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Otz vs 69 Survivors in Cowshed | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2021. 05. 17.
  • For one day, I invited my viewers to run me for as long as possible in the new Fractured Cowshed. I played a no-power Trapper and things went exactly as you'd expect. Big thanks to everyone that participated.
    Watch live: www.twitch.tv/Otzdarva
    Join our community: discord.gg/Otzdarva
    Thumbnail art by Hunnybe4r and video editing by Gintrax, check them out:
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  • Serious Sean
    Serious Sean 년 전 +2105

    Thought I'd organize all the wonderful people that competed in this video in order of highest to lowest times, congrats to everybody that participated!
    1st: ��������� 3:52 (@1:03:10)
    2nd: slam it (Zubat) 3:41 (@1:49:08)
    3rd: Cope 3:07 (@35:47)
    4th: Mathiis 3:06 (@18:40)
    5th: Hens 3:04 (@1:15)
    6th: Ryuga 2:53 (@55:15)
    7th: Fiireside 2:51 (@1:12:08)
    8th: Czester 2:49 (@1:07:21)
    9th: Dead by DC 2:40 (@1:39:58)
    10th: AnotherBabyTTV 2:36 (@47:54)
    11th: bad survivor 2:34 (@1:23:19)
    12th: Brbrmensh 2:34 (@1:57:56)
    13th: Igniteee_ 2:31 (@33:03)
    14th: Altair 2:30 (@1:27:32)
    15th: Skorpionfante 2:23 (@59:43)
    16th: aaronplaystv 2:10 (@23:57)
    17th: Kiwins 2:09 (@28:53)
    18th: Taste My Pokos 2:08 (@1:33:23)
    19th: Not Ev3ntic 2:04 (@2:00:43)
    20th: lonely¼ 2:03 (@51:01)
    21st: NOT Loiniel™ ;) 2:00 (@41:03)
    22nd: Ominous | OierBoier 1:59 (@1:55:48)
    23rd: leafy 1:56 (@43:15)
    24th: Zelathory 1:49 (@22:00)
    25th: André Paulo 1:47 (@53:21)
    26th: Aura 1:47 (@31:08)
    27th: Not_Bones � 1:46 (@1:53:16)
    28th: Ashley J. Williams 1:45 (@39:07)
    29th: Memiieko 1:43 (@1:18:21)
    30th: Hironari Makaze 1:42 (@1:15:14)
    31st: Step surv... I'm stu 1:39 (@1:10:18)
    32nd: Colinz 1:35 (@13:08)
    33rd: Doctro 1:31 (@27:10)
    34th: fubs 1:31 (@1:45:26)
    35th: [CRACK] laurie arabi 1:30 (@1:20:17)
    36th: MrMario0 1:28 (@1:42:54)
    37th: FieldAgentReaper TTV 1:25 (@1:30:12)
    38th: Haf Dum 1:22 (@46:24)
    39th: Yuicidal 1:21 (@5:54)
    40th: [CRACK] Radar612.ttv 1:19 (@1:31:50)
    41st: Flameheart 1:19 (@1:37:38)
    42nd: Shrersh 1:17 (@11:55) Final time came from the twitch stream since its not shown in this video
    43rd: SpookyGhost 1:13 (@15:30)
    44th: WimaTV 1:11 (@4:29)
    45th: Wrizu 1:09 (@1:17:02)
    46th: Isaac 1:06 (@1:26:05)
    47th: Madai 1:05 (@7:24)
    48th: Maxx 1:04 (@1:22:01)
    49th: WowItsCharles 1:00 (@10:01)
    50th: DrWarpMan 0:59 (@0:02)
    51st: Leon Kennedy 0:57 (@1:35:50)
    52nd: CRACK | kremlin 0:55 (@1:48:00)
    53rd: N| DROMEL

    • kluki
      kluki 10 개월 전 +3

      feel kinda bad for being the worst buuuuuut im 69 nice

    • Valentine xo
      Valentine xo 11 개월 전

      1st - ace
      2nd - nea
      3rd - laurie
      4th - laurie
      5th - claudette
      6th - jeff
      7th - feng
      8th - nea
      9th - meg
      10th - ace

    • PurpleCyanide
      PurpleCyanide 년 전

      No way my man Ryuga participated and got 6th?! Nice

    • Fly'n Ryan Plays
      Fly'n Ryan Plays 년 전

      You are single handedly carrying the human race

  • Ser0t0nin Addict
    Ser0t0nin Addict 년 전 +5527

    I expected Otz to have 69 survivors in one game. I'm so dumb, not disappointed though.

  • DBD's Finest
    DBD's Finest 년 전 +2436

    At this point, I think Otz has fully committed to the meme life.

    • Old Snake
      Old Snake 6 개월 전

      This isnt OTZ

    • Cam
      Cam 11 개월 전

      @Itchy Ball idis nah, are you just wanting to disagree just to disagree?

    • pizza with bonez
      pizza with bonez 년 전

      What's that ace name who got 1st

    • hera
      hera 년 전 +1

      @Itchy Ball idis okay then, You explain to me because I am not as smart as you mate.

    • Muhammad Aidil Saputra
      Muhammad Aidil Saputra 년 전 +3

      Always has been

  • not_anymore
    not_anymore 년 전 +1545

    I still feel bad for the first guy, he didn't realize he was suppoused to go at a swing :(

    • Krisz Tóth
      Krisz Tóth 2 개월 전 +2

      She still ran him for 1 min tho which isn't that bad when you consider how long a gen takes(even as of now with this 90sec gen change)

    • Beans Cottrell
      Beans Cottrell 10 개월 전 +1

      He honestly did really good for the awful and very sad start.

    • Unoriginal commentor
      Unoriginal commentor 년 전

      Nah he got too close

    • sleepy
      sleepy 년 전

      @Josh B that's good to know, thanks. guess him changing it up had to have been quite confusing then

    • Josh B
      Josh B 년 전

      @sleepy there were a bunch of survivors that started with a crouch which is the standard method. not sure why Otz mixed it up and caused confusion for many people

  • Bananaman559
    Bananaman559 년 전 +870

    Otz has fully succumbed to his chats memes and has snapped

  • please stop disassembling my limbs

    "Come cowshed 1v69"
    - Otzdarva

  • Zaynuh
    Zaynuh 년 전 +917

    "Hello friends, this is Otz, at least according to 9 out of 10 Doctors"

    • Pilloe
      Pilloe 년 전

      "hello friend this is otz according to trapper"

    • AirLight
      AirLight 년 전 +1

      The 1 other doctor shocked otz

    • Literally Alois
      Literally Alois 년 전 +8

      "Hello friends, this is Otz, or at least that's what the paper I'm obligated to read from says."

    • GabbyTheHunter
      GabbyTheHunter 년 전 +25

      "Hello Friends, this is Otz, at least according to the 1000 comments impersonating me"

    • PrimalX60
      PrimalX60 년 전 +12

      *according to the little picture in you textbooks*

  • LoinielTM
    LoinielTM 년 전 +579

    As NERVOUS as facing Otz made me, this was super fun! Playing against him reminded me of why this man is as revered as he is

    • Will Gund
      Will Gund 년 전 +2

      2 minutes is at least 1.5 Gens. So that's great looping :)

    • Manly O'Beeferton
      Manly O'Beeferton 년 전 +5

      That was vey nice when you lost line of sight and went the other direction.

    • Blue Flare
      Blue Flare 년 전 +2

      You did really well!

    • Abo7assan 1
      Abo7assan 1 년 전 +8

      @Kieran D 41:03

    • Kieran D
      Kieran D 년 전 +9

      what's your timestamp?

  • Judeau
    Judeau 년 전 +640

    1:49:09 for the Zubat 1v1

    • Niviera
      Niviera 8 개월 전

      Zubat is the 2nd, check pinned comment.

    • abhishek pandey
      abhishek pandey 년 전

      @Drum Guy omg! Didn't realise 🙈

    • Iamdpressed
      Iamdpressed 년 전 +3

      Poor zubat dude got caught on the shack hook feels bad

    • Terachrome
      Terachrome 년 전 +1

      @abhishek pandey Yes. I'm not done compiling every result, but so far there's ????????? at 1:03:09 who got 3:52. 10 seconds longer.

    • Ilham Mahmudov
      Ilham Mahmudov 년 전

      @Andrew 44446 no

  • Michael Hrusovsky
    Michael Hrusovsky 년 전 +209

    This should honestly be a game mode where the longer the survivor loops the killer, the more BPS they earn, like every minute that goes by is worth 5k BPS. Vice versa for killer. The shorter the chase, the more BPS they earn.
    This mode could also help survivors practice on getting better at running the killer around, and help killers on their mind games.

    • Rillan
      Rillan 2 개월 전

      @💕 Miss Simone 💕 it's basic respect. I was curious what u want.

    • 💕 Miss Simone 💕
      💕 Miss Simone 💕 2 개월 전

      @Rillan actually quite a lot has changed lately to the point where I almost wanna give it a go again. Nothing wrong with not keeping up with it, but check out the changes from the last two patches. They're surprisingly decent. Up to you.
      But you also know that if you don't care you didn't have to even respond right?

    • Rillan
      Rillan 2 개월 전

      @💕 Miss Simone 💕 I dropped it almost year ago and don't know any new changes and I don't watch other players so I can't add anything new.
      To be honest game was shit and devs made one stupid decision after another. I don't think anything significantly changed. But if u like it, well it's ok.

    • 💕 Miss Simone 💕
      💕 Miss Simone 💕 2 개월 전

      @Rillan I've stopped playing but I like to watch other people play. Also just because you don't play anymore doesn't mean you can't have an opinion right? 🤷🏾‍♀️
      Either way it just occurred to me that in the game mode specifically designed for chases there would never be any ability or utility in camping. It basically defeats the entire purpose of the game mode.

    • Rillan
      Rillan 2 개월 전

      @💕 Miss Simone 💕 I'm not playing game anymore. There's nothing i can add.

  • Hope, at last
    Hope, at last 년 전 +268

    "Hello friends, this is Otz, at least according to you."
    *Stares into the camera directly into your soul*

    • Vigilante Live
      Vigilante Live 년 전

      @Hope, at last Hey me too

    • Shinobi
      Shinobi 년 전

      @Hope, at last This is why i said that lol

    • Hope, at last
      Hope, at last 년 전 +1

      @Shinobi I actually do love Vanilla Ice cream.

    • Shinobi
      Shinobi 년 전 +1

      Then he knows that u love vanilla ice cream

  • R4viity !
    R4viity ! 년 전 +289

    Hopefully, this will make the experience slightly better
    Place Name Duration Chase Start
    1st ��������� 233s 1:03:10
    2nd slam it 222s 1:49:09
    3rd Cope 188s 35:47
    4th Mathiiis 187s 18:42
    5th Hens 185s 1:16
    6th Ryugs 174s 55:16
    7th Fiireside 171s 1:12:09
    8th Czester 170s 1:07:22
    9th Dead by DC 160s 1:39:56
    10th AnotherBabyTTV 157s 47:52
    11th bad survivor 154s 1:23:19
    12th Brbrmensh 154s 1:57:56
    13th Igniteee_ 152s 33:04
    14th Altair 150s 1:27:24
    15th Skorpionfante 144s 59:44
    16th aaronplaystv 130s 23:58
    17th Kiwins 129s 28:53
    18th Taste My Pokos 128s 1:33:23
    19th Not Ev3ntic 125s 2:00:43
    20th lonely 124s 51:00
    21st NOT Loinlel 120s 41:03
    22nd Ominous 120s 1:55:48
    23rd leafy 117s 43:16
    24th Zelathory 110s 21:55
    25th Andre Paulo 108s 53:21
    26th Aura 107s 31:09
    27th Not_Bones � 106s 1:53:16
    28th Ashely J. Williams 105s 39:08
    29th Memiieko 104s 1:18:21
    30th Hironari Makaze 102s 1:15:14
    31st Step surv_i'm stu 99s 1:10:18
    32nd Colinz 96s 13:09
    33rd Doctru 92s 27:09
    34th fubs 91s 1:45:26
    35th [CRACK] laurie arabi 90s 1:20:17
    36th MrMario0 88s 1:42:54
    37th FieldAgentReaper 85s 1:30:12
    38th Haf Dum 84s 46:24
    39th Yuicidal 82s 5:55
    40th [CRACK] Radar612 79s 1:31:49
    41st Flameheart 79s 1:37:38
    42nd SpookyGhost 74s 15:29
    43rd Shrersh +73s (unknown) 11:55
    44th WimaTV 72s 4:27
    45th Wrizu 70s 1:17:03
    46th Isaac 66s 1:26:05
    47th Maxx 64s 1:22:02
    48th WowitsCharles 61s 10:01
    49th DrWrapMan 59s 0:02
    50th Leon Kennedy 58s 1:35:50
    51st DROMEL 56s 45:18
    52nd CRACK | kremlin 56s 1:48:00
    53rd Elkeir 51s 1:47:03
    54th Ultra 50s 17:37
    55th D4RK_EMERALD94 50s 26:12
    56th Foxnox 48s 1:44:35
    57th CreamyKurimu 43s 16:50
    58th Madai 40s 7:25
    59th LORD GABEN 40s 11:05
    60th L0fe 38s 1:02:19
    61st Redvid 38s 1:36:53
    62nd DOWSEY 36s 58:57
    63rd Mr. Husband 35s 1:39:09
    64th N4meless24 33s 14:49
    65th Hex: Universal 30s 9:25
    66th killermain420 30s 58:22
    67th Kluki 27s 1:55:11

    • Pasar Mahdi
      Pasar Mahdi 개월 전

      Where are your likes?

    • Lumberjack🌴🪓
      Lumberjack🌴🪓 8 개월 전

      thank you

    • RoastWaffles
      RoastWaffles 년 전

      @Aruno Renjie Esure cope only lost because he revealed himself. If he would've hidden he would have won

    • Cyndi Mae
      Cyndi Mae 년 전

      @Stealthi I feel that

    • Cyndi Mae
      Cyndi Mae 년 전

      @Aruno Renjie Esure Noob3 possibly as well, if they're all up for it of course

  • Skotomogilnik
    Skotomogilnik 년 전 +94

    otzdarva leaving compliments to survivors for 2 hours straight

  • HeyItsGlorE Archive
    HeyItsGlorE Archive 년 전 +26

    I absolutely love that even after Otz has already played 30+ games he still gives props to everyone even though he’s seen people get better times

  • Soons Udertool
    Soons Udertool 년 전 +141

    "Come cowshed 1v1"
    The power was too strong, He has finally learned his power in this community, Beware of the map... C O W S H E D ! ! ! -

  • Thepollamán
    Thepollamán 년 전 +250

    It's kinda cute that his last match was against his Girlfriend, what a lovely couple :'3

  • Keoaruboru
    Keoaruboru 년 전 +19

    Otz waiting for Dead Hard when in a game where perks are off is perfectly inline with how used to Dead Hard he is

  • GabbyTheHunter
    GabbyTheHunter 년 전 +515

    Next video
    "Looping 69 Killers on new Ormond"

  • RPST
    RPST 년 전 +205

    Somewhere in an alternate universe:
    *_Dripzdarva: Come Cowshed 1v1._*

  • Jost
    Jost 년 전 +19

    "im... *pauses to think* 28 years old" the real Otz would have answered instantly, the facade is starting to crack

  • Luke McNamara
    Luke McNamara 년 전 +35

    And yet, no gens were done by solo queue teammates in this time

  • Coopa Cola
    Coopa Cola 년 전 +267

    “Hello friends, this is Otz, according to these IKEA instructions.”

  • Drashkana
    Drashkana 년 전 +10

    If Otz gets tired of playing DbD some day he can just become a commentator for tournaments, he has the knowledge and the passion for it

  • Adrino
    Adrino 년 전 +106

    He protecc
    He attacc
    but most importanly
    He 1v1 at cowshacc

    • hera
      hera 년 전 +1


    • Sai sandeep
      Sai sandeep 년 전 +1

      Nice comment adrino🤣😂🤣😂
      Can't stop laughing 🥺🥺😂🤣

  • Ya Monty
    Ya Monty 년 전 +8

    1:20:14 gotta love how the video briefly fades back in just so we can see the wholesome "gg"

  • Reven619
    Reven619 년 전 +42

    If this video was titled “Otz hunts down his viewers for sport” I wouldn’t have even blinked.

  • PistolMoth
    PistolMoth 년 전 +13

    It's insane how much rng is still in map generation. The fact that the killer shack can have multple safe pallets, the cow tree, and jungle gyms very nearby, while also being capable of spawning big dead zones and LT walls/tractor instead is genuinely ridiculous.

    • PistolMoth
      PistolMoth 6 개월 전

      @Jason Clarke it does yeah. I meant pallets in close proximity to the killer shack.

    • Jason Clarke
      Jason Clarke 6 개월 전

      Um the killer shack only has 1 pallet, right?

  • Winston Revlis
    Winston Revlis 년 전 +39

    I want to know something : Does anyone else use Otz's videos to watch while they sleep? Cause i do and its really calming

    • Mistress Horror
      Mistress Horror 개월 전

      I do! Watching his Elden Ring playthrough rn.

    • VideoGamerMan74
      VideoGamerMan74 년 전

      I tried it but i get too focused to video so i cant sleep xd

    • Anon
      Anon 년 전

      I would but I don’t like sleeping next to my phone

    • Hope / Akane
      Hope / Akane 년 전

      Same hahah

    • piampoo
      piampoo 년 전

      same here lol

  • Cpt Mcmuffin987
    Cpt Mcmuffin987 년 전 +3

    The pain I get seeing so many survivors through the shack pallet instantly 😩

  • SaladManner
    SaladManner 년 전 +2

    I really appreciate Otz’s ability to make such fun and enjoyable content on a regular basis. It’s 10% gameplay and 90% his entertaining personality. Prob one of my fav content creators, both in dbd and in general :D

  • zainiaz07
    zainiaz07 년 전 +1

    37:38 Man, I was rooting for that Laurie, I felt she was so robbed from a >5 minutes chase (she robbed herself 😂). She showed up and got a free hit because Otz lost her and couldn't find her ☹️ But it was totally her fault, she showed up in front of him

  • Natalia Szwed
    Natalia Szwed 년 전 +3

    I would like to see this with other killers too, might be fun. Than You can take average time of looping for diferent killers

  • Margrace
    Margrace 년 전 +1

    I really appreciate how humble and kind Otz is. He is my favourite DBD Content creator and I hope he will do this a lot more years. :3 It would be nice to be hit by him xD but I would last only a few seconds. It is so nice that he does those things with the community

  • Hejira#2854
    Hejira#2854 11 개월 전 +1

    I was so happy to see Zubat do so well. He is my favorite survivor to watch, and watching him play against Otz, I could tell it was him. The way he waits at corners and plays around windows.

  • Paracyclo
    Paracyclo 년 전 +2

    I hope this happens more than once. It would be awesome to see people improve, or just give more a chance

  • Nivan
    Nivan 10 개월 전 +1

    Should do another of these, maybe on different maps. I would love to see Ayrun, JRM, Skermz, Probbz looping.

  • For6bey
    For6bey 년 전 +151

    I swear to God if this is not going to be a weekly thing I am going to break a breakable floor.

    • TBTNR
      TBTNR 년 전

      @Nicklaus Kindelberger breakable floors on certain maps

    • Nicklaus Kindelberger
      Nicklaus Kindelberger 년 전

      @rvddle a bunch of floors that you'd be able to smash to make it harder to reach certain upstairs windows, and also get the jump on survivors below.
      Imagine there's a generator downstairs, you're almost done, then you hear wood cracking above you, you look up and see Michael Myers, Ghostface, Leatherface (gotta love tinkerer) just fall right on top of you.

    • rvddle
      rvddle 년 전

      @Nicklaus Kindelberger wdym

    • Nicklaus Kindelberger
      Nicklaus Kindelberger 년 전 +3

      Holy crap, that would be an awesome mechanic. That one Macmillan Map comes to mind (with the one big building, coal tower?) maybe some haddonfield houses.
      That "Last Year" game had vents, grates and high places where you could instakill oblivious survivors, it'd be fun if you got an aura read only if someone was directly below you, so you could jump down and immediately start chasing (not an insta kill of course)

    • Alivia M
      Alivia M 년 전 +8

      I doubt this would ever be a weekly thing, it’s super hard to coordinate with so many people. but I’m glad Otz was able to make the time!!

  • Mr.bossman
    Mr.bossman 년 전 +4

    It's a 1v1 so it's technically easier for the survivor since they can use and waste any pallet they want. Regardless Otz is amazing even when they basically just negate his mind games by dropping them early

  • Luci Lovesick
    Luci Lovesick 년 전 +3

    I think this is a really positive thing to do. I've seen other streamers do this and both killer and survivor have 2 perks and they play a multitude of killers. In those Instances I've found it comes across as the killer player showing off.
    But I feel like watching all of this video its more of a learning experience for loopers. You're always gracious in victory and when you arent doing too well.
    I like the fact that you always compliment good plays.
    As always Otz you are a legend and you are genuinely a bit of an Inspiration for how gamers should aspire to be.

  • Vengarr
    Vengarr 년 전 +1

    A four-minute chase vs Otz is some next-level surviving

  • drayyn23
    drayyn23 년 전 +29

    They dared to challenge the Cowshed master!

  • D. Thieu D.
    D. Thieu D. 7 개월 전

    Keep in mind that every 1m20s chase could theoretically be 3 gens popping if the survivor had good teamates

  • Miloguel
    Miloguel 년 전 +1

    For the impatients the 1st place is at 1:03:09 and got an 3:53

  • Kaisersöze
    Kaisersöze 년 전 +1

    You should make more of this Otz, maybe with another killer? 👍🏻

  • Lucas Nicholson
    Lucas Nicholson 년 전 +3

    Can’t wait until they officially make 1v1 Cowshed a legit gamemode

  • The_Seeker .Entity

    Zubat: Loops for 3 minutes and 41 seconds
    His teammates: done about 49% of 1 gen

  • Eguzky
    Eguzky 년 전 +2

    Here's a good DBD/Morbid one: "Hello friends, this is otz, at least until they find the body."
    Or, even more DBD themed: "Hello friends, this is otz, until they buff the Trapper."

  • J Fuentes
    J Fuentes 년 전 +1

    Otz: i can 100% catch you right here
    Nancy: *slaps pallet n stuns otz*
    Otz: OOP . Ok

    MAC _HAMMER 년 전

    Hopefully he does another round of this so we can try to get in a match

  • Royal Red
    Royal Red 년 전

    I am unbelievably happy to see Otz becoming the meme.

  • Funny Croc
    Funny Croc 년 전

    Y'all: Say the line Otz!
    Otz: Come Cowshed 1v1
    Y'all: [Cheering]

  • Kurt
    Kurt 년 전

    The first time I played this map was also the first time I played bubba. Somewhere within the span of 5-7 minutes in without a down I just walked around the map looking at all the loops for survivors and was just dumbfounded. This is my favorite map of all time :) thank you bhvr

  • Field Agent Reaper
    Field Agent Reaper 년 전 +1

    I’m proud to have been mind gamed so hard by big brain otz 👏

  • Dylan S
    Dylan S 년 전

    I would love to see these with Billy and Low Pro addons. Would make it very intense

  • Derpin Derpana
    Derpin Derpana 년 전 +1

    I like the fact that your attitude is encouraging rather than toxic. Like just because someone makes a mistake and gets downed early doesn't negate the fact that they made smart plays. The survivors in this game have a small margin for error and I always appreciate it when I run across one that can loop me silly. This community needs a huge dose of positivity and I can see that you're contributing to that. I love the videos. Best of luck, man.

  • Krisz Tóth
    Krisz Tóth 년 전 +1

    Tbh every chase that is longer than 1min is really good

  • Ridmerson Chuck
    Ridmerson Chuck 8 개월 전

    hey otz, I'm wondering when will you do this kind of series next time, I want to join in

  • Eleazar Medina
    Eleazar Medina 년 전 +1

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    Pichudiamond3 년 전

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    @Otzdarva it looks like you had a really relaxing time doing this! I wonder if you would consider doing this again with the Garden of Joy?

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    BlackMetalBroad 년 전 +1

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  • Dr Pancake
    Dr Pancake 년 전

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    MAD777KRATOS 2 개월 전

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    Otzdarva: I can 100% catch you.
    Nancy: Catch this xD

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    Mrsome1panda 년 전 +1

    What was otz's quickest time? Also who ran otzdarva the longest? (Please add timestamps)

    • Iwane TheOne
      Iwane TheOne 년 전 +2

      Longest chase 1:03:10
      3 minutes 52 secs

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    Rubris I 년 전 +1

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    • Ana
      Ana 8 개월 전

      I wish to see both survivor and killer with knowledge of RPD, and being good at their roles to 1v1. 'Cause at for this moment I'm convinced it's survivor-sided 😅

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    05/16/2021 "The cowshed 1v1 massacre"...
    We remember all the lives of those who were tragically killed on that day, the police never caught the criminal.

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