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Otz speaking Spanish for 2 games
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The Myth of DBD's Balance
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  • Super Dude
    Super Dude 5 시간 전

    Dude wtf I actually got scared😭😭😭 so I have like constant phlegm in my throat and I’m always coughing I’ve had it for a long time and I ended up coughing at 0:47😂I thought otz broke the fourth wall and told me I should get my cough checked

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez 5 시간 전

    bro that bill literally said every man for them selfs

  • Maia
    Maia 5 시간 전

    This kind of team is why light burn and locker saves got removed.

  • Sassyfood420
    Sassyfood420 5 시간 전

    That darkest dungeon clip at the end was amazing

  • Cookabadge
    Cookabadge 5 시간 전

    Okay so i took a big break from dbd like 2 weeks after the knight came out but im trying to get back into it and since im struggling to find general news and what got changed in the recent updates im just gonna ask and hope someone will tell me so what has been changed since then

  • zKoalaOG
    zKoalaOG 5 시간 전

    Lmao when you’re still hurt after 4 years on a video game

  • Suellen Thomaz
    Suellen Thomaz 5 시간 전

    this kind of player is ruining the game. And behaviour's next releases isn't going to help at all.

  • jaden hornaday
    jaden hornaday 5 시간 전

    Bruh post some TCM, the game looks great and if you are playing it you might as well. Dont be too late to the party :)

  • Dan H
    Dan H 5 시간 전

    It was “posiedengise” for me fam 😂

  • HluccaSkyWalker
    HluccaSkyWalker 5 시간 전

    I think self care + botany is another bad combo, because botany does not help self care very much, especially after the recent changes to healing speeds. I think if for some reason you want to run self care, reactive healing might pair with it better. How do you think those two would perform together?

  • Caine Maher
    Caine Maher 5 시간 전

    Just shoot the middle, leon. Cmon man

  • TheDeath0fDucks
    TheDeath0fDucks 5 시간 전

    4:13 The way Otz said Poseidongise made me snort so hard it actually hurts lmao

  • Myatny Krolik
    Myatny Krolik 6 시간 전

    The added-in subtitles are so incredibly stupid.

  • gu575
    gu575 6 시간 전

    Captions look cool! Though wouldnt green match more with the channel icon?

  • Jeremiah LeGree
    Jeremiah LeGree 6 시간 전

    Video Idea. Stealth /Jump scare Singularity on midwich

  • CptKennyLoggins
    CptKennyLoggins 6 시간 전

    When you save it for endgame (hooksaves or deliverance to hatch) it is powerful. Also a decent option for basement campers. Or...your solo queue mates run out the gate before you can use it. 🤨

  • MatrixShaman
    MatrixShaman 6 시간 전

    As a Slinger main, that dodge was absolutely nuts

  • backflip
    backflip 6 시간 전

    yo editor move the subtitles anchor point to the centre of the text itself instead of the center of the whole video LMAO 😭💀

  • ookam96
    ookam96 6 시간 전

    so does anyone know why his hud for time and addons looks better than ours?

  • slifty
    slifty 6 시간 전

    EIGHTY TWO?????

  • Thomas Rascol
    Thomas Rascol 6 시간 전

    Are you gonna play Texas chainsaw massacre 😝

  • Mr. Positive
    Mr. Positive 6 시간 전

    0:45 bro dont showcase your true powers breaking the 4th wall like that OTZ, I coughed right before he said this lol

  • Toinie Toin
    Toinie Toin 6 시간 전

    I think it’s all the more ironic Otz used nurse for the bad “gen kicking” build😂

  • DatShadowWolf
    DatShadowWolf 6 시간 전

    I’ve always noticed the stone cracked after the mori it was such a nice touch after moring so many people with ranchor on nemesis XD.

  • Tables the Table God
    Tables the Table God 6 시간 전

    i don't remember when blood warden and noed came out but i feel like it came out AFTER this video

  • Mark1104
    Mark1104 6 시간 전

    DBD is unbalanced when in a radius of 5 m there is a hook, why you should play a sabo build. Tell me Otz? You should this address not gen rushing or tunnel/camp bullshit. Hook placements.

  • Dust D. Reaper
    Dust D. Reaper 6 시간 전

    Yea the mid tier theory thing is annoying, it sucks how any changes regarding Legion only ever effect their "four"heads

  • Zenith DJ
    Zenith DJ 6 시간 전

    I died on the bill chad part

  • Murlocs_Ruler
    Murlocs_Ruler 6 시간 전

    Me and all the homies watch every weekly comp twice to not miss anything

  • CynicalSavage
    CynicalSavage 6 시간 전

    Oh god I needed this 🤣🤣🤣💕💕💕

  • John Trains
    John Trains 6 시간 전

    2:18 golden missed opportunity to but a "Bill Bill Bill" Bye Nye the science guy sound bite here

  • Myiic
    Myiic 6 시간 전

    "Maybe I'll run deliverance, my team will thank me :)"

  • kentripp
    kentripp 6 시간 전

    OTZ! WTF was that juke with deathslinger?! My goodness you are such a JUICER! nyomnyomnyom

  • Also Meowskivich!
    Also Meowskivich! 7 시간 전

    Skull Merchant 2: Two-ls of Two-rment

  • smokcraft
    smokcraft 7 시간 전

    Will we get a tcn video?

  • Daikaen
    Daikaen 7 시간 전

    That Bill deserves to be the first person hard-tunneled out of his next 10 games for that nonsense

  • Psycle
    Psycle 7 시간 전

    I can confirm with the amount of times I have run deliverance and get hooked first

  • Pat W
    Pat W 7 시간 전

    Chad Bill @ 2:17

  • ccmrmonarch
    ccmrmonarch 7 시간 전

    Thank you for the weekly transaction of your entertainment and our viewership

  • Frallicus
    Frallicus 7 시간 전

    The most raging moment I have with Deli is I was hiding and going to a gen, an artist switches off the injured player they were chasing (they weren't juicing or anything) and just b lines straight for me and downs me because I was in a kinda bad spot, and then started to tunnel me I kinda just DCed at that point I got mega pissed

  • DwightYouIgnorantSlut
    DwightYouIgnorantSlut 7 시간 전

    imagine being so unfunny you and your viewers needed to laugh about a 4 year old joke. yikes. im really glad you got your revenge🫶

  • Jahy-Sama
    Jahy-Sama 7 시간 전

    I always get chased first unless I run deliverance. I don’t really like the perk all that much though.

  • Definitely Not a Ferret

    One of these days I’ll finally decide to watch Otz on stream instead of waiting for the KRclip upload

    • Ally Lee
      Ally Lee 5 시간 전

      You're not the only one

  • Jesse
    Jesse 7 시간 전

    Shrimping for Otz👑

  • R3D_ B4RON
    R3D_ B4RON 7 시간 전

    Dbd should get a scooby doo dlc

  • opechatka
    opechatka 7 시간 전

    4:47 5:29 i'm laughing my a off xDDD

  • Lord Explosion Murder
    Lord Explosion Murder 7 시간 전

    what is a good build (base perks only) for nurse? i also have bbq and chili

  • iAmPimmiCue
    iAmPimmiCue 7 시간 전

    Damn the Texas Chain Saw game looks incredibly cheap. Looks almost like a Unity Asset flip

  • Qandyzz
    Qandyzz 7 시간 전

    I like these perk builds, but I still only use Shadowborn because Survivors cant deal with this perk

  • nereco
    nereco 7 시간 전

    Just got home tired from this Monday and I have otz compilation to watch, thanks god