this build is very strong.

  • Violet
    Violet 21 일 전

    Hey, Otz I was looking for a Ghostface build and my first idea was looking at your 50 wins build! I just changed a perk or two and omg, Devour is so brutal on Ghostface! Thanks for the builds and everything you do!!

  • Oxygen
    Oxygen 21 일 전

    56:29 I run almost this exact same build but I replace DMS for BBQ as it gives me more immediate information if I have my power ready either from it being the 1st-2nd chase or I have enough blood in the area to quickly go to the survivors

  • Jack
    Jack 21 일 전 +1

    Thank you very much otz, it is a lot of work and it is appreciated!
    I'll try a couple of builds, I just need dead man's switch. Hopefully this week there will be luck in the sanctuary

  • William Brehm
    William Brehm 20 일 전

    I'm glad Lethal Pursuer is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Even before the buff, I still stand by that it was a very solid perk.

  • David O Donohoe
    David O Donohoe 19 일 전

    Love the updated build guide it’s such a fantastic resource. I come back to it constantly. I wouldn’t argue any of the builds but I just hate NOED. It’s such a band aid fix for the bullet hole imbalance between high lvl SWF and killer. It’s the equivalent of hatch pre nerf. Changing such a fundamental rule set late game is just garbage game mechanics

  • Strange Fathers
    Strange Fathers 21 일 전

    I'm not as good as Otz, however on Dredge I recommend Discordance (the perk that alerts if you more than one person is on a generator). The ability to pop out of a locker and jump scare multiple survivors at once is worth the price of the game.

  • John Player
    John Player 21 일 전

    Otzdarva is so good at his job. This is great content and impressively short for the amount he covers.

  • Johnonks
    Johnonks 22 일 전 +1

    Honestly my best build for Wesker is STBFL, Brutal, No Way Out and Corrupt. This build has gotten me tons of wins and it's pretty good.

  • Michael Kessler
    Michael Kessler 4 일 전

    Love this as a returning player who knows nothing about the state of the game. Next time you update this video I would love if you added the best addons for each killer too. Would be nice to have both in one place.

  • dadsdadsdads
    dadsdadsdads 5 일 전

    Thanks, Otz❤
    I played consistently for a year and stopped playing because matchmaking was so bad. Videos like this let me know what the meta is like so I don’t get crushed when coming back. You’re the GOAT. Thank you, brother.

  • RoninGunslinger
    RoninGunslinger 21 일 전

    For Wesker, what's really been working out well for me so far has been Bamboozle/Brutal Strength/STBFL/Call of Brine. Bamboozle makes it so when you vault with your power by bounding at windows, they get blocked meaning you can cut loops short very quickly, plus if any survivor vaults a window with a drop behind you, you vault fast enough that you land next to them as they're recovering from the fall, getting an almost guaranteed hit. Brutal can help quickly clear the pallets that are a real pain to deal with, and combos really well with call of brine to very quickly regress gens and not lose too much momentum from kicking, and STBFL is the one you could probably swap for something else, I just find the animation pretty satisfying and it can help when using your power would be more of a hinderance to you than just m1'ing the survivor

  • Scars of Ares
    Scars of Ares 21 일 전

    Appreciate all your videos, and the quick info sheet you made. Helps loads, genuinely.

  • Adam Aronggear
    Adam Aronggear 21 일 전 +1

    Great educational video for those who are new to Dead by Daylight, and particularly for Survivor mains who wants to play Killer!

  • sem
    sem 21 일 전

    For The Mastermind I use:
    Pain Res
    Dead Man's Switch
    BBQ Chilli
    I think it helps a lot with the chase perk and Weskers power. BBQ also allows for quick downs

  • Reuben Francis
    Reuben Francis 22 일 전

    Thank you for your effort otz we appreciate it much love

  • Piralos
    Piralos 20 일 전

    One thing I've found to be very, very funny on Legion is Terminus! It's certainly not the best perk, but it can help make the end game really brutal, especially with no way out! Keeping people injured isn't super hard with legion, but being able to suddenly surprise them with being broken in the end game can be brutal, since it both denies adrenaline (which is real rough for Legion), and stops them from healing up, which can be an issue! Legion's ability to deny gates with their power as well makes it all the harder to escape! Beyond that, I'm a big fan of Jolt for obvious reasons, and I like Lethal even without other aura reading, since you can still know where people started, which tells you where your best first chain is, and helps you know where others might be coming from!

  • Jplanas98
    Jplanas98 22 일 전 +2

    For Doctor I personally run Distressing, Lethal Pursuer, Overcharge and Eruption. Then for his add ons I use one of the add ons that increase his terror radius when his blast is fully charge, and one of the add ons that show survivor auras when their madness level increases.
    Also, Hysteria is god tier on Plague. If 2 survivors are fully infected, they get affected by hysteria simply by having another survivor get infected.

  • Tank McCoy
    Tank McCoy 22 일 전

    Happy to see that my go-to build for Wraith was the first one that came up for him. I also really like that same build on Sadako and Dredge as they're able to get a lot of value from it.

  • Zachary360
    Zachary360 21 일 전

    What are your guys thoughts on thrill of the hunt on trapper? I’ve found on most killers when the survivors see thrill of the hunt they assume you have noed. So they try their best to destroy totems which gives you easy opportunities for pentimento

  • White Chocolate 935
    White Chocolate 935 21 일 전

    Another build I can also recommend for Nemesis, however, this build is really tedious, yet strong at holding a really good 3 gens. I use Corrupt Intervention, Overcharge, Call of Brine and Eruption. This build has helped me to input lots of pressure on gens and regress gens quickly especially with missing Overcharge skill check with an addition on downing a survivor, that's 15% gone and 25 seconds saved on preventing survivors from doing the gens.

  • Aiden Salazar
    Aiden Salazar 21 일 전 +1

    Man otz is such a genuine and real content creator. I really appreciate how real of a person he is. He just feels like a real person ya know.

    • Echo
      Echo 17 일 전

      I mean, he is the hot single in your area...

  • Batzi666
    Batzi666 22 일 전

    I love how most of the builds end with the words: "And also you can bring No Way Out" :D

  • Griffith da Silva
    Griffith da Silva 4 일 전

    I think the second build for Myers can be great for Ghostface

  • Cooker 10124
    Cooker 10124 21 일 전

    For Wesker, a build I've lived running on him so far has been jolt, stbfl, dissolution, and a info perk like bbq or darkness revealed. Jolt works really well with Wesker since he's so aggressive and can move around the map quickly as well as close distance between survivors very fast. This also combos with save the best since it will allow you to pop a gen multiple times if there taking protection hits, it's also very easy for Wesker to save his stack. Dissolution is great on him since he can vault pallets so quickly it forces survivors to either leave or vault and break the pallet letting you either way close the distance and get the kill. And with a perk like bbq if there in range of it you'll almost always be able to quickly get into a new chance and prock another jolt.

  • EG T-Jay
    EG T-Jay 21 일 전

    One build I would reccomend for any movement killer; lethal, bbq, pain res and FoR (its the changeable in this build, I use shadowborn). It might not be the most OP build but it's definitely really fun, you always see where survivors are and if your getting downs, pain res regresses gens so you can focus on chases

  • Kasandra
    Kasandra 22 일 전 +10

    As a Nemmy main, I definitely second I'm All Ears - honestly it's only drawback is how long the cooldown is.
    That said, I'm gonna have to disagree on STBFL - I've found that this perk is almost always a bad choice. Your M2 gives you a substantial chunk of that perk by itself, and while it's true T2 is more important than T3, the latter is still a substantial - if a bit harder to notice - upgrade. But every time you hit with M1, that gets delayed, and if you never do, you just don't have enough time in a match to max out stbfl as well. It also makes you you go for fewer tentacles, so you improve more slowly.
    One more perk that I've found to be hella fun and pretty effective on him is Coup de Grace. Unlike most other killers, Nemmy almost never wastes the stacks - if someone is close enough to be hit by a normal lunge, you can just tentacle them. Meanwhile Coup lets you hit survivors around tight corners, which are normally your weakness.
    As an added bonus, enduring+coup allows you to safely and effectively punish survivors that greed pallets, which is a very common strategy against Nemesis.

  • First Person Snooter

    Yesterday I was running a build on Wesker that consisted of Tinkerer, Dark Devotion, Lethal Pursuer, and Hex: Retribution. You can really sneak up on survivors and once they cleanse (or more likely bless) your hex, you get the map awareness that retribution brings, and you’ll probably be undetectable too. Lethal Pursuer also extends the time that retributions aura reading lasts, making it easier to move to a survivor working on a far gen or getting wall hacks on a survivor you’re chasing. It’s a really good build and it really throws the survivors off.
    Edit: if you didn’t notice, there’s no gen regression on the build. You really want to be aggressive and take every chase, but also be safe and have map awareness to know when to leave chase and check a gen. Tinkerer will help a ton with this.

  • bFR0STB1T31d
    bFR0STB1T31d 21 일 전

    Dredge with Dark Devotion and Starstruck is also pretty nasty, the terror radius transfer works in nightfall aswell

  • Mootil
    Mootil 22 일 전 +2

    Stbfl is by far my favorite perk for ghost face I use it with spirit fury enduring and discordance its pretty much an op chase build then I run to the gen that's highlighted

  • Cure Seraph
    Cure Seraph 21 일 전

    Bless you for the Sadako builds!
    She is really fun to play, but often feels like add-ons and perks don't matter.

  • Palhum
    Palhum 22 일 전

    man you make one of these hour long vids with detailed tips for all the killers constantly, great dedication to keep pumping out great guides constantly and up to date as the meta evolves
    that said, ill still play all my builds with mad grit and agitation lul

  • Alexander Reid
    Alexander Reid 21 일 전

    A build I'd recommend as one of the few Twins main is BBQ/Sloppy/Call of Brine/Discordance. Sloppy is what holds the build together, because if you get a hit with Charlotte, it makes it a lot easier for Victor to follow up. You want survivors injured as long as possible, and the more time they waste healing, the better for you. Gift of Pain and Forced Penance also work, but I like the consistency of Sloppy. Do whatever feels right.
    Next is BBQ, which is still good on Twins even after the loss of BP. If you have Victor on one end of the map and you see someone with BBQ, you can send him off to harass them. Twins is all about pressuring survivors nonstop by being in two places at once and keeping people occupied with Victor, and you want to know where everyone is or is going to go.
    You want at least one gen regression perk to make all this slowdown worth it. I personally think that on Twins, regression is better than slowdown or blocking gens. I like Call of Brine because Victor can see the skill checks from it, but run any kind of slowdown you like on them.
    And the last perk can really be whatever you like. My favorite is Discordance for the information offered throughout the trial, but Corrupt Intervention, extra slowdown, or even odd picks like Coulrophobia or Monitor and Abuse can work on them

  • ottyoungin
    ottyoungin 21 일 전

    Keep up the vids Otz ur doing great ‎‍🔥

  • vortex tx
    vortex tx 22 일 전 +2

    40:00 don taught my end game spirit: no way out, noed, rancor and nemesis. This is and game build

  • Kaleo
    Kaleo 22 일 전

    Happy to see that otz implemented my build on nemmy, specially ImAllEars after I showed him, its great to get recognized by someone you look up to. Call of brine notifications and eruption screams attract zombies btw

  • Derwiin
    Derwiin 21 일 전

    I'd like to recommend my current favourite legion build
    Dying Light, Bamboozle, Hex: Blood Favour, and Dark Devotion
    There's quite a lot to explain but to keep it short. The primary counter play to legion is to SPREAD OUT AND HEAL
    Dying light is not ONLY slow down that rivals Thana but also baits survivors into HEALING TOGETHER.
    Bamboozle is simply very very fun and can often shut down loops
    Blood favour in my opinion is EXTREMELY slept on it nullifies shack with bam, AND often gets you that extra stab or even just helps end the chase.
    And Dark Devotion post buff is unironically INSANE. it works with your power often getting you surprise chains or even 5th hit downs.
    This is a do it all build pair very well with ALL the addons. I typically use mural sketch and mischief list because fast is fun.
    It's not the best but it CERTAINLY does well.

  • Ken Wilson
    Ken Wilson 22 일 전

    I had a 78 game win streak on trickster with Lethal, darkness revealed, iron maiden, and pain res. Aggression works well on him of you can aim.

  • viridi xx
    viridi xx 21 일 전

    i'd love to see a match with Wraith's last build. does he have any videos/vods of it?

  • Osuchin Riberu
    Osuchin Riberu 21 일 전

    1:00:18 “Know your add ons with this killer, pair them with your perks and you’ll have many more options.”
    As a Slinger Main with multiple builds that compliment each of his add-ons wether it’s Anti-Heal, Stealth, Undetectable, Hit-Runs, Ect, that statement is 100% true. 🔥 I might have to try your builds out, never really played a Hex Slinger. 🤔

  • not_jellyman
    not_jellyman 21 일 전

    My dredge build with Eruption, overcharge, save the best for last, and pain res goes absolutely insane. The dredge loses very little distance kicking a gen a survivor just sprint bursted away from

  • Данил Мернов

    I think Overcharge is underrated( My favorite perk, especialy with Surveillance when you play from triangle with Trapper or other m1 killer

  • BrummGurke
    BrummGurke 22 일 전

    For Weskers first build, I prefer the Overcharge + Eruption Combo
    But as always thanks for giving the community good build inspiration :)

  • CrowEffect
    CrowEffect 21 일 전 +1

    I prefer Agitation , Pain Res, DMS and Call of Brine on my Artist, Same method different approach, Agitation allows you to get to more scourge hooks, Pain res regression / Force DMS if they're stupid, DMS for obvious reasons, Use Call of Brine on the blocked gen's afterwards which also gives you information for when they get back to work on it.
    Not much of a fan of BBQ on her at least, You'll mostly know which gen's are being worked on anyway i find from experience, Eruption is also nice, where they can't predict it unlike PR/DMS combo but less value in the long run having to constantly kick.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 20 일 전

    I enjoy using perks that have synergy with masterminds larger than average terror radius, it makes some fun moments

  • Packing Peanuts
    Packing Peanuts 22 일 전 +1

    Remember, you can technically win with any build. Don't forget to have fun and experiment!

  • Jacob Stewart
    Jacob Stewart 22 일 전

    i just started playing and the first thing i used my shards on was trickster and i was iri 1 for killer and survivor so i was able to get him to level 3 and i tried starstruck nurse and down someone a few second after the game started and all three tried to body block so they all got downed and left

  • Gabriel Luiz
    Gabriel Luiz 21 일 전

    I usually run Ruin, NOED, Save the Best for Last, and No Way Out on mastermind. Its an enjoyable build, especially if you didn't have your power figured out yet.

  • Caramel Frappe
    Caramel Frappe 22 일 전

    Amazing work. Thank you for everything Otz. Only reason I keep coming back to DbD because your content breathes life into it. Bless you kind soul sir~

    • Ika Ayu
      Ika Ayu 22 일 전

      Last fight krclip.com/video/ELq5M7-2Nhg/비디오.html

  • Smolness of Potat
    Smolness of Potat 21 일 전

    Thank you Otz for the quality content!
    Can someone please tell me some details about Pain Resonance:
    as Wiki says, a blocked Generator cannot change its progress. So if the most powered gen blocked by any means, can it lose 15% of progress? If it can not, will another gen lose progress by the PR?

  • kubhfbebr
    kubhfbebr 21 일 전 +1

    Idk how I never noticed that pain resonance is just jolt with hooks above it. I’ve been playing with both perks on my builds for a while, and it’s not subtle…

  • Reuben Verdouw
    Reuben Verdouw 21 일 전

    My recent favorite Pig build is all Hexes. Devour Hope, Undying, Haunted, and Pentimento. This plus using hats is the do anything but gens build and can be super effective, especially if you get lucky and get a double haunted which can be huge for Pig

  • Get it!
    Get it! 21 일 전

    Otz you are amazing as ever. would you mind making 5 hours video showcase everyone of this build I just love watching you.
    again thanks for the great content.

  • KaMi
    KaMi 21 일 전

    on dredge, i use lethal, floods of rage, jolt, and call of brine and its been working well.

  • Fenris Dalacost
    Fenris Dalacost 21 일 전

    Ty very much for the content! Just subbed for the fact you were willing to do such a long video. Really blows my mind how much effort you put forth