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Zero Terror Radius T3 Myers | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2019. 09. 22.
  • In this match, we use a very intricate set of perks to reduce our terror radius to zero during Tier 3 and catch a survivor with our tombstone piece.
    Watch live: www.twitch.tv/Otzdarva
    Join our community: discord.gg/Otzdarva
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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  3 년 전 +951

    As I said on a community post, I'm heading off to TwitchCon this week! Please, if you're attending and would like to meet me, join our Discord (link in video description) or follow me on Twitter for announcements of where I'll be and how to meet up with me. Much love guys! We'll still have videos scheduled during the week!

    • Messiah Kendrick
      Messiah Kendrick 년 전

      @Marcel Kayden You are welcome :)

    • Marcel Kayden
      Marcel Kayden 년 전

      @Messiah Kendrick It did the trick and I actually got access to my account again. I am so happy!
      Thanks so much, you saved my account !

    • Marcel Kayden
      Marcel Kayden 년 전

      @Messiah Kendrick thanks for your reply. I found the site on google and im waiting for the hacking stuff now.
      Seems to take a while so I will get back to you later with my results.

    • Marcel Kayden
      Marcel Kayden 년 전

      Sorry to be so off topic but does anyone know of a way to log back into an instagram account..?
      I stupidly forgot the password. I love any tricks you can offer me

  • Heros99 PL
    Heros99 PL 3 년 전 +3203

    I think that "Entity displeased" is equal to "Entity is salty".

    • Joshua Al-Hajjar
      Joshua Al-Hajjar 8 개월 전

      @Anshu Singh ye some killers can break the rules, its dead by daylight man. The lore is stupid

    • Anshu Singh
      Anshu Singh 8 개월 전

      @Joshua Al-Hajjar well
      Myers with tombstone piece can kill without consent of the Entity

    • DoesYoMamaKnowTho?
      DoesYoMamaKnowTho? 11 개월 전

      Not that Myers gives a shit. 🤣

    • Breadley
      Breadley 년 전

      It got all that salt because of all the survivors it ate.

    • Pineapple
      Pineapple 년 전

      @Gray Lindblad *her

  • Bence Palkovics
    Bence Palkovics 3 년 전 +5521

    I was the claudette in the video. I was so sad you killed me after 2 and a half min :D Great video btw.

    • S
      S 8 개월 전

      I was the first pallet damn

    • NachoMacho
      NachoMacho 9 개월 전

      @L. Lawrence. I was the hook. Sorry.

    • Professor Dr. Swain
      Professor Dr. Swain 9 개월 전


    • Lunasa Gaming
      Lunasa Gaming 9 개월 전

      @Jsv Nabsb looks like a perk problem. might wanna switch up your perks, because if you can't deal with those, then that's a huge issue

  • SarcasticSaber
    SarcasticSaber 년 전 +309

    The thing I love is that when you're an actual threat, the survivors don't troll and teabag you at the exit, they RUN.

    • SarcasticSaber
      SarcasticSaber 5 개월 전 +1

      @Avrand lane 2 words. Proximity Chat
      That'll teach 'em

    • Avrand lane
      Avrand lane 5 개월 전 +1

      exactly and thats how this game should be is survivors panicking and actually sweating not the killer. as long as your not going vs a full team with headsets due to how OP full teams can be if they're use the free tools given to them, the majority of killer perks are ruined through headsets communication, and also allows survivors to get more loop and healing perks etc.. because you don't need aura finding perks or camping perks since everyone knows who the killer is chasing etc...

    • Cameron W.
      Cameron W. 11 개월 전 +19

      how DBD should be

    • crippling autism
      crippling autism 년 전 +25

      You can almost sense them swallowing their ego.

  • Oh, Worm
    Oh, Worm 3 년 전 +3446

    Small Brain: Using Dark Devotion for mind games and sneaking up on survivors
    Big Brain: Using Dark Devotion to counter Borrowed Time

    • Recon47
      Recon47 년 전 +4

      The devs saw your big brain and said no

    • Ashley Crow
      Ashley Crow 년 전

      @Oh, Worm Yeah but if the obsession is near the hook they have the terrorradius

    • InfernalDalek
      InfernalDalek 년 전

      @Oh, Worm ...Dark Devotion transfers your TR to the obsession. BT would still work, unless the obsession ran far away....

    • KarmaDrip
      KarmaDrip 2 년 전

      Me when I started playing this game and saw this comment: Haha he used a meme
      Me now: Haha I get it

    • Karl S
      Karl S 2 년 전 +2

      @Oh, Worm you're out here doing god's work

  • dawreckor
    dawreckor 3 년 전 +895

    “The entity smiles upon us”

    • LivingPairOfSocks
      LivingPairOfSocks 2 년 전 +2

      Duke Everlast you have to get two sacrifices when you use mori at least two times

    • Duke Everlast
      Duke Everlast 2 년 전 +2

      @LivingPairOfSocks he sacrifice the guy.

    • LivingPairOfSocks
      LivingPairOfSocks 2 년 전 +8

      The entity was displeased because he didn’t sacrifice anybody

    • Kaivirin
      Kaivirin 2 년 전 +17

      Entity wasn't expecting Myers to let Nancy go :p

  • Ogryska
    Ogryska 3 년 전 +3769

    3 gens done and not a single hook, what a baby killer
    *t3 starts playing*
    *skull on one of survivors*

    • Forgottentaco
      Forgottentaco 년 전


    • ToxicDID911
      ToxicDID911 년 전 +1

      Infinite tier 3 and where if you kill them you dont go down a tier

    • Haruhiro Grimgar
      Haruhiro Grimgar 2 년 전 +1

      @Joseph Cestero Always have been.

    • Worser
      Worser 2 년 전 +1

      *other survivors camp lockers*

    • YaBoyBray3
      YaBoyBray3 2 년 전 +2

      Coffin Dance starts playing

  • Ultra's Reckoning
    Ultra's Reckoning 3 년 전 +1091

    Myers is a meme in the DBD community, and i enjoy the memes about him. As a Myers main myself, i want a Shirtless Myers cosmetic.

    • Hercules Torres
      Hercules Torres 10 개월 전

      Anyone know how to have no terror radius im new on this character or for the killers in general

    • Firelord Zuko
      Firelord Zuko 년 전


    • ramune bottle
      ramune bottle 년 전


    • Lone W
      Lone W 년 전

      @Anonymous no

    • Lone W
      Lone W 년 전

      @Nicolas Couceiro no

  • Polrock
    Polrock 3 년 전 +661

    Dark Devotion: *activates*
    Myers with tier 3 and tombstone: Now this is where the fun begins.

  • Mr. Alguien
    Mr. Alguien 3 년 전 +775

    Kills 4 Survivors: Ruthless Killer
    Let the nancy get the hatch: *entity displeased*

    • ur gae
      ur gae 10 개월 전

      @Nicklaus Kindelberger
      On the table, not against your chest.

    • Nicklaus Kindelberger
      Nicklaus Kindelberger 2 년 전 +4

      @Splinter hey man, you've gotta specify that you want an autograph with a pen. On paper.

    • JackFastGame
      JackFastGame 2 년 전 +7

      That's the obvious reason why ranked system is shit.

    • Splinter
      Splinter 2 년 전 +12

      @Michael Myers You tell em, Mike
      Big fan btw, can I get an autograph?

  • Legushka_26
    Legushka_26 3 년 전 +192

    Hey Otz, I have a really funny build idea for Wraith, maybe you will try it? The build is Furtive Chase, Dark Devotion, Distressing and any 4th perk you like (Coulrophobia could be fun but you can go with any other one) and addons are Bone Clapper and .. The Beast. The idea is to have a large terror radius even when cloaked, finding an obsession, hitting him once and letting him go run around with your terror radius to be scared and scare others! If you decide to hook the obsession the unhooker becomes the new obsession who doesn't know what's happening. This build is the ultimate survivor confusion and panic build and Bone Clapper will add to the confusion and panic even more because survivors will never know where you actually are with a huge terror radius everywhere. Would be really glad to see you try it!

    • Purple default pfp
      Purple default pfp 10 개월 전

      Did he ever do it?

    • Wrong Warp
      Wrong Warp 2 년 전 +16

      Dark Devotion gives off a 32m terror radius no matter how big your actual radius is

  • HitWalkHook
    HitWalkHook 3 년 전 +1087

    Plays normally, 1 gen left, 1 guy escaped through hatch the others are all dead.
    *EnTiTy DiSpLeAsEd*

    • Lunasa Gaming
      Lunasa Gaming 7 개월 전

      @HitWalkHook self care is really quite bad, I just run botany knowledge with a medkit instead. takes less than half the time, which you can use to work on gens :)

    • RCLC3
      RCLC3 년 전

      @Dan Lorett well, he didnt hook them

    • Bandi 64
      Bandi 64 2 년 전

      if he does mori that kill doesnt go to the entity

    • ominously
      ominously 2 년 전

      It’s because he killed two from his own hands and let the last one escape

    • HitWalkHook
      HitWalkHook 2 년 전

      @Ukko Well, I guess our opinions are different on this then. I rarely see people at low ranks play like gods and sometimes they turn out to be "ohh yeah, this is a 2nd account to get noobs". So, yeah, but this above is my personal experience with players in DBD as general. Sure you can say they are not that big of a deal, but what I typed in as a "stereotype" for them is quite accurate like 90% of the time, which is quite accurate(more accurate than the devs charts lol)
      On the other hand, as i mentioned there are players who:
      -play drunk sometimes
      -play to troll
      -play to sandbag
      basically you can see all types of players in dbd, so don't assume people at high hours are bad. Generally people with high hours are good just there are some trolls/drunk players. Being drunk makes you play like a noob in any game.
      Also imagine just a random dude investing 150 hours into a game you invest more than a 1000 just so he can say "hours do not matter" yes they do, technically you become 100% proficient with anything if you have 10000 hours in it (in sports at least for sure) and since DBD is not a very changing game it can be similar. More hours = more experience depending on IQ(intelligence quotent).
      Yes, someone can play at 100 hours like someone else at 300, but unless they are a smurf they cannot play like someone with 1000, unless the game we talk about is very very simple.(and in dbd there are quite some loopholes you can go around, hehe 2016 dbd joke, loopholes, loops hehe)
      Even in a game like pong 1 guy will be like "Hey, you just have to vertically control it so it pushes to the other field" while the other guy is like "okay so if i get the ball from the top 22° due to the shape out of 180° it will land on 158° at bottom which will make it so that i have to move at half my normal mouse speed to achieve that angle!"

  • GhostieBaka
    GhostieBaka 2 년 전 +109

    2:48 and thus, Myers threw Claudette out of the entities grasp and into the back rooms

  • Kiri
    Kiri 2 년 전 +187

    Me: Hey otz what's you favorite vegetable?
    Otz: 3:13

  • Trevor Houff
    Trevor Houff 3 년 전 +502

    Chat wondering why the entity is displeased when he literally gave it 0 sacrifices

  • Schaos Bane
    Schaos Bane 3 년 전 +271

    There's so much creativity in your builds recently, that's crazy! You got quite lucky to find your obsession after getting the first mori tho, the game might have went differently if you found her at the beginning (but hey, we're not gonna complain about that :D).
    Although i've never seen any Myers movie, i'm pretty sure that the stalking you did at 3:52 was movie like. I want more funny builds, keep up the good work Otz! :D

    • Schaos Bane
      Schaos Bane 3 년 전

      @Gotham Knight I've always wanted to watch Myers, Freddy and Saw movies, it's just that sometimes i don't have much time to do so. On the other hand, i've always been scared of horror movies, so that's maybe why i haven't try watching those ones yet.
      Thanks for the advices tho, i'll look for the good movies when i'll finally feel like i'm brave enough.

    • Gotham Knight
      Gotham Knight 3 년 전 +5

      Schaos Bane I don’t know how related this is but you should definitely watch the movies. About 3/5 of them are good, just not Halloween 5,6, Resurrection, and Rob Zombie!s Halloween 2( 2009, remake sequel) are the bad ones. The others are pretty good

    • Schaos Bane
      Schaos Bane 3 년 전

      @Diesatchi It would be fun yeah :)

    • Diesatchi
      Diesatchi 3 년 전 +1

      @Schaos Bane Maybe on April 1st ;)

    • Schaos Bane
      Schaos Bane 3 년 전 +1

      @Polrock Now i'm waiting for the moment when we'll be able to say "Monstruous shrine > All perks" :p

  • 90sPikachu
    90sPikachu 3 년 전 +167

    5:15 myers finally did it... he got her

  • Clovally
    Clovally 2 년 전 +42

    "I'm slugging for the 4 kill" gives Nancy hatch anyway.

    WATСОН TM 7 개월 전 +3

    Otz is such a nice guy. He says hi to Laurie every single time he sees her.

  • laupoisan
    laupoisan 2 년 전 +10

    The way you play Mike looks effortless and canon like. The way you observe and stalk your prey is very entertaining to watch as a non player spectator. Subbed.

  • Ian Craig
    Ian Craig 년 전 +15

    Watching people who have no idea just how different Meyers with addons is freak out in chat is the greatest thing I've seen all week.

  • Woodsman 152
    Woodsman 152 3 년 전 +28

    Your videos always drop right on my break between classes and it just brightens my day every time.

  • Shovel Lord
    Shovel Lord 3 년 전 +53

    my god it's the "real michael myers" build

  • Dan Lorett
    Dan Lorett 3 년 전 +4

    That Laurie got TURBO DICKED. Dark Devotion active, Tombstone Myers pops around the corner, chases her for 2 seconds, grabs her and that's GG. Awesome.

  • John of PA
    John of PA 3 년 전 +14

    Took me a bit to understand the build. Delightfully devilish, Seymour.

  • Merantauu Plays-Old-

    Dark devotion on a Myers has been one of my favorite pocket tricks for years, glad I wasn't the only one

  • MythmakrOxymore
    MythmakrOxymore 3 년 전 +26

    Stealth killer + outdoors map = meh
    Stealth killer + indoors map = 🤑

  • channel moved to synniestar

    every time you say "i reckon" it makes me smile, hehe. such an interesting phrase to hear in your accent.
    this build must have been SO SCARY to play against, props for thinking of it! that map was perfect, too, if maybe a little big. would love to see how perfectly this would go on Lery's!

  • Gru Gaming
    Gru Gaming 년 전 +6

    Wow, this man thinks and plays like a machine, mad respect my dude. When I play, I end up letting non-important things distract me and crap. Like a meg main messing up every skill check trying to self care all the way across the map away from any gens.

  • Daddys Boy
    Daddys Boy 3 년 전 +3

    I love Dark Devotion on Myers. Playing this since Plague Release with Infectious Fright, Kock Out/Save The Best For Last and Pop. If You combine it with Dead Rabbit and The Journal, its just so much fun :D

  • DarkThomy
    DarkThomy 3 년 전 +6

    Yeah it's quite amazing when you suddenly realize how the plan comes together at the end x')
    Using Knockout to give no clue where you are when Dark devotion activates is really a clever touch.

  • Randomusername
    Randomusername 2 년 전 +5

    Halloween 2 : gets shoot in the eyes
    Dbd mayers : gets blindet by a flashlight

  • Alex Rosario
    Alex Rosario 10 개월 전

    It's crazy how everything he said was goin to happen happened, he's crazy good, I usually just play killers at random & loose 3/5 times

  • Barbara Cordone
    Barbara Cordone 3 년 전 +1

    That's such a cheeky build and I love it. Imagine if you had an "ideal play" and hadn't used tombstone early, found the obsession first, downed them, and then surprise-tombstoned someone else out of nowhere. Can you do the PWYF + STBFL + Dying Light + Rancor "One Punch Man" build? (Ignore obsession all game, one-hit-mori at the end)

  • Mike McCollum
    Mike McCollum 9 개월 전

    Haha dropping her at the Hatch at the end. Well played my dude. As someone who is new, and gets absolutely dunked on by better players, I always appreciate content like that.

  • brokenhaloxxx
    brokenhaloxxx 3 년 전 +84

    New game
    Take a shot everytime otz says "I reckon"

    • brokenhaloxxx
      brokenhaloxxx 2 년 전

      @Clare Helfrich much wow

    • brokenhaloxxx
      brokenhaloxxx 3 년 전 +4

      @DonnieTheZombie ah, actually I was binge watching his videos from 3am till the time of that comment...soooo ...not just counting this video.

    • DonnieTheZombie
      DonnieTheZombie 3 년 전

      So one?

  • Kronder
    Kronder 2 년 전

    I'm new to the game. Had same Myers doing that. I thought he also was new. I instinctively stood out of his sight. We got 4 gens done, after that he murdered us so fast I was like wtf how. Its interesting that I got this video in my recommendation.

  • Mr. Nazareth
    Mr. Nazareth 3 년 전

    Otz could you try running fragrant plus tombstone Myers? I would love to see what ideas/perk combinations you could think up for that

  • Stephan Khmelevskyi
    Stephan Khmelevskyi 3 년 전 +1

    Hey, Otz! I'd like to ask you a favor as a trapper player. I'm not sure whether it works or not, but if it's possible to draw public attention to such thread (forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/89328/open-trap-auras#latest) - it will be wonderful. Coz daddy trapper needs a fix so badly. If it doesn't work from your experience - that's ok as well. Just want to address the issue.

  • Guillermo González Cruz

    ''Oh, we have a fighter''
    *B R U T A L*

  • Victor Zhargalov
    Victor Zhargalov 2 년 전

    Also how did you become so good with combining different perks together and how they work? Plus I loved when you were explaining things while doing them like for example stalking survivors and with the obsession stalking her, getting into the chase than ending the chase by backing and not looking in her direction plus and etc. I want to be able to do those things too.

  • Its Nandebayo
    Its Nandebayo 3 년 전 +1

    Heartworm when you see otz give the hatch ❤️

  • Ichengo
    Ichengo 2 년 전

    when Otz got the last person, I see him pass a staircase hook and I'm all like; "otz you passed a hoo-" as he drops her at the hatch I realize what he was doing.

  • El horse tornado
    El horse tornado 2 년 전 +2

    “I don’t think she’s coming for u I think she’s scared” did he forget he’s running knockout

  • Absurd Society
    Absurd Society 2 년 전 +5

    The best way to de-rank and still have fun is to play tombstone Myers

  • Tomha
    Tomha 3 년 전

    Funny seeing you do a Myers build with those 2 addons. I actually tried doing Adept Myers with the same addons a few days ago. Even had the same map xD
    I only got 2/4, kept bumping into dead ends cause it was my first time on it. I had everyone hooked at least once or twice and managed to tombstone 2 of them, but the last 2 escaped me.

  • Angel DeSoto
    Angel DeSoto 년 전

    I’ve never thought about anything as hard as this guy thought about this strategy

  • Senpai
    Senpai 2 년 전

    I've ran tombstone Myers several times already for the trophy and yeah somehow the entity is against me since the final survivor keeps escaping or disconnect the second I Mori someone

  • jambu
    jambu 2 년 전

    7 months later i ran into someone using a similar build and got killed insanely fast just like the claudette

  • boss bubsy
    boss bubsy 2 년 전

    As a beginner, I had no idea how to use PWYF, but now that I’m better, it’s one of my favorite perks in the game. I’m sure a lot of you can agree.
    Btw, PWYF stands for Play with your Food

  • Iroquois Pleaskin
    Iroquois Pleaskin 3 년 전 +16

    It's been a long time since I've played this game, so can anyone tell me how entity works? (Not) Otz hooked a survivor, hell, sacrificed said survivor but still got entity displeased. What did he do wrong?

    • Just Watch
      Just Watch 2 년 전

      @JackFastGame If players ranked up playing like this, it would be absolute shitshow, even more than now. Rank 1 killers would be noobs that are carried by moris if the game counted only your kills since if you have a brain you should get a 3 or 4 kills every normal match with a mori.
      You complain about how ranking is shit in this game yet you say that they should make it even worse. You are contradicting with yourself.

    • JackFastGame
      JackFastGame 2 년 전

      @Just Watch So, he won the game with not a balanced build and he deserves to get ranked down? So the game punishes you for playing good? That's so stupid. Rank doesn't matter in this game.

    • Just Watch
      Just Watch 2 년 전

      @JackFastGame It definetely is not.

    • JackFastGame
      JackFastGame 2 년 전

      @Just Watch So you say this add-on and perk build is overpowered?

  • TG Cid Orlandu
    TG Cid Orlandu 3 년 전 +2

    The moment you downed the obsession is when I realized what you were doing with this build, and let me tell you Otz... you are an EVIL GENIUS. I really enjoy your content because you are so creative. Thanks!!
    Edit: With the tombstone addon, if you kill a survivor and you are in the killing animation the moment you go from T3 to T2 the game will think you failed to kill and won't reset your Evil Within bar as if you did. Very effective to kill all of them. Cheers!

  • yoad m
    yoad m 2 년 전

    that is my first video watching you are such a good killer with creative style love to see more i just subbed

  • Chris
    Chris 년 전 +1

    The entity feasts on hope, the hooks take away hope

  • NoGonzo
    NoGonzo 3 년 전

    I don't play this game but you have a great attitude and skills. Keep it up mate👍

  • metroidGus
    metroidGus 년 전

    I love playing against Myers in this map, scares the shit out of me lol

  • xSpizon_
    xSpizon_ 10 개월 전 +1

    Myers be like: *The Entity doesn't displease me, I displease The Entity!*

  • Panagiotis Kanellopoulos

    this guy is so good it could be part of a movie...

  • Zumiez
    Zumiez 3 년 전

    Its crazy the amount of people who watch Otz stream but dont know about things in this game e.g the tombstone piece, just shows how many new players Otz has been attracting to the game and it great to see!

  • Syx
    Syx 2 년 전 +1

    At 3:34 the hatch spawn in front of him

  • Austin Scoutt Tomasek

    The other day I went to go do scratch me or Meijer on an indoor map and forgot to equip the add-on so I did basically no add-ons no Evil Within 2 or 3 Myers and still got a 4K with 3 hooks each lucky match

  • Elaine Williams
    Elaine Williams 2 년 전

    also a strategy for T2, use monitor, im pretty sure the shapes terror radius is 6 meters, so no terror radius at T2 or T3

  • Lazlo Holt
    Lazlo Holt 년 전

    Otz, man, your observation skills are crazy. I never know how you see half the stuff you do

  • Ghorn Is bae
    Ghorn Is bae 3 년 전

    Your builds are always creative and sometimes Gimmicky sadly they don’t pip often with how the ranking works. Myers that kills in tier 3 just doesn’t rank well.

  • HatCreature
    HatCreature 3 년 전

    DUDE!!! That build is NASTY! i LOVE IT ;)
    It does look very difficult though, it won't always work but damn, that is sick

  • Marty H
    Marty H 3 년 전 +1

    OK, been seeing lots of people commenting on the whole Entity is Displeased. The thing about that is the killers are supposed to sacrifice the survivors only by using the hooks. The shape killed two himself and only offered up one on the hook and let the other free, so Entity is just salty it only got one of four.

  • noah travis
    noah travis 2 년 전

    Only killer video I’ve ever liked because you gave hatch ❤️

  • Salty Crab
    Salty Crab 3 년 전

    Man, this build requires some luck, which will grant some potatoes against your myers, i've seen a pick-a-boo myers build on this map and it's more amazing, but of course thank you very much for the video

  • Yerv
    Yerv 3 년 전 +2

    This build idea is AWESOME, it looks like so much fun getting it going. But also good lord that GEN SPEED is disgusting. This game can be so rough on killers if you're not running Ruin

    • Feedthemeat543 F
      Feedthemeat543 F 3 년 전

      Ya you typically can't really screw around with builds like this If you don't want gens to fly at the speed of light.

    • NinjapowerMS
      NinjapowerMS 3 년 전 +1

      Then you try it out and you get matched against navy seals survivors on their map offering

  • Unhumanized
    Unhumanized 2 년 전

    I would hate to be in a game with you. Your so good

  • Flesh automaton animated by neurotransmitters

    This is the most wholesome dbd channel ever

  • Kuwa
    Kuwa 3 년 전 +5

    I live in the UK, so i’m always rewarded coming home with a masterpiece not Otzdarva video. Have fun at twitch con!

  • bl4ck hearts
    bl4ck hearts 2 년 전

    gd trick with tombstone piece if you mori just as it ends, while your in animation and it runs out you donnt lose massive progress because it technically ran out mid mori

  • NoButYesButStillProbablyNo

    I dont even play DBD but im really enjoying this

  • Raul Leandro Galvan Aguilar

    What are the names of the perks that Otz used? Rlly wish to try this build out

  • Spxdey
    Spxdey 9 개월 전

    I’m here in 2021, this video just inspired me more to play Michael Myers

  • Jessica and Donnie

    You know that would be a cool ultra rare in t1 you have a normal terror radius
    t2 just normal t2
    T3 no terror radius

  • Alyjah Andujar
    Alyjah Andujar 3 년 전

    Honestly thrilling tremors can be replaced but this is a good built

  • Yodel Daddy
    Yodel Daddy 3 년 전 +3

    I just absolutely love the fact that some guys on his stream don't even know what Tombstone Piece does lol.

  • PistolMoth
    PistolMoth 3 년 전

    I legit just though about this last night after I finally got Plague. Like scratched mirror Myers if he could tier up haha.

  • Deadbunny
    Deadbunny 2 년 전

    Wouldn't nemesis or discordance be better than knockout or thrilling tremors? You'd be able to find the obsession faster

  • Zacklul
    Zacklul 3 년 전 +11

    Just waiting for jumpscare Myers to do his magic....

  • jp
    jp 3 년 전

    Oh my gosh i got a myers with this build it was torture

  • The Endurian Gamer
    The Endurian Gamer 년 전 +1

    good to know you can play this for fun, but the game even realizes "That wasn't great for them" and gives ya displeased

  • Garrett Thompson
    Garrett Thompson 2 년 전 +2

    "who are you? Ahh yes you're this other person"
    You are technically correct, the BEST kind of correct!

  • The Car Industry
    The Car Industry 10 개월 전

    9:45 you missed that hook 😂

  • Violet_RaVen
    Violet_RaVen 2 년 전

    I kinda want to see some toxic survival against good killers xD

  • Derique Potillo
    Derique Potillo 2 년 전

    Being that it actually requires strategy, you shouldnt be punished for killing (without mori) more than sacrificing. They need to patch that.

  • ImCroozy
    ImCroozy 3 년 전

    The Shape is the ONLY killer who doesn't give a shit about what the Entity wants. He kills because he can.

  • Auso
    Auso 3 년 전 +18

    3:35 what the hell did you do to poor Laurie?

    • Yodah Yeshaud
      Yodah Yeshaud 2 년 전 +4

      Facts she was bald head he became a barber with that knife

  • Bsoria333
    Bsoria333 년 전 +1

    2:40 how did he kill her in his hands?

  • LawrenceMynes
    LawrenceMynes 3 년 전

    Hey Otz, this is probably a dumb idea, but why not try a build where you want to focus your obsession down OR have one where hoping from obsession to obsession gives you more power? I'd thought it'd be a neat thing to see what you'd think of those ideas.


    Claim your stalk-a thon ticket right here! For your chance to get tombstoned by Michel Myers.

  • Drake
    Drake 년 전

    Can someone tell me how you can manually kill someone on your own? What add ons or perks do you use

  • Adog 00
    Adog 00 년 전

    Michael is so OP on unlimited tier 3 bro

  • Kin Potato
    Kin Potato 년 전

    Three points he win this game
    1.Give up the claudette
    2.down the Laurie give pressure
    3.One shot obsession Nancy and kill others 0 Terror Radius

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek 3 년 전 +1

    *drops near hatch*
    *closes hatch in front of them*

  • Gabe Null
    Gabe Null 년 전

    Can someone please explain how the hell he was instant killing them

  • Da 2
    Da 2 2 년 전

    I’m new to the game can someone please explain what perks and add ons he has as well as what they do

  • Uige
    Uige 3 개월 전

    i kinda miss the way dbd was, things like the hawkins map, the way grabs worked, old freddy, seeing different rarity tier 3 perks gives me nostalgia...