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Otz's Killer Tier List 4.7.0 | Dead by Daylight

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 04.
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  • not Otzdarva
    not Otzdarva  년 전 +3059

    Please make sure to follow the proper etiquette and tell me why I'm wrong about everything before you even watch the video. 😘

  • Ricky Dodson
    Ricky Dodson 년 전 +2838

    I think he describes trapper perfectly in one sentence. “The grass keeps getting thinner and thinner”.

    • Mr. Fowler
      Mr. Fowler 개월 전

      The sun’s goin down…

    • Game
      Game 6 개월 전

      @Aiden Dozier Please be joking

    • hunter clark
      hunter clark 년 전 +2

      people acting like trapper is busted.... The point is, everything about him is extremely inconsistent and he absolutely needs add ons just to even be relevant.
      Most killers have a set amount of abilities that recharge over time no matter what. Trapper has to run across the map to collect what most have 24/7

    • KipsterMick
      KipsterMick 년 전

      @Frost Flurry Dude, it's just Trapper.

    • John J. Spurgin
      John J. Spurgin 년 전 +3

      @Chris Shields he's not UNDERWHELMING, he's just gimmicky. If you can get a basement snowball rolling you're a nightmare, and even smart survivors can fall for iridescent stone trapper. It really helps if you plan ahead and lock down the gen triad they need to do for the last gen.

    BANANA BEAST 년 전 +2589

    Michael should be higher on the list. You forgot that he had the chance to give the player a heart attack, which gives you a free kill.


      Oh my god lol

    • Fat Nootz
      Fat Nootz 년 전

      @TheRusse This is also why hag is S tier. Personally I shit myself everytime i trigger a trap

    • Fat Nootz
      Fat Nootz 년 전

      @Felixxxx Hes being funny by talking about a heart attack like its game strategy dont worry its just farther down the rabbit hole

    • 3EEWAY
      3EEWAY 년 전

      @JebalitaBB that's how my bot friends end up as rank 7

    • JebalitaBB
      JebalitaBB 년 전

      @3EEWAY lmao you’re not wrong about how that works, I got to rank 1 as survivor despite being mediocre due to friends who are amazing

  • Justin T.
    Justin T. 년 전 +553

    2:10:58 Teabagging a Trapper is like bullying a child for not being able to beat Mike Tyson.

    • Джон Генри
      Джон Генри 2 개월 전

      @Dray I really like the game but when I tried to learn how to play as killers myself, the survivors constantly teased and t-bag me like they were killers and not me, so now I only watch videos on this game

    • McKenzie Schmitt
      McKenzie Schmitt 4 개월 전

      @Dray it’s literally called bm for short. It’s rude 🤣

    • McKenzie Schmitt
      McKenzie Schmitt 4 개월 전

      @Dray is that why you do is one step from leaving. 🐈

    • Dray
      Dray 6 개월 전

      @Game tf2 player moment

  • Hennymy
    Hennymy 년 전 +1715

    When I am playing a killer, every killer is a D Killer :D

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt 년 전 +595

    Imagine telling someone from two or three years ago that Cannibal would end up being better than Hillbilly. Crazy!

    • Sherell White
      Sherell White 년 전 +3

      Billy is better cos map pressure the only thing bubba does better is camp and tunnel

    • JebalitaBB
      JebalitaBB 년 전 +19

      @Ryan Maxwell there’s no way he’s even comparable to bubba, someone with 2 hours can pick up bubba and get 4ks with little effort needed. Billy takes too much skill to get barely the same results

    • Ryan Maxwell
      Ryan Maxwell 년 전 +22

      @jude soar
      I agree. There’s nothing more satisfying than landing Billy’s saw in a curve or long range. Just sucks that his add ons are so bad. I still think he’s better than Bubba if they are both base kit. His power has more utilities.

    • Jude Soar
      Jude Soar 년 전 +12

      Billy is the best and the best in my heart

    • Boopling
      Boopling 년 전 +18

      Same but with Freddy.

  • Marco Yolo
    Marco Yolo 년 전 +5996

    Otz you forgot the most deadly killer

  • AirLight
    AirLight 년 전 +317

    “I’m human. You’re human. Anyone that plays hillbilly is human.” Otz is really trying to convince us he’s not a robot

    • Louis Winters
      Louis Winters 년 전 +2

      Momento mori

    • Bumpkin Boi
      Bumpkin Boi 년 전 +1

      Unus anus unus anus

    • C.
      C. 년 전 +4

      @Paffomi Refer to aubrey’s comment

    • Paffomi
      Paffomi 년 전 +2

      @Aubrey Chesnutt They may be gone but the cult still lives on

  • Bluntly honest
    Bluntly honest 년 전 +169

    "Play what you feel is the most fun"
    He is speaking the language of the gods.

    • McKenzie Schmitt
      McKenzie Schmitt 4 개월 전

      I’ve found pp head fun lately. Sometimes it’s Michael. Usually legion. Sometimes hag.

    • Luksushotelli
      Luksushotelli 년 전

      Ethan Floyd As a doc main, whispers is an easy way to use static blast for starters. Simply wait until whispers activates and then immediately static blast to catch one survivor with 100% certainty

    • Cartrex24
      Cartrex24 년 전

      @Ethan Floyd you just got ignored:(

    • Ethan Floyd
      Ethan Floyd 년 전

      @Gadvat hey man, I love doctor so much and love playing him, but am a bit of a noob XD. What perks do you use?

    • TBTNR
      TBTNR 년 전

      @Gadvat if you think about it, he is kind of a Freddy, just minusing the free pressure part. I don’t play Freddy because of that reason but all the pressure you bring as doctor comes with being good

  • Scott Jund
    Scott Jund 년 전 +4354

    "I disagree with some placements therefore this list is shit."
    - The Internet, 2021

    • Nosferatu
      Nosferatu 년 전

      Not really bro, barely any dislikes. I think people agree with the list.

    • just gale weathers
      just gale weathers 년 전

      @b345trf Dude yeah sure tell me why

    • Kyle Weber
      Kyle Weber 년 전

      So true so true

    • Cat plays
      Cat plays 년 전

      Scott jund more like Scott Junk

  • Warcrafter3001
    Warcrafter3001 년 전 +49

    As a Wraith main, I was very discouraged when they gave him windstorm baseline, for the reason that he could no longer use his power in chase. Since then they have made his power usable in chase again, he is incredibly powerful to someone who is near the top of his skill ceiling! You can quickly engage in chase after chase, and as long as you remain unpredictable, you can end chases rather quickly in many scenarios!

  • JustDev
    JustDev 년 전 +11

    i think it would be interesting to make a tier list featuring two versions of each killer, one with their strongest add ons and one with no add ons and see which killers vary the most.

  • Arthur Roger
    Arthur Roger 년 전 +696

    Otz’s chin is sending us love through the entire video.

    • Gio
      Gio 년 전 +2

      Get in the fing robot!

    • Ilistray
      Ilistray 년 전 +2

      It was the first thing I noticed when I started this vid.

    • L O
      L O 년 전 +8


    • RyanFoxRP
      RyanFoxRP 년 전 +18

      why'd you have to point it out

  • David Dixon
    David Dixon 년 전 +46

    I think trapper needs to have 2 traps holdable, one on hand at start with a darkening add on to boot.
    All built into his kit. Because right now you need the bag to even play him and the maps are getting brighter with less grass

    • Belle Delphine
      Belle Delphine 년 전 +2

      @Hellfo Oliver His traps should probably be a little wider, and I think he should be able to set traps like Freddy, where he doesn't get locked into an animation and just he throws them down. This could potentially help him with loops and such. He definitely should be able to hold two traps by default, perhaps even three with addons. Making his traps a little harder to spot would be great too.

    • Mecha
      Mecha 년 전 +1

      @Hellfo Oliver yeah like the add-on makes it so that there are some leafs in top of the trap

    • Hellfo Oliver
      Hellfo Oliver 년 전 +3

      Could have a "glass traps" addon that make them a bit translucent. Nothing broken, just enough to help in brighter maps.

  • NotGabriel
    NotGabriel 년 전 +89

    The real top tier killer was the friends we made along the way

  • SlayCC
    SlayCC 년 전 +3520

    Kind of sad Hillbilly went from a crazy fast instadown madman to a skinny weaker bubba

    • Opo
      Opo 년 전

      I dunno. Maybe they nerfed him *too* hard, but he had insane map pressure and it was absolutely brainless to pull off.

    • Infamous Rey
      Infamous Rey 년 전

      He is still pretty good

    • Jude Soar
      Jude Soar 년 전

      Billy is the best in my heart

    • Haise
      Haise 년 전

      @a SmartName he means the OP

    • Bread Strong
      Bread Strong 년 전

      Used to play him alot hopped back on and my heart shattered while playing him

  • Art A
    Art A 년 전 +8

    52:05 Otz talks about Deathslinger getting hits that other killers only dream of and lands a hit other killers can only dream of a few seconds later.

  • OmnipotentGoggles
    OmnipotentGoggles 년 전 +554

    "He's probably thinking about other women."
    "The grass keeps getting thinner and thinner :("

  • Gabriel Warren
    Gabriel Warren 년 전 +171

    As a Pig main, I laugh to hide the pain

    • Spook
      Spook 11 개월 전

      @Damob 3.0 bro u summed it up perfectly

      LLAMASMATTER 년 전 +1

      We all do lol

    • Sam Cook
      Sam Cook 년 전

      As a pig main, I’m with you. I love her but ah she can be quite difficult against a good team

    • Noid
      Noid 년 전

      @Killer Zombie 8 yeah true

    • Killer Zombie 8
      Killer Zombie 8 년 전

      @Noid it’s because she is not as efficient as other killers and relies on rng. I’m a pig main as well.

  • crumb lol
    crumb lol 년 전 +5

    personally, I main Hag and Demogorgon, but I've been using Legion a lot lately and it's actually pretty fun.

  • jp21x
    jp21x 년 전 +358

    Otz, I would like to thank you for how much effort you put into these videos for us.

    • jp21x
      jp21x 년 전

      @Pierro Losapio yeah that would cool lol

    • CJayy
      CJayy 년 전

      @not Otzdarva how long was the upload afterwards lool

    • jp21x
      jp21x 년 전 +11

      @not Otzdarva Wow, that’s crazy lol. No problem

    • not Otzdarva
      not Otzdarva  년 전 +199

      This one took like 8 hours to render 😂 Thanks!

  • Jake Matthews
    Jake Matthews 년 전 +2

    Comprehensive, to-the-point, detailed, and well thought out. In other words, damn good job Otz.

  • Independent KING
    Independent KING 년 전 +37

    I’m glad Blight is finally recognized to be as strong as he is. He’s been amazing since release and I’ve always been confused why he was under the radar lol.

    • aaa
      aaa 년 전 +1

      Old blight was actually better despite of the vision because he had better bump collision. Like you could bump to corner to corner of shack. Now you have to slide which is cooler but predictable and inconsistent. People were just not experienced enough to realize how good he is.

    • TheBigCheddar
      TheBigCheddar 년 전 +4

      @General Blight Old POV felt like you were handstanding. He was so low to the ground that you can barely see through windows. It was as bad as people say.

    • General Blight
      General Blight 년 전

      @kingOL old pov is not bad that’s all saying.

    • kingOL
      kingOL 년 전 +8

      Upon release his vision was awful. Very disorienting and hard to keep track of survivors (as if it was on his feet).
      Now he is in a good spot, a new Billy of sorts.

  • Edmund Pittman
    Edmund Pittman 년 전 +4

    As a survivor main I always love these videos to get a fuller understanding of the killers and why many aren’t that good

  • Forks
    Forks 년 전 +2

    I think I might know what you forgot with oni; he can, at least in theory, get 8 health states of damage in a single hit. Best I've done personally is 5 states.

  • Ivan Hurst-Brown
    Ivan Hurst-Brown 년 전 +906

    It’s nice seeing not otzdarva as the real otzdarva said he didn’t care if everyone’s family died. Such a shame.

    • Kevin Shan
      Kevin Shan 년 전 +1

      link plz if there is one

    • Ivan Hurst-Brown
      Ivan Hurst-Brown 년 전 +88

      @mate spam he just got a bit annoyed with a viewer asking repetitive questions and said something like that, which taken out of context is pretty funny. Not a big deal

    • mate spam
      mate spam 년 전 +3

      what happened?

  • HeyHeyHayden
    HeyHeyHayden 년 전 +6

    My suggestions for making trapper more viable would be :
    Start game with 2 traps and be able to hold 3
    Have trapper not be affected by his own traps - Hag and freddy don't trigger their own traps, so why should he
    Make the default trap skin darker

  • BobTheBox
    BobTheBox 년 전 +3

    2 years ago, I couldn't have imagined the cannibal ending up higher on a tier list than the hillbilly
    The cannibal was always seen as a worse hillbilly

  • Geo GAM3
    Geo GAM3 년 전 +6

    Even if im sad some of my mains (I.e. Miers) are low on the list it makes sense and I agree. Another thing i agree with is that every killer is good in the right hands and you shouldnt be afraid to step up. Just because someone like Miers or Pig dont rank well doesnt make them bad. I personally 4k with them all the time if I decide to actually try. So overall, step out of your comfort zone even if your worried. I was scared of playing deathslinger, because he seemed different from my normal playstyle. Now hes one of my favourite killers to play. If your thinking about trying someone new go for it, if it doesnt work thats okay. You can always try someone else. I used to main Wraith and it didnt work, and thats how i found my favorite killer demodog. Dont be afraid to experiment a little, and try what you havent before. Trust me, its worth it.

    • The Lexicon
      The Lexicon 년 전 +1

      Could not agree more. I don't play killer, but as a survivor main I find it the absolute most fun to go up against Myers because he can be so versatile. Even once you know who you're up against, it's still an additional couple of minutes before you're sure what version of Myers you're up against.
      Also, to go up against a scratched mirror Myers on Léry's is the absolute most fun I've had in DBD overall. It's such a riot going down to that.
      Also, I've never ever minded a killer (also LOVE going up against Nurses, for example) as much as a person playing them. And that's true on both sides. Just play the game in a way where you allow others to also play, and I promise I'll delight going up against anyone and anything you bring.

  • How to Properly Clean Your Wood Computer

    Trapper will always be S+ tier in my heart been maining him since I started

  • SigmaTST
    SigmaTST 년 전 +5

    I didn't see any timestamps, so I'll do it
    3:59 - Spirit
    7:45 - Nurse
    11:00 - Blight
    15:51 - Hag
    20:05 - Huntress
    23:52 - Oni
    29:15 - Plague
    35:00 - Pyramid Head
    41:12 - Twins
    46:53 - Deathslinger
    53:43 - Leatherface
    1:00:33 - Demogorgon
    1:04:28 - Freddy
    1:10:16 - Doctor
    1:14:16 - Hillbilly
    1:20:10 - Ghostface
    1:26:31 - Legion
    1:32:28 - Wraith
    1:38:12 - Clown
    1:45:15 - Pig
    1:52:43 - Myers
    1:59:57 - Trickster
    2:07:49 - Trapper

    • Dominic Ya
      Dominic Ya 년 전 +1

      @SigmaTST I mean the time stamps are also in the description but the efforts still stands since I know many people don’t look in the description

    • SigmaTST
      SigmaTST 년 전

      @Dominic Ya yea, I just couldn't find them cause they're buried in comments

    • Dominic Ya
      Dominic Ya 년 전

      There are time tamps tho but the effort is still appreciated

  • Antero
    Antero 년 전

    I've made just for fun like a tier list for my friends a couple of days ago, and it's pretty close, I feel like the biggest difference is Billy. I know he got hit hard but I think like with the crytieria of 2 swf and 2 random people on average Billy will perform pretty well especially since his map pressure is still great and he can easily find different survivors for the most part and focus the weak link and keep the map pressure at the same time. Othen then that the differences are so small that I don't think they are worth to mention. Maaaaybe Deathslinger would deserve sligly higher spot especailly with your conditions in mind, but I'm too lazy and at work at the moment to list all my reasons D: pretty nice video, worthy of listening :) have a good day

  • EverythingPaintedBlu

    I feel like Freddy's Dream Pallet ability is actually really good, if used right and you're constantly injuring survivors to put them in the dream world, I consistently have runs where the survivors stop trusting loops almost altogether and it snowballs pretty hard from there. In conjunction with his teleporting where you do some good fakeouts in order to keep them on their toes, they start getting afraid to do anything except hide and heal and you can pretty much control an entire map without much issue.

    • Subliminal Scientist
      Subliminal Scientist 년 전

      i also play pallet freddy but... i feel like i dont get nearly such a good result for the most part. i can still consistently kill thanks to map mobility but i also consistently lose fairly often at high ranks just BECAUSE people dont use loops or pallets anymore. theyll just use windows on loops like jungle or pallet gyms where i dont know how to mindgame too well
      so i try to play it like trapper and focus on where im placing my pallets but then when i do that i feel like survivors use them less... so its rather hard to play as pallet freddy suprisingly enough....

  • Sami Richards
    Sami Richards 년 전 +25

    I feel like the background footage showing the twins being bugged with that locker represents exactly what it's like to play with them lmao

  • Yeet
    Yeet 년 전 +1295

    Still hoping for a every pallet tier list
    Edit: Thx for the likes and thx Otz❤️

    • Opo
      Opo 년 전

      ProTip: Editing your comment will erase the uploader like.

    • Blitzø
      Blitzø 년 전

      @Sage Kindred the satisfaction of calling somebody a monkey

    • Sage Kindred
      Sage Kindred 년 전

      @Blitzø Why, what do you gain from it?

    • Blitzø
      Blitzø 년 전

      @Sage Kindred a monkey move should be called out

    • Sage Kindred
      Sage Kindred 년 전

      @Blitzø We'll have to agree to disagree. I don't think it's ever worth throwing that kind of energy into the world over something so trivial.

  • Reek954
    Reek954 년 전 +29

    Even if Pig’s D tier, I’m still glad to main her and do good in red ranks with her

    • Aurein
      Aurein 년 전 +4

      Dont mind tier play who you like

  • DxrkenTTV
    DxrkenTTV 년 전 +1

    The pig is considered pretty bad by most but I love it it’s so fun to me and being able to put reverse bear traps on survivors heads is so satasfying from someone who likes the saw movies a lot so therefore the pig is my favourite:)

  • Icerago
    Icerago 년 전 +15

    I love how Otz spends the entire time ripping on Freddy but still puts him B tier

    • Xmangle
      Xmangle 년 전

      U cant ignore his mobility tho

  • Mr_Spandex
    Mr_Spandex 년 전 +26

    Otz: "Myers is D tier for-"
    Daddy Mains: *laughs in Scratch Mirror*

    • The Lexicon
      The Lexicon 년 전 +1

      @Mister Pink And Yellow As all true daddy-tiers are

    • Mister Pink And Yellow
      Mister Pink And Yellow 년 전 +1

      Scratched mirrors are rare

    • Tarkus 105
      Tarkus 105 년 전 +5

      If you have to rely on purple add ons to be somewhat good your place is D tier, and this is coming from a Myers main. Dead Rabbit is the way.

    • LegacyMμ'se
      LegacyMμ'se 년 전 +4

      @Mr_Spandex I mean there are many people who think Miguel is high tier and if they can't see the reality, my man is never going to get buffed

    • Mr_Spandex
      Mr_Spandex 년 전 +4

      @LegacyMμ'se It wasn't a comment requiring a diatribe follow up. Have a nice day.

  • Quenan LeBlanc
    Quenan LeBlanc 년 전 +362

    "Unhooking against Freddy was a nightmare."
    Well punned Otz Well punned

  • Doru Stoica
    Doru Stoica 년 전 +1

    The killers changed so much alongside with the killers and idk if it's in a good way.I would prefer seeing old billy more often even with his instasaw rather than going against spirits with stridor.I miss seeing him at the top and i hate to see how they butchered him

  • Slack
    Slack 년 전

    I know I'm late to comment but these videos are so good and really well done. Explaining each killer well and having background gameplay for them is so pleasant. Thank you for this.

  • Sinception
    Sinception 년 전 +2

    The thing that makes the Twins so opressive is that you can just park victor right in front of a hook, and still have map pressure. If victor gets triggered because meg went near the hook, victor can latch on and Charlotte will come and clean up. It's hard to win against good Twins players.

    • Mornin', Tengu!
      Mornin', Tengu! 년 전

      Hmmm damn I never seen any Twins do that. Let alone in any game I've ever played vs them. Must not have ran into any truly great Twins yet.
      Good point. 👌

  • itsKillzone
    itsKillzone 년 전

    I really appreciate the time, effort, and patience you have to make this video; as well as, all the above + dedication in all your streams and other videos. At first I went yo search the comment section to see if anyone listed time time for each killer. When I noticed nobody had, I thought maybe I would to help out as I had nothing better to do lately. Then I saw how the beginning of the video was listed as intro and I praised the dbd Lords that I did not do all of that for no reason 😂, I would have looked so foolish too. Thank you otz, in the first place, I should have realized you already would have done it. Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way 💛

  • Tarnished Dinosaur
    Tarnished Dinosaur 년 전 +1684

    We all know the pallet bug is the best killer

    • Bob BWC
      Bob BWC 년 전

      @Sunny Otzdarva is not that good. I recently played him twice and it was ok. Nothing special. Tru3Talent is a bigger hurdle as a killer.

    • Eos Esteile
      Eos Esteile 년 전

      @Fireshadow it happened to me yesterday.

    • TREYY
      TREYY 년 전


    • AirLight
      AirLight 년 전

      Self-Care is the best killer, Urban Evasion is a close second

    • Gurpreet Kaur
      Gurpreet Kaur 년 전


  • truMalma
    truMalma 년 전

    I chose spirit as the one I wanted to learn and spent the points at the free weekend a week or 2 ago and hardly played her but just watching you play and with the info you gave me here, people are already getting salty and congratulating for doing so good so early on! :) Thanks so much Otz!! I love what information does to a person!

  • Tom2d2
    Tom2d2 년 전 +6

    Good list I’ve had my eye on the game to have fun after cod/apex and your list told me strengths and weaknesses for my favorite horror characters thx :)

  • NerdGuy13
    NerdGuy13 년 전

    For anyone that likes using the doctor use this build for him it’s amazing: Ruin, bloodwarden, NOED, and unnerving presence. And for the best offering user Mary letter because it a small map and just stand in the center and do a static blast and you should get almost all of them

  • JK_D7
    JK_D7 년 전

    I got my first grand sacrifice on spirit yesterday! Can definitely tell she’s S tier while playing her

  • Candarl -kun
    Candarl -kun 년 전

    As a returning Wraith main I'm glad an in depth list such as this exists to explain the new killers and that invisibility still has it's uses

  • Tralo_127
    Tralo_127 년 전 +1

    1:04:58 "saving against him was basically a nightmare" ~Otz talking about the nightmare...hehe
    Great list and video btw, was looking forward to one for some weeks ^^

  • Kortney Rowland
    Kortney Rowland 년 전

    I love hag. Ive mained her on and off for years. I watched your video of tips to play hag better last week and I've gotten like 90% 3 and 4 kill matches ever since. Thanks Otz!

  • Eddie Cardwell
    Eddie Cardwell 년 전 +1

    Otz, you’re crazy bro. Thank you for your knowledge.

  • progressive lotus
    progressive lotus 년 전 +392

    As a billy main this hurts but I get it. Against good surviors you have to play perfect. But when you outplay a good survior with Billy it's a phenomenal feeling.

    • progressive lotus
      progressive lotus 년 전 +1

      @Piggy Flakes My fav combos are engraving and punctured muffler. also love mother helpers and lopro with spiritfury and enduring very fun

    • Piggy Flakes
      Piggy Flakes 년 전 +2

      im a billy main and i usually bring punctured muffler and dads boots man miss the old addons man wish they would bring back those addons probably not though :


      @progressive lotus Also they changed his curving mechanic which makes curving a lot weaker in my oppinion

    • progressive lotus
      progressive lotus 년 전

      @HAHA BILLY GO BRRR was just leaning billy when they did the nerf. So I never got to experience much double engraving s and now never will. Sadge Crack billy was so fun though. Most of my time has been basekit now I do engravings and something for heat if not basekit. I miss my sparkplug as well


      @progressive lotus was running double engravings 90 % of the time. The rest of it was crack billy or basekit

  • RUBY
    RUBY 년 전

    hey otz, just got into dbd yesterday and i gotta say, watching your videos help me learn so much about the game and reflect on my own mistakes, the work you put on ur videos is insane, tbh im just binge watcjing at this point XD but for real thank u for the informative videos it helps a ton as a new player trying to get better

  • Opo
    Opo 년 전 +1

    Spirit is probably going to take a bit of a tumble down the tier list with her upcoming nerfs.

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire 년 전

    I remember I was playing a game as p head, and this survivor just got off a normal hook, and was all like "ha ha I have ds" and jumping in lockers. Since this was in shack I place down some trails of torment in front of the locker she was in, she got out, I swing my sword, downed her, she was tormented, and I outright killed her
    God I love pyramid head.

  • shadowplayer 2020
    shadowplayer 2020 년 전 +1

    I like it that before you started you mentioned that it's an opinion and every killer is good in the right hands

  • Marco Tzintzun
    Marco Tzintzun 년 전

    I always like these updated tier list it helps with current killer status. My demo has moved a bit up luckily 😢💪🏽 Had to pick up pyramid head as a main addition

  • Healliium Gaming
    Healliium Gaming 년 전 +2

    Ty for the tier list, I'm new to DBD and immediately took a liking to The Legion, so hearing you talk about how the legion works was very helpful

  • Fernando David Valdez Guadron

    Camaraderie works on the cages actually, however the skill checks get extremely small the longer you are on the cage(or the more you get I should say).

  • Viktor Kožený
    Viktor Kožený 년 전 +5

    S: Spirit, Nurse, Blight, Hag
    A: Huntress, Oni, Plague, Executioner, Twins
    B: Deathslinger, Cannibal, Demogorgon, Nightmare, Doctor
    C: Hillbilly, Ghostface, Legion, Wraith
    D: Clown, Pig, Shape, Trickster, Trapper

  • Alplayex
    Alplayex 년 전 +157

    “The Hag’s base kit is really powerful, and the add-ons only add on to that” - Otz
    Well... yes. 🤫🤔

    • kingOL
      kingOL 년 전

      @Efe Tombuloğlu Thank you)

    • Efe Tombuloğlu
      Efe Tombuloğlu 년 전 +1

      @kingOL That’s just devil, and i like that 😈

    • kingOL
      kingOL 년 전

      @Efe Tombuloğlu Amanda’s letter is the most powerful pig Add-on, in combination with last Will (extra trap)
      It makes so that there are only 2 boxes on the map.
      Place 1/2 traps, stand in front of one of the boxes, and you have 50% chance that the survivor will die in 2.30 min.
      On top of that, you get aura reading.

    • Efe Tombuloğlu
      Efe Tombuloğlu 년 전 +5

      @kingOL Burger King Myers is a meme build lol, don’t use that on a competitive game. But, Amanda’s letter can actually be useful if you bring an offerind for Lery’s or Hawkins. When paired with other crouching add-ons it is like a Scracthed (i probably misspelled that but you got it) Mirror Myers that can uncrouch and chase at normal speed. So yeah Amanda’s letter is a good add-on.

    • kingOL
      kingOL 년 전 +1

      To be fair, there are some crippling add-ons as well.
      Cough cough, Burger King Myers. Cough cough, Amanda’s letter Pig.

  • Jon Crowder
    Jon Crowder 년 전

    You’re awesome Otz! Thanks for another good tier list

  • DesaBrony
    DesaBrony 년 전

    1:10:16 Doctor
    1:20:10 GhostFace
    1:26:31 The Legion

  • Literally Alois
    Literally Alois 년 전 +10

    I'm so sad Trapper is so low bro, I love his sound design.

    • Grav
      Grav 년 전 +2

      Yeah, I believe they used an edited bear noise as his breathing audio

  • Bowes
    Bowes 년 전

    It’s crazy the range of effectiveness for each killer based on the skill of the survivors you play against

  • Tiandi
    Tiandi 년 전 +5

    Good news for those wanting to play Hag or Huntress: They have Crypt TV skins. You can now play a killer with great potential and look creepy while doing it.

  • Marvel TCG & Games

    Really liked the video, great breakdown of the killers in this one! Just a few things i dont agree with Otzdarva (you) on. 1 I dont think Pig is D tier at all and she should be bumped up to B tier. Pig is B tier on my tier rating/list because of her staples. STBFL/Brutal/BBQ for perks and Crate of Gears or Tampered Timer & Jigsaw Sketch for add-ons. You can put Sloppy or Ruin and Pig is B tier at the least. Pig is so underrated!
    2: I honestly dont feel Plague should be A tier and should be dropped to B. Main reasons being that if survivors dont respect Plague (which most people dont) and cleanse anyway BUT are stealthy and just wait for her power to run out, its very troublesome for her. Yes her power is great but she's very map dependent. Plague has very bad maps moreso than other killers imo. Shes tall and shes slow. I would put her at the top of B but this is my opinion. I dont main her and i know you put more time into her than i did but this is where i stand with Plague
    3: Freddy is B tier here but he is getting nerfed so your basing him off the nerf and not how he is at this particular moment is good. I think Hag as good as she is is not S tier but A+ and i think that Deathslinger is a little better than her. You have him as B but a Deathslinger that has at least a 85-90% (no one hits 100% with him) then he is terrifying, although i would'nt put him S tier he would be at A+ or the top of A tier. Honestly i would consider putting him in Hag in S but Hag in particular gets gen rushed more than other killers so.. MYC Hag is super strong but just a little overrated imo and this is coming from someone who mains her, also i think Oni is S tier, super strong!
    Anyway that's my take. Thanks for the wonderful content!
    Just subscribed btw! )

  • BeDopSkePop
    BeDopSkePop 년 전

    Ive honestly found the light chassis on bubba extremely powerful against survivors who insta rescue, as pretending you dont have it and you spot a survivor just before downing another one. You can double back a couple seconds after hooking them and it definitely catches people off gaurd. As well as catching people wanting to flashlight save without being obvious like infectious

  • Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas Ribeiro 년 전 +1

    That was EXACTLY what I wanted to watch, thank you very much for the awesome content dude!!!

  • Shields
    Shields 년 전 +808

    Do I have 2 hours to spare currently? No. Am I going to watch a 2 hour Otz video anyways? Yup.

  • paulah2
    paulah2 년 전

    Would be interesting to see a "console list" with commentary. Pretty much all ranged killers feel quite hard to get good at, and mindgaming (moonwalking etc) is also bit harder to pull of.

  • Professional Outcast

    1:27:29 Loving the in-character gameplay for Legion lmao

  • Bleh Bleh
    Bleh Bleh 년 전

    I appreciate you explaining how the low tier killers can still be used effectively.

  • BackToKia
    BackToKia 년 전

    Yes! I'm a blight main and I've always thought he was severely underappreciated. Blight mains rise with the FOV

  • Pog Champion
    Pog Champion 년 전 +232

    "I heavily suggest that you do not use this tier list as a guide" Still waiting on a reverse chainsaw into a quinten hiding in a corner guide otz

    • Glowdude
      Glowdude 년 전

      it's too skillful. if you don't have at least 200,000 hours in dbd your brain would instantly collapse, overwhelmed by the information it saw and could not process.

    • frank penderghast
      frank penderghast 년 전 +13

      Step 1:reverse chainsaw
      Step 2:into quinten hiding in a corner

  • VeryRareGamer
    VeryRareGamer 년 전 +9

    Otzdarva would appreciate you wearing his merch. Awesome seeing a streamer who’s not otzdarva supporting him!

  • Cpl. Targrein
    Cpl. Targrein 년 전

    One important thing about Oni you forgot to mention. He has power of anime by his side, which is always win for him even if 4 survs left via hatch.

  • Wolz
    Wolz 년 전 +6

    32:58 cheryl got pallet stunned 😳

  • Fox
    Fox 년 전

    The Trickster feels a lot harder to play on a controller as well. The aim on a mouse is significantly easier to control and manage than the analog.

  • Theodoros Mitrou
    Theodoros Mitrou 년 전 +183

    Just as I was arguing and comparing killers' power levels in a chat, daddy Otz comes to the rescue.

    • Theodoros Mitrou
      Theodoros Mitrou 년 전 +1

      @Unfazed Insanity Tbh, I saw its message quite inspiring and motivational

    • Unfazed Insanity
      Unfazed Insanity 년 전

      @Theodoros Mitrou well one of the main messages of punpun is that living can be more painful than dying sooooooo..........

    • Theodoros Mitrou
      Theodoros Mitrou 년 전 +2

      @Unfazed Insanity Well at least I didn't kill myself after punpun.

    • Unfazed Insanity
      Unfazed Insanity 년 전 +2

      Ah, from your pfp, I can see your a fellow fan of depression. ;(

    • Theodoros Mitrou
      Theodoros Mitrou 년 전 +11

      @Krazy Who tells you that not Otz is just really Otz's middle name which he uses to avert attention? Have you ever seen Otz and not Otz in the same room?

  • Bautista Nicolas Garcia Martinez

    when i first saw the trickster i though that due to his body build and general appearance he was going to be one the fastest killers not slower than average

  • Keiran Chikage
    Keiran Chikage 년 전

    As a wraith main I super agree with the downtime between chases. Sometimes I can just tire the survivors out of chases bevause of how fast I can be on them

  • Jonathan Rhodes
    Jonathan Rhodes 년 전

    Idea: "Staunch Bleeding" that acts like Doctor's "Snap out of it." Knife buildup doesn't go away until staunched.

  • salina ember
    salina ember 년 전 +13

    i wish more survivor mains would watch these killer tier lists so they can stop educating me in end game chat about how to play them, what they can and cannot do, and which are their best maps. i've been told legion is the best killer in the game. i've been told the twins are the best killer in the game. hell i've even been told the trickster is the best killer in the game. one time these survivors were really trying to tell me lerys and hawkins were huntress's best maps because she's a stealth killer.

  • Comm Crimson
    Comm Crimson 년 전 +1169

    Remember when it was just billy and nurse in the high tiers, and Freddy was the worst killer?

    • Opo
      Opo 년 전

      @Nunny - Yeah, I noticed the health state problem with Freddy's old kit, too...you have to spend an entire seven seconds of your time putting Survivors to sleep, and *then* hit them twice to down them as usual, so the Survivors essentially had three health states against Freddy. I always felt like being in the dream world should have given Survivors a constant Exposed debuff. Fair, since Freddy was a basic M1 Killer with no tools to actually mitigate chases, he couldn't hurt awake Survivors, and there were multiple ways a Survivor could wake up.

    • Fellow G̶o̶y̶i̶m̶ White
      Fellow G̶o̶y̶i̶m̶ White 년 전

      @MCpaskajätkä I was there,it was 84 years ago

    • Deonte Williams
      Deonte Williams 년 전

      @Difference3 Maker except you can cruch on nurse

    • Cutmeloosebruce
      Cutmeloosebruce 년 전 +2

      @Ayiana Ramirez what in the rank 20 are you playing where your constantly tunneled? Healing under hook is what happens most of the time because you don’t waste any time hiding when you do it. Just because it was good for new players does not mean it shouldn’t been in the game.

  • RemyRemedies
    RemyRemedies 년 전 +2

    The Pig will always be an S+ in my heart ♡

  • Luke Riley
    Luke Riley 년 전 +1

    In hindsight, I think Freddy has barely changed. I find him to still be pretty strong due to his teleport being untouched, and he still gains passive Stealth and a passive buff to said Teleport (per each sleeping Survivor).
    His Snares weren't nerfed super hard, as he is never slower than a Survivor, and he places Snares very quick so that movement speed drop is extremely brief. Not to mention, he still technically has an infinite supply of Snares, so he can still place them around to his heart's content.
    The only thing I have seen that has been super meaningful is that BT actually works against him now, though it works against all killers now.

    • Balur
      Balur 년 전 +1

      Yeah, I believe they barely nerfed him. He was always viavble without his forever freddy build and they barely changed his ability to snare an entire loop making it unsafe. He still is extremely opressive and makes the best use of generator perks. He does all the basics things very well and imo better than those in B tier.

  • bakuhatsubutsu
    bakuhatsubutsu 년 전

    What I love about Trapper is that he's the only killer (or one of the only killers) who can damage or even down (with the purple wet stone) more than one survivor without needing to make direct contact with them. Some killers can damage or down more than one at a time (Bubba, Legion) and some can passively damage (Plague) without contact, but no other killer can be chasing one survivor and have a second one incapacitated all the way across the map without having to chase them at all, or even see them (I guess Pig can also get kills indirectly if the survivor can't get the trap off, but that's after catching them once). It's a rare thing, but I gotta love when it works

  • Astro Star!
    Astro Star! 년 전

    Nice rundown on my main Demogorgon. I like that in a way it isn't strong or weak (arguably). He is kind of in the middle imo

  • Ares Horror
    Ares Horror 년 전

    Coincidentally I just made a killer tier list. I question some of the spots I choose killers for, but I do admire that you choose spirit as the top killer.

  • Lord Asshat
    Lord Asshat 년 전

    In some ways I'm not sure how you can make a tier list 2 hours, but I am here for it

  • L O
    L O 년 전 +7

    We know billy isn’t strong anymore you didn’t have to say it 😭😭😭

  • ToastedBabybuns
    ToastedBabybuns 년 전

    I'm happy to see Wraith higher up on the list this tine. I got to rank 1 with Wraith just by slowing survivors down to the point of rage quitting xD

  • Metal Billy
    Metal Billy 년 전 +971

    If one year ago someone would tell me that doctor or demo will be better than hillbilly
    I would laugh at it
    Now i am crying

    • RAT inc. T
      RAT inc. T 년 전

      As a washed up Billy main u rite

    • PizzaPunt
      PizzaPunt 년 전

      I came back to this game after a year and I just swapped to blight. They butchered my man hillbilly too much

    • lidzk
      lidzk 년 전

      @Myth Mage wait wait wait waaaaaaait a little bit.
      No one that was good liked or thought that those addons where fair or balanced,people talked about how crackhead Billy was bullshit,that the insta-saw was balanced.
      What people said was balanced about Billy,was his base-kit.
      Old base-kit Billy was probably the most fair thing to fight on the game,not only because it was a power that required some practice,but it wasn't full of bugs,the few that ir had where either general problems of the game like a janky hitbox,or in the case of using the walls of loops to bounce around and gain more movement opition,something that could be considered the rocket jump of dbd if bhvr had a more valve aproach to it.
      But then they came with the over heat mechanic that encourages you to play the dummer way so you can use your power and not disable it quicker.

    • glitchboi
      glitchboi 년 전

      @Just Watch You can't use your chainsaw for mobility many times, you'll have to face a cooldown before you can use it again.

    • Rg.notsss
      Rg.notsss 년 전

      @Alex Himura billy is so bad you have to play perfectly to just land a chainsaw. The c tier is super accurate

  • Whynotguy 4444
    Whynotguy 4444 9 개월 전

    I just started and won a round with the huntress with 4 kills. So after hearing this I feel like I'm not THAT bad XD

  • Kebab69
    Kebab69 년 전 +1

    Ghost face is very fast, an early hook can mean game over if you do things right. Won a match with M1 only, and letting dead on hook survivors get picked up because they didn't get a chance to get any fun. He is difficult to play properly (using shroud)

  • Seabass
    Seabass 년 전

    Yes finally blight is getting the recognition he deserves :D

  • DumaVadamee109
    DumaVadamee109 년 전

    As a PH main, I can say with certainty and agreeance to Otz that The Executioner seriously needs some changes to his add ons. While he can be strong in experienced hands, well coordinated high level survivors can still loop and buttdance him all day, and his add ons do nothing to help mitigate that fact.
    I would personally suggest making a pink add on to make them exposed for 15 seconds when walking over trails to give his trails more potency and give him an insta-down option, while a yellow or green add-on could slow survivors down similar to the Nightmares blood pools. Also, while most experience players already know the locations of cages, I do think a pink add on that either reveals the cage or gives the victim blindness, exhausted, or mangled effects when exiting one would be greatly helpful.